Charlie Puth - Go Round Lyrics

I gotta have you now, it's not an option.
You're taking off your blouse and I'm watching.
In front of your mirror, I turn the curtain down.
I couldn't be any clearer what we're gonna do now.

I wanna see you riding and grinding and
We're gonna get it right we're colliding we're
Gonna have to keep quiet, trying to keep it down.
You're taking off my shirt, for another go round.
For another go round.
For another go round.

I gotta have you now, just can't take it.
I wanna put you down when we're faded.
At the top of your lungs, you'll be screaming my name.
And we've gone too far to call it all the way.

I'll pick you up and lay you on the kitchen counter.
Say you couldn't do without it, I'm okay if you're about it.
Down on every direction, got me hypnotized.
I'm hallucinating, going out of my mind.
For another go round
For another go round

It's like every other evening let me see what you can do.
Yeah, ohohoh I got all this paper, let me throw it all on you.
For another go round.
For another go round.

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Charlie Puth Go Round Comments
  1. krp

    *Is it bad I’m hearing some Jungkook?*

  2. pedro Aparecido


  3. Laura Martini

    loved this song for years. wish it was on apple music :(

  4. fabiola amselmo

    meu ídolo

  5. spectacularvll

    the sexiest song change my mind

  6. ASMR Izzy

    I wish he still made music like this...not the music he makes now cause he blew up & just puts out radio play songs

  7. pedro Aparecido


  8. Lena Niemann

    Who is here because of a jungkook sex edit?:D

  9. Tim -

    his best song... hollywood ruined him

  10. Meme team dream queen

    This song slaps

  11. Riana De Koker

    Anyone else sent here by a bts jungkook edit

  12. Adiba Almas

    Always best

  13. Chire Garcia

    May 2019?

  14. lvsciousjin

    I watched a video😬..and now every time I listen to this I think of Jungkook🥴


    Rachel Arreola omg😂I think I know what you’re on about😆

  15. Pedro Henrique

    BRS chamem pra trocar idéias sobre o charlie 3398125016

  16. Tima Backonhershid

    LISTEN @ 75.x THANK ME LATER 😭❤️

  17. Rogue Star

    I wish I could find this on Spotify suggestions ???

  18. Gal Okashi

    Am I the only straight boy that loves his music?

  19. Beena Varma

    OMG.... 👍👍👌👌

  20. Caitlin Xx

    I came from a Jimin edit 😳

  21. lit cows

    I want to hear him sing this now because his voice and singing style has changed so much.

  22. yt._ alex

    Didn't expect that beat..damn

  23. MsDreamer187

    This is different for him to me. he normally sings more classy lyrics.

  24. Max Flores

    Anyone else still come back to this video in 2019? I know I do!!

  25. XilefProductions

    Brings me back to a time when i got someone I really wanted.....the song is hot still in Dec 2018

  26. Arbe Bitbit

    this could've been a fifty shades ost

  27. mangle and friends

    This song is dope

  28. K Tuck

    Still upset I can't get this anywhere.

  29. Amzad Khan

    Make this official 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  30. Zafor Salahuddin

    Boss of all songs in the world

  31. c y d f o y

    If he makes music video of this we'll prob die

  32. Phyllis Lupinacci

    Another great song. I love Charlie Puth so much.He is amazing. I vote for Charlie Puth for most handsome.

  33. Lacey Wallace

    Charlie is da best singer!!


    Lacey Wallace
    Of course ! 🍫

  34. chocolataecloud

    1:42 My favorite part of the song

  35. chocolataecloud

    And I'm back here... Again...

  36. Mistysmudge1

    WOW! What a sexy song , not sleazy though. His voice is gorgeous on this :D <3

  37. Kama_cat 2004

    It’s perfect....just perfect

  38. emma Brown

    I like this song he's singing about sex its in the words he's saying

  39. chocolataecloud

    I came here for Charlie but I'm kinda curious about those edits now 😂
    I'm a BTS and EXO fan and I read that there are edits of Jungkook and Kai

  40. chocolataecloud

    I can't get enough of this song. 😭🔥😍

  41. Anabel Landeros

    I plan on losing my V card to this song...

