Chris Brown - All I Want Lyrics

[Chris Brown:]
Next time when you look at me (Oh)
Throw it back when you look at me (Oh yeah)
Next time when you look at me (Oh whoa)

Is it on? Is it on 'til it's gone?
If they put me in the cuffs, if I'm locked behind the wall
If I never ever balled, if I ever lose it all
If my pockets gettin' small, would you treat me like they tall?
I gotta know, you make a wish, I check it off the list
Don't gotta ask for kiss, went and tell to your lips
Said that I ain't spendin' time, I put it on your wrist
So go and tell your ex a real nigga took his bitch

Word, for most men, these hoes a dream come true
But a dream girl is the girl that dreams of you
I got everything I need, all I want is you
That's why a nigga still cuffin' when the season's through

All I want is you
All that I want is you
All I want is you
All that I want is you
All I want is you
All that I want is you
All I want is you
All that I want is you

Yeah, man, that pussy powerful, I fly you from Toronto
Come and live in L.A., we could see LeBron play (Swish)
And we sit, floor seat
Tom Ford on your feet
Diamonds like a wedding ring and your lashes on fleek (Yeah)
I'm a top dog, so I gotta get the top suite (Yeah, yeah)
Sweet, sweet, sugar cane, she gon' let me have a piece
Try to keep it lowkey but they always want the tea (Yeah)
Babe, don't wake me up, she said it feel like a wet dream
Got you all iced out (Ice, ice)
Yeah, and your skin beautiful, what you need, a tenfold?
Turn the lights down (Lights out)
Yeah, I know you think I'm playin', no, that was just the same (Yeah)

[Chris Brown (Tyga):]
All I want is you (Agh)
All that I want is you (Yeah)
All I want is you
All that I want is you
All I want is you
All that I want is you
All I want is you
All that I want is you

[Chris Brown:]
I pull your panties to the side, ease your mind
My pride aside, I'm tryna find the jewels hidden inside
Explore your mind, ain't one of these niggas just tryna hit it and slide
Started as a fling (Yeah), politicin' with a ting (Yeah)
Water locked up like a bing
But her finger got a ring
Chose a puppet on a string, but I woulda gave you wings
Backyard with the swing, cash money with the bling
Baby daddy from the birth
See a bird, heard he lookin' for me too
'Cause of you, I won't give him what he deserves
Plus you gave him your heart, don't break your word
And if life is tryna teach me a lesson, just know I've learned (I've learned), yeah

All I want is you
All that I want is you
All I want is you
All that I want is you (All I want is you)
All I want is you ('Cause all I want is you)
All that I want is you (You, want is you)
All I want is you (Ooh)
All that I want is you (I want it)

Next time when you look at me (Oh)
Throw it back when you look at me (Oh yeah)
Next time when you look at me (Oh whoa)
I'ma show you how it's goin' down
Since me and you met, it was goin' down
When you hop up in that bed, it was goin' down
This how me and you flex, now it's goin' down
You know how it's goin' down

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Chris Brown All I Want Comments
  1. Indigenous Queen

    How's it going down Dmx ft faith evans 🔥

  2. Ajamu Hetep

    Where my Chris Brown fans at right now .

  3. Ajamu Hetep

    Swag Time.

  4. Ajamu Hetep

    All I want is my favorite girl ❤️❤️ in the world .

  5. Matthew Powell

    this track a perfect example of a well done refreshed classic. even tyga who i usually dont care for came thru. word

  6. Exciting Cub

    Chris breezy spin dance compilatio click 👇 👇👇 👇

  7. PMSø Jameņ

    Uff que buena combinacion de lo mejor •

  8. transcendentmuzic

    I just realized this is sampling from the DMX song with the same hook

  9. Rosane Benjamin

    Me apontem uma música ruim no álbum Indigo, porque para mim, não tem. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Marcelo August

    Tem mesmo não.

  10. TBT Kashh TV

    Reminds me of DMX How’s it’s Going Down and Alan Cave All I want

  11. shawn winton

    Chris Brown and Tyga made three great songs during the summer this is the first time they made a song together after three years this is a lit 2019 this year I so lit thank you brezzy and t raw Chris Brown and Tyga he may be talking about his ex girlfriend Rihanna’ indigo best album evert

  12. Ebony Smith


  13. Carlene Williams

    I love this song

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    Hit like 👇 if you’re watching this in 2020!!!

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    Essa música tem muito a vibe de foaf mixtape 😢💔💖

  16. Marcina Murphy

    No one likes me but I will be able to do it with myself

  17. cleber valesi

    musica de briza das brizas ..

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    I play this for my girl everytime she sad frfr luv Yah Chris keep dropping bangers 👌🏽💯

  19. Akodi Pogie

    Skusta clee brought me here ❤❤❤

  20. tyshawn

    My fav song off the album

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    Love this it touched me deep

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    why is this album so fireeee

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    Chris Brown,Tyga,All In,beautiful audiții,I like IT și mach!It makes me dreaming...Lovely!💖🌹🍀😘

    Rodica Stecz Stecz

    Audiții îs pleasant...lovely!💖🌹😘

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    Chris brown this is dmw song. Stop taken people music

  27. DatKatNamePat

    u done x proud with this one g salute

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    I didn’t like it at first but now it grew on me

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    This song deserves a music video

  30. tyshawn


  31. tyshawn

    Chris Brown x Tyga instant hit

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    Why wasn't this song at least in the 16 millions this song is a banger just like the rest of them.


    Thanks 2 chris brown's dancing moves, I had a 4sum

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    Ri listening to the song😍

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    Nice dmx sample too

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    I like how he sampled dmx how it's going down

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    This album is heat

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    Tyga is talking about Kylie here....

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    If life was trying to teach me a lesson well eye learned Ase lil nephew....been with u since begin beings as though eye 2 grew u in VA ...smaller than ur town ..but so proud of the king u are growing into ..have became .n now waking our young people up with ya music ......divine energy eye extend to u n yours king......keep making muse which means to soul ..hence soul music.....eye am a certain age but yet ya music ..this Indigo album by far music to my soul peace ..n divine Love energy protection Ase

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    I literally wake up singing this song. It's undoubtedly one of the best on the album!

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    "and if life is trying to teach me a lesson just know I learned.."

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    I actually appreciate the fact that breezy and tyga still make tracks together. They go way back and still dropp fire

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    Unpopular opinion: Take tygas verse out ITS TRASH

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