Chiodos - Closed Eyes Still Look Forward Lyrics

When you know that you finally made it,
Can you make your way back,
Make your way back home?
I ventured into the dark to search
For a torch that would light the path ahead.
Over mountains so high, far and wide.
Searching for a place to rest my head.
On different roads I traveled,
But I remained the same.
Facing fears with no fear on my face.
Through all the roads I traveled,
I remained the same, facing my fear.
When you know that you finally made it,
Can you make your back,
Make your way back home?
You're on your own,
You're all alone out here.
Find your way back home...(find your way back home)
From the darkness I came,
In my hand was a torch that I found along the way.
And in the distance I saw a house
With a light that lit the porch.
I found a place to rest my head.
On different roads I traveled,
But I remained the same,
Facing fears with no fear on my face.
Through all the roads I traveled,
I remained the same.
Facing my fear,
When you know that you finally made it,
Can you make your back,
Make your way back home?
You're on your own,
You're all alone out here,
Find your way back home.

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Chiodos Closed Eyes Still Look Forward Comments
  1. LastTrace

    2019? Almost 2020?

  2. Jordanalwaysandforev

    Sorry about this. He was getting sued and has some copyright issues. The jew is a &YOU&

  3. Atreyu

    Someone should really make a mashup with this song and footage from the survival sandbox games like Rust. I think it would tell a beautiful story.

    Brandon Herndon

    Thats an awful idea lmfao, do skyrim instead. Rust would be a bunch of nakeds screaming reeee

  4. ThrashingSalmon

    sends shivers up my spine


    +Cataclysm u proubly have to pee really badly.

  5. Phil Moody

    Johanna Sanchez: he didnt leave... the other band members didnt contact him and the drummer anymore... did say something like they make a break but they did meet and did rehearsals together in secret... so after months they (brandon and the drummer) decided to quit because the band didnt do any things... but it was a plan from them to bring back craig and the original drummer. it was a fucked up thing. brandon is a good guy.

  6. Svein Anders Kultom

    I really can't help but think about Minecraft every time I listen to this song.

  7. Chris

    when i listen to these lyrics It makes me think of Minecraft. lololol

  8. TheUmbrellaCorpX7[エヴ]

    Illuminadio is the BEST Chiodos album. Brandon is a much better singer/ vocalist than Craig.

  9. Michelle Blue

    Still my most favorite Chiodos song.

  10. Discolored O.o

    Essa musica é mt Boa

  11. ViolentSmiley08

    this song ties into my life. i love it. this is the best while being stoned on heroin

  12. Cory Hika

    Okay. Let us just cut the bull shit. I've been a Chiodos fan since middle school. I'm now a Sophomore in college. Going through different music phases, I didn't listen to them as much. I heard Craig left probably Sophomore year in High School, I was discouraged. I forgot about it after a while, then I saw this album came out. I listened to it, I HONESTLY FORGOT CRAIG LEFT! THERE VOICES ARE VERY SIMILAR. Yes they have different pitches, They're equally as good. I feel Brandon brought great songs

  13. T Haik

    Actually, listening to it in November 11, 2555. 5555 (Oh thailand ;))

  14. rachel sifuentes

    STFU with all the LIKE shit....LIKE the fucken song instead yeah guys?

  15. JTM Conceptions

    I'm not, I'm still recovering from the war. Oh wait, I am watching this. Sweeeeet.

  16. Brandon Binnebose

    Like if you love Chiodos

  17. Aaron Cates

    Listen to this song and Intensity in ten cities, you will find who has better clean vocals.

  18. Aaron Cates

    I think this song would be about anyone in the music career or anything you can't be the same ever again from. Things change you. Drugs, Music, Fame is a drug that gets you high, but can also drain you. The album is called llluminaudio, illuminati. No matter what you gain, wherever you go, you remain in a panic.

  19. Johanna Sanchez

    why the fuck did brandon have to leave chiodos ? :c Dx his voice is beautiful..

  20. martin

    this song is simply beautiful one of the best vocalist in my head he puts so much passion behind his voice

  21. Felipe Vieira

    2012 brazil ^^

  22. susan cote

    this song is so perfect it makes me cry... :'3

  23. ltgreblnco7

    fckin love this song! :D

  24. Colleen Card

    Fuck that. 2012

  25. Ari Annihilator

    Heard this play as my boyfriend's alarm on his laptop, and fell in love with this song.
    Its fucking amazing,

  26. Mad Bean

    haha anytime :D

  27. StayFristi

    thanks mate! its awesome !