  42. steffi dizon

    a jungkook edit brought me here lmaoaoao

  43. esha nagpal

    I love Charlie .....He is divine

  44. Jesany Barnes

    Pongan velocidad en 1.25×

  45. רז אלפסי

    James Franco vine brought me 😱❤️

  46. DP Ukii

    I was braught here by a Kai vine 😂😂😂

  47. Camila Valencio

    I just got here from one of his songs

  48. Ap LaCheta

    2018 someone?

  49. Laura Puth Lovrich

    I saw this on Sophia Darlings' Snapchat story a min ago haha! 💚

  50. Laura Puth Lovrich

    Why am I only hearing this now?? 😍

  51. Laura Puth Lovrich

    OML 😍

  52. Charlie MOUF

    Je te love Charlie 😍😍

  53. des

    goddd Charlie, he messes with my hormones..

  54. wyling 4


  55. whatever

    2018 anyone?

  56. ecenaz k

    i was brought here because i stan charlie so

  57. finnwolfhardeditz xo


  58. Lucy Josephine


  59. shivam kumar

    I just love the old charile.
    aslo if you guys have time check out this song i did. It would mean a lot to me. :)

  60. Isabelle Constantine

    His voice makes my heart race faster, and that only happens when I run. Insane voice, sexy beat

  61. Shafiul Mujnabin

    Why the hell there arn't any lyrics of this song???? And why doesn't anyone know about this awsome song????


    Shafiul Mujnabin IKR?! This song should be so more famous. It's jus to good...

  62. Caitlin Hannah


  63. Caitlin Hannah


  64. reyes montoya

    An edit of markiplier brought me here I'm sorry don't kill me--

  65. Olive Sami

    Freakin’ eargasm right here DAAAAAAAMMMMMMN

  66. wynterwolf Rose

    Markiplier edits brought me here

  67. Bailey Barrow

    Markiplier edit brought me here

  68. G205 CorporateClover

    The chopped up beat or skits remind me of Tokyo!💯😎

  69. Zara Daniela

    I have a question, does anyone know what the official release date for this song is?

  70. Jacqueline Falenczyk

    Ich finde okay was machen deine Musik einfach cool Charlie puth

  71. Chula ボリ

    I've been looking for this song for a long time I'm so glad I found it! YAAAAA :)

  72. Taneisha Miller

    Just listening to this song can get you in the love making mood lololz

  73. Cole sprouse is daddy

    Am I the only one really flustered like damn?


    Cole sprouse is daddy I'm flustered

  74. Olive Sami

    The beat drop after the bridge is the sickest thing EVER

  75. J鸡

    I came after watching jikook my friends😂

  76. angel

    Such a shame so much of his stuff has been deleted. I've saved so much some of which has been deleted. 😓 any ideas how can transfer from utube to keep b4 the rest gets deleted?

  77. Sam Lopez

    This song is amazing why is this not in my life until now

  78. Gabriella _

    Someone hmu to tell me how I can download this because it's just 🤤

  79. Larry Stylinson


  80. lazy daniela

    When I see charlie puth, i click. U so awesome charlie~ your songs are so awesome

  81. Hazza LuV

    I'm confused though, why isnt this perfection on any album

  82. Karen Schneer

    This song is very classy and erotic .Listened 6 times already Bravo Charlie👍

  83. Mounlaho Samountry

    hi I love your voice 😍😴

  84. Daniela Arenas

    Evan peters edit brought me here😍

  85. Mounlaho Samountry

    I'am lison your song evry night I like all your songs thank you charlie

  86. Shekee

    The beat so cool, that's new sexy btw

  87. radaygen

    This song .. 😍💦

  88. Vicky L


  89. Ilah Masushi

    O shit waddup brought me here

  90. i want to die

    I came from a Markiplier edit..... yeah

  91. kingjunmyeon

    I was brought here by a playlist called 'sexual songs' and I totally agreee

  92. xaroxic

    A Instagram edit of the Dolan twins brought me here

  93. Samantha K

    Lowkey took forever to find this cause Ashley and Rachelle don't put the music in their videos description 🙃

  94. Allura Munoz

    a Markiplier edit brought me here😌

    xia icecream

    Allura Munoz
    Me to lol

  95. juliana quiles

    I loveee Charlie Puth's musicccc!!♡♡♡♡

  96. Julie Hopkins

    wow ! incredible voice, toke my breath away. this song can take people to fantasy world. such a beautiful song for ever !

  97. Mirella Smith

    Came here from Ashley n rachelle videooo😛✨