Chiodos - His Story Repeats Itself Lyrics

This war will tear apart the sky,
Letting through the light.
And we will survive, and we'll sing.
Marching onward, we're singing for our freedom.
We the people are gathering to say that here on this day we're taking,
Taking whats rightfully ours.
This war will tear apart the sky,
Letting through the light.
And we will survive.
You are the ruler of lies.
I see it in your eyes.
They're the window to your soul.
And we all know this is our last chance
To overthrow the king and all his men,
So we can see the light again.
This war will tear apart the sky,
Letting through the light.
And we will survive, and we'll sing.
Marching onward we're singing for our freedom.
Oh, what gave you the power to take the love from the women?
Oh, what gave you the power to take the laughter from the children?
You can't blame them.
They're just doing what they think is right.
This has become impossible, impossible.
This has become impossible, impossible, impossible...
This war will tear apart the sky.
Letting through the light.
And we will survive, and we'll sing.
Marching onward, we're singing for our freedom.

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Chiodos His Story Repeats Itself Comments
  1. Bangtan's Bizzarre Adventure

    To literally everyone in this comment section: *there is a thing called a reply button.*

  2. Stanislav Lunin

    Chiodos stay!

  3. SchwedterSkater THATS some Post Hardcore!

  4. Carolyn Liu

    Wow I just saw that...Dx

  5. Aaron Cates

    Because they are genious! Who the hell thinks of Illuminaudio :P Illumanti! Liar, Lawyer Mirror show me what's the difference.

    Adam Mulawa

    Little tool reference....nice

  6. albert loko

    i wrestled a bear once:D

  7. albert loko

    i wrestled a bear once.. they suck tho -.-

  8. albert loko

    guess what ?:D

  9. valedeer

    Wow. You are an idiot.

  10. Nick Sibilla

    Are there any majority screaming songs on this album?

  11. coward

    Remembers me of Duné - Dry Lips... Although this here is waaaaay better.

  12. Taylor Cathcart

    @iFluxtion Piss off, kid... Enjoy the music, or gtfo

  13. xxHardkorex

    wow its Scaremongers end but way better

  14. Cristian Osorio

    @iFluxtion stop commenting, people don't like you.

  15. Ariel Isaac

    @iFluxtion damn YOU BITTER? lol just enjoy the music stupid

  16. iFluxtion


  17. loadifying


  18. fuzia

    @DmITRi123 ... not to mention everything else in this song :P

  19. TheGberlanga

    I think this song is about war, Not any specific ones, just an overall disgust of it

  20. JackTheHopeful

    Repeat Repeat Repeat

  21. Callieco

    This song repeats itself.... wait, what? you mean, I'm doing that? I thought it was just that amazing.

  22. I2each

    Scaremonger should be played before this song. It goes hand in hand. Just a thought to anyone making a Chiodos playlist.


  23. Sneezedoodle

    Craig Owens isn't in the band anymore. GET OVER IT. Nobody cares that you think Chiodos sucks without Craig Owens. Some bands are nothing without a certain member; Chiodos isn't one of those bands. They're better now IMO. Brandon has a great voice, the tracks on this album are sick, and they clearly still have devoted fans who aren't hung up over one band member (whom is no fucking Elvis).

    Go listen to Bone Palace Ballet in your room and keep crying there.

  24. Matt Moore

    @ScottyZ2500 Uhm....

  25. Kinzie Bowden

    I'll definitely miss Craig's vocals, but honestly.. it's not that big of a deal.

  26. Alex A

    I saw them live today. It was amazing. I'm VERY proud I can say my first concert was a Chiodos concert.

  27. trent brookins

    @malihoo No one thinks craigis bad, Brandon Bulmer is just better :) Nice try though

  28. trent brookins

    @RazorWristsLikeThizz Then stay off this video dammit!

  29. Tilla Munster

    THIS GUY FXCKKEN SUCKKS!!. I HATE the new singer.. i miss Craig!. Chiodos will never b the same! or as good!. :(

  30. Glen Guzman

    @malihoo yes its good music but Craig Owens doesn't WRITE any of the songs. Me an acoustic song here and there but the actual masterpeices like lexington or this song are written by the MUSICAINS... NOT craig...

  31. unknownwolf97

    @scottyz2500 Wow. I think it's talking about history in general. I mean 'his story repeats itself.' and 'History repeats itself.'

    Victor Domínguez

    You opened my eyes

  32. trent brookins

    @TheGoldenDuke LOL

  33. Freddy Halton

    i really like this song.. someone put lyrics on here

  34. Nicklol2

    360p Quality ftw

  35. Brandy Glasscock

    @ScottyZ2500 O_o


    any tabs??

  37. Hellsbest1986

    even charlie sheen says this is epic winning! btw i found this song on chuck norris i pod


    Wish I understood what's he's saying through half of the song... His screaming voice makes it hard to even hear what's he's singing about....

  39. blackkidh

    @Ghats212 it used to be the chiodos bros., like, way back when they started :\ lol

  40. Jmnabinger91

    marCHHIIIINNNGG ONWARD! I love that second chorus. ballin.

  41. OPG x SORE

    @CloakWish i said the samething looking at this, finally someone who understands

  42. Cosmic0wl

    This is my favorate song dude.he chorus just explodes with awesomeness. :D

  43. Glen Guzman


  44. dewinged420

    i really hate stupid people. its called an intro...

  45. xood

    @ScottyZ2500 analyze the lyrics.
    "this war will tear apart the sky" war against "weed"!

    "thier just doin what they think is right" gov tells us weed is bad and make us think its bad.

    "you are the ruler of lies" gov knows weed is awesome.

    "to take the love from the women" i only love women when im high sooo...

  46. Sample

    This song makes me want to wrestle a bear in the belly of a whale.

  47. Glen Guzman

    Dear Chiodos, why didnt the ending to scaremonger and this song open the album?
    I mean Caves is good and all but i honestly think this would have been better..... just saying :P

  48. Blake Creamer

    @ScottyZ2500 how many vicaden(lol spelling error)
    did you take before you posted this?

  49. SarcasticApology


  50. Ashley Chafin

    @ScottyZ2500 Yeah, you're high. Hop off.

  51. shamdoggo

    Rofl. They got a new lead singer and drummer.

  52. Michael Frawley

    i hate how you the begging is in scaremonger

  53. Jason Rides Llamas

    They didn't name it after the Illuminati lol. If you read Bolmer's little interview on it, you'd know that the title comes from Illumination + Audio. Just thought I'd clear that up

  54. 09sillygs

    man i love this song :)

  55. XTR303

    Love this Song so Much

  56. XTR303

    wow amazing