Cheap Trick - Best Friend Lyrics

When the moon came up
And the sun went down
All I could see was a national frown
It was pounded from flesh
And harder than steel
Pretty in pink that's just how I feel
Leave me alone 'cause I'm my best friend

If you wanna be with me I'll be there til the end
Til the end of time and time again
Just leave me alone 'cause I'm my best friend
Yeah, yeah
'cause I'm my best friend now
'cause I'm my best friend now

All I got is might and will
If all I got is might and will
Can't slow down 'cause down we'll go
Where I step you don't wanna know
Round round round we'll go
Where I step is where I wanna go
Go go go go
Where I wanna be is where I wanna go
Lofty thoughts high ideals
lofty skirts
Is what appeals
This baby is no Baby Ruth
He was too smart for her
She was so damned cute
I'm sick and tired can't be late
I'm so damn mad I can't keep straight
Time and time and time again
Leave me alone 'cause I'm my best friend yeah
Leave me alone 'cause I'm my best friend yeah
I'm my best friend yeah
I'm my best friend yeah
I'm my best friend yeah

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Cheap Trick Best Friend Comments
  1. Jim Rocker

    One of the best F#ckin' Rock n Roll bands ever. I've been a big fan going way back to the 70's! Still going strong touring the world over and over! e'llo kiddies!

  2. ricky4001cs

    Give Tom a 4 string and he just goes to town. What a great bassist~

  3. Cyndy Bender

    Love the juxtaposition of high squeek versus lower voice. This is a cool song.

  4. Joe Morgan

    This band is just kick ass!

  5. Joe Morgan

    Kick ass.

  6. Ruth Barron

    I must say Robin looks SO Much More HEALTHIER & HAPPIER today than when this video was made.. ..<3<3<3<3<3<3

  7. brywool

    American Treasures. LOVE CT.

  8. D Cottrell

    this video makes me very happy.. i just keep coming back!

  9. D Cottrell

    that voice!!!!!!

    janice schiffman

    D Cottrell absolutely amazing voice!

    D Cottrell

    Janice... riight? amazing for sure.. its just not natural lol, alot of singers may have good voices, but its what all he can DO with his (many) voices! what a band!

  10. Westrocker 67

    That was unbelieveable. Tom putting in work with the T-Bird was all it took for me.

  11. 63Turbo

    Best friend is one of those songs that is just so freaking coool...

  12. Jon Cornwall

    CT is SO much more than IWYTWM & Surrender. These guys are the real deal...always have been always will be.

  13. Brian Humek

    Just heard this song for the first time today. I am amazed!!!!! This is perfection!

  14. LoveCheapTrick

    Love! <3

  15. LoveCheapTrick

    Love! <3

  16. deebee76

    What a goddamn band.

  17. annwrog

    Robin Zander needs to donate his vocal cords to science. Voice talent so extraordinary it's almost supernatural! 💫

  18. Pat Ennis

    Robin is channeling Peter Murphy. Nice!

  19. traie matthews

    youtube needs to do something about there ad's

  20. Acecool444

    Video is from the 2003 Concert, Sendai, Japan about 42 minutes into the act.

  21. Acecool444

    Geez, Robin Zander is freaking cool. He's in his very early 50's In the video, but looks, sings and acts like he's in his early 30's. I'm having what he's having! Even if it's donkey poop sprinkled with ocean sea weed strips regurgitated by circling seagulls over a dead mans carcass :w00t: LOL

    True Dodger Blue

    Fuck. Yeah.

  22. ronfowlermusic

    worked and slaved and played like hell!

  23. WeAreTheKerbcrawlers

    This is from the Sendai show - another truly excellent show.

  24. keveone


  25. music4ever

    How bout bringing this back in the setlist this Summer?? :)

  26. meinohama

    I believe this show was in Japan in 2003. During their tour in Japan, Robin caught cold and went see a doctor. How can you believe it from his powerful vocal ? No doubt he is one of the Best Vocalist in 100 years !