Cheap Trick - Words Lyrics

Words could never say it
words could never say it
I know now you're gone
and I can't go on

Where could you be tonight
I'm sayin' my sorry
baby I'm sorry

'Cause without your love in my life I'll die
I was wrong
I was so worng

And I'm so scared
what can I do now
when I close my eyes
all I see is you

Now words could never say it
words could never say it
if theres a reason why
say it's a lie

Words could never say it
how I feel now
now that you're gone
now that you're gone

Now that you're gone
we made it now
we made it love
we made such fools
of ourselves
we made it up now
you made it up oh yeah

you know you made it hard
we made it fast
I always thought
it would last
we took a bow
we did it all oh yeah

Words could never say
could never say
could only play
someone could say
would only playing with ourselves

Words could never say
how I feel now
some how
I've got find a way

cause when I dream at night alls I see is you
you're wantin' me
and me havin' you

Now words could never say it
words could never say it
everytime I try
I get lost inside

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Cheap Trick Words Comments
  1. J Greigh

    this is the 4 am late night moment of thought

  2. lanier1000

    Boring song to me.

  3. Zander77777

    This song is so good, it tingles my spine.

  4. Aldanita Motivacion


    James Jamnick

    Don’t wright them like this anymore.

  5. James Jamnick


    Been a Trick fan for 40 years. Best ever.

  6. shandi411

    Beautiful song!

  7. gomogi1

    1:53 best bridge

  8. Warren Crewe

    just love it

  9. RonnieTomMusic

    Killer song!

  10. Bunezuela Carlos

    Glad you got it and love it! :)

  11. Bunezuela Carlos

    Special One! That's the name of the album and it's great,like all of CT's album's!
    Hope you get it!

  12. minerockhood


  13. bloodythinandfast

    They are steadfast,never a dull moment in 35 years!One of my fav bands!!

  14. rotcivloyal1

    Whenever Cheap Trick put out a new album,I always look forward to the great ballads in them , as usual, they always come trough ! I love this song. Thanks for posting

  15. Alvaro Villalobos

    Beautiful song...

  16. aplaceinfrance

    One of their most beautiful song's bridge with a fine guitar solo. Just a shame that the second part of the song comes back to a slow tempo