Cheap Trick - Say Goodbye Lyrics

How does it feel to be better
How does it feel to be on your own
Oh tell me why did you take the time
To tell me that you came to say goodbye

Everybody wants to laugh
When you feel bad
Seems like the only way when the nights won't pass
When you're so sad
If you can't go back
And you can't look down


Everything comes to mind
It's a breakdown
The way things seem to slide
It's a free fall
When you're so sad
If you can't go back
And you can't look down


How does it feel to be better
How does it feel to be on your own
Oh tell me why did you take the time
Walk away, tell those lies
Why did you waste your time
To tell me that you came to say goodbye

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Cheap Trick Say Goodbye Comments
  1. Miranda schurz

    Greatest band ever.

  2. Brett Tompkins

    Most underrated Cheap Trick album!

  3. ReverseTV

    Anyone else watching in 2019

  4. effemaar

    Perfect popsong...sounds like The Posies...

  5. RocKN JB InDaD

    I'm going to see them at North Star Casino in Bowler Wisconsin. I would love it if they played this song.

  6. Michael Simons

    The Hardest working band in ROCK!

  7. robinbrl

    Love. Watching September 2018.

  8. crisscat2006

    one of their best songs!!

  9. Kimberly Sikorski

    Great song ! Its too bad only the garbage makes it onto the airwaves......

  10. Riff Raiders

    So. Good. ⚡️⚡️It’s a freefall xx

  11. Pamela Adamany

    Band at its best

  12. Steven Roth

    A great song, and one of my favorite CT videos.

  13. ethelhernandezplata

    I actually cried listening to this song.

  14. James rocktite

    to me they lose the shock value of the initial hits but still very good nevertheless ,everyone ages but they'll never get old

  15. Deron Redding

    Top notch song.

  16. Bob McMahon

    My favorite CT single. Love this song and album. Wish they would play this in concert!

  17. anneke Hardjopawiro

    This is so good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Chicagogal63

    21 years ago today this video was shot, where have the years gone?

  19. 80s Lady

    *Anyone else watching in **_2018_*

    Marianne Duffy

    after 3 releases in the last 2 years, I have backtracked. Love '97. A fan since In Color, then again, backtracked to Cheap Trick('77). Have seen so many live shows - where they shine the best. The 80's, between family and less than their best, lost track. Glad to be back on board and looking forward to more live shows.


    Love this so much!! September 2018!!

    Mike Rundberg

    im watching in 2019 now

  20. 80s Rock And Metal

    Like it a lot

  21. Terry Berk

    Cheap Trick is the BEST!

  22. ikungfuyou2

    Is that Holland Zander in the video?

    Devon Wiesend

    Yes, the brunette sitting on the car, wearing the dark lipstick and eyeliner, hair in a ponytail.

  23. Brad Lindsey

    It's not Cheap Trick without Bun E.

    Rich LaVere

    That ship has sailed. Daxx is doing an exemplary job.

    Duff Baker

    Though he's no longer drumming for them, the great man's still 1/4 owner of Cheap Trick, Inc.

    rj zander

    @Duff Baker fans dont care about cheap trick inc. We care about the music a cheap trick hasn't come out with anything decent since this album

  24. kalimbaish

    ¿Es mi imaginación o el Sr. Tom cambió su personalidad? Siento que a finales de los noventa fue cuando empezó a cambiar algo en él. Solo es curiosidad 😜 Por cierto, es una de mis canciones favoritas 😍

  25. Curtis Clark

    One of the best songs they've ever written...i love this song

    Steve Mandl

    not one of the best songs they ever wrote,but its alright

    rj zander

    @Steve Mandl hes probably not a die hard fan.

  26. Ryan Gettig

    And the whole album,Eight Miles Low,I recall Baby Lemonade&The Wondermints&la popsters way into this cause it's Bucking Frilliant!!!:)

  27. Curious George

    Finally into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.
    How does it feel?
    I met the band so many years ago and so happy for them rock on.

  28. Gary Hawkins

    I Love this song!

  29. cary monohon

    Great song !

  30. val knight

    Sometimes I really miss Rockford Ill

  31. SusanUpstairs

    Brilliant pop song. BRILLIANT!

  32. MrCmd7572

    rick give some advance tips harmonics u rule.........


    and their new album still great

  33. jota30se

    and the boy in the video (at 3:03) is Daxx the drummer for Cheap Trick and son of Rick Nielsen...founder, writer and guitar player for Cheap Trick.

  34. Will O

    As close to perfect as Cheap Trick has come. My favorite.

    Steve Mandl

    this is far from perfect,but its good

  35. ModernDayWarrior2112

    I wish they would do stuff live from this album, especially this song. This song should have been a really big hit for them.

  36. Mike Rundberg

    they made this video in ROCKFORD, ILL, mine and CHEAP TRICKS hometown

  37. zendaddy621

    Fun fact: The young blonde girl in this clip is Holland Zander, daughter of frontman Robin Zander.  She grew into a beautiful young lady fronting her own band; look up any clip by 'The Snaggs' on YouTube and you'll see for yourself...


    I thought that was her, thanks for confirming it. I always loved this song/video.

  38. Scott Davidson

    I love that song, in fact, I love that whole CD.

  39. acrovader

    I wish they would put this song in their setlist.

  40. Scott Davidson

    Wow! I will see them for the fifth time this coming July.

  41. Scott Davidson

    Man that was a good album, too.

  42. A.T. S.M.D


  43. Bunezuela Carlos

    Great song ...from one of the best! Cheap Trick!!

  44. Steph nknee

    Love this song - wicked :-) x

  45. Bunezuela Carlos

    Another great song/album but 2 weeks after the release Red Ant went belly up! Rick refers to this as the Dead Ant era! It's to bad because this album rocked!

  46. MetalGuruMessiah

    This is a great tune from an album filled with great tunes! Thanks for the share!

  47. 43Aquaman

    Love seeing these videos again. I miss my "buddies". I've seen them 37 times, but not in the last 2 years, sadly. Favorite band ever! LOVE YOU!

  48. zipKINGofROCK

    truly UNDERRATED power pop, great song

  49. acrovader

    Great song. I wish they'd do it live again...

  50. dbrylinski

    This song has a 60s feel to it. Kinds sounds like a beatles song. Came out the same time as that movie 'that thing you do'

  51. cagwa

    I love this song. So much better than the single from Special One.

  52. Eric Gray

    Awesome LP! Great song too....too bad label went bye bye before they could properly promote the CD.