Chiodos - Scaremonger Lyrics

Why are you so loud?
You've said it enough.
I'm standing right here, but can you see me?
All of my time, all of my soul.
I want to laugh again, and live again, and love.
My own way.
The lies engraved will never be erased.
The fear and pain embedded in my brain.
The words pushed out all that I am inside.
Manipulating all that I love.
All my desire you took as your own.
All of my sorrow.
Its not enough, not enough for your hunger.
Dismantle my being.
Oh, let me out. let me be free.
Dismember everything, making me doubt what I'm about.
Let me be free.
Can I just float away?
Can I just disappear?
All of my desire you took as your own.
All of my sorrow.
It's not enough, not enough for your hunger.
I melt down (melting down)
I'm melting down.
Finally there is no sound.
I'm standing in front of you but can you see me?
I'm melt down.
All my desire you took it as your own.
All of my sorrow.
It's not enough, not enough for your hunger.
It's not enough, not enough for your hunger.

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Chiodos Scaremonger Comments
  1. Diane Sailsberry

    People may hate me for my opinion, but this was my favorite Chiodos album.

    Bobby Ferguson

    This was so far superior to every other chiodos album.

  2. Stanislav Lunin

    TOP 8 years later

  3. Karina Shiam

    Me, listening to the last 15 seconds of the song:
    "You sure this is not featuring Luke Prebble of Canterbury?"

  4. Sam Desai

    Is it just me or does the part where Craig sings "It's not enough (2:12)" sound the same as the "It's not enough" from the Exfoliator demo by Saosin with Tilian Pearson?

  5. Trina Al- Majid

    Ah, this song gives me nostalgia.

  6. Mericann Jellee

    Whoevers singing what, they're both doing a good job. I can barely tell the difference. If you have that much of an opinion over who sang the song, go sing it better or stfu.

  7. music?!

    This is probably my favorite Chiodos song, and it's a damn shame they never played it before Brandon left.

  8. Erin Walters

    why was crig owens at kerrang tour if he wasnt in the band anymore? im so confused:(

  9. Jayson Gonzalez

    *than...sorry, i just had to :P

  10. vampz247

    freaking love this song

  11. Tatyana Wellington

    love the part before the ending. la la la la laaaaaaa. XD!!!

  12. waffles21855

    hes back now (tear tear)

  13. incarnationofabeast

    Now he is :D

  14. Jan Contratista

    this guy reminds me of cove former vocals of saosin... they have the same vocal range but I reckon this guy is heaps better...

  15. Vincent Rodriguez

    damn that ending was too sick

  16. Skullkid_Kitty

    okai im still very confused... did only one member leave? and is tht a bad thing?
    i dont care one way or the other ima just a fan of de music yo

  17. Grogman, B.

    3:10 - 3:33
    Epic mode: ON

  18. xxHardkorex

    the end is so GOOD

  19. Esmeralda Rocio Esparza Tinoco

    ayyy que bonita cancionnnn me facina!!!!....

  20. trent brookins

    @SkateOrDie0904 Brandon was doing his own shit till Chiodos recruited Craig is not the reason for Brandon

  21. SkateOrDie0904

    @xaniasx i would agree, but craig made the band who they were, their difference from every other band is unique, if it werent for craig brandon wouldnt be there.and if it werent for brandon, this band wouldnt be around anymore.

  22. xaniasx

    @HeadOfUchihaClan A FUCKING MEN, get that garbage out of here. Bring on brandon

  23. Mike Corneau

    Who's the lead singer, he sounds familiar

  24. TheGberlanga

    I love how the album reminds me of the 90's

  25. Jorge Amado


  26. ENXJ


    Thank you!

  27. ENXJ


    Agreed in full; I've waited for a sound like that for years.

  28. TheEnd117

    I just recently found Chiodos and I love them. Illuminaudio is one of my favorite albums now, they have such a unique and awesome style different from other band that I have heard. Kudos to a great band!

  29. Wolf Paneque

    @Susyownsyou im 16 o;

  30. trent brookins

    @rocker850 I agree with you but you sounded like a 10 year old lol

  31. american9870

    2nd song?

  32. Smymio

    @rocker850 Umadbro? :L

  33. Tyler Aberson

    Why would you complain about "oh craig is better...oh brandon is better" who cares they are both awesome in different aspects and now we have Chiodos AND D.R.U.G.S....two bands with two very good singers is better than one

  34. Wolf Paneque

    Finally off my chest
    ignorant little kids.

  35. TheClipCorner


  36. septemberosebud

    this album is fucking beautiful

  37. Jmnabinger91

    3:35 O_O

  38. ExpertOfSound

    This whole album is about the New World Order!

    This song in particular is about how the mainstream US media promoted hatred and chaos, for the objective of complete fear when the NWO falls into place.

    "all my desire, you took as your own. All of my sorrow, it's not enough, not enough, for your hunger."

    ;) Look up "end game full alex jones" on YouTube and watch it, it is all 100% true.

    This album is about it.

  39. mofomanx10

    Illuminaudio is honestly the most epic album I've ever heard in my life. There is so much going on in ever song, it's just beautiful, forever and always.

  40. Youreall1096

    Craig who?! (sorry, but illuminaudio is an epic album)

  41. Rob Roadway



  42. Liam Baralet

    @Uchihamaki haha, ur rite, but i heard he changed his name to brandon...

  43. Nathan DeLoriea

    @HeadOfUchihaClan lolitrollyou

  44. Nathan DeLoriea

    Craig sounds SO GOOD on this album!

  45. tflLoTuS

    @xNaN3x Its the intro for the next song, when you listen on cd its gapless so it transitions to "His story repeats itself"

  46. Jeremy D

    @deathbrainsable Yeah. Great Intro too.

  47. Chris Keough


    wow so brilliant, it sounds the fucking same.

  48. xNaN3x

    The Bit At The End Kinda Confused Me :S ....Where did it come from? Whys'it there ? xD

  49. FoofLife

    @Hemorapker How about new DGD album to make 2011 the Year of Years

  50. trash

    Craig who?

  51. Lan Sparkiie

    I keep listening to this song, definitely the best track from Illuminaudio

  52. Hemorapker

    New chiodos + D.R.U.G.S + Lil Wayne = year ever.

  53. Chaz Estrada


  54. Robbie Alderman

    0:01-4:09 is the best part of this song. :D

  55. Matthew Ammons

    @ZeroSwitch not hating on wayne. i have all his stuff as well. i consider myself a lil wayne fan. just a bigger chiodos fan and im more excited when chiodos drops something than when wayne

  56. ZeroSwitch

    @MatthewPauLAmmons The people who like Lil Wayne AND Chiodos, actually.

    Don't gotta hate on one to like the other...

  57. uhwhatsherface

    i love love love the new chiodos sound, and this album. listen to it everyday, all day. <3

  58. Sean Turley

    this killed my skepticism of the new album.
    fucking awesome!

  59. Grungedude93

    1:20 to 1:40 best part of the song

  60. Sean Masters

    Brandon Bolmers scream destroys Craigs I'm sorry haha

  61. Matthew Ammons

    CHIODOS IS BACK. haha who cares about new lil wayne when you got this

  62. XTR303

    Amazing Song, cant get enough of Illuminaudio