Chris Brown - I Need This Lyrics

Stop, where am I?
Shock, I can't cry
Pop, I need some space
No, this isn't me
Oh, please let me breathe
I'll be back sooner than you know

I need this space just like you need it
I need this time, time to clear up my mind
Wait, did you hear that? Shh... Hear my heart beat? Shh...
I need this relief, whoa yeah, I really need this

Whoa, I've been blind
I hope I'll be fine
Don't call me back, no
Yes, I see light
Now, it's so bright
Call my name, I'll be there soon

I need this space just like you need it
I need this time, time to clear up my mind
Wait, did you hear that? Shh... Hear my heart beat? Shh...
I need this relief
Wait, did you hear that? Shh... Hear my heart beat? Shh...
I need this relief, whoa yeah, I really need this
I need this [x2]
I really need this

You know it's not personal
Sorry if I'm hurting you
Please don't give up on me now
I needed this time alone
To know I could come back home
To breathe, breathe, breathe

I need this space just like you need it
I need this time, time to clear up my mind
Wait, did you hear that? Shh... Hear my heart beat? Shh...
I need this relief, whoa yeah
Wait, did you hear that? Shh... Hear my heart beat? Shh...
I need this relief, whoa yeah

I really need this
I need this [x2]
Whoa [x2]
I really need
Whoaa [x2]
hey [x2]
I need...
I really really need
I need, I need this
I need this
I really need this [x3]

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Chris Brown I Need This Comments
  1. yanis breezy

    2019 ❤❤😏

  2. Luis yo

    I need this

  3. LaErica Bevil

    love this song

  4. Bolt Zonis

    I love you and I hate me i fuck up everytime try2give love and when I dont have the attention im mad.

  5. Luv_It_Coiled &_Kinky

    I felt this song still do. Sometimes we just need a deep breathe. Love you, Chris Brown keep moving bro. 😍😛🤓💞💓 2018 never giving up🤜🏽🤛🏽✌🏽✊🏽

  6. srsly chanel?

    I owned the deluxe copy. This album was everything

  7. Pastor Jimmie Thomas

    Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho

  8. Aresney

    Where the hell is this Chris Brown?! This is emotionally moving stuff right here!

  9. Thaís Angelo

    Chris ♡

  10. Debora Lima

    Voltaaaaaa 2009

  11. Jarbob Robinson

    I think they both did great tbh 💯 There's no comparing, they both sung it good👌

  12. ZEWIE K

    2017 xx I needed this !

  13. Nick Deyse

    2017 e ainda estou aqui

  14. Spencer Johnson

    Chris Brown is always recognized for the bad he does.... his career has been over looked because ppl always expect him to act out... as a human he does fall some times but us a fans of his need to support and uplift him.....his talent speaks for itself

  15. NewWorldRob

    hahaa i come back to this upload alot clearly*

  16. Anita Rolusta

    iiiiiii need this space

  17. hikmat abdulazeez


  18. Thato Maine

    this song helped me choose myself over relationships.

  19. Heartbeat._ .2k19

    Who sang it better? Jessie or Chris?

    israels child

    Definitely Chris!❤👑❤

  20. mqtware

    hey Chris brown Kevin ware here with you hear with you.

  21. Erick J

    I think Chris should take his own advice from this song and step away from music and the whole limelight for a minute. He needs a break. With the drama he finds himself in and countless rumours. Chris just needs to back away and take a breather. Just be there for Royalty and grow as person. He doesn't own anybody nothing besides his mom and his little girl. He can afford to go on a hiatus to better himself. Cause I hate seeing Super Gifted people just self destruct because of poor choices.

    M H

    he can't take his own advice, becouse he didn't write this lyrics

    David Matthews

    Erick J you are absolutely right


    He’s too much of a workaholic tbh. & he can’t stop the rumors. People know if they tag his name to something, it’s gonna be believed no matter what. It’s just what comes with fame, sadly.

  22. Shamichael Robertson

    jessie j got the same song


    Jessie J wrote the song, it went on his album first for him, then she later on recorded it on her album :)

  23. Chrys Rangel

    Te amo de paixão meu Ídolo!!!

  24. NewWorldRob

    him and keri hilson were AMAZING musically. him and big sean are dopeness also. ofc Tpain, weezy and tyga are good cb collaborators aswell

  25. NewWorldRob

    Chris stayed breaking up with sumbody in the older songs

  26. Aaliyah Briddell

    I so love this song

  27. Jonathan Brown

    I wish he wasn't so unstable because I think that is the only thing that keeps him from being in the upper echelon, his songs are always on point, but he's such a flawed man...and that works for some people, but I think it keeps him out of company he deserves to be in as an artist.


    Exactly whos this upper echelon consist of cb is excluded from?

