CHIC - You Can Get By Lyrics

You can get by if you try
You can get by if you try

Somewhere in the city
There's someone for you
Maybe in some doorway
You know love begins there too

I know it's a pity
To be so all alone
The bed seems so empty
And not a ring from the phone

You can get by if you try
You can get by if you try
You may not be pretty

Oh but you can be, you know
Take off those shabby clothes, girl
And let your beauty show
Make yourself a lovely woman
And get yourself a man
Then you will be happy
You can do it, yes you can, hey hey

You can get by if you try
You can get by if you try
You can get by if you try
You can get by if you try

[Repeat and fade]

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CHIC You Can Get By Comments
  1. Christopher Santana


  2. Gordy

    RIP BERNARD!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lino Alfano

    I love chic😍😍💜

  4. Mykle Hicks

    I believe that Bernard Edwards is thumping on that Bass up in heaven.

  5. george mack

    i got a chance to thank Nile Rodger November 26,2018 in jfk as the two of us walking downstairs. We fist pump and then i start humming this song off key.Then Nile's start humming and got me on key ,,,,,,what day in the second in the universe

    Pedro lucio38

    chic era simplesmente demais.....

  6. gerald deyounge

    Incomparable singing, Luther, Alfa, Robin, Fonzi, Michelle and Norma Jean😂😂😂😂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤

  7. Frenchiic

    RIP Bernard Edwards on lead vocals (and bass of course).
    RIP Luther Vandross on background vocals.

  8. Maxime Dufour

    SOOO goood

  9. w3mq

    This music was truly international.

  10. Diane Paes

    love this song

  11. kevin harrison

    i know people who used 2 dismiss CHICs 🎵 because they considered it disco which many people hated , but CHIC was official & they laced us w/ some of the hottest 🎵 that's ever been recorded. CHIC fan 4 life.

  12. LaKeisha Robinson

    I can hear Luther Vandross in the background! Thanks to my cousin Chris for introducing this song to me! ;-)

  13. Lynne Musicalgenius

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Bernard Edwards ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Nessa Estela

    love youre music this a great band and song

    Lynne Musicalgenius

    Yes, Tony Thompson & Nile Rodgers también.

  14. Danny Zavala

    Exelente tema

  15. Chris Nova777

    sounds like roy ayers?

  16. TheDolly089

    You cant get no better than this song, freakin awesome!!!

  17. AuntieSoul34

    Hey zzz.. Thankyou!! :p

  18. zzzdogutube

    great thanks!

  19. njanja mandizwe

    mmm super rare groove!!!