  28. Mad Bean

    notes in constellations is like this

  29. StayFristi

    are there more songs like this?

  30. Shalma Anderson

    like if your still listing in 2012 c:

  31. Bennedict Clavecillas

    i thought chiodos would suck without craig but i was wrong

  32. Lenni Va

    I've heard this song for the first time and I love it!! sooo great! <33

  33. Spencer Vogelbach

    like if you are still listening to this album in 2012 January 6?

  34. 1ofamillion

    @pylee3e This IS on the same level of Minecraft, it is an awesome song!

  35. Kaylie Neese

    This song is beautiful.

  36. Tomas Savickas

    @bm1ofamillion Are you fing kidding me or are you mentally retarded? Minecraft, Oh God. Please go die for saying this is the same level of amazingness as Minecraft. Lol.

  37. Alberto Garciiom

    @ProjectYoyo Its good Music like this is dying out so find as much of them as you can.

  38. 1ofamillion

    This song is excellent! Someone should make a Minecraft Music Video to this!

  39. trent brookins

    @fuzia lol Brandon has masculinity in his voice. even when he hits high notes. Craig sounds like he has a 12in dildo up his ass

  40. Darian Roberts

    I love Chiodos :)

  41. Jade

    I'm going to listen to this song till the end of time.

  42. fuzia

    @JamFromSeattle ... You're saying Brandon doesn't sound girly? Lolwat...

  43. EXILE

    @JamFromSeattle and hello awesome sounding Brandon ;)

  44. Danielle

    @TheRejoice7 very true, buuuutt some people get a stick up their ass when someone elses opinion of their beloved artists dosent match up to what they think is true, but your right, i could really ive one less fuck if anyone dosent like what i think :) thank you :D

  45. worldwander01

    This song is amazing.

  46. Ofek Alhananov

    I Love Th1s Song

  47. Everyday Avenged

    This song gives me chills.... When i hear it i feel like i floating in space <3

  48. trent brookins

    Respond to this video...

  49. trent brookins

    @redangelfallen lol

  50. Ignasis

    “Music isn’t meant to be a competition or an open forum for people to destroy; those who treat it is as such simply don’t deserve to be graced with it.” Bradley Bell.


  51. Da Man

    illuminaudio??? almost like illuminati.........good song tho.

  52. Alberto Garciiom

    Like if your still listening to this album in 2011 june 8?

  53. Aaron Conlin

    @MSBx03 Fuck yeah, I love them so much more with Travis.

  54. Aaron Conlin

    I prefer the new Chiodos to the old one, and I just recently found out about the band, I also like Craig's new band, DRUGS. I saw DRUGS live and they were sick, so I guess most people prefering "old Chiodos" Just didn't want a band they like to change.

  55. MrDead67

    I don't know why, but this singer kind of reminds me of the singer from Strata...

  56. Jan Edjmeister

    Well I do like Brandon far. Still kinda new to this band, but I know Craig's songs and Brandon's. All I can say (so far) is that Craig's sound either "more Chiodos" or "more unique" than Brandon's.

    Kinda like a Nightwish: Tarja-Anette comparison, I guess?

  57. Becca Wilson

    I want Craig Owens and Brandon Bolmer to join up and sing together, I'm pretty sure i would shit my pants if they both screamed at the same time :p

  58. Alex Opi

    Different, but catchy.:D

  59. Keren Rodriguez

    Brandons' voive is much beter, and the lyrics are much more deeper then before.
    I like.

  60. luis almaraz

    chides never had to grow on me with their mew album because they stuck to their old sound just with heavier vocals and none childish squeals

  61. Shama Llama

    @psychoracer200 ya me angry me turn green now s1r, touch me baby

  62. FullCharge82

    I honestly don't see why people are making a big deal about Chiodos w/ or w/o Craig. It doesn't matter. Brandon is doing an awesome job, and since Craig joined D.R.U.G.S I got two awesome bands to listen to now.

  63. justxxelatic

    I saw them saturday with brandon for the first time, they were kinda disappointing but only because some of my favorite parts of the songs that craig used to speak in, he completely cut out. He is a good singer and is very good live but if you're expecting them to make their old songs sound how they used to with the speechs, etc. , it won't happen.

