Chiodos - Those Who Slay Together, Stay Together Lyrics

Light came through a crack in the wall.
That red sun slowly rose.
At the break of dawn they came for us.
For a while we were safe and sound.
They came like thieves and robbed our town,
Of all the life,
Of everything we knew.
The living versus the dead.
Pray to your god.
Hell is on its way.
Hell was rolling in like a rancid fog,
And the world that we knew was raining blood.
Here we are, we knew the day would come.
Those who slay together, stay together in the end.
Crimson irises, the army of the infected.
They smelled our scent, sensed our fear.
They knew where we were.
The artist of the night,
They're painting the town red with blood.
They came through the door like a flood,
Like a flood.
A force too strong to handle.
We were attacked like a candle
Surrounded by demons that don't want the light.
They darkened our ability to see through the night.
Come through hell or high water.
We'll never leave one another alone.
This plague has taken control of us.
Come through hell or high water.
We die only to be born into a monstrosity.
Light came through the crack in the wall.
That red sun slowly fell down
And we devoured all that we could.
Oh yes we did.
We immersed ourselves in all the blood.
Biting each and everyone.
The army of the infected.
We are the infected.
We are the infected.
Here we are, we knew this day would come.
Those who slay together, stay together.
Here we are, we knew this day would come.
Those who slay together, stay together in the end.

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Chiodos Those Who Slay Together, Stay Together Comments
  1. Christopher Gonzales

    The person who did the lyrics can't spell for shit... Heh.


    So is this song about zombies

  3. Cargentius G

    This song goes perfectly with the new shadowfall mode in apex legends right now lmfao

  4. Myles Vincent

    So thankful to my friend for showing me this

  5. Mamabear21974 v

    The piano in this song is killer!!!!

  6. Maybeno

    Who else remembers listening to this on their iPod?

  7. Kurisutoza

    a good amount of these lyrics are incorrect.

  8. Crimson Deathwish

    *song is about

  9. Crimson Deathwish

    This sabout ten zombie apocalypse

  10. Crimson Deathwish

    Anyone else think this is like glitch

  11. OhTheAnarchy

    simply amazing

  12. Monxi Arguelles

    Those who slay together, stay together for the kids

    Anthony Lang

    Dəathgasm Satana that just blew my mind.

  13. Carl Thompson

    Kinda reminds me of every monster hunter game I played.
    God Eater
    and Monster Hunter in general.

  14. TheUmbrellaCorpX7[エヴ]

    This song is about Rick and Michonne from The Walking Dead slaying zombies together. Cant wait for S7E12.

  15. VoltronTrash

    This song is the embodiment of The Foxhole Court and Andriel

  16. Mariana Koori

    A melhor música do Chiodos..R.I. P💔🌷

  17. William V

    has anybody realized chiodos is practically atreyus little brother lmfao

  18. AbstractMan23

    has this been sped up from the original...? the piano intro sounds different.

  19. DemonixDreams

    Will forever be one of my favorites!

  20. Carlos García

    best chiodos song ever

  21. Master Jedi Stewie Stewart Little

    To question a songs meaning only to demand that the answer you decided upon is the one and only meaning...well the action is senile and childish. Meaning changes only through the eyes of the various people...stupid as they may be. Go seek bliss all you ignorant minded people!

  22. Allon Vorlete

    god I love this shit..
    do any of you idiots comprehend metaphor? this song is not about zombies, or plague, or even negativity as a whole. This song is about one very specific moment: Craig being replaced in Chiodos. There's more to language than the literal first meaning you can understand.

    Allon Vorlete

    and lots of replies, so my comment is seen first. mmm, pett.

    Allon Vorlete

    +Allon Vorlete as in pettiness.

    Allon Vorlete

    +Allon Vorlete +

    Allon Vorlete

    +Allon Vorlete +

  23. Allon Vorlete

    Down votes for stupid people. especially poster. and secondary, the commenters.

  24. Shad0wReaper104

    def their best abulm, I miss Brandon, wish he join a similar band or create his own in this type of genre.

  25. Blaloola

    i dont know why i ever over looked this band

  26. like burn

    Lo que no entiendo........
    ¿Hablan de zombies o de demonios :v?

    like burn

    +Nikki Vargas No ya nada :)
    Ya busqué el video al español

  27. Melanie Seichko


    Blythe Boudreaux

    this band is much older than crown the empire. so actually, crown the empire sounds like this band.

