Chiodos - Hey Zeus! The Dungeon Lyrics

I come from down in the catacombs of the opera house.
I hide my face while I long for her.
While I long for her lovely voice.
I long for her lovely voice.
Her lovely voice. her lovely voice.
She sings la da da da.
Through every crack the voice of an angel.
She doesn't know who I am, for I am a ghost.
Oh, I am a ghost to her.
She doesn't know who I am and she never will
Unless I can make her believe.
I've gotta make her believe in the darker side of me.
So I ask her...
Take my hand and follow me on this journey to the underworld.
How I want her to want me.
Her soaring voice carries into my mind.
I'm gonna take her away,
With me she will stay forever.
Don't deny me, understand that I am a monster.
I am a monster.
Won't you come with me now?
She doesn't know who I am,
For I am a ghost.
Oh, I am a ghost to her.
She doesn't know who I am, and she never will
Unless I can make her believe.
In me, in me, in me...
This face is deceitful when it smiles,
It doesn't show how desperate I am inside.
So come with me and we'll go,
Believe in me and I'll show you who I am.
So you can see the man behind the monster that I am.
Fighting my identity, I'll come take you away.
She doesn't know who I am,
For I am a ghost to her.
She doesn't know who I am and she never will.
No she never, never will believe. believe in me...

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Chiodos Hey Zeus! The Dungeon Comments
  1. Kritinilla

    Soar MW montage 4 anyone??


    Kritinilla yh haha

  2. Jeanette Decene

    Always makes me think of phantom of the opera 👄

  3. Justin Scott

    Chiodos was never about Craig. This was about the most epic guitar riffs and sweeps put together with gorgeous piano effortlessly. Honestly .. even when they got the Erak from Fall Of Troy on Devil it couldnt touch this.

  4. Jordanalwaysandforev

    Hi Matthew have you tried sitting in prison or jail. since you've only spent a total of 2 months in your whole life. Hi Disney and Suddenlink. Try the same.

    Y Y

    What the fuck are yoy babbling about over here????!!!!

  5. Stanislav Lunin

    i am a monster!

  6. Victor Domínguez

    New song :v

  7. Alfie Villanueva

    This is such a good song. Too bad they didnt stick with Brandon for another album. He sounds great the whole album.

  8. Vergil Son of sparda

    She doesnt know whoo i ammmmmmmmmm

  9. Victor Domínguez

    I am like 99% of the views

  10. Victor Domínguez

    Yeah, new song… new…

  11. Jhoani Joestar

    Nice playlist

  12. Jordan Hurley

    its about the hades abducting persephone, not the phantom of the opera. even says zeus in the title guys

    Manny Heffley

    Jordan Hurley THANK YOU

    Kyle Campbell

    Brandon Bolmer has said multiple times in multiple interviews that this was written about Phantom of the Opera. Your take on it is pretty cool though.

  13. daily_dillusion


  14. Abigail Avenged

    Phantom of the Opera, anyone? :D

    tutorial de batata

    Abigail Avenged ?????

  15. Joshua Broticus

    Damn already been six years? Fack time flies

    Victor Domínguez

    Nine years, all is getting older and older

    Collin Miller

    There will be a hundred years passed in no time.

  16. Bob Nailer

    fuck me this goes deep

  17. Sam Core

    best song in the album

  18. kingkeebz29

    hansol >>>

  19. Sean Yeo

    Phantom of the Opera ftw!

  20. LXTRA

    127548 people watched this theres never a number 2 times, but wait 666 likes we all know what this means... Illuminati Confirmed?!

  21. Anderson Gonçalves

    Brandon >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Craig 

    Tyler Derek

    YES, he's so much better!


    I discovered Chiodos when Brandon was the signer and when I listen to Craig's stuff it's just not the same for me :P You're right mate !

    tutorial de batata

    Anderson Lewis EVER

  22. Diable Maime

    Is this about the phantom of the opera? 

  23. twix1234567891011

    How did they come up with chiodos ?