  64. Adam Sweeney

    I feel like this should be the song on a trailer for a new gears of war game. Good song though

  65. buck nasty

    @RokkstarTV i agree 100% bro

  66. haloxgirl77

    I love this song so much, It inspires so much of my writing and its so calming

  67. krilaz

    wtf? where is Brandond voice like it was in "Yesterdays Rising" wtf? i just dont get it.... its like gone... he was WAAAY better in YR :(

  68. JaNae052

    Brandon and craig's voices are very similar. c:
    I think they both are really good, and Chiodos will alway remain my favorite band, no matter who's singing.

  69. Kayla Allen

    not the same without Craig but they're still really good...

  70. imaem0guy

    @pinkertonishappy "isles and glaciers" hes in that

  71. imaem0guy

    1:18-1:45 THE SHIT!

  72. youtube44

    i don't know if i like this better or old chiodos better...they sound a lot similar but i think both has its ups and downs but i really do enjoy their newest album :D

  73. Bofa Deez

    Nobody ever said it was the singer from TDWP...

  74. Aaron Whence

    of course the band is gonna change a bit of their style when a singer leaves. it's just inevitable. but still, with chiodos, bradley (the keyboardist) wrote most of the music, sometimes with craig. so with craig leaving, people can't say that "this isn't chiodos anymore" since it's about the music. a band is supposed to be judged by the music they make. wake up haters. bradley is still in the band. it is chiodos. just with a different voice is performing the vocals. this is their best record.

  75. Wes Skalaski

    @TehRandeh As a band, now, they are better off without him. Better in every sense.. They sound much more unique, and I personally like the singer much more.

  76. MisterMach

    @musicfanchic812 And the fact that all of the songs, for the entire band, preceding this CD of course, were built around Craig himself. That's the main issue with people who were fans before they became huge.

  77. Tim Conway

    @bloodyrevenge99 Truer words have never been spoken on the internet.

  78. Jordan Anderson

    Yeah um if you guys think this is the dude from TDWP then you're retarded.
    It's definately Brandon Bolmer from Yesterday's Rising.

  79. BWolfVillage

    @EnshinDesuke Ha if only I understood music talk. But I can tell the difference now. Thanks for trying though.

  80. jhrabak

    Chiodos....still AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Ariel Rogers

    it sounds great! but gosh craig made it happend frm day one! and to find out he aint in the band anymore is very disapponting! ~craig u will always be missed~

  82. jaron kvernum

    @CarlosWolfVillage there is like no difference between the 2..
    they sound alike... thats why i cant really get into this band,

  83. mp21

    is that a Japanese string instrument in the background?

  84. BWolfVillage

    uhm honestly. Im new to this band. I can't tell the difference betweens the two singers. They both sound the same to me.

  85. Steven Harvel

    this Album is fucking good.. I'm not a Chiodos fan but I write all types of music and this is fucking amazing!

  86. TheEthanAndKyleShow

    @theryan244 noyou

  87. theryan244

    fuckin gay

  88. shamdoggo

    Baby, you wouldn't last a minute on tha creek.

  89. Been

    The beginning kinda sounds boy bandish haha But this song is AMAZING.

  90. Snigglesnock

    loved their other stuff, the only good song from this album imo is hey zeus the dungeon, everything else sounds technoish and unoriginal. the new dude sings through the entire song, its all about the vocals now

  91. MerrilyMareese

    New sound, New chiodos, New fans??? well, u win some, u lose some. But i still love you guys! love the diversity and what you've done with the new stuff:)

  92. intenselikecamping1

    @xGrimxRevolverx It's supposed to...

  93. LoR 92

    definately hear some Deftones vibes goin on with this album, but i love it!!! :D

  94. George Ortiz

    Damn The New Album Is The Shit , There Was Not One Song I Didnt Like!

  95. BirdsAteHerFace

    @scenegurl1000 Yea....because my only reasoning in that was he thought this was The Devil Wears Prada and that the guy singing was Jeremy Depoyster :/ Which is terribly unfortunate to mistake the two.

  96. BirdsAteHerFace

    @scenegurl1000 Who the fuck is Jeremy?

  97. tarkata14

    Amazing song, although Chiodos isn't quite the same without Craig, they still know how to make music. Damn good music at that.