    Killer Bee

    NewWorldRob No one really as far as r&b and male pop artist go, but Chris has potential to be so much more than just good music and bad publicity.

  28. Patia Anderson


  29. Nays Mahu

    I love both versions! This song is beautiful...171113 x

  30. Alizza Pope

    I love this song because me and my boyfriend send song and this one might me about him💔💔

  31. Drawing With Kafa

    this one one of his best albums to date. I love this song son much!

  32. Lolli Pops

    He's my favorite all his songs

  33. Ruffa Mae Dulay

    I need this space just like you need it ...

  34. Madyson Morgan

    When it first started it scared the crap out of me lol

  35. Romey Rome

    Haha yall mad at the simple fact that chris Brown killed this track nd yall hattin on him for doing so like come on does it matter who wrote it or anything chris still murder this song

  36. ogine1

    Stop argue about which version is the best. It's OK to have an opinion, but if it leads into rude comments, then you can keep it to yourself.

  37. berrysweetfruit

    BEST chris brown album #HandsDown  

    Gwendolyn Outler-Nelson

    I like dis song.... Haven't been feeling some of his stuff lately


    @Gwendolyn Outler-Nelson
    cus he's too cocky now

    Gwendolyn Outler-Nelson

    Yeah he is and so his Justin bieber... lmao

  38. Emily Jade

    Hehehe proud of Jessie J

  39. Ordinarily Awkward

    Chris certainly has a good voice, but I like Jessie j's version better, especially seeing that she wrote it. 

    Tasha Harris

    She wrote it for Chris to use on this album

  40. JusCallMeARiES

    Such an amazing song. As a writer/recording artist. This song is beautiful

  41. myasia johnson

    I Love this song <3

  42. Drea Hardworker

    I love this song

  43. Krissy


  44. maaarrrtiii

    Jessie wrote it, gave it to Chris, than decided to put it on her album too :)

  45. Fanyu Nfor

    Word up luvkisses

  46. Krissy

    I don't understand if people don't like Chris Brown then why are you listening to his music stop wasting your time. I don't care what nobody say Chris Brown is a great singer. People need to stop talking about what he did to Rihanna like get over it. It's someone getting beat every day and they don't talk about them so just leave it alone already. I know y'all haters deep down inside want to hear what good music is that's way y'all always listening to his music I see y'all.

  47. Krissy

    I've always loved this song and I didn't know that Jessie J sung this song too. I just heard her version yesterday. I just want to know who made the song first?

  48. Ekeoma Kalu

    U can shut up and stop bein a hater and btw u spelled Rihanna wrong genius

  49. teallaidh

    lol just wanted to check out this version, i can't stand his voice, so whiney and just ugh lol but hey gotta love him for beating up riHOEnna LMAO

  50. Abby Cat

    Both of their versions are both really good. ♥ I personally like Jessie J's version better, but I like this one too. :)

  51. Mariey Bryant

    Chris is a great Singer and did very well in the song.Jessie j did amazing to I woulda liked it.better id they did collaboration on the would.have been.even.better

  52. Quinston Lockett

    This is ass

  53. The Lost Justice

    Check out my dance cover to this on my channel =)

  54. vizion box


  55. nikstepancic

    I love this song and this album

  56. Jordan Wolner

    Chris browns is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better. Holy fuck reply reply

  57. EXAVids

    Chris puts in emotion. not saying Jessie J dont, both versions are great, but chris isnt like jessie j cuz sometimes jessie j does stuff in her music just because she Can (runs and riffs) she puts in emotion too but in a very wierd way. chris is clear emotion and lets not forget it was recorded in the toughest year of his life! so saying HE didnt put in emotion is total bullshit. and if u aint agreeing with me, idgaf tbh. i wont even check if u reply to this :)

  58. Danie Dan

    Yea ummm Chris version is waaaaaaaaaaaay better. Just because it meant something to Jessie doesn't means Chris cant relate to it. He's been through some things in his life just like everyone else has. He executed this better. Chris is the bomb point blank period. Don't like him? Don't listen to him DUH!!!!!!

  59. DA SILVA Coline

    Ok, and where is she today ? Because in France she only did one song. Goodbye.

  60. tajay downer

    i love this song dred

  61. quenneman3

    Gonna use this song for my slow jam choreography, Hip Hop dance. 'DreamChaser Quentin.'

  62. Khalil Tilghman

    One of my favorites,

  63. AngelicSoul96

    The Song Is Still Fantastic No Matter Who Sings It !!

  64. Andrew Kolotyliuk


  65. Noelle Cool

    Chris Brown is way better! (:

  66. Kristen Moncur

    Dedicate this song to my boy J!! He's going through it right now, he needs his space


    KULTURE SHOCK.... you've got this song stuck in my head!!!!
    Thanks Daniel!!! LOL

  68. fiyazfun

    who the fuck u calling a bitch jessie j is the best!!!!!!!!!!! also Jessie wrote this song and is a better singer so you gtfo bitch!

