Chi-Lites, The - Love Is Lyrics

Love is, love is
Love is what we got goin', baby

Love is when someone else's needs
Mean more than your own
And love is when a letter you write
Is cherished at home

Love is what we got goin', baby

When you can kiss the lips
Of the one you love and mean it
Look on over her fault
As though you never seen it
When you have learned to forget
As well as forgive

Love is what we got goin', baby
(Love is)

When two have mastered the art
Of complete satisfaction
Ain't no doubt about it
Love's gonna be the reaction
Like adding sugar to your coffee
You know it's gonna come out sweet

Love is what you got goin', baby
(Love is)

When love knocks at your door, you ain't ready
Don't play like a deck of cards
And I'm saying you be playing
With someone's heart

Just remember a tear is easier with hurt
When you have nothing but love in your eyes

Love is what we got goin', baby
Love is, love is
Love is what we got goin', baby
Love is what we got goin', baby

Love is what we got goin', baby
Love is what we got goin', baby
Love is what we got goin', baby
Love is what we got goin', baby

Love is

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Chi-Lites, The Love Is Comments
  1. Charlene Hardy

    Never heard this. But Good Song. 🙏

  2. Walter Vaught

    The iconic chi lites. Live!

  3. Walter Vaught

    Eugene record at his best.

  4. euphrates556

    No other way to say it, "A Masterpiece!"

  5. Blaine Lee

    For the comment below you can't appreciate solid gold music when you have a solid Rock brain.

  6. #INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC urbansmoothent

    if more stuff was made like this today, you would have a lot less black on black crimes. this music made you to aspire to find out what love is between a man and a woman! take it from me, I've been married over 27 years and i'm the man i am today thanks to mom and dad, the gospel and songs like this that my brothers and sisters played!

  7. Lamont Yancey

    When 2 have mastered the art of complete satisfaction. Ain't no doubt about it, LOVE'S gonna be the reaction !!!

  8. Orett Williamn

    Chicago finest wow

    Derrick Jackson

    A 1972 classic

  9. Jacqueline Mosley

    love is what we got going baby

  10. Derrick Sutton

    I still have this album form 44 years ago and it has stood the test of time this is a great album from start to finish.THANKS FOR PLAYING THIS CUT


    I do, too, Derrick. Honey, good music never gets old. We all know that, don't we? Maica is right, the kids don't hear this unless they hear it from us in the family.

    Black and Sensual Mark

    This album from 1972 is flawless , very very good . I was 8 years old when it first came out , but i remember it wel . This tune in particular is very good .


    I also still have the album. In my opinion, one of the best soul albums of all time.

  11. William Allen

    One of the best.

  12. caroline w

    im so young but so in to this stuff <3


    Great taste!

  13. #INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC urbansmoothent

    This album was phenomenal! Not a bad song on the whole thing!

  14. UNbowed62

    Thank you

  15. David Gray

    Mean Eugene and the Chi-lites I was in High School when this came out.Eugene wrote most of the Chi-lites songs.Wonderful man wonderful! There will never be music like this ever.I remember seeing them in concert(Kansas city Missouri.They sang The coldest days of my life!


    I had just graduated a year earlier. I have everything on CD, albums, cassette and even on 45's. The Chi-lites knew how to put real feelings on the disc,with Eugene Record at the helm. SOUL Music, real soul music.


    I have all of their music, including Eugene Record's solo recordings.

    Walter Vaught

    @euphrates556 wow! A true collector.


    @Walter Vaught Thanks!

    Walter Vaught

    @euphrates556 I have their anthology c d . Eugene record has a book out. His son wrote about his dad life with the chi lites. Title my father in lites written by Brian record his son wrote about everything about eugene life. You might want to add this treasure to your collection. Also Marshall thompson has a book out title last man standing. You can order these items thru barnes and nobles. Thanks again brother.

  16. Apache The Fox

    Back in time when music had a better vibration, can't no R&B, soul song today fuck with music like this.

  17. Margaret Hill-Davis

    I had forgotten this song, my, my,my.....

  18. Juggalo5588

    Amazing song... How can today's kids neglect solid gold like this music!

    Maica Clarke

    Juggalo5588 they listen to what is played on the air everyday,it's all up to the radio stations authorities.

  19. ra15899550

    This song is indeed a Chi-Lite classic, sweet, soft and melodic harmony. They just don't make 'em like this any more. Hats off to the Chi-Lites because you all are legendary entertainers and music makers. Peace and Love. Thanks for posting. "How sweet it is".

  20. Jody McCulloh

    Thank you. I have been looking for this for years. "Like adding sugar to your coffee. You know it's gonna come out sweet." A classic line