Chiodos - Love Is A Cat From Hell Lyrics

I see the way that you act.
I'm not impressed by any of your lies.
I see the way you pretend to be so collect.
You're out of your mind.
You fell over the words that you dropped on the ground.
You're not fooling anybody,
And I'm not fooling around.
What goes around comes back around.
It's coming around for you.
So what made you think I wouldn't eventually come out of my skull?
Above you I hold your secrets.
They're hanging right above your head.
And you can bet that they'll believe.
And I believe that you are blackmailed and defeated.
So what good are your words anyway?
They're just a series of acting and plays.
What good are your words anyway?
Somber. dim lights. somber. dim lights.
Your facade, its not true.
It's not you, what a shame...
The way you are is why you feel the way you do.
Oh your fallacies.
I see the way that you act.
I'm not impressed by any of your lies.
I see the way you pretend to be so collect.
You're out of your mind.
You fell over the words that you dropped on the ground.
You're not fooling anybody,
An I'm not fooling around.
What goes around comes back around.
It's coming around for you.
So what made you think I wouldn't eventually come out of my skull? (your destiny)
Above all I hold the secrets.
They're hanging right above your head baby.
You are defeated. (this time its coming back around)
You are defeated. blackmailed and defeated.
Somber. dim lights. somber. dim lights.
Above you I hold your secrets.
They're hanging right above your head.
And you can bet that they'll believe.
I believe that you are blackmailed and defeated.

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Chiodos Love Is A Cat From Hell Comments
  1. Arouxayis

    a lot of people are going to hate on my unpopular opinion but i think this is their best album.

  2. D P

    So what good are your words anyways ? Just a series of acting and plays
    What good are you words, Anyways ?

  3. dylan parrott

    Best song off the album and got my fav post hardcore boi Vic

  4. Jack Holtcamp

    Fuck Illuminati

  5. John Andrew Tubalinal

    03:15 that breakdown is like "Knives And Pens - Black Veil Brides".

  6. Leslie cocina contigo

    i love both bands so i barely note this song i don't know why i never heard this before,both bands are amazing so when i find vic and craig singing together i was like daaaaaaammmnnnnn ❤❤❤❤ dreams came true 😍


    This is Brandon, not Craig. Also, Isles & Glaciers if you want Vic and Craig

  7. Cynthia Castaneda

    *looks up "songs featuring Vic Fuentes*


    Thats me!

  8. Lucero Garcia

    throowwing it backk af

  9. JoshJustDied

    I wish Chiodos (excluding Craig since he's doing solo stuff now) would reunite with Brandon and make another album, Doesn't matter if it's Jason or Thomas on guitars..

  10. thriller fan

    I love Chiodos and Pierce the Veil so much aND NEVER NEW VIC DID A SONG WITH THEMMMMM! WHAT??

    Nother Failure

    telegh0ster theres also a project called isles and glaciers with them and Johnny Craig, should check et out.


    Lol same here. I listened to both bands for a long time and only now realized Vic is in this song hahaha. No wonder I love it so much.

  11. Diamond Dore Woods

    This shit still goes hard

  12. Roivas Castaway

    So, what good are your words anyway?
    They're just a series of acting and plays
    What good are your words anyway?

    You're welcome.


    it was in the description

    Roivas Castaway

    Part of it is. The description says:

    "So what good are your words ?????
    What good are your words ???"

    I just filled in where the question marks are.

  13. Kenny H

    finding more great bands to add to the collection of things to obsess over


    I Love Avocado Toast

  14. Kenny H

    what is it with vic and saying "oh no"????


    I love him to death but you're so right 😂😂


    Honestly lmao

  15. Witness Me

    It's a shame that everyone's here for Vic. The Chiodos are so much better than Pierce the Veil.


    Jade Dorley That's opinionated, you stupid.

    Jade D.

    Reptar King Of The Ozone So I'm stupid for Sharing my opinion while disagreeing with someone else's? I have rights you know. And I'll forgive you for calling me stupid since it's Christmas Eve😒👌


    And that's your opinion. I for one don't really listen to them and I'm here because Vic makes it sound better in my opinion. Sue me.

    Sarah Coyo

    Witness Me there same

    Andrew Ty

    Witness Me, Definitely.

  16. Witness Me

    Despite my dislike of Pierce the Veil, this is a great Chiodos song.

  17. OmegaMystiQ

    not to be a pest but just wanted to let you know the lines are "your blackmailed and defeated"

  18. luz del carmen

    me encanta!!!!

  19. Apollo from the Revenge Era

    The description gives me life

  20. Adam Davies

    bloody love Craig Owens, but Brandon Bolmer is bae<3

  21. The Shaman of Many Chins

    its a shame Chiodos didn't go on with Brandon, not trying to be an ass but craig just sucks.