  24. Berleezy's falling light

    Bluh wubba wubaa

  25. Mahalia Jackson

    i agree

  26. Killa Kay

    Love it

  27. Mykaa Rose

    cool beans

  28. Embergram Blankenship

    why does that matter? music is music, good or bad doesn't really rely on religious beliefs

  29. subjkt2chng

    so fucking true , way better put together, and a7x is still the shitt

  30. RoxFan48

    This album is honestly sooo much better than anything else Chiodos has done. Getting Craig back is the worst thing to happen to them.

  31. mofomanx10

    There needs to be a breakdown after those lyrics ;)
    Sorry about your love though.

  32. mofomanx10

    When people diss this album I just wanna slap them. The production on Illuminaudio makes everything else sound like finglernails down a chalkboard.

    Hubert Eichson

    Good idea, assult and murder people that don't agree with your opinions... sounds healthy... i gueses you are in a mental hospital or in prison 5 years later...

  33. Gabriel Villela

    The best xD

  34. cheesewheelproducts

    really? i haven't seen phantom of the opera but when i hear this song i think of beauty and the beast

  35. esteban lozano

    im in love but She doesn't know who I am :c

  36. parktoid

    The Illuminati eventually became open to religion, and the original core group has by now disbanded. Groups have formed to continue to protect the ideals of freedom and a free market and other Enlightenment ideas, and it is possible that some are Satan worshipers, but that applies to any group of people. No proof exists that they are (especially since that would go against their core ideals). In short, "Illuminaudio" has no satanic implications whatsoever.

  37. parktoid

    Illuminaudio is most likely a spin-off of the word "illuminatio", which is Italian for "illumination" (Possibly also in Latin, I'm not sure). Light is an obvious theme in this album, which explains that. Also the end of the word has been switched to "audio", this music, so that makes sense. As for the Illuminati their named literally means "Illuminated". They formed as an atheist group to help bring about the Enlightenment (look that up if you're confused).

  38. UseYourNikesBro

    GOOD SHIT. I'm kicking myself so hard for sleeping on Chiodos. Now Craig is getting back with them, fuck yeah. Although Brandon is a really really good vocalist, Craig is Craig.

  39. Zackary Potts

    You are so beyond ignorant I think it's so self evident that I don't have to point it out

  40. rachel sifuentes

    Oh, how I want him to want me.

  41. opperdibiel

    6 people have no taste for music....... the other 91041 have taste.

  42. Miguel Dilan

    not new anymore.. then again, never gets old

  43. Endseeker16


  44. D Pas

    She doesn't know who I am... soooo gewd.

  45. Maxx M

    only one comment about craig, not bad, glad to see people are finally putting it to rest.

  46. rockntroopen

    @Izebaal well i can tell you that ill give everything to find someone who will love me, even if i will lose her eventually, for it is better then not to be loved at all. because now you know the hapiness and the small moments of grace which follow. so cheer up :)

  47. Lupatria Olsen

    One year ago, I met the love of my life.
    One year ago, he showed me this song.
    One year ago I lost the love of my life.
    One year after, I find this song....
    And I cry my heart out, once more.

    Vergil Son of sparda

    Im sorry for your loss

  48. lasvegaspapillon

    looovveee this

  49. Kris Cunningham

    Anyone got a wipe? I need to rub that red smudge off the green one :D

  50. fuzia

    @TaylorThis Freudian slip? :D

  51. xLordAmber

    best song from illuminaudio

  52. TheGberlanga

    Hey Zeus and Jesus/ His story repeats itself and History repeats itself

  53. fuzia

    @drvonrockage I'm taking it easy? :P You're the one getting all up in arms on others behalf. Chill C:

  54. fuzia

    @CatsGoMoo95 Your inability to google makes me laugh... Actually, your lake of knowledge makes me laugh, but whatever :D!

  55. camberr97

    ...My ovaries just exploded.

  56. Maddison Baggs

    @CatsGoMoo95 Zeus is a greek god.

  57. Rogelio Barreiro

    @rogerlikesbud it's beyond awesome!!! it''s...eargasmic

  58. MrTDMJ18

    compared to what they were before this album. this band is no where near as good. sad face.

