Charlie Puth - Could've Been Lyrics

Somebody give me, uh
Somebody give me the answer
Me and you isn't the answer
Me and you isn't
Maybe I'm tellin' myself that
But there ain't nothin' that'll change that
What good would it be, if I knew how you felt about me?

It could've been right but I was wrong
Only think 'bout you when I'm alone
Part of me that cared inside it's gone
And I know, that I can't, get caught up

We could've been
And we tried to pretend
Every now and again
We don't dream about, don't think about what
We could've been
Though I'm holding it in
'Cause I know in the end
You dream about, I think about what
We could've been
We could've been
We could've, damn

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Charlie Puth Could've Been Comments
  1. Rosegold

    Me in maths

  2. Regina Phalange

    Charlie Please Sing "Smelly Cats"

    Puth Fairy

    Omg he did!

  3. Adiba Almas

    Best Always

  4. ליבי מור

    Um... this is not a cover this is the demo of the song... he wrote it

    Hrishik Kaul

    no,its a cover

    Libby Mor

    @Hrishik Kaul he wrote the song. This is the demo.

    Hrishik Kaul

    @Libby Mor its the cover of the song made by HER

    Libby Mor

    @Hrishik Kaul Charlie isn't covering songs since he's 20 y/o (except "in my blood") an he wrote the song and sold it to H.E.R

  5. Ivan Lopez

    When will he release the full version of the song?

    Hrishik Kaul

    this is just the cover of a song

  6. lisa simpson

    ai đó hãy cho tôi,
    ai đó hãy cho tôi lời giải đáp,
    em và tôi chẳng phải là lời đáp đâu,
    chẳng phải em và tôi đâu!
    nhưng người ơi tôi đã tự nhủ với bản thân rằng, chẳng có gì thay đổi điều ấy,
    nó đã có thể tốt đến mức nào đây?
    nếu tôi biết em cảm nhận gì về tôi, có lẽ là đúng nhưng tôi đã sai lầm rồi,
    chỉ biết nghĩ về em khi cô đơn,
    một phần tôi cố trân trọng trong mình đã bảo rằng nó đã đi mất,
    và tôi biết, tôi không thể, bị bắt quả tang...
    ta, đã có thể,
    rằng ta cố để ngụy biện
    hết lần này rồi lại thế
    như ta đừng mơ về nó hay nghĩ đến nó nữa.
    ta đã có thể trở thành thứ mà tôi đã níu giữ,
    bởi tôi biết khi kết thúc em sẽ mơ về, tôi thì nghĩ đến điều nào
    ta có thể trở thành,
    ta có thể trở thành,
    ta đã có thể, khỉ thật...

  7. val dawn

    Sad... if I knew how you felt about me. The part of me that cared still cares. 😔

  8. s.s. h.

    Hey man! I just made a cover of this just using my ear...

  9. suden ama lisa

    Fazla güzel

  10. Vanessa Santos

    Música muito linda assim que eu gosto ??

  11. Ramiza S

    Got lost in the song.
    Waiting 4 more.
    Hope u put the whole song.
    Simply loved it.

  12. Sama Tarik

    Amazing 😍😍❤❤❤


    Not every song is about Selena...maybe its just a song ...

  14. Bby Nnge


  15. ons lamine

    Awesome thank you 😍💚 so much

  16. Samsusun Samsusan

    I just loved that part when he sang "get caught up"and started "we could've been" aaaaaaah love that part iam replaying