Cher - Gypsies, Tramps And Thieves Lyrics

I was born in the wagon of a travellin' show
My mama used to dance for the money they'd throw
Papa would do whatever he could
Preach a little gospel, sell a couple bottles of
Doctor Good

Gypsys, tramps, and thieves
We'd hear it from the people of the town
They'd call us Gypsys, tramps, and thieves
But every night all the men would come around
And lay their money down

Picked up a boy just south of
Mobile Gave him a ride, filled him with a hot meal I was sixteen, he was twenty-one
Rode with us to Memphis
And papa woulda shot him if he knew what he'd done


I never had schoolin' but he taught me well
With his smooth southern style
Three months later I'm a gal in trouble
And I haven't seen him for a while, uh-huh I haven't seen him for a while, uh-huh

She was born in the wagon of a travellin' show
Her mama had to dance for the money they'd throw
Grandpa'd do whatever he could
Preach a little gospel, sell a couple bottles of
Doctor Good



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Cher Gypsies, Tramps And Thieves Comments
  1. Gail Parker

    HE might have been the one that sold bibles.

  2. Gail Parker

    There was this good looking guy on a Harley and he had on tote a 7 year old girl with long hair...tangled...he took her in a building somewhere and told the man behind the desk..."I CAN'T DO ANYTHING WITH HER"....then the dream ended.

  3. guscotte

    Sexy cher 70t vogue

  4. Joshua Ballew

    Not that I don't like this song but it needs to stop coming up in my Matchbox 20 playlist >.>

  5. Timothy Roper

    I'd lay my money down for some of that!

  6. Laurence Thornblade

    Smokin bod, for a dumb ass libtard

  7. dapdaddy17

    Papa would have shot him if he knew what i gave him is what she really means.

  8. Shannon S.

    Beautiful lady ❤️

  9. Kitty Ceres

    She is so gorgeous.

  10. Jennifer Tucker

    Ohhh geez- she's sooo off tune 😒🙉

  11. BLOODDRAGON 7210

    Hangin' with Mr Cooper brought me here lol

  12. billchessmen

    A great song, they don't make em like this anymore.

  13. Scott Sansone

    One of a kind beauty then and now

  14. Richie201311

    To me her teeth are fine, but I get the feeling she is self conscious of them and tries to hide them behind the microphone and her lips.

  15. Vin D

    Would have been worth it just to watch her when she made love to you.

  16. Lorraine Cortes

    My first album with Cher.

  17. sbtopjosh

    Man was she a knockout

  18. yellow driver 602

    To bad she turned out to be a never trumper.

  19. Constance Miller

    I dont think Cher's hair is big enough here.

  20. Sphyrox Prime

    How can this be acceptable in today's modern society where being racist ti gypsies is okay but to black people not
    Im not saying u should be racist towards black people or any other minority im saying people need to wake up and not be racist towards gypsies cause after all they also have been in Hitler's camps just like the Jews but no one talks about those things

  21. Sylvia Carlson

    Don't know why she had plastic surgery. She certainly didn't need it. I've always loved Cher!

  22. Wally Dog 2

    Man she sings with attitude and a hell of a lot of sexy, so at home in front of the camera

  23. Faye Martin

    Love this kind of music

  24. Ala baman

    Cher, to her great credit, has made many visits to veterans in hospitals.

  25. Virginia Espinoza

    Loving her hair 😍

  26. gunther giesl

    lol...remembering this song on the Sonny and Cher Show...always bringing out their kid at the end of the show...Omg...I remember watching this with my family in the 70s...some strange days back then.

  27. parakeet8157

    i had this on a 45

  28. Jen Bates

    She is so.young.This must be about 50 years ago

    Lucas Damasio

    She was 50 when this was filmed

    Jen Bates

    Surprising what a few facelifts can do.

  29. An telwi

    That voice.

  30. Chris Vesy

    Saw Cher in San Francisco a few months back...she still ROCKS!!!
    Thanks for all the decades of great music, Cher!!😎

  31. Denise Waghorn


  32. HoodOwl 50

    Since the death of Kobe 24, I have to take stock of my life and where I was as a kid. Thanks Kobe for helping me reflect on my life.

  33. Andy Dan

    Gypsy tramps and queens ley money down other legend

  34. Lawmzuala fanai

    I would have shot that 21 years old kid too...😎😎

  35. Migatron1

    RIP to the 500 horses laid to rest to create this fabulous hairdo

  36. Putrifying Eagor

    I’m here in 2020, still a fantastic song, and still one of the best looking women in the world!

  37. Shang Hunter

    Such skill, talent and BEAUTY !

  38. Steve Newton

    Well, you are all 3!!!!!!!!

  39. Tammy Nickelson


  40. Andrew Robinson

    Everyone knows a girl or two with that look on their face. It’s naughty but nice. JLaw has the same look. 😉

  41. yvonnehelder1978

    Now I know where this song comes from, first and only time I heard it was in The Tenth Kingdom, being song by "Anthony", not the right time and place haha ;]

  42. Tina Miller

    We R not tramps, thieves . we R Roma / gypsies.. Iam a 💯 % gypsy lady n very proud of my ppl. N culture we R very misunderstood ppl. A mestery. But we still love this song n this beautiful sexy woman . she actually give a public apology to the Roma for this song bk. In the day. Believe it or not. Thanks cher we 💘 you...

  43. Ms G

    This sadly would be protested today. We need to quit, really. This is a great work of art.

    Phil Watson

    Exactly forget the politics and enjoy it for what it is. A long lasting, quality song. Some thing sadly lacking these days

  44. Johan Geist

    My first favorite song. My first 45. I was in kindergarten. True story.