  59. samonthecreek

    this and "those who slay together" are the best songs on the album hands down because it sounds the most like Bone Palace Ballet and Brandon sounds almost like Craig... WIN for replicating old Chiodos sound! Just gonna have to be like Sublime w/ Rome the post-hardcore version (Bradley Nowell was also irreplaceable but close enough). Love it!

  60. Roger Dalzell

    alright, this song is awesome.

  61. Fred Olea

    Una de las canciones más increíbles que he escuchado <3 <3<3<3<3

  62. Log Mcdeid

    Why are they so fucking wicked!?!? ;D I love it <3

  63. sammy107241

    Phantom of The Opera. :o

  64. Derek Doyle

    klj;alsdf;klj....sorry wiping jizz off my keyboard. oh wait...that joke isnt funny now that its on EVERY VIDEO...

  65. Justin Wick

    I think the Chiodos always have cool names for their songs.

  66. lolalavrai

    I'm a monsteeeeer ! (8)

  67. WhippedCreame

    This Song + Me at 3AM = Repeat button broken x2 D:

  68. Rob Domos

    Everyone is always going to talk about the singing and instrumentals, but honestly the production on this record is WAY worse. The mix is muddy as hell regardless of how good the songs are. Casey Bates is a genius, and not recording this album with him was a mistake.

    Shon Ga'Sab

    Rob Domos this the best álbum chiodos has EVER MADE dude

  69. DeathovSeasons

    I'm happy for new chiodos Craig is better with D.R.U.G.S and new chiodos is just as good it's the same as the ETF situation :)

  70. Rosie Su


  71. kmb418rox

    @ShellyBooBear4213 me too i cant really tell the diffrents tooo

  72. Michelle Lee

    maybe i'm deaf and can't tell the difference but it still sounds kinda like craig lmao

  73. Roey0h

    me encanto , es muy genial

  74. Doppelgänger

    Lol wow. This song is a reference to Phantom of the Opera. That's fucking epic.

  75. LoveYourMonsterMusic

    Thought I'd come by an listen to Chiodos after a listening a few years ago and not liking... Still not my taste...

  76. jackhamm3r

    oh please, its the same exact thing minus craig owens

  77. Fred Olea

    ah! que genial canción :D

  78. DoubleOSe7en

    @dragondrummer21 Tanner definitely tears shit up on this record.

  79. Ryan B

    i think they are both equally good singers, but live i don't think they should sing craigs songs just doesn't seem right.

  80. Veel James

    Even though i really loved Derrick Frost's style of drums he brought to chiodos tanner wayne still does a badass job.....and thank god for no more Craig Owens

  81. SRdrummer

    No "Boner" button? But thats okay. I still have one in my pants...


  82. Julian Medd

    Balmer and Owens should sing together.

  83. xdhx99

    Craig was cool but this new singer is awesome too. Chiodos rocks, period.

  84. LarrabeeLegend

    @VegasSkateCulture one person doesn't make a band, personally, i find comparing new chiodos to old chiodos impossible, the sound is so different with the absence of the old lead singer, but the new sound isn't necessarily bad, just different, i wouldn't say the new singer is half of craig, they are both great in their own respect.

  85. Aliff Aminuddin

    this is fuckin awesome !!

  86. Brody Dunn

    This song sounds like Phantom of the Opera. Good shit

  87. Russell S

    They're back, and they're better than ever. :)

  88. Delmo The Oblivious

    i used to hate this band
    but DAMN! this cd is fucking awesome lol

  89. bitcheslovestarbucks

    Their new album is sooo amazing. <3

  90. Selene B


  91. Nadia Lynn

    @Acrilawl yes. this.

  92. Acrilawl

    @TheMrManoman fuck you and your thumbs up

  93. Ariel Rogers

    song sounds awesme! i like how they made it about phantom of the opera sonds great i like it! got my thumbs up!

  94. Ariel Rogers

    song sounds awesme! i like how they made it about phantom of the opera sonds great!

  95. Nadia Lynn

    I don't think it would have been any different if it were craig singing, honestly. I like it :3

  96. Ivy Mueller-Tate

    beginng kinda sounds like Escape the Fate.

  97. Blackbyrd

    @enerv6 You get a thumbs up for your superb way of describing this fantastigasmic music XD Made me laugh. Happy Thanksgiving!