Chiodos - Stratovolcano Mouth Lyrics

Let it all out.
Let, let it all out,
Let, let it all out.
Let, let it go.
Let it all out.
Let, let it all out.
Let it all out.
If mother earth was your body,
And the inner core was your fury,
Then the lava that flows in the chamber below is your adrenaline.
In a single second are a thousand thoughts.
But only one of them makes sense to you.
For so long you've held it in.
Everyday you're getting closer.
Explode into the air.
Explode into the air.
Are you alive?
Are you livid?
Yes are you afraid, are you afraid of what you hold inside?
In a single second are a thousand thoughts.
But only one of them makes sense to you.
For so long you've held it in.
Everyday you're getting closer.
Explode into the air.
Explode into the air.
For so long you've held it in.
Everyday you're getting closer.
Explode into the air.
Explode into the air.
You're breathing heavy.
You close your eyes.
Your hands are shaking, but you hold it in.
You try to stay calm, you try to hold it back.
But you can't seem to rest.
Yeah your heart is breaking right out of your chest. (explode)
And this is what it feels like to be a volcano.
Will it tear you up inside?
Let it all,
Let, let it all out. let it all out.
Just let it go.
Let it all out.
Let, let it all out. let it all out.
Explode out your throat.
For so long you've held it in,
Everyday you're getting closer.
Explode into the air.
Explode into the air.
For so long you've held it in,
Everyday you're getting closer.
Explode into the air.
Explode into the air.
Explode out your throat, explode out your throat.

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Chiodos Stratovolcano Mouth Comments
  1. •Picasso_Chan • :3

  2. Ltrain225

    Brandon was better in Yesterday’s Rising 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  3. John Russo

    this song is like a rip off of critical acclaim by avenged sevenfold, literally just one part halfway through critical acclaim these guys basically turned that into a full song

    Shawn Mitchell

    Are you a idiot? Because one part of something is a ripoff..."expanding a idea" to something else isn't copying a entire song lol. This isn't the same key or tempo. Or even the same instrument used lol. This is all synth work an i believe avenged used a actual organ.

    But I'm assuming you don't read, write music, no theory or play a instrument.

  4. Dylan Hitsman

    jesus that intro is really something 😍

  5. Isaac Tejeda

    yea they shouldve done another album together

  6. tired_tiger

    best album by Chiodos imo. Brandon is better than Craig and this album shows it.

  7. faiintsmile

    all my other friends who like chiodos dog me for liking this album, I agree that it's like 'the album that shall not be named' but it's still beautiful. Craig over anybody though.

  8. Ryndan Riley

    So this argument might be pretty much over, but the weakness of this album is that they tried to make every part too big and there aren't enough dynamic changes. other than that, it may be their best album. Brandon is a better singer than Craig, and the guitarist was the real heart of the band. when he left, the music died. he's the only departure that drastically damaged the quality of the music.


    100% agree man.

    wow ned

    Not dynamic enough? What about Notes In Constellations? Closed Eyes Still Look Forward? I wouldn't say it's much different from Bone Palace Ballet. I think Devil was even pretty similar. If I didn't already know they had Thomas Erak on guitar for that album, I probably wouldn't have even noticed a difference.

    Ryndan Riley

    @wow ned This album is great in small doses. The problem is listening to it all the way through. If you try to make every part sound big, eventually nothing sounds big anymore. Also , the guitar comment at the end just suggests we listen to music differently, apparently. Erak completely abandoned the chuggy, choppy, metal-influenced style in the first albums. He even changed the way he played the early stuff live to be more tappy and noodley instead of choppy. For instance, listen to him playing words best friend live, then listen to the old guitarist play it live. If you can't hear a difference, you and I listen to music very differently.


    Seeing the arguments on this video about the Brandon Bolmer vs. Craig Owens thing is actually kind of funny. My friend Jake's favorite band is Chiodos but he hates Illuminaudio because Brandon is the vocalist, and this is my favorite album by them BECAUSE Brandon does vocals on it. We have the same argument all the time. lol. 
    Btw, Brandon rules.

