Chinx Drugz - Far Rock Lyrics

[Verse 1 – Stack Bundles:]
Most niggas is cowards
Hide behind the record like a shield
Mention my name and you gon’ get killed
Blood spilled for real
You niggas better chill cause I solemnly swear
To get uglier than seal
Not behind my back
Only thing I got in common with ass is I clap
Shut up, get up, bet it burns more than your sit ups
What you ate, you spit up
Fuck your outfit up, blood all over your number nines
That cute shit you was saying wasn’t funny to mine
We dead ass [?]
So that smack battle rap shit will get you left dead, yes sir
Look at me, don’t I look like a nice guy?
I walk around with your head priced high
Niggas playing theyselves like suicide drills
Russian roulette with a TEC and no suicide kill

[Verse 2 – Chinx:]
Dick up in his ear, fuck what you heard
Changed up the pitch, couldn’t hit the curve
Bum nigga go and pick a curb
Shawty wasn’t lit so I hit the swerve
Booty knocking over tables, that’s an ass-fault
Touchdown, nigga hit it on the asphalt
V foreign whip came with a passport
Counting straps like I’m tryna rub a rash off
Caught slipping and he froze up
Never pimps down, hoes up
Head shot, now his toes up
Represent your hood nigga, throw it up

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Chinx Drugz Far Rock Comments
  1. Leroy Maxwell II

    R.I.P. Chinx and Stack Bundles

  2. H. Town

    Fucking insane🔥🔥🔥

  3. OG Kennedy

    It means I'm in here

    It mean I'm in the building and all that

  4. Dutch Schultz


  5. Vindaz

    Ive never been to far rock but this shit bangs

    The dog

    I live there,about 15 projects and 20 hoods. Junkies and goons.

  6. LUCKY *G


  7. Jay L

    I ask myself all the time what Happened if he released that album on 08

  8. jay peezy

    2018..day1..🙏🏿gorgeous gangsta...🙏🏿most benevolent...
    riotah diet...never forgotten...slapping this shit everyday out here in the bay....all day...yay

  9. Roberto Nocturno


  10. Cassuis Paxton

    Chinx's verse is just as old as Stack's verse. Listen closely and you'll hear the era difference in Chinx's vocals

  11. Cassuis Paxton

    Chinx's verse is just as old as Stack's verse. Listen closely and you'll hear the era difference in Chinx's vocals

  12. LADY RED


  13. Eric Smith

    Only thing I got in common with ass is I clap....Shit up

  14. Connor Bowllan

    shit burn ya sul, rip new york, we almost had it back

  15. Evil Morty

    It get uglier than seal 🤣😂🤣 classic farockaway

  16. Connor Bowllan

    Rest up, this legendary in Everysorta way

  17. Joel Jungle

    I will rip this beat in half I just wish I knew where I could find it

  18. Don Rico Life

    I just like to say whoever killed both these great individuals fuck you and your mama and your auntie and your grandma and your kids yeah I said it and your kids fuck them all! Long Live chinx and Stack Bundles

  19. James Gill

    Changed up ⬆️ the pitch ⚾️ couldn't hit the curve 🔥🔥

  20. V P

    dam they'll never be another Stack bundles, Chinx Drugz/Riot Squad...Facts

  21. B Game

    I stay keeping this on repeat REAL NEW YORK MUSIC SQUAD UP!!!!!

  22. Dan San

    this song the reason he got killed and that's facts... he was next to blow ND French couldn't take it.. once he said im riot squad first they had to get rid of em.. fuck Diddy ND french.. as y'all notice he said stacks is the reason he was who he was.. no type of shout out to french or any other label.. it's said wat jealousy could do and that's ah hunnit

    James Gill

    Dan San yo u absolutely right. I didn't notice it until u brought to the light much respect

  23. lu willams

    fukin miss chinx n stacks gone 2 soon R.I.P

    Corri Bullock

    Word rest in peace to them. Far rock is dirty dirty

    Ant H.

    Way too soon 💯

  24. Malvin Cruz

    RIP Stack Bundles .. My Favorite rapper of all time .. RIP Chinx .. The next person to ever did it

    Lex Bronx

    Malvin Cruz...Son...I feel the same way back to back..Stack & ChiNx...They did the damn thing while they was here Meng! wish to have had them around a but longer but..U know how that goes.we can't call it!!

  25. Treyvon Fuller

    Black lives do matter! Dey jus killed anotha bruva dwn in New Orleans...R.I.P 2 da homie Chinx-D i fuq'z wit da homie lot of gems on dis album!!!

  26. Nikki B.


  27. Ohsoyoubri

    21 assholes had nothing better to do

    Najee Wilson

    +Bria Rosses 22 to be exact lol


    Right lol yup

  28. Ohsoyoubri

    Yup squad up rip stacks and #1 chinx I fucking miss yall

  29. A Boogy



  30. Claude Davis

    can someone tell me where I can find that Chinx interview? I found the Stacks one. I can't find Chinx tho.


