Chris Brown - Feel That Lyrics

Ha! look!
Ok now usually I don't do this
But your ass, got me turnt up
Popping all that pussy, booty bouncing
I got a ounce, roll up
Wanna see you get loose
Take my credit card, thats my account
Lamborghini's on me, just so I can see that bitch ride around
Everything I do, all the ace in the air, better hide these hoes
I do it like a show
About an hour forty five and I'm out the door
I'm fly as hell with my clientele, my pockets swole
Got girls on them niggas, running from them bitches
Make a nigga rock n roll
I'ma hold my set up
Elevate like nigga do better
But if one night, I gotta take a life
You gon see the residue from my biretta
I got way too many bitches on me
For me to be lonely
To worry about a bitch that might be fucking a homie
Low key, never that
I pull up with 40
Back up mothafucka, don't act like you know me
I be in that trap
When a nigga was 13, I did that
Saw them jordan 13’s
Sold an ounce nigga I'm gon get that
Got that hunger for that pussy
I'm up here, that cloud nine
Smoking all of my shit
Now she feeling like she a mile high

Feel that, won't you feel that
Murder, murder
Girl I'm gon kill that
Throw it in the air
Where you live at
If I get it tonight
You bringing that shit back

Never gon get it like this
Never gon, never gon get it like this
I got the bud, You fucked up
Playing that Future, Lightyears
In VIP put your purse right here
Ass and your glass up, lets cheer
And this party never stops until I fuck every girl in here
Okay I'm 23 tryna get billions
V.A nigga on a stage and a nigga paid
Niggas better pay me millions
Every time that I hit it
And I blaze on a winter day
What you mean I'm hoggin
I'm ballin hard
While you other niggas in the lane
Tryna violate
3 seconds in the paint
23 I'm MJ
Too much
I got
Fuck nigga that’s your problem
Open her mouth up, open her mouth up
Give me the bottle
Oh shit, Your bitch, she about to swallow
You smoking weed while I'm boo'ed up
Taking two L's Apollo
Nigga try to call her tomorrow
That number change
That’s my bitch
You crying about it, unfollow
Direct message to my dick
Cause you never gon do it like this
Never gon, never gon do it like this
I was singing as a kid
But now I'm 23 with a Clip
DJ better play my shit

Feel that, won't you feel that
Murder, murder
Girl I'm gon kill that
Throw it in the air
Where you live at
If I get it tonight
You bringing that shit back

Okay now this is for my homies
Them niggas that never really had shit
Now everything I'm owning
You pay me in songs, that’s a bad bitch
Red chucks and that Cali life
My niggas riding for me
Rata tatata tatata tatat
All them hoes singing Jeep Cherokee
And your bitch about to roll out
Visit her house, fuck on the couch
Touching my dick, girl it's a pull out
Popping a molly, fucking with bitches that fool around
Smoking that good, we start fuckin, I put it down
So baby what’s the hold up
Ima turn you over
But lets turn it like that
I know you feel that, feel that, feel that, feel that shit right now

Feel that, won't you feel that
Murder, murder
Girl I'm gon kill that
Throw it in the air
Where you live at
If I get it tonight
You bringing that shit back

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Chris Brown Feel That Comments
  1. Prince Konan

    2020 we here

  2. مدونة العائلة

    we need lyrics for this song please team breezy !!



  4. Itsestyy Tv

    I was looking for song for years 😭

  5. Patryk Jakubowski

    2018 anyone ??

  6. Barral

    This song is crazy

  7. Mickey Perry

    3:25 it is Chris lol

    Carla Nisha

    actually not Chris, it's Dudley o'shaughnessy, a boxer and model who appears in the music video We Found Love from Rihanna

  8. Mickey Perry

    3:25 it is Chris lol

  9. Sangam Acharya

    gess he is damn

  10. Charles Armstrong

    Chris brown killed this shit

  11. Lorena Songcayawon

    This is good but I have hardly heard  this before

  12. John Gutierrez

    lmfao that's not even chris brown with Rihanna in that picture of that dude with all those cigarettes lmao

    Kim RRB

    @Ando no it's the male model for her we found love video

    Terrell Davis

    Your a dumbass they posted that on social media before 😂😂 that's chris

    Terrell Davis

    I thought you were talking about in the beginning my fault your right that one isn't chris

    Dolora Mae

    +Terrell Davis Chris is mad tatted, the dude in the picture don't have a muffuckin mole let alone a tattoo on his body. CB fans know this definitely ain't Chris. Not even a good try.

    Carla Nisha

    it's dudley o'shaughnessy

  13. luz alba mieses

    siente eso

  14. MOHD

    Good as hell i swear 😃

  15. ChampionMom

    At the end of the video, it is not Chris!!!! This is a scene from Rihanna's "We Found Love" video! That's someone she found to slightly resemble Chris (very slightly)!

    Kim RRB

    @Marva Champion ahem his twin

    Carla Nisha

    dudley o'shaughnessy

  16. Hippie Scrappy

    chris brown get off

  17. Princess Uzor

    THIS IS NOT ON X. Well I guess I don't need to waste my money buying this album as that's the only song I've been wanting to hear.

    Justin M

    Princess Uzor x a beast album

    Dawn Marsille

    Princess Uzor


    Boy were you wrong, x the album is a really good album

  18. Toito Wotsa

    Chris brown's songs always great...

  19. jerod simons

    shit dope

  20. breeezy 98


  21. JMCGMB

    make a video of this song .

  22. Damien Great

    Breezy killed it

  23. Dániel Szabó

    I hope it will be on X

  24. draco savage

    Chris is my Fuckin soon ima have a song with him


    draco savage where is it bro?

  25. Lorena Songcayawon


  26. Gerrod Jones

    Bak up mf dnt act like yu kno me . Lol

  27. Gerrod Jones

    2:50 green af ... Dat ain't Chris man ... Chris tatted up dis Nikka ain't shit .

  28. nadjib fateh

    nice song aver

  29. Delores Ray

    this is chris brown. he has a video where he is in his car on the way to his rehearsal singing this which is his song. Team Breezy!

    Renan Varejao

    Ja vi esse vídeo, muito foda!

  30. Matthew Bailey

    2:50 isn't even chris brown haha

  31. wagner joao

    canta muito

  32. juan avila

    la estaba esperando desde hace tiempo siempre la escuchaba pre grabada Feel That <3

  33. Diego aguero casas

    Chris Brown - Feel That (Official)  NADA MAS