Chris Brown - How I Feel Lyrics

Yeah, is how I feel, right?
It's only me right? ha
It's like, ha

I was 15 a virginia nigga with ambition
Young but I invisioned fuckin them bad bitches
Live my life with no regret
I try to show respect but you don't give it I guess you don't understand when
It might take me a life time to take it back
And it might take you a life time to know the facts yeah
Just 'cause different don't mean we distant
And if you kill a man ain't no way to bring it back
Yeah they say its mind over matter
But what we're livin for what really matters
Some niggas just silver spoons on the platter
And other niggas is doomed just for disaster
All alone sleeping in my bedroom
As I wet the sheets mama is gonna be dead soon
'cause a man beat her, but he don't realize
She important to this family like a fucking heirloom
Yeah a nigga still found his way out
a Record deal came a nigga played out
My mama livin good, she takin days out
They sayin boy all that hard work payed off
Five hundred racks for an hour show
But ain't gon neva do a 60 minutes interview..
'cause all you wanna do is twist my words up
And all I wanna do is flip my birds up
Kind of tipsy of that red rum murda
I'm singing ass nigga know you heard of
Me, every day my click stuntin
Niggas talking down but I'ma make em pick them words up
I done said all I had to say what else
Cock suckers low blowin under my belt
Yeah they hangin from the tip
They tryna get a sip don't let em get a grip..
I'm pissing on em myself
19 a nigga went through a tragedy
3 years and nigga just found a better me
Yeah you might find another lover,
But you always started with breezy like the letter b
Nightmares feelin haunting
Thinking do I really like this star shit huh
Because fame ain't freedom and this diamond chain only mean they hold you hostage
Now I got a lot of offers telling me to wear they clothes and they wanna be my sponsor
But when a nigga fall off again they gonna be like "off 'em"
And then they go and smile up in your face just like awesome
Great, wait, police and a thug cannot relate
I guess that's why this war on drugs is the debate
So I'ma keep on livin my life from day to day
Learn from my mistakes

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    Yes Carrie Johnson listen to you

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    I Can Relate.

  4. Matthew Noble

    2020, come back to this song and “home” every once in a while to realize we all grow

  5. delforcee

    2020 and this song still is an absolute banger

  6. Joel Higgins

    Tell this man he's is that other half of me we have the same life story and its only getting more revealed to be true.

  7. not abadname

    thats just real life , we should realize that no matter how much fun we have or happines theres always hardship ready to strike , but ofc we still have to remember even at worst moment happines will come no matter what , thats just the system of this life , i think we all should be grateful that we live a normal life while enjoying his great talent without tasting any stressful thangs that hev been facing , i hope breezy can have the happines that he deserve

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    Can you put it on Spotify please ?

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    Still banging 2020

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    Who’s listening in 2020? Where’s all the real Team Breezy at?


    You are the rudeist person ever to existed specially about me... you let me down big time my dreams are gone out the window.. you told the world you dont care iam just a bitch and you pimping... never will I forgive u ever you made it clear nothing left to say it.really hurt

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    Who else came here in January cause Chris posted this on his Instagram? 😩❤️

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    came from instagram 👌🏽 and enjoyed it already 😩 about to download it and keep it on replay 🎶

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    All y’all jumping on the bandwagon cuz he posted it but where is all the real OG’s at I was here since 2014 where y’all was at ?????

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    This my shit I ain’t heard this in a long time damn

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    love you CB ❤️❤️❤️

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    And dance

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    Keep doing your thing. You rock!

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    Ursula newson and a drawer this guy can draw

    Ursula newson


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    I'm clovkig out...c u in my bedroom <3 lol

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    The Music industry is a fucked in place

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    Before the music industry swallowed his soul.

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    Happy turkey day to all of HipHops greatest the old guys appreciates you all.Az53

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    "You always started with Breezy like the letter B"

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    This is legit... It's like he having a conversation about life and his views it's great

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    Me I Was Listening This Song Five Years Ago 🙌🏼

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    Aurn Dosanjh I ain’t gonna lie this song had me break down in too tears several times

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    Dalvin Mcneely 😂😂 trust me, Chris has a song for whatever mood I’m feeling, a real legend. His songs can put u in an awesome mood, serious or emotional. He’s a real legend

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    It feels like surviving and making it thru a near death experience and then sharing your testimony to others who are still lost to throw them a lifeline so that they don't drown and die. May God always remember you with compassion C-Breezy for putting up this song when it was needed the most! God bless y'all listeners.

  77. Barbara Bettencourt

    Babe i love you always never forget that I'm always here 2012. Never stopping i feel for you remember i love you for you keep doing whats best for you never settle make sure to enjoy life let no one or nothing take your beautiful amazing smile your specail for who you are Christopher Maurice Brown human with heart more than anything in this world i love you for yourself plus your real funny love watching videos to get to know the real you besides the music but the person 😊💕😘💕

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