Chip Tha Ripper - The Truth Lyrics

"All I'm offering is the truth"

[Verse 1:]
Every man for himself
On my own, I don't need no help
Shout-out to all those who showed me love
Shout-out to all you hoes who hate on us
You see me throw two fingers up, we up in here
Free my nigga Stakes, feel like he got a hundred years
Fluoride in our tap water
That's what Hitler used to keep the Jews dumber
Real talk: you can look it up
Look how long we had Google, niggas still dumb as fuck
Look around, we the freshest niggas here
I wish a lot of niggas disappeared...
I'm from Cleveland, ain't no bitches here
And if it is, I bet they won't survive through the year
Everthing you made the last two years, I made this month
And if you ask me, I ain't ballin - I'm still coming up...


[Verse 2:]
Pray to God I never have to let this 40 bust mane
I don't give a fuck cause they don't give a fuck about us, mane
I'm a let my nuts hang, won't pull up in no Mustang
I pull up in the look at that, damn, what the fuck, mane
He gonna get his chump change until his shit add up
My nigga suffered like 20 years of bad luck
But, some things happen for a reason
Like when I'm with your bitch at the 4 Seasons
Fuck the law, I'm still standing strong
Just because it's illegal don't mean it's wrong
Shout out to every hood
And them colors where I'm from, we bang for our hood
St Clair in this bitch, ho
Hope you copy that or Roger that or 10-4
Don't let a Cleveland nigga ever feel disrespected
Kill the messenger to send a message

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Chip Tha Ripper The Truth Comments
  1. A-NO Music

    "Won't pull up in no Mustang I pull up in the Look-at-that-Damn-What-the-Fuck-Man." Sick.

  2. bigz 2shen

    respect from Amsterdam! this is so reality!

  3. sabettzki2

    @NickeyeBeatz yaaa it's called tell ya friends

  4. Nieuw Groningen

    im from netherlands,.. i wish i was from cleveland, cuz cleveland Rocks, and got the most swagg on the facking world, somuch respect for cleveland!

  5. Jerome McGowan

    Kill the messenger to send a message! Bitch on from Cleveland!

  6. Jerome McGowan

    Cleveland faeva!

  7. Jerome McGowan

    Got Damnit chip quit killing nees nigga!

  8. Fred Roman

    Song is crazy!