Chris Isaak - Walk Slow Lyrics

Friends are talking to you.
They tell you you whould go.
They say that I don't love you.
But baby they don't know.

You're standing in the bedroom.
Your things are in the hall.
Don't listen to'em talking.
Cause they don't know it all.

Walk slow.
Think what you're doing.
Don't go
My heart is breaking.

There's trouble all around us.
Don't let'em bring us down.
Don't give up on us so easy.
Now happiness we've found.

Walk slow.
where you going?
Don't go
Stop this leaving.

There's nothing more to say now.
There's nothing left to do.
I guess you're really leaving.
I can't believe we're through.

And there's so many many things I wanna tell you.
So many many things I didn't say.
So many nights I lay here thinking of you.
I get down on my knees and I will pray.

Cause I still dream of you.
And I will call your name.
And I, Oh I will wait, till you come back again.

Walk slow.
I'll be waiting.
Don't go.
My heart is breaking.

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Chris Isaak Walk Slow Comments
  1. ausaraaora nilduangdee

    I Love Chris Isaak.

  2. G LT

    Probably my fav song by Chris!

  3. Julla

    Great song!

  4. emily hunger

    I love Chris Isaak

  5. Ellie Ellie

    I fell in love with you to this song. I didn't know it at the time...but now I do. You didn't give up on us. You never did. Thank you. I love you. 💕

    Daniel happy at 2:30 he does an acoustic version with Allison Moorer.

  6. Hugo411

    Walk Slow Short.

  7. slw59

    Love this one by Chris.

  8. Dr Leal

    great song

  9. Wayne Choma

    Great song! The other version with Allison Moorer from "The Chris Isaak Show" is a winner as well and should have made it onto cd. - maybe too much to wish for(at least it's on YouTube).

  10. Daniel happy

    My favorite song of all times.  I remember when I bought "Speak of the Devil" in 1998.  From that moment this song always my favorite. 

  11. James Hurt

    One fine song and album !!

  12. Jessica E

    Nobody  can sing like this !!!!! And never will... Gorgeous .


    the suits and falsetto are from slim Whitman, with a bit of Elvis thrown in. don't make fun of slim if you look him up, my parents listened to slim, and when chris Isaak came out I saw the similarities right away. slim was a snappy dresser too. I think Isaak got in his closet.

  13. Jessica E

    My favorite song.... Perfection indeed!!! Chris Issak  is a Classic  & true musician.

  14. Jessica E

    Please fix this link. I need to hear this song right away....

    Marko Dukic

    Nothing wrong with this link.

  15. Highland804


  16. frickenmeat

    Hunted for this forever

  17. InLoveWithLife

    My favorite Chris Isaak song - Glad to have found it again after all these years :)