Chinx Drugz - Go Get It Lyrics

All about the gold, never stressin' no probably
Can't believe a soul never trust nobody
Get it on your own nigga fuck the co pilot
Get up on the road, nigga bet the gold find him
Nigga go get it, huh
Nigga go get it
Go get it

Ever since a youngin' as far as I remember
Nigga why don't you stand on my own too
When you slow it down, start to pay attention
Start to understand what you goin' through
Still fuck them niggas on the other side
Its only big enough for us, we don't [?]
3 different doors, choose your own fate
First ones death, don't go inside
Captivated by the grind, I'm a slave to it
Kill a nigga for a dime if he came to it
Back against the wall nigga down to scrap
When I thought I lost it all nigga found a trap
Like a DJ fiend screamin' mo' fire
Young nigga with the dream make it more top
Could have got lost in the dope spot
They don't know nothing and they know I...

All about the gold, never stressin' no probably
Can't believe a soul never trust nobody
Get it on your own nigga fuck the co pilot
Get up on the road, nigga bet the gold find him
Nigga go get it, huh
Nigga go get it
Go get it

Ties on the field, kicking up dirt
Lost few close to the heart, love hurts
Sold your soul, nigga was it worth it
Jealous niggas speakin' 3rd person
Cause you walked the shoes of a happy mason
Its your first or last name on the half of David
Only way to get it was to boss up
Now a days life it don't cost much
Cause I wear a fake smile, do that make me fake
Cause I resemble Mike Brown, do that make me safe
Does this nigga got the crown, would that make me hate
Young niggas down to bang like they 808
Sub conscience. block feel like its on hook
[?] cold pussy
Coke Boy, USA dream team
For the black hope to the green screen

All about the gold, never stressin' no probably
Can't believe a soul never trust nobody
Get it on your own nigga fuck the co pilot
Get up on the road, nigga bet the gold find him
Nigga go get it, huh
Nigga go get it
Go get it

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Chinx Drugz Go Get It Comments
  1. Carlos Paige

    We miss you C

  2. Presley Long

    2019 in this bitch

  3. Roman Bryant

    Legends never die

  4. Upt0wnzF1nest Jr.

    What That 🏳️🅱️Like🌪

  5. GregoryBMX

    Listening in 2019 and rip chinx 😢🙏🏼

  6. rakim williams

    I will let it be known to the world that that this man inspired me ....facts.. USA DREAM team

  7. eugene collins

    what if montana got chinx killed cause he aint wanna share the fame?

    eugene collins

    shit ive had exs snitch on me just so id have to call them to post bail. Fame makes enemys

  8. Krissy Dawkins

    “When you slow down, start to pay attention, start to understand what you going thru” 💙🙏🏾

  9. money kid

    2019 we still love u

  10. iLOVE LiFE

    They take out all the amazing artists......

  11. iLOVE LiFE

    Subconscious block out fear, chinx was very conscious

  12. iLOVE LiFE

    French popped chinx because of how big and independent he was going to be. Fuck french montana

  13. Ghost-1nk legendary

    Still one of my all time favorite motavation muzik along with how to get rich

  14. Kareem Jones

    Jealous niggaz speak in third person

  15. Kareem Jones

    3 different doors choose your own faith first one is death don't go inside

  16. ThrulOne 88

    Damm Chinx smh P.i.P

  17. Carlos Miles

    Rip chinx drugz

  18. styley210

    Who's still listening 2019? Inspiration to go get it!!!

  19. Charlie Cooper


  20. Jamal Leacock

    All bout the doe cant trust nobody nigga go get it 💪💪💯💯💯💯✈

  21. Ramos Beats instrumentals

    r.i.p chinx love you always brotha

  22. dont worry bout it foo

    Jealous niggas speak in 3rd person💯

  23. jay peezy

    Chinx 🙏🏿 to the most benevolent1
    ..hey we out here in the black hole in Oakland California on football Sunday bumpin this shit in 2018..I been a fan since to da gorgeous gangsta..Seymourkitty too squad up 4eva🙏🏿✊🏿

  24. DeeTheMusiqFiend718 Jr

    Three years later .Go get it

  25. DeeTheMusiqFiend718 Jr

    We ain't forget you my g

  26. Luis Mayoliz

    Jealous niggas speak in 3rd person

  27. Jesus Escobar

    Chinx is one of a kind. Long live the king

  28. john smith

    chinx omg r.i.p man legend ..this tune a banger

  29. ML & Wicke

    RIP My Nigga!

  30. Sour papi

    Was on your way this was the album sad these sucka niggas took your life before you could see it do numbers you was the truth RIP CHINX 🙏🏿💯

  31. Kareem Jones

    Jealous niggaz speak in third person

  32. Lady Jones

    #2018 #R.I.H 🙏😘😘 #HEREFORITMYGUY #MYJAM!!

  33. Ahmed Shaur

    Rip chinx your music still lives

  34. Kevin 905

    just blew my subwoofer to this! 100! R.I.P. ChinX! YaY!

  35. Mike Noble

    2018 til listen to u chinx... Yay!! Fuck Coke boy u heard

  36. Fletcher Earles

    3 years on this date we lost a real one. But he lives on through His art and Sons. RIP. Cali Love.

  37. Zay Hefner

    Still bumping this album in 2018.. album is underrated🔥#RIPCHINX

  38. Felix Medina

    Captivated by the grind imma slave to it!

