Chevy Woods - Circumstances Lyrics

I don't really gotta say it but uh
Real shit
You know, some of the shit I'd say, you niggas wouldn't believe it
I mean, if I showed you in your face, you wouldn't believe it
Me and my niggas been gettin' to this money
This really ain't nothin' new

Get into this money, still perfecting the flow
You see me, I'm a G, you got a couple letters to go
If I'm cookin' and rockin' added it up to dope
With the steps on the back was gettin' so much of it out it
Couldn't get better than that
Threw all my boots and Cole had that work in the cold
And never did I do business with any niggas who told
My niggas live by the code, we ain't seen it or heard it
When you talkin' 'bout money you gotta know how to word it
Been on the road for a while, them sacrifices, I made 'em
Oh, you don't see what I'm doin', I guess your vision is jaded
Gotta get it and save it, stack it up and invest it
Well I come from the jungle and all my niggas, they wrestlers
Wouldn't change it for shit at all, like who need a court that balls?
That Ray told me time is money, I put this verse on my dog
And put it out on my gang, cause yea, they my niggas fo' sure
Fuck them niggas hatin' cause we don't do this shit fo' show

(They wanted to rob a dude, in them circumstances I had to hustle)
Yea nigga, fuck these niggas know about your dad bein' gone, nigga?
(They wanted to rob a dude, in them circumstances I had to hustle)
Fuck you niggas know about that?
Fuck you niggas know about?
(They wanted to rob a dude, in them circumstances I had to hustle)
The same shit you sellin' is the same shit your uncle overdosed on, nigga
It's real shit, 4800, I'll find a jungle for real my nigga
(They wanted to rob a dude, in them circumstances I had to hustle)

I swear this shit ain't made up, at night way when I wait up
Moms ain't know I was bakin', I was tryna get my cake up
Yea, them old niggas, they had cars that I wanted
And I ain't need advice, I just need to get up on it
I befriended a couple niggas just south of the coo
But had to separate cause they ain't move, I move
I'm feet first to the pavement and my niggas know that
And I can't lie, I had dreams of the go back
But what example would I be settin' for all who follow?
When that pain set, I'm in need of that bottle
Damn, a lot of shit hurt me just the same
I'm just speakin' for my niggas cause they feel the same
Yea, that money callin' and I'm pickin' up
I gotta do this, business bus so I don't give a fuck
If you mad at me, what the fuck you think?
I just got it full by mines, I just got to be

(They wanted to rob a dude, in them circumstances I had to hustle)
That's real shit man
Fuck you niggas know about?
(They wanted to rob a dude, in them circumstances I had to hustle)
Dirty ass bitch playin' both sides
You know what I'm sayin'?
(They wanted to rob a dude, in them circumstances I had to hustle)
Aye, your cousin got caught up in some bullshit
(They wanted to rob a dude, in them circumstances I had to hustle)
And he the only family you know
The fuck you know about that?

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Chevy Woods Circumstances Comments
  1. Marcus Bizz

    Gangland Bitch

  2. Gonzalo Belardi

    2019 and still FIRE

  3. Cindy Mell

    Real shit

  4. Caio Victor Taylor


  5. Carlos Moody

    Classic shit right here

  6. Cehvens

    Anyone else still bumping thiss ?

  7. Jose Bedolla

    2017 bumping 206 southside Burien

  8. Jonathan C.

    This shit go

  9. Caio Victor Taylor


  10. Big Ron


  11. Major

    Chevy is so underrated

  12. In My Own World


  13. In My Own World

    dope asf! #TGOD

  14. New Clear

    chevy you the man , fuuuck the world

  15. BMArtdesigning

    daaamn this guy is fuckin stoned at beginning where you see them fans. Dat guy even can't look straight ahead haha

  16. mosswag kid

    Is your shit copyrighted

  17. 21houston12

    Regardless of what the future holds for Chevy, this will always be my favorite track from him.


    @21houston12 word, kinda the equivalent of Wiz In the Cut

    Marcus Bizz

    Mann the beat the flow the topic

  18. tyrer tgya

    CHEVY WHO!!!!

  19. Dayd 707

    Fuck you niggas know about the same shit you selling is the same shit your uncle overdosed off nigga.

  20. AtlantaGa24

    you can tell he was bout to cry in tha vid he spoke from his soul on dis track

  21. Kvsh Bro

    My grammer is bad because I'm high my bad

  22. onifcharlie

    They all come as one, Taylor Gang

  23. onifcharlie

    Is this some sort of sick joke? It was on G1!

  24. Taylor Gang


  25. Greg Hinze

    Chevy says it RIGHT

  26. Corey Means

    wiz all day! chevy goes hard all day too tho

  27. Anthony R. Garrett Sr.

    Chevy... light n a fire... yeeaahhh!

  28. B.E.Z starcruisin

    Where the fuck is all the love for chevy woods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. josh beavers


  30. Laurence Salvidge

    This goes hard! Real hustlers anthem right here, hes spitting some real shit. The video fucking sucks though! They could have done something alot better.