    +Claude Corleone i thougt it was '' Stack Bundles saved my life''. search for it

  31. Howard Wilson


  32. Ben Ali

    Rip Chinx n Stacks they gone too soon

  33. Neyah Official

    yooooooooooo stack bundles has got truly got that TRUE RAW HIP HOP TONE in his voice this is the 1st time ive ever heard him flow .... dude is raw ice coldddddd ..he dope


    +Amy Robinson He's dead.

    Neyah Official

    @sluggingbread i no i was aware of that ( which is a shame cus him and chinx together are dope. but i said that comment bout him cus i never heard any of his stuff before intill i heard his feature on far rock


    @Amy Robinson Cool, sorry If I came out as a internet warrior. You were speaking in the present tense so I just wanted to let you know, if you didn't that's all; lol

    Neyah Official

    @sluggingbread lool that fine it all good :)

  34. Trey Bells

    riot in peace g'z!!!! bundles still that nigga! 2016 still bumpin, r.i.p chinx drugz

  35. Covenant Government

    This song is so haunting

  36. Jodel Daniel

    RIP to them both.

  37. Marlon Lloyd

    R.I.P Chinx and Stack

  38. Lewis Willoughby

    mr.JFK we back

  39. Malik Williams

    i heard stack bundles verse and got goose bumps

    Roberto Nocturno

    Malik Williams legend never dies

  40. arturo madrigal

    RIP to These two hittta$ is all i can say !!! rest easy

  41. C.O.D

    This is what New York is suppose to sound like i hope this sound comes back its time for trap music to go

    Al Simmons

    👊 my guy!

    Izzy Luciano

    69 on the regular 😂

  42. godness

    jealous killed this guy. so sad that a life means nothing for money. he killers will get their day soon

  43. Magic Beanz


  44. Alperen Chops

    can someone give me the subtitels for the intro i couldnt get some parts

  45. Lost 1

    Rip two of the hardest riot squad up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Marvellouz


  47. Chris Ventura

    its ironic dont u think.smh

  48. WunBoundless


  49. Shawndrina Hicks



  50. Shawndrina Hicks


  51. Terrell Hunt

    i like this song they both went off.

  52. Chris Ventura

    wtf are you talking about bitch azz? I been a fan're confused you dumbass.. stop the violence, Stack and Chinx both gone. almost like it was a setup and it goes unsolved because no one talks. now children are left without their fathers. they were both great talents from the same boro and same age group as me. 80s babies. R.I.P

    James Gill



    Could of made the intro a lip shorter

    T F

    +Priortoaweekago Nah there was a reason for that intro. IMO it was kind of like they were going back in time and bringing Stack back. Starting with the funeral sound clip from 07

  54. Rog Beasly

    ssssssssssssssssquad up another street banger!

  55. Jose Aquino, Alcantara

    Stop please sell your cheap ass soul to the devil for fame and fortune. Use window. God bless. Rip chinx drugs. Sad shit. Real talk

  56. viceversa


  57. helio raposo

    jfk is classic x 10 of french montana s albums lol

  58. Ralphunreal

    was this an unreleased track?

    James Gill

    Ralphunreal no this was from J. F. K. Album 💽

  59. Mike who

    Thuggin, Chicago to JFK we Riden to ChInx

  60. melmayback

    that's song hard it just short I wish it was longer enjoy your afterlife y'all both was nice!

  61. Daniel Mootoo

    str8 fire

  62. Chino Flizz


  63. Hear Me And Rejoice

    I mean got dammmmmnnnnnn stacks.....that versus was refreshing.

  64. Edgar Ibarra

    from crenshaw....this track fire

    CHILLED 93


  65. Chris Ventura

    they also talk about your nobody until somebody kills you, like Biggie Said..I can't believe in this conspiracy theory, I hope that's not true. damn what ever happened to loyalty and respect over money?.

    Yo Yo

    +Chris Ventura Man shut up with that Biggie shit, if you aint fuck with Chinx before and feel guilty thats your problem. The real fans know who they are and he was somebody to them. Be original.

  66. Master Of Your Own Mind

    Far Rock Amerika 😈🙏🏿🙏🏿

  67. Chris Ventura

    god damn so sad these two talented brothers from Far Rock are resting in peace. stop the fucking violence smh its bullshit, Chinx was my fav artist out right now. sad both of them gone way too soon.R.I.P to both of them brothers.sad smh Queens Love.NYC.

    Chris Ventura

    It we will never know huh? Remains unsolved right? Sux.smh

    Only White One Out On Flatbush. BK

    id rather go with it being unsolved cause i can come up with a million conclusions from old problems to french sacrificing him we will never know. Riot Squad Forever tho SQUUUUUUUUUUUD UUUUUUUUUUP

    Keith Lowrie

    +Only White One Out On Flatbush. BK (Negative) i believe it was a set up ... max b fuckin wit french he end up behind bars for life basically chinx end up dead... he knew this will bting him hella money cause of the attention

    Only White One Out On Flatbush. BK

    @Keith Lowrie
    and how cocaine riot 5 got chinx with half his face as a skull. they anticipated it :/

    Benji Franklins Music

    +Only White One Out On Flatbush. BK (Negative) makes sense if he was set up. Kinda like mazaradi fox got killed in Springfield gardens

  68. Boy That

    dope! RIP Riot Squad