    Melanie Seichko

    @Blythe Boudreaux well ok then

  28. Knial Saunders

    did anyone else think this should have been used in The Walking Dead when the zombies attacked Hershels farm at the end of season two? Would have been perfect as they were escaping and getting split up


    I came down into the comments to write a comment just like this!! This song reminds me so much of TWD!


    The only reason I'd say no is cause at the end of the song, it sounds like they became zombies


    Patrica did get bitten, so technically it's true bu I see where you are coming from.

    Osman Ozgene

    well intro good for zombie things but idk. your idea is still decent tho.

  29. Fernando Madera

    someone get this on black ops 3 zombies asap

  30. Heather L.

    I thought this song was about army of the infected..

    Allon Vorlete

    +Dictator Dog it's actually entirely about Craig, as is most of the album.

  31. Howard Kampf

    I know every word by heart its that good

    Saint Morbid

    +Faith Shive too*

    B3NG Mace

    +Howard Kampf well I mean it is a lyrics video so you would know every lyric..

  32. oleandr

    The Last of Us anyone?


    @lost in oblivion great fucking game

  33. CamB

    Best. Throwback. Ever.

    Okay but seriously that spelling...

  34. logan hartrum

    This is an ok album. But I can't lie. Bone palace cafe, and all swell that ends well is most definitely the best. Hands down. The mixture of screaming and vocals was just perfect.

    Dakota Carter

    Bone Palace Ballet not cafe just fyi

  35. taetea seokie

    I love the beginning **0** :)

  36. TKB

    your timing for the video is off


    @***** Nope.

  37. JP BS

    I guess, in the end, they didn't slay together

  38. TheDrow79

    I have a sudden desire to play Cod Zombies...

  39. Sprited Away

    The song title sums up Mirai Nikki pretty well ;D

  40. Mark Hardy

    Who the fuck taught you to spell.

  41. Jake Setnik

    This album is their best


    @Joshua Satchell
    what the fuck?

    Jill Krajicek

    I agree, it is really freakin good, but I miss the sound they had with Craig honestly. I miss his voice lol.

    Logan Garcia

    +Jill Krajicek Craig was they're best lead singer this guy is good but no one beats good old Craig

    Happier and with your mouth open


  42. DerpyLemon

    Is it "pray to your god" or "cradle your gun?" I always remember it being the latter, and that's what I hear still, but they both make pretty equal sense.

    Dakota Carter

    @***** It's most certainly Pray to your god, the idea is that most people in a situation like this would denounce faith. so anyone else would be like fuck it, YOU pray to YOUR God, I'll handle this myself. 

  43. kolten Trent

    Me wove u chiodos Those who slay together stay together

    B Mosk

    @Joshua Satchell Hey, watch him try and act in his music video ole fish lips is dead lol - But craig isn't even in the band in this song - this is brandon.

    kolten Trent


  44. Josiah Rivera

    We were trapped like a candle surrounded by demons that don't want the light! my favorite verse!

  45. imthevideomakerdude

    Even with Brandon there amazing.


    Brandon made the band more enjoyable imo. He wasn't so fucking girly.

    Bobby Ferguson

    They were so much better with Brandon.

  46. orinkuu

    New favorite song :o

  47. xSavageSickness

    and you also wrote those whole stay together stay together lmao.

  48. William Lewis

    Pretty shitty you miss words like they and its in half the lyrics.

  49. Daiz Mimzi

    After hearing song, one word came to mind: Vampires....xD

  50. Alvaro City

    2:21 ----> *They darkened our ability to see through the night. (lyrics error, i think)

  51. Corey Nolan

    I can't get past the typo at the beginning

    Logan Garcia

    What was it?

  52. Anti-HyperLink

    This song is about zombies, my brother met one of the guys in the band and he said that.

    alyssa davis

    I was thinking that's what it was, but i wasn't shur

  53. Emo Unicornprincess

    I love this song :D , it makes me think of good times

  54. Alex Corral

    I'm so sad that I'll never see Brandon live again or this album played live ever, oh well Craig is rad too. 

    Joseph Collins

    they're going to be preforming at the Worcester Palladium Apr 16

  55. CourageInCollapse

    Great stuff man!

