Cherub - Do The Math Lyrics

You're a bad bitch, I know it, that's why you don't care
You make it look so easy, it's so unfair
I would lick your hallway clean girl, I swear (Oh, yeah)
I'm dedicated to trying to make your team this year

Right about now, you should be wrapped up in clouds, pretty lady
Right about now, you should be feeling my love in your heart
Cause my daddy always told me basic math would come in handy sometime
And now I finally understand why
Two nickels ain't the same as one dime

I'm hold back what I wanna say, and it's driving me crazy
Maybe I just don't know where to start
It's not the "no" I'm scared of girl, yeah, it's the "maybe"
That you might fuck around and go breaking my heart, yeah



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