    Bizarre N Rugged

    Then why the hell are you here?! 🌋

  69. pHaMeLeSs

    iiii neeeeeeeeeeeeed thissssssssssssssss

  70. WithADashOfPazazz

    why cant you all like both versions?!

  71. Flippenm

    The best album of him ! (:

  72. Deanna Elliott

    Personally I prefer Jessie's version simply because it was written by her, this means more to her than it probably does to Chris (no I'm not hating on CB before you all start)

  73. Isadora Barbosa

    How many times we have to say? LISTEN THE FUCKING MUSIC AND SHUT UP. No one gives a FUCK if you like Chris or if you like Jessie.

  74. Eva May

    Ahem. Jessie herself thought this song was not for her whyd you think she sold it Chris. *claps* o.o

    Bizarre N Rugged

    Eva May 💯 🌋

  75. Team Breezy ayy lmao

    Why would you purposely come here to day Jessie J's version is better when no one gives a fuck. ?
    I love Chris Brown :)

    Ray Clegs

    FYI Chris is the original artist and is off the chain in er thing he does so voetsek

  76. Jalyn

    Marsha Ambrosius - Glass >> yall should listen to it

  77. Symphonic Heart

    i dont care i didnt ask. Im saying if her verision is so much better go listento heer version the. Get off of his music page. Most people are here to listen to his version because they like it. And its really rude and annoying to see people like you for example critizing him. jessica jerrell and Chris Brown are two different people with two different feelings and reasoning for making this song so stop comparing.

  78. Symphonic Heart

    Yea okay just checking but you still didnt answermy question on why you felt the need to point out your opinion on her version is better...But i guess you really didnt have a reason im assuming.

  79. Sophie Walker

    I love both versions:o!

  80. Katie Charlotte

    oh, i only came here to listen to it when i read he sang it in her book :) i didnt come to moan about it, i said, i dont think his version is bad :) and urrrr no im not here to write that comment, i just randomly saw your comment and responded to it... no biggie :L

  81. BufordTv

    my favorite song from graffiti!

  82. Symphonic Heart

    well thats your opinion bbut in order for chris to sing this song he had to have had emotion as well. and with what he went through 4 years ago this song shows emotion for him. but if u like her verison so much better why arent you there listening to hers? why are u here critizing his verison of the song? thats dumb and kind of rude. you dont know how much emotion he had in this song so dont try and tell me who had more emotion. are you here just to write that comment? im confused....

  83. Katie Charlotte

    urm... actually, Jessie did write this, not chris, she gave it to him before she knew she was going to put it on her you're kinda wrong, dont shout until you know the facts :/ im not saying chris did it badly, but jessies is more emotional, she wrote it, its from her experiences, in all honesty, i like chris brown's version, but when jessie sings, you can hear the raw emotion of it, and id know, i saw her live last month :P

  84. Lauren Hill

    jessie j sings this with so much more emotion...

  85. amyejohnson1

    read the book people!! jessie j wrote this and gave it to Chris Brown just like she also wrote Party in the USA for Miley Cyrus!!

  86. Symphonic Heart


  87. GriNga Briesmaster

    jessie j wrote this song so obviously its easier for her to sing it better and sing it the way she wants, at the end of the day to all their own.. chill people

  88. Kris Markie

    @mvdiablo I no that's rite:)

  89. Kris Markie

    @MsCocoaWasted I no that's rite:) and by the way Chris brown sain it better

  90. Donna Stafford

    did jessie j not write this song and give it to chris ?

  91. Amin Oryan


  92. mvdiablo

    then get the hell out of here & listen to her version...this version is wayyyy better that is why I am here you don't see me on a Jessie J. video talking shit so see you later hater... gtfo

  93. Taylor-Anne Knight

    this song ment something to Jessie, she feels the vibe when singing it, and how can you use to many notes in a song. she is amazing and such an inspiring artist, should be grateful that she isnt another fake, wannabe. Jessie is amazing, Chris sings it well but, but Jessie's has more emotion in it. :) rant over

  94. vistarox

    OMG this song!

  95. jessie j love

    la voce di jessie j e migliore di quella di Chris Brown , e chi veramente si ritiene un cantante le canzoni si li scriva da solo
    jessie j rimarrà sempre la migliore :)

  96. Nikayla Patrina

    You're REALLY sitting here saying this?!
    She is one of the few artist who makes songs that actually have meaning.

  97. Bubbles Poppin

    Gosh man I've fallen in love with someone I probably will never meet <3 LOVE YOU CHRIS BROWN

  98. Imie Ruth

    its actually jessie js song