  10. Michael Pruette

    Personally, I think this was Chiodos best quality sounding album; lyrically & musically. It's errilly beautiful. I'm not dogging on Craig, I loved his content on D.R.U.G.S and when he was previously in the band. It's what got me into it. But seriously people, Brandon is a pretty damn good and brought the band to a new level. All this discreditation feels unnecessary.

    Michael McHale

    I agree... when this song kicks in I get chills. (Nothing against Craig) but Brandon was good and I liked each song on this album. 

    DrunkOn_ Anime

    +Michael McHale +1

  11. SilversteinRescue

    they were nothing without craig trololol

  12. ZiIrkalla

    One person does not make a band. This song is good. This album is good. Their other albums are good. Get over it and enjoy.

  13. Daniel

    kinda just did lol

  14. andrew maldonado

    Ok people...Chiodos as it was without craig...blew harder than your mom! Craig Owens made chiodos so Dalton Lott... you have foul taste in music and seem to be stupid so I propose you burn in a pit of molten lava and may god have mercy on your soul! Thanks! :)

  15. Willhelm Willhelm

    this isnt fair to Brandon BOLMER he was badass go follow him on twitter

  16. blankxeros

    They made this instrumental with Craig before they split up, it was this instrumental and the lyrics to "The Only Thing You Talk About" by D.R.U.G.S. :)

    Before they parted ways they recorded it the song is called thermacare :)

  17. Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn

    Note: This also makes a kickass song when you're trying to see how long you can wash your mouth with mouthwash. I finished throughout the song, but my tongue was pink and swollen. XD

  18. Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn

    Love this song. Funny, the first time I heard this was on Sirius XM at a restaurant and I had just eaten my very first ghost chili pepper.


    well the thing that made chiodos was that they purposely strayed away from ab ab song writing. they had really wild song format. and pulled it off. they are good on this album.but theres tons of talented rockbands. but they lost what seperated them from the rest. they created simpler songs and ithink craig is much more intimate and puts more meaning in the music. brandons good tho. ut i lik chiodos much better with craig. and they were more succesful also

  20. RosasEye

    Couldnt of said it any more perfectly than that

  21. fmgkiller


  22. gabriel meh gonads hurt

    this song brings back memories of my mom

  23. Kyle Walsh

    finally someone who actually listens to music. \m/

  24. Abraham Harris

    i agree with everything you said except for DRUGS, i thought they were just plain awful. just an opinion though.

  25. Russell Sanderson

    Sorry, but I wouldn't go as far as Stan or Greg, but I do agree with them to a degree. @AwaitingValhalla19, you're an idiot. Craig sings in one upper octave in one key. Craig is a great talent and Chiodos has had their moments with him, as they have with Brandon. Brandon I would say has a bit of an advantage over Craig in the fact that yes, he does have much more of a variety, where as Craig doesn't, but Craig has his intimate moments on songs like Intensity In Ten Cities where he shines.

  26. Zach Shaw

    your so retarded shut up lol seriously craig owens is so damn good ur dumb for even saying he's not he can sing any range he wants to becuz he's a badass brandon stays in almost one spot in every song they did with him

  27. Zackery Reynolds

    at 3:15 <3 yes. i love craigs part more but i mean... this is sick.

  28. SaintSinned

    All the new Chiodos songs sound the same to me, probably because Brandon doesn't really have much variation in his vocals. Like, it's good music, i just wish it wasn't so repetitive.

  29. Aceisb1

    I mean they are both good. I will always say the old Chiodos is better. But hey it is all an opinion.

  30. AskingMaaike

    I love the beginning :o

  31. Spencer Winter

    Almost as epic as Lord of the Rings

  32. justmadetocomment1

    i'm so happy craig is back. everyone says he cant sing, but honestly he can, both in tone strength and key and pitch. and plus the uniqueness that his voice brings contrasts so greatly against the band that gives chiodos its unique and bending sound. but when you have brandon you get stuck with a plain old band that blends everything together into the generic sound of "hardcore" music these days. im glad craig is back. d.r.u.g.s. was good and new chiodos was alright. good but generic. finally.

  33. Zakia N

    I honestly love Chiodos whether Brandon is singing or Craig. Yes, clearly Brandon has a better voice but Craig brings his own unique way of sinigng. They both are very talented and entertaining. I love Chiodos!!!