    We would love if some Chiodos fans came and checked out our new album!  We think you'll enjoy it!

  56. EnglshRedWolf

    I don't like that you faded out the song for the last 30 seconds...

    rainbow sparklez

    EnglshRedWolf well I do

    Bangtan's Bizzarre Adventure

    Same it's so unsatisfying ...


    Craig and Brandon Forever,This Album is special,no album will ever sound like this one again <3

  58. Onjolic Davis

    @Dinosaur1997 I can see why the walking dead pops into mind

  59. Kay Morris

    Your spelling is terrible. If you're going to make a lyric video, you should probably spell the lyrics correctly.

  60. Kieran Lopes


  61. Isaiah Dancy

    god when i was waiting for them to come out on stage at warped tour, i was preying PLEASE BE CRAIG PLEASE BE CRAIG IT BETTER BE FUCKING CRAIG!!! Then Craig came out on stage with his grunge face.... omg the best day ever.

  62. Elric Edwards

    Scumbag Zombie Survivor

    Fights infected to prevent being bitten

    Bites everyone once infected.

  63. cokahhh

    i used to listen this all the time when I started high school I have been looking for this song for MONTHS so happy <3

  64. dimezanime88

    For the love of god, do not bother clicking "(Show the comment)"!

  65. Jerrel Carpio

    Ughhh really....Craig was NOT better in drugs. Chiodos as a whole are great musicians. Not saying drugs wasn't, but they defiantly weren't as instrumentals talented

  66. Daeion

    Aw that sucks well he should get new memebers lol

  67. Nightfall

    he came from this band to begin with.

  68. Wettaco13

    This song is absolutely perfect for black ops zombies

  69. OriginalEmmyGore

    Omg I love this song

  70. Derrick Wallace

    I want to start making videos like this =( but dont know what program to use or how to begin.... Does anyone mind helping me? Im useing Linux mint, help would be greatly appreciated.

  71. Ashley Marie

    lol internet drama.

  72. ~Key~

    hmm.. this would be a great zombie apocalypse song..

  73. Jexi

    Hello. I'm lurking a lurker which has lurked upon me, a lurker.

  74. Jexi

    Why do I have 68 thumbs up what is thIS

  75. NVO

    Hi. I'm lurking the lurker who are in the comments section.

  76. jonathan leoni

    creg is better

  77. Jed The Jedi

    the lyrics is just creepy and very nice ...
    i like it

  78. mrpatriots1012

    Fucking awesome

  79. SuzieJoeBob

    at 2:27, you spelled the word through without the first 'h' (trough). You did it amazingly, but I just wanted to let you know.

  80. draxisniper

    Wow.... they still make awesome music, good stuff

  81. WTFwhosthatRandom

    He has the voice of an angel .__.

  82. Kevin Kinky

    in the end

  83. canlander

    This is a good song

  84. sliptirka

    I remember listening to this a couple years ago and not liking it. I'm so glad my taste in music has matured. This song is so great!

  85. SongDiseased

    Just watched an animal cruelty video before this one... Puppies were being skinned alive.. Most disturbing thing I've ever seen... I imagine this song playing in the background (I love this song don't get me wrong) it just reminds me of the video... Sweet Jesus

  86. pandaraver199

    if i dreamed this is what the background music would be

  87. gurphson

    I can't play Left for Dead 1 or 2 without this playing

  88. 2sweet

    Those who slay together, stay together

  89. Leire272727

    im in love with this song <3 <3

  90. Crowloq

    Up until 0:50. it sounds like a cross between classical, pop and a movie theme. Then it hits 50 seconds in. Boom.

  91. Stalk

    This and The Devil Wears Prada's Zombie EP.(;

  92. Saint Jimmy

    Haha. :bb

  93. bringmethe megan

    going to see these on sunday. ahhh ;D

  94. Tanner

    ah ya know what i can c that too haha creative man i like it, it reminds me of Daybreakers or whatever that vampire movie was a couple years ago

  95. B.J. Murphy

    I think it would go better with a vampire apocalypse film. It mentions of the day light falling, releasing a demonic infection on all those who preside in the light.

  96. Moth Child Cosplay

    A good friend of mine said this song reminded him of my boyfriend and myself. I'm okay with that.