Chris Brown - Don't Play Me Lyrics

Dont play, I'm grown girl (grown girl)
You a freak, and bring you home girl (home girl)
Fuck you to sleep, then wake your ass up
You gotta go home girl (home girl)
Uber on the way (way)
Make sure you never tell nobody where I stay
Roll a hunnid joints for the day
Hit the club buy a 100 rose
Hol' up, shit you got something on my feet girl (oh yeah)
I don't do coke, I smoke weed girl (oh yeah)
You been drinking all these drinks girl
And now you owe me girl
Dont play me
She got ass, no waist, no babies
When she twerk it on me, I get a boner
I dont love her, but I want her, yeah

Don't play me, 'cause I'm gonna wear it out tonight (oh yeah)
And you working that up and down, up and down
So baby don't play with it, oh woah
Dont play with it, oh yeah
Dont play with it, oh woah
Dont play with it, yeah

Presidential Rollie on my wrist (on my wrist)
Never spending money on a bitch (no, no)
Buy a bottle for all my ladies
And if they wanna turn up (yeah)
Then ill give them something
I know this what you want girl
She grabbing on my dick, yeah
Hands all on my meat girl (meat girl)
I don't do crack, I sip lean girl (lean girl)
mollie got you, looking like a dream girl
Im feeling like a fiend girl (fiend girl)
Dont play me (don't play me)
'Cause I'm fucking bad bitches on a daily (on a daily)
I never rent my shit, I'm a owner (owner)
If you need this dick, I'm a donor, yeah

Don't play me, 'cause I'm gonna wear it out tonight (oh yeah)
And you working that up and down, up and down
So baby don't play with it, oh woah
Dont play with it, oh yeah
Dont play with it, oh woah
Dont play with it, yeah

Don't play me, 'cause I'm gonna wear it out tonight (oh yeah)
And you working that up and down, up and down
So baby don't play with it, oh woah
Dont play with it, oh yeah
Dont play with it, oh woah
Dont play with it, yeah

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Chris Brown Don't Play Me Comments
  1. D’Angel Monroe-Collier

    Damn that’s 🥵

  2. BREEZY-47-

    Whats the outro song??

  3. Kazzey Williams



    What's the sing at the end

  5. Jill Green

    I don't tweak f do

  6. Jill Green

    Fuk u to sleep wake ur ass up got go home boy

  7. Origi 97

    2:41 what name the song ??

  8. Jill Green

    Read it Christopher brown

  9. Jill Green

    I jus wana love u cw u priks

  10. Jill Green

    Workin dat up down rolexon my wrist urs

  11. Jill Green

    🙃😉 I want u chris

  12. Nakita MCcollum

    U my husband

  13. Tammy

    Send me an Uber, I won't tell. 💜💜

  14. Amadou Barry

    This dude bars is crazy

  15. keith monroe

    Low key ft Ty dolla sign👀

  16. Ken Allen

    "Uber on the way" loool 🤣🤣😂😂

  17. Dee Gardner

    A hard core beat👍

  18. Amazing Amy Roser

    Not my most favorite of your songs kinda vulgar and hoe like don't you think, makes you sound sexist in a way but it is probably going to attract those type of fans, just saying.

  19. Tune Buff

    Why don’t you officially launch this song, it would be lit.

  20. Kenbreezy101

    Cat said he don’t do coke like 3x lol

  21. Clarence Adams

    West coast beat. HYPY

  22. Takio Todoroki

    I like this song

  23. N A

    king of rnb is usher

  24. N A

    talks about girls cheating on him with he fucking cheats on them. no matter how rich a man us sont lower ur standards women

  25. N A

    chris brown still cheater cheated on rihanna and kureeche


    N H he didn't cheat on rihanna.

  26. Caio Rodrigo

    What up show

  27. ohnoitshimagain

    beat will have people rolling up their windows lol

  28. TheGhost123

    Chorus reminds me of straight up (feat. Tyga)

  29. David Charles

    music by a king  chris brown is king of r&b

  30. Robert Avery

    what's the name of the song at the ending called

  31. Pat love

    Chris Brown SEXY SEXY SEXXXXY and fine as hell oh TALENTED too😘😘

  32. Anders Anders

    I'm ready to rumble 😎😁😋

  33. Anders Anders

    That hungry eyes, I'll never forgotte. She Can not One fight against me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

  34. Alesha Arreguin


  35. Alesha Arreguin

    Yes! ❤️👏🏻❤️👏🏻

  36. Lashonda Martin

    i 💘 the song but please don't keep going backwards in life stay looking a head. because u have a little girl that needs her father in her life. And not to lose him to death are to a women who really don't want you are the family life and even if she do. want a family she doesn't. want it with you she has not said before your. daughter or after. So learn how to be alone and be a better person for yourself & your little girl and then u can get the women you really want and want to still have a family with you but u have to be 😂 first.