  34. whitygp1

    Theres alot of talk about Brandon "trying" to be Craig but in all honesty if thats true then Brandon is a better Craig then Craig himself is. Compare their old songs to this, i see a whole lot more talent here. Even if Craig is back he should do back up for Brandon instead of the other way around

  35. mikethps

    I'm actually kind of bummed that Craig left DRUGS. DRUGS had so much potential and Brandon made Chiodos a little more tolerable.

  36. Kilarx11

    Craig wannabe.

  37. Brandon Youngblood

    Craig is back in Chiodos now.

  38. snaundersduu

    Honestly, I don't see where you are coming from. This sounds like an adaptation of bone palace ballet, with the only difference being that the vocals sound more produced in this than in the previous album, and they got a tad harder. They sound pretty near identical in voice, pitch, tone, everything. Hell, if I wasn't paying attention to the title while I was driving or something, I would think it was still craig singing! They are both very talented vocalists, whether you want to admit it or not.

  39. Yesenia Salazar

    chiodos is back to shit?
    uh, how many fans did they LOSE when craig left?
    and now that hes back, do you know how many people are so happy with it?
    besides, brandon basically tried to sound like Craig, so, yeah.
    Craig Owens and chiodos are meant to be with each other.

  40. Trevor Thelen

    i call bullshit on that, chiodos can finally be what they should have been all along now that craig is back

  41. Mason Matlock

    Yeah, it kind of makes me think they're trying to borrow from Shoegaze bands, except a bit "detuned" or something. Like a lo-fi version of Shoegaze.

  42. RobynSaintVeronika

    the (New song!) [2010] next to every song title is an eye sore..

  43. Sh1pWrecker

    There are some great songs on this album.
    But it's really overproduced with so much filters, backtracking, and effects.
    ..well it's the entire trend of the scene anyways with every other's just really overkill on some song on this album. Still a great album though.

  44. Ryan Moore

    love it!

  45. ToasterRehab

    @K3THElittleTHINGS Lol I know, everyone knows how this was a song with Craig Owens and Chiodos originally. I just think it's funny how the old lyrics still fit so well.

  46. ToasterRehab

    0:30 So forgive me for bragging out loud....oh wait, lol


    Dude I replayed this from 30 seconds and fuck you. I love chiodos, I love craig Owen's. But for some reason I play this album when I want to listen to chiodos and you just fucked me up cuz craig is the man. Dude like every random band i hear has a song with him in it, in fear and faith and before their drugs. Craig is the man no cap

  47. John

    did anyone else forget about yesterdays rising tilll this?

  48. Rebecca

    @1me2her a fucking men. -.-

  49. GearsDemon

    Love this song.

  50. guidetoanything

    wow i loved this :D gonna go listen to more :3

  51. Sleazoid Starcraft

    How can people honestly think Craig is better than Brandon after hearing this album? Idiots. D.r.u.g.s is such a fail band considering all the talent it has in it.

  52. HelloHeadache

    Brandon doesn't really let the intrumental shine here.

  53. valedeer

    Damn, this band is glorious

  54. Rick James

    @BerstonY420Yo No, it's mostly opinion but there is also truth. There are far more people believing that Brandon was a better choice. Including me. And yea, DRUGS is pretty great too :p

  55. Jade Chaysinh

    @1me2her your smart :3 i compliment thou!

  56. Douglas Barney II


  57. trent brookins

    How can a voice be ironic?

  58. Dalton Lott

    So much better than old Chiodos.

  59. Claptrap

    Replaced an iconic voice with mediocrity. NICE job lol

  60. Ryan Moore

    love it!

  61. Kurt Fridenberger

    @xxEVILMOPPETxx you might have to upload your windows then, did you try that?

  62. Kurt Fridenberger

    @xxEVILMOPPETxx online my friend, itunes!

  63. guthriegovansgood

    Two songs in and I already aprove.

  64. Roastism

    Honestly, I think Chiodos is better without Craig. Funny, because Craig's probably my favorite vocalist ever. The thing is, Brandon brings out the best in Chiodos. At the same time, though, DRUGS has brought out the best in Craig. Craig and Chiodos both make much better music separated than they ever did together.

