Chris Isaak - Sweet Leilani Lyrics

Sweet leilani, heavenly flower oh.
I dreampt of paradise for two. (My lovely Leilani)
You are my paradise completed. (My lovely Leilani) You are my dream come true.

Sweet Leilani, heavenly flower oh, tropic skies are jealous while they shine.
(My lovely Leilani) I think they're jealous of your blue eyes. (My lovely Leilani)
Jealous because your mine.

I think they're jealous of your blue eyes. (My lovely Leilani) Jealous because your mine.

Sweet leilani, heavenly flower oh, Natures fashion roses kissed with dew. (My lovely Leilani)
And then she placed them in a bower. (My lovely Leilani) It was the start of you.
My lovely Lei-lan-i.

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Chris Isaak Sweet Leilani Comments
  1. Djoni Rusdianto

    I did have friend name LeilaniCruz,

  2. SolSiouxMi

    Pretty song - we had it by Andy Williams.

  3. Fred Bechtel, Jr.

    Someone bring me a mai tai😊

  4. Leilani Rubio

    I could go to sleep perfectly with this

  5. Sean GaGnon

    One asshole dislikes smh

    Cynthia Synosch / Heroux

    Such a perfect song

    Sean GaGnon

    No doubt great flow love it !

    Sean GaGnon

    Cynthia love Damn straight it is 🎸🎤🎧


    One of Bing Crosby's fans?

  6. Leilani Kilian

    Love my name😊🌺

  7. chris b moyo

    I'm so going to name my daughter leilani...... I love it I love it

  8. luciano auteri

    I see an Oasis in the Arizona desert ... but it's a mirage. Cavolo, this is a song from mirages in the desert, with the typical Hawaiian sound. Very beautifull!

  9. Blondie

    For my daughter Leilani

  10. Kevin S. Oshiro

    Harry Owens wrote the song..

  11. Eva Ikwoma

    It´s the pedal steel guitar right??


    Probably a "Hawaiian guitar" (lap steel guitar). A pedal steel looks a bit like a little table.

  12. cuppajoe1

    Chris gives Bing one helluva run for first place. Different styles. Both excellent.

  13. Denny Doobles

    what a voice. the guy is flat out the best

  14. Alan Cook

    We had a Hawaiian band  at our wedding, instead of the usual Disco thing,. Sweet  Leilani was our first dance,
    Lovely memories from so many years ago ( 50 years now ) and still in love.

    Christopher Thomas

    +xrh hussar
    : )

    Adriana Rojas

    +xrh hussar 50 years!!!!! OMG.... so unbelievable... great to hear that...

    Eva Ikwoma

    +xrh hussar Wonderful!!!

  15. Dominic AaAaa

    such a perfect voice

  16. alice WOLFE

    just started playing along with my uke. Don't know much about key im in can someone tell me..sounded good.

  17. John Benn

    Wonderful sounds from a true superstar.

  18. Luci Ioana

    O voce calda si placuta!