    Totally aggre with you, not that Craig sucks, but that they should have kept Brandon. Illuminaudio is the only album I REALLY like from Chiodos. ):

  22. ShoFurry167

    I see all this complaining, about one of the best songs ever.
    These people crazy as fuck. I find both Craig and Brandon to be kick ass.
    And Vic is just the reason why this song is even better. I'm into plenty types of music. They all are awesome. Best pair up ever. Like if you agree.

  23. il zazzo

    This band have a very powerful voice and sound...but it's not melodic, most songs are very similar once at once, and very confused...Chiodos are better if they can learn to create the melodies for their songs(my opinion)...sorry for my bad speaking...i'm Italian


    I agree! The albums Bone Palace Ballet and Devil are especially diverse in melodic structure, which makes them the most awesome in my opinion :)

    trent brookins

    What in the actual fuck are you talking about?


    And it's that melodic skill that Vic Fuentes brings to the table, isn't it???

    Mark Carson Jr

    This album has more complexity and better song structures than anything else they did by far. God damn fanboys

  24. Lucy Jeanette

    How have I never heard this before?!


    @Lucy Jeanette Because your music sucks for liking PTV.

    Dead Artist Fanclub

    @Wylie Skye don't talk smack about PTV and be happy that brokeNCYDE wasnt featured on the track instead

    Witness Me

    +Wylie Sure, I don't like Pierce the Veil either, but this is a distinctly Chiodos song through and through.

    hunee bird

    Lucy Jeanette well pierce the veil doesn't like u so shut ur mouth

    Raymond Ibarra

    Because you're a poser

  25. Tyra Irvine

    Shame they decided not to do isles and glaciers anymore, hopefully in the future, demanding line up though

  26. trippy

    Am i the only one that feels like a badass for listening to this kind of music

    Cristina Ayala

    no no your nt i feel like a badass for hearin this tupe of music 2

    daniella delgado

    I used to but then this music became my life and I felt like a normal person and everyone got scared of me and still is

    Gavin Cain Hurt

    +daniella cx this music isn't even hard or scary lol, it comes from roots of hardcore punk music

    Gavin Cain Hurt

    +daniella cx listen to rings of Saturn for scary music smh

  27. MrCram4life

    I wonder how many of these views is me...

  28. CraigyG103

    If you like chiodos and pierce the veil then listen to isles and glaciers. This song sucks

    Lilith Williams

    @Sweg Mester
    That just shows what kind of person you are. You can take your irreverent opinion and shove it back down your throat. None of of care for it.


    I'm nearly 50 years old & if there's only 1 thing I've learned about myself in all this time, it's that I need time to get to know a song before I like it & once I do, that song becomes like a friend & THEN I like it, even if I disliked it at first - and this applies to almost every other human being I know. That's why radio stations play a song repeatedly, coz they know this about us too.
    If you think a song sucks at first, give yourself time to get familiar with it - you won't like all songs in the end, but you'll have more chance of finding music you like if you're patient like this.
    And may I just add, it's old people who say 'there's no good music around anymore' who need to think about this more than anyone (the irony is that we all become old or dead people sooner or later) coz anyone who says this, just isn't listening hard enough.
    This songs not too bad - give it time...


    will do thx - LOVE PTV

    Robert Lewis

    +Jr Crago They're right..... This song is garbage.


    As a fan of PtV and Chiodos (this album, and illuminadio, as well as every PtV album) this song doesn't suck.

  29. GeekiProductionz

    Love how Vic says like 5 words throughout the entire song

  30. joe

    About a year ago, this song introduced me to Pierce the Veil. Thanks, Chiodos!

  31. Aghavni

    this is my fav song by chiodos

  32. mordi4123

    That's not even close to the type of comment that a straight guy would post. Just sayin'

  33. Adam Sandler

    I think they sounded better with Brandon ;_;

  34. Olivia Hart

    This song is awesome

  35. Kirsten Newell

    this is awesome

  36. Alex Red

    I'm confused. Did you decide that you like Brandon or.........?

  37. Alex Red

    You know it's totally possible for a guy to admit or say that another guy is attractive or sexy without actually being attracted to him.

  38. Claire Erdelyi

    R u kidding bro? bitchlets is absolutely hilarious lmao

  39. Travis Janke

    this song is so damn groovy! love the chorus and post chorus

  40. Bobby

    oh lordy this is great

  41. Lib

    Pandora brought me here.

  42. Jahseer Stewart

    Chiodos and PTV are both great bands. but it seems like people are just complaining about Chiodos sound and fangirling about his moaning in the song. It's a great song and definitely deserves more views though :)

  43. SoundEverMore

    I love Chiodos, and I love Pierce the Veil, but for some reason I don't like this song as much as I thought I would.
    Oh well, both bands are great of course. :)

  44. Vexin Shaw

    This song is a whole lot of perfect <3

  45. Jerrel Carpio

    So Whatever happens to the music video that they were suppose to release like 2 years ago almost lol

  46. Anonymous asdfg

    Meh, I think Vic and Jaime are the hottest.