  45. Jeff Loudenslager

    One out of three can you guess

  46. Tango Bango

    I simply went ‘gaga’ over this song when it first came out!! 🥴

  47. Jessica Kemna

    One fantastic song , so I had to cover this ..

  48. Zx14r Rider

    Daaaaaang........those hips!

  49. GathKingLeppbertI

    Cher always was a whore

  50. Paratrooperlane

    Cher was so beautiful back then, until Shittywood got a hold of her.

  51. Anthony Barlip

    Sunny was lucky i wasnt a live back then cause i would have stolen her from him in a heart beat when i look into her eyes i can feel her soul

  52. TheCrimsonShadow21

    saw this on a late night tv ad and man this is a great upbeat song

  53. Gunblade44

    Ants, Rats, and Gypsy Moths

  54. mar bo

    Cher Australia wants you here now!

  55. poon likka

    Isn`t this man hating feminist hag dead yet?

  56. Jita'ame suluma

    yeah well as a person of ethnic back ground you would think she would not help to hurt others more , she is native and albainian i am native and romany and this hurt us more not made it better

  57. Bellerophon challen

    The annoying thing is AGT or BGT or The Voice wouldn't entertain taking her on now, yet that is how to carry a tune. Like Sinatra, it's all about the way they interpret the song, not about how good a singer you are.

  58. Joe Stolzenberger

    This makes my 2 inch dick wake up. It ain't good for nothing.

  59. Annette Jenkins

    Who knew? She fits into All categories!😂😂😂😂. She would even laugh at the joke. Singing her "Own" theme song, way back then.😘😂😂😂. Love Cher!

  60. Guy Will

    THIS is why CHER is CHER you GO GURL

  61. Russ Boyes

    From beginning to end Cher makes sweet love to that camera. That is the fine art of seduction. Not sacrificing your virtue by way of exposing 75% of your body or faking a wardrobe malfunction so that nothing is left to the imagination.

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  63. Edward Kwiatkowski

    Loved Cher since I was a kid. Eddies wife cheryl

  64. Tarn Sand

    I liked Cher's teeth before the caps. They made her look very unique and gave her mouth lips a nice shape.

  65. Deacon Marlin

    The shit nirvana version is WAY BETTER

  66. Evie Walters

    When I was 7 I used to listen to this with my neighbor

  67. Harrison Lee

    She's no Richie Sakai

  68. Rose Hines

    Patsy Cline OMG number ONE in the world and then Cher. Each from different times an places so awesome

  69. Liam Caffrey


  70. John T

    too bad her daughter turned into a freak show and cher is on her 200th plastic surgery.

  71. GODrules555

    I looked into the hole of "deliciousness" as though I was looking into a "backdoor" of a hole of a 45 album that is defined as:

    "The most common form of the vinyl single is the "45" or "7-inch". The names are derived from its play speed, 45 rpm, and the standard diameter, 7 inches. The 7-inch 45 rpm record was released 31 March 1949 by RCA Victor as a smaller, more durable and higher-fidelity replacement for the 78 rpm shellac discs."

    And even though it was created in March 31, 1949 C.E. the deliciousness of the hole actually sang to "ME" as though the Sun sang to "ME." Thus, the deliciousness is as though it was ANGELS that also have the name Cherubim, and they guard "The Tree Of Life" with a flaming sword. And now "EYE SEE" the Sun in a different way, and I hear the Sun in a different way, and now Sunglasses have a special meaning to "I."

    And what is so funny about my comment placed here is that the love of my life that is a brunette gave me a beautiful headdress with jewels that a Gypsy would wear to his life and his death in remembrance of the deliciousness that can become the hole in time of a backdoor looking back in time itself, and that becomes the definition of "deliciousness!" EYE 5

  72. Dolores Feldscher

    Wow Cher looks good for her age

  73. Adam Takáč

  74. TinyTrex Arms93


  75. errol kim

    Too bad shes full of shit

  76. Bill Law

    Is It Just Me, OR, Have The Videos Changed On Most Songs???

  77. Dirk B

    a song about american people

  78. Unkown Sombody

    time is short and the money means nothing wish i could be reborn

  79. Fred TheHead

    Been looking for a lady like that since 71" Still looking.

    Jessica Kemna

    Fred TheHead they do exist lol

  80. JT Shark

    this is when she was at best

  81. ミɱꙙRkⲓદ ඏ

    I always so in awe of her beauty and voice. I want a voice like hers.

  82. Bee Happy

    Jane green watttrrrrrr

    Bee Happy


  83. Tom Dockery

    I already know about the Democrats.

  84. Jamie Colasacco

    she didnt realize she was more beautiful than any surgical enhancement could ever make her

  85. Leisa Montgomery

    2020 u still rock Cher

  86. dim wit

    No one looks at the camera like that anymore....oh my!

    Des Futcher

    Think it's illegal now

    Jeff Freeman

    She doesn't just look at it, she owns it. haha

  87. Scott Amundsen

    No autotune; you had to have talent.

  88. AnotherAlly

    I. Love. This.

    (ok. Boomer)

  89. Exotic

    I love her hair


    Only one CHER🙏🌻

  91. Karen Renner

    have always loved Cher

  92. Albert Power

    sell a couple of bottles of doctor good

  93. Adam Adam

    Thank you for the video, but ‘gypsys’ is actually spelt gypsies.😊

  94. Christopher Owen

    I would've drank her bath water and ate the Korn out of her shit (pun intended)

  95. Pan Geo

    The last rock DIVA

  96. SlyDoll7

    What a singer! What an actor! That voice! Her face! She embodied the gypsy girl so well...beautiful! She was 27 or 28 here. SO talented.

  97. Brandy

    always classy!

  98. Nancy Smith

    you need to understand us. we have our nation also.