  65. Huggies

    song lyrics sounds like he is getting a handjob 0_o

  66. icyeight

    @1me2her second that

  67. Rasenshuriken90

    Dammit. I'm thinking I need to listen to more Chiodos stuff.

  68. meesha raczova

    fucking quality album.

  69. trent brookins

    @MrOhWait Try hard Lulz

  70. Sacrisis

    @rokknroll4 craig is still amazing O.o both bands drugs and new chiodos are great same with old chiodos i dont know whateverybodys problem is O.o

  71. sergnoscope

    @rokknroll4 agreed. but the thing about thermacare is that its classic Chiodos and i think its rawness makes it even better. but i do agree with you.

  72. sergnoscope

    @rokknroll4 i love all the versions of this song BUT thermacare is the best one.

  73. Nishad George

    @rthorner1 craig's seemed more natural and full of chemistry with the music. you totally hit the nail on the head.

  74. Chris Grogan

    saw them live yesterday, Brandon was a fucking beast.
    Craig is one of my favorite vocalists ever and he totally rocks in DRUGS, but brandon totally kills it in Chiodos.

  75. David Bondi

    Bolmer is AMAZING IN Chiodos, and Owens is AMAZING in DRUGS. That's all there is too it. Stop being fan boys and open you're mind. Bolmer has just as an amazing voice as craig.

  76. Darbuscus

    I thought he was saying "So long Vivian" XD

  77. Sam Phillips

    best song ive ever ever ever ever ever ever ever heard :P

  78. WeCameAsBowmans

    @rokknroll4 So true! I actually like Brandon Bolmer more than Craig Owens, he doesn't sound so whiny when he sings. Plus, I smoked with him when I saw them, he's a cool ass dude, and really good live.

  79. gothsteeze

    @Zapped409 I agree with you Ive tried forcing myself to get into new Chiodos listened to Illuminaudio 50+ times & still get into it. Its just all over the place & doesnt have the passion or catchiness. Its not bad by any means just doesnt do it for me like All's Well That Ends Well & Bone Palace Ballet.

  80. bromero66 6

    @rokknroll4 amen brother

  81. Justin James

    @xThunderThumbsx I know that, but the music is thermacare. D.R.U.G.S. plays thermacare but titled it the only thing you talk about and chiodos rewrote the lyrics and titled it stratovolcano mouth.

  82. steviboi

    what a fucking intro. <3

  83. Justin James

    This is the unreleased song Thermacare with new vocals. i hate brandons voice. D.R.G.S. all the way.

  84. jocelynmarie21

    omg yeah chiodos still sounds good but that doesnt mean craig is worthless -.-

  85. hirameowsatyou

    i still don't know if i'm saying Stratovolcano correctly. fail.

  86. judgemental541

    anyone else check their facebook for a chat message at 2:10?..

  87. trent brookins

    Lol the beginning has the SAME exact riff from therma care :P

  88. Natalie Flores

    I still cant get into the new chiodos as much as the old.
    But its not bad at all.
    Even with craig i think the new music would still sound like this.

  89. Rachel Wehri

    If you like Craig, go listen to his new band D.R.U.G.S. and stop hating the new Chiodos. (:

  90. Elchismoose

    <3 Chiodos <3 D.R.U.G.S There both fucking cocks awesome!!

  91. LargeFootedLad

    holy shit fuck craig this is amazing better than anything D.R.U.G.S. has done so far

  92. septemberosebud

    @rokknroll4 hahah SO TRUE. i didnt think this band would be as amazing with him gone and now i seriously dont miss him at all.

  93. cody11096

    @rokknroll4 Disagree..... ALL songs are amazing!

  94. Tyler Strate


  95. LaughableBlackStorm

    @1me2her hahaha I'm glad I'm not the only one! :P

  96. evanstorm11

    @rokknroll4 why not, he was good.

  97. Pedro Harmony

    Craig will own with D.R.U.G.S >:D

  98. Iron Scorn

    I'm glad im not retarded and know that i can like both chiodos and d.r.u.g.s. lol you ppl annoy me