  47. Razwana A

    Ew, fangirls

  48. XxEagereloxX

    this band is such a classic I hope they will be around as I get older. I love you chiodos

  49. Ale Martínez

    2:08 Vic stahp.

  50. Alex Lewis


  51. eric lou

    they need to tour together oh my god

  52. Sabrina Saenz

    I just saw & met chiodos Wednesday.. they were amazing, love them even more!

  53. This was my favorite song by Chiodos & I never looked it up on here cuz I always listened to it on Pandora & I just now realized Vic was in it & now I'm just thinking, well no fucking wonder I like it better than the rest of their songs lol.

  54. ItsJustBecca Ohkay


  55. jack mcquillan

    I saw chiodos live on the K tour last night there fucking insane

  56. exltus1

    O w O like its said all infringement intended like we rely need to know who it's by because its already clear XD

  57. Sircris009

    Best video description ever!

  58. YuriSaysRawr93

    Was listening to Chiodos on spotify,this song came out, heard Vic's amazing voice and died a little! <,3 great song! ^__^

  59. Sara Elizabeth

    I heard this song and had no clue who Vic was now a few years later and I'm a big PTV fan.

  60. kintnermolly

    I wish chiodos was going on tour with ptv and atl.

  61. breannaismyname

    Me too :(

  62. Asa Rivera

    This singer would be perfect for saosin!

  63. Maddison Rayne

    "All copyright infringement intended in the most infringing way possible."
    Badass song, epic description, happy me (x

  64. Ariana Elaine

    this song is the bees knees.

    the knees of the beees.
    the beeees of the kneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

  65. Adam Mcnamara

    ya im positive dude sorry :/


    u sure bout being straight

  67. Dominique Halliway

    i wish these guys would do another isles and glaciers album

  68. ssmal28

    "All copyright infringement intended in the most infringing way possible." Hahah

  69. ciarra dical

    it got taken down! cries.

  70. Leticia Moran

    I really love that Vic is in this song !

  71. Danny Hoffman

    Dude, I like "bitchlets." It gets the point across pretty nicely and concisely.

  72. Lanie V

    Gonna be honest, I'm here because of Vic. :P I quit listening to Chiodos in 2009..... I will pick up soon.

  73. Adam Mcnamara

    i feel like "bitchlets" is the result of one of those times where you feel super special for trying to come up with a creative insult in order to appear as some sort of badass.

  74. Dylan Heilman

    why the fuck is the conversation on their looks
    you all sound like fanboy/girl bitchlets to me.

  75. Erro3Ban

    those lyrics posted are fucked

  76. ART Ificial Studio

    Yeah I'm a Vic fan boy. No fucks given

  77. kayb1217

    asdfghjkl; I know right. <3 that did it for me too

  78. Lizz Lopez

    you know whats more annoying ? people that bitch .

  79. Adam Mcnamara

    @purpleravegirl no fight all you want. Go for it haha. I hate it when girls fangirl.

  80. Katie Oceania

    Because like...sure he's "attractive" but obsessing over him is a bit much, not trying to fight just saying, it's like, I don't know..I just hate his fan girls okay...okay

  81. Adam Mcnamara

    @purpleravegirl I'm a straight male but I'd rape mike ;) haha. I think every frontman is obviously gonna appeal more to most people who aren't super into the band. I like Vic but but he doesn't really strike me as attractive. Jamie looks like he tries too hard haha

  82. flowerette1

    just listen to this. omf

  83. Freakishly

    because fangirls are annoying

  84. Adam Mcnamara

    @purpleravegirl I feel like mike is hotter to be honest.

  85. XBrokenkingX

    I like their new stuff just because its put together so well. Don't get me wrong I like the early stuff but, at some points it sounds like they are just randomly hitting notes.

  86. DaringDarkness

    Vic vic vic mmmm (;

  87. Alessandra Millan

    Victor <3

  88. KristinaaaRenee

    Reading all these comments make me want to punch everyone in their face. If you really claim to love music, you'd respect every genre, every person, every band, etc etc. Stupid stereotypical adolescents. Just appreciate the music and go on with your lives, quit arguing with people who don't even matter. :P Easy as that. Well I've said what I wanted say to you poor helpless kids. Now about this song.3 I love Chiodos. Enough said.

  89. Katie Oceania

    Vic's fan-girls annoy me.

  90. Gabriella Ryan

    omg! sweet! ;D

  91. J3wFro69

    So what good are your words anyway?
    They're just a series of painting in grey
    What good are your words...anyway

    Noticed you left that out and...yeah you're welcome

  92. ArchAngel

    Came for vic
    Stayed for vic

  93. Alora Wilson

    i love this song because i love PTV and Chiodos it's just perfect

  94. ThePlanetsCollide

    Youtube... neeed.... lupe... button!

  95. Mike Hunt

    Or you could buy it like I did :/

  96. ThePlanetsCollide

    I with draw my last statement