  31. Undergound Society

    I really hope chevy is going to preform at Amsterdam in october when Wiz is giving his ONIFC concert just like two years ago!! Greetings from The Netherlands - West Europe

  32. 25Eight films

    I don't really fuck with Chevy. Idk why. But after this song, ima fuck with him heavy

  33. Nsikair Poswa

    Real shyit!! G1 & G2

  34. RMH432

    im a G, you've got a few letters to go... comin up even better to that letter T (Taylor)

  35. Rafael Zamora

    I enjoy all his music, gangland was a great album

  36. Harvey Lanto

    god bless chevy

  37. Harvey Lanto


  38. Harvey Lanto

    He is so underrated

  39. Steve Tonic

    With this track and Home Run, Chevy's got me hooked.

  40. wrx12 2012

    more songs like this and chevy would be bigger then wiz

  41. logan

    I always supported them need to pick just one

  42. Brian Segoviano

    @luca s me too man jajaj

  43. B.E.Z starcruisin



    This shit is deep one fav tracks on gland

  45. aaron fortin

    Wiz is the dude, but hes fallin off and Chev is coming up. #chevbags

  46. B.E.Z starcruisin

    im on a chevy woods tip right now!!!!!!



  48. thelondonking

    Gangland motha suckas lol fly or die

  49. Krissz TGOD

    im a wiz khalifa fan, a real taylor, and i will never swtich wiz, but chevy is still dope af :D

  50. ESPADAful

    Chevy is a beast, I used to hope he had a wiz verse but now it's the other way around

  51. PewpuffPew

    Taylor Gang ... the best rappers are in it ! Three6Mafia member... What will u do ?

  52. Zac Claussen

    STFU chevy woods is one of a kind unlike all these main stream artists that change and rap about the same as every other main stream artist

  53. jayboy213

    @Justinpierre..... Yu bout dumb ashell if yu think Chevy should run Taylor gang wiz khalifa is the fn best out of all ..but I love my boy Chevy too but he not at the top lik wiz is !!! Soo just think about what yu say...sidenote: Chevy not even better the juicy j yet

  54. Austin

    Like number 1000!

  55. MDV Joleal

    For some reason now i would rather that Chevy took over TGOD....just sayin'

  56. Alexander Himmelman

    Circumstances that I had to hit repeat.

  57. Baluku matebhere

    We fucks with chevy woods down here in South Africa

  58. F3DD3

    awesome song

  59. odayne garwood

    DAM chevy going hard the world gonna know u dawg

  60. Mannie-B


  61. dvesko

    T G O D - greetings from Slovakia - Eastern Europe

  62. Ricky Bombay

    Why the fuck there only 50 000 :O

  63. Brandon Pollick

    Gangland 2 goin to be rachet

  64. Donald Kalister

    He speaks his life and how he progressed... <---- This nigga

  65. Sn0wDerFlow

    i hope chevy stays real and does not end up like wiz

  66. Young N

    FOLLOW @TheRealYoungN Hot new artist, Support new music

  67. Unknown Legend

    Damn chevys so underrated

  68. Luk Soul

    i switched from wiz to chevy

  69. NocoBeats

    Good shit

  70. originaldiddybigs

    You see me im a G you got a couple letters to go!

  71. MrSocky

    Real Taylor's listing Chevy

  72. oldman swagga aka Scooba Steve

    This my shit Taylor Gang Or Die!

  73. ABeOnDatKryptonite

    welcome to the 20th century...

  74. sayf diaz

    real rap

  75. kaliswagg217

    really tho!

  76. Kyle Visualize


  77. michael aguinaga

    Fuck you for hating this you ugly bitchs yep that's for you


    Yeah You A Dumbass.

  79. Marley Hendrix

    chevy was showig mad love 2the city/// CLEVELAND

  80. Japo Fresh

    Dam alot of people I know overlook Chevy but this was really good!!!

  81. alexanderjs11

    The deepest rappers are always the underrated.

  82. jinkazuya973

    Neako disrespected by waving the tgod flag but still charged chevy to feature

  83. jinkazuya973

    Great video, I could imagine this on MTV right now lol. Great work.

  84. Phil. Belanger

    Not sure . wiz is the king , chevy is good .. but ... you know

  85. Stephen

    Do I dare say he's better than...fuck it yeah he better than Wiz.

  86. junior mendoza

    hell no...wiz is way beeter then chevy..l mean chevy is good but good good enough to reach wiz yet or anytime soon........

  87. Capo 613


  88. Ϝalleη

    Better than Wiz? DEFINITELY not.

  89. Leonardo Paixão

    T.G.O.G for Brasil .

  90. j0rdanizraw

    Naw wiz at his peak around kush & oj was the best artist out back then.
    He started alot of the snapbacks, chucks, and cargo shorts.
    Now he went downhill starting to dress different and even got tatted jimi on his forehead.
    Iuno what's wrong with him, he even wifed up amber rose and now she pregnant
    After onfic he done.

  91. Makayla Kyle

    i fucking love wiz, but chevys outdoing wiz right now.

  92. maxw94gmxat

    he´s always been better than wiz, imo

  93. Marcus Davenport

    Naw he not doing better den Wiz yet but its comin soon!

  94. Gompy182

    yeah that was before rolling papers yeah everything after rolling papers sucked

    kush & oj still the best

  95. Kaulyjunior

    Some dickhead dislikes this song...

  96. Phil. Belanger

    Loool not agree.. Wiz over everything big .. After Chevy .. xd