  37. Andrea Richardson

    How much songs does Breezy have now ? Like a he never rest 🔥🔥

  38. Tracey Dalziel

    This why this man is incredible. Knows how to mix from R,B. Pop. Rap. Soul. Knows the market and his fans. What they want to hear and makes the green rain. Why other artists falling over their self's to make music with him.

  39. Tammy Ranson

    Chris Brown the man I rock with you

  40. Trayminga Breezy

    Chris you are the best in this generation. love you so much

  41. Helen Landon

    I love you Chris Brown

  42. Dee Gardner

    the beat to this is off the chain. get down on the down low.

  43. Sarah Jean Charles

    That why I like Chris brown he fine and he soo bad and funny .. I am his number 1 fan

  44. Misana

    Instrumental needed.

  45. mustafe miami

    the beat is dope asf💯💝😱

  46. Aasiyah Harris

    10 reasons why I love Chris Brown!!!!!!!! 1. He a freak 2. His tattoos 3. He's mixed 4. He can dance 5.He got big money 6. He can sing 7. He love booty 8. He can dress 9. He handsome asf 10. He can grind ( seen him do it on stage) #partytour in Chicago

  47. Elizabeth White White

    Nice one

  48. James Dallas

    i love you chris brown im a huge fan😍😍😍😍😍

  49. BarbieXBeyla

    What's the song at the end??

  50. Kyle Boss Man

    Chris brown best singer and dancer ever

  51. Joseph Burroughs

    another great music video chris Brown love this song also.can't wait to see more like this one.

  52. Jean Rios

    The Goat

  53. Saniya Abron

    Chris brown is the best dancer and singer

    Yusuf Kaka

    Saniya Abron i love Chris brown very much too but I'm sorry here. can only be the best once...not twice


    Where my early 🐦 team at
    I love you Chris brown with all my 💓

  55. Pikena jess †

    Breezy I love you 😍😍😍

  56. yb 777

    ㅋChris brown the legend

  57. Geneviève Robello

    Nice kikkkk love it

  58. kamal Gengetone Gaza

    breezy good song

  59. THOR

    Whoop whoop

  60. Christian Sousa

    Uma porrada atrás da outra slc King Chris

  61. no no

    I like this song :D

  62. Latoya Williams

    that's my baby! I love the beat😍😘😱

  63. Julian V

    Song at the end????

  64. RicCed Cedric

    Chris Brown rocks a I love all his songs.

  65. Chris Garcia

    New albulm soon or what???

  66. Aida Velez

    Love you Breezy you are the best . 💗💕😘

  67. Wade Hicks

    Want that jumper tho

  68. Susan rangi

    This song is lit

  69. Rafael Batistaindigo

    lenda demais

  70. Quincy Hearts

    Two New Singles Dropping This Week For Heartbreak on a fullmoon cant wait 🔥🔥🔝🎤 #teambreezy

  71. Rigo Alvarez

    This Dude is a legend keep making badAss songs Ur my favorite artist Chris

  72. Samuel OKPO

    Breezy my prefect
    I Love you my negga

  73. Ingrid Rodrigues


  74. Kylie Brown Official

    I love you chris

  75. wenoka johnson

    in Chris Brown number one fan I love him.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Amelia Davis

    I am biggest fan of Chris Brown video

  77. Onur

    Ty Dolla sign secretly in this too if you listen closely

  78. Jasmine Stevenson

    chris brown if you have 1,00000

  79. Talia Seays

    I. love. Chris. brown. he. so. fine. and. his. baby. is pretty

  80. Ryan Fields

    CB the best ever 🔥🔥🔥 no one comes close!!

  81. Walter Swab

    Nevva day bebe" secretacy #1

  82. Jacob Stiles

    Chris Brown made me have secks

  83. loudou hummer

    Chris Brown is the king ........... i like you

  84. aster tesfazghi

    💖💖💖💖💖💖 you Chris Brown. my favorite artists

  85. Tamy Lalla

    2:38 which song is that😍??

    matheus dias

    Wanna know 2

    Itsyagirl Alexis

    Tamy Lalla it sounds like Chris so probably him

    Nomad Rick

    Fight 4 (Featuring. Onibaku)

    matheus dias


  86. Jose Gaytan

    daaaaaaam!! this is LIT

  87. Ty Weeknd Sign

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ good song

  88. Tia Turner

    I like his tats

  89. Arthur Williams


  90. Britney Ross

    my fav sing3r

  91. Joanne Mwanyaga

    team notifications

    ayee.. 😎🎨

  92. Damien Gill

    I love it

  93. Derrick O.Ellis

    #TeamBreezy we got lyrics off the chain and the beat phenomenon is amazingly smooth the sound crazy

  94. therealtayviaokc

    🔥🔥🔥🔥Yes! Sounds like classic Chris Brown from the "Run It" days. Love it! And that beat is bumpin!