  39. Kareem Jones

    I love welcome to jfk from the first song to the last

  40. Aries Beaugard

    2018 still fire I only listen to Chinx & Lloyd banks

  41. Felix Medina

    Still listening to Chinx in March 2018

  42. Gustavo Lopez

    Kill a soul for a dollar if it came to it

  43. Jesus Montana

    Yay! 🗣💯

  44. Al Edwards

    CHINX BITCH 2018

  45. Bloko Santos

    2018 anyone ?

  46. Javon Harmon

    Still gettin heavy play
    Rip chinx

  47. Reggie Williwms

    When expose French & get killed

  48. BeastMode FIAZCO

    .."america","cash rules", "no way out", "what u call that", "fly shit", "match that", "crown royal", "never know","dope game", "personal" "Green faces", "all I know", tell em"

    Brandon Jimenez


  49. hazel marte

    When I thought I lost it all nigga found the trap

  50. Joey Bakewell

    2018 still missing you bro

  51. maru caarter

    long live chinx drugz 2018 classic

  52. Defintion Of A Hustler


  53. Jay Case

    YAY 🐾

  54. Henry Howard


  55. Tetaun Bryant

    Just Got 1000$ Free On my PayPal Account Click Below
    Click Above Link and Get 1000$ Instantly Free in PayPal Account.

  56. James Potenzone

    Chinx still better than French yo french come get it homie

  57. McClinton Evalon

    This the song that prove he was not with it to sell his soul. I know he was sacrificed.

  58. Alvin Samuels

    Badess bomboclaaat rapper ,,,only big and pac can truly compare

  59. Michael Packs

    2017 still listening

  60. A Plus

    "From the black hole that green screen" 🔥🔥🔥💯

  61. Henry Howard

    I still get goosebumps listening to chinx music. I'm a forever bump his music and acknowledge how good of a artist he was! #RIPCHINX


    Dope album love this joint

  63. Logistics1320

    STILL listening to Chinx! We boutta hold it down for you bro! Still RIP Homie!

  64. P Williams

    Damn 187 ppl dislike this I don't why . 187 = code for murder

  65. P Williams

    Chinx said alot of shit you could learn from

  66. Kevin DeTullio

    Hip hop needed this dude. Gone way too soon.


    I been living in New York my whole life and heard it all but this nigga had a unique flow it's a shame ppl can't have shit without another man hating its fucked up we need to wake up seriously



  69. @kbgfamily IG:kbgroup

    Nobody sound like chinx original sound

  70. glsmokerUS - COOL HIP HOP CHANNEL

    We still miss you man..🙏

  71. Cynthia Christian

    Still in heavy rotation... long live chinx yay!

  72. Ja Rule

    my nigga

  73. Madam Walker

    The Gold isn't going to chase you, nigga gotta go get it.

  74. Dzivarking

    Damn I did not know homie personal but it hurts me to see this man taken out like that! I dont know why but I feel some type of connection! RIP young king hope you in a better place then with this snakes around here! Death is nothing bad we all gon die but I feel you did not deserve to go out like that! But God was calling and there is nothing we can do when we get that call! Imma keep baning your music keepin your name alive! Go get it Yay! RIP

  75. TTYL Homes

    rip chinx

  76. literson vicente


  77. Money Lu

    Never Stress No Problem! Forever Lives Chinx!

  78. blackstarboy04

    Jamaica still rocking Chinx in 2017

  79. jordan baez

    Chinx was a Fucking Legend from start only talked the real rip Chinx never will come a day where u are forgotten

  80. Felix Medina

    This song deserves more views and likes!

    R.I.P Chinx

  81. Beezy Loc

    131 people that dislike this ain't gettin it, the rest is

  82. takeover302

    listening to chinx in 2017 RIP

  83. SHAhar GRAY

    I was dreaming this song RIP Merry Christmas to his kids and family

  84. Andrew phanh


  85. Queen Keekee

    Happy birthday 👑

  86. Exile

    I want this beat

  87. 7700 greenside east Oakland

    always the the cat next too u that can really touch even end your life

  88. rakim williams

    That plane on his Hand is hard

    YRN Chase

    rakim williams it reps JFK Airport In New York

    Carlos Paige

    You sir,are a top flight dyck ryder! Congrats!

    rakim williams

    And you sir are probably white lmao

  89. Robert Evan

    you know I saw a video with t.i. responding to how rappers talk about their enviroment. and t.i. said some smart shit once you take him out that negative influenced lifestyle he could do other shit. but it followed him around. there's always going to be a diamond in the rough and chinx was one of those rappers but people are full of hate and jealously to take people's lives. but we never know chinx reps about killing people also. sadly what goes around comes around.

    Lil Bro13

    Robert Evan unfortunately it does... but that's a fact, diamond in the rough for sure. I listen to Chinx almost every day. shit kills me

  90. Beezy Loc

    nigga go get it! YAY in peace

  91. WicKked WiazZard


  92. Tyerell Mack

    Get it on your own never trust nobody-Chinx miss u bro shit ain't the same without you around fuck this world😠😓

  93. Marvelous Monsta

    3 different doors first one is death don't go inside 😰

  94. Alexander Castro

    No need to write anything. Everybody is at arm's length

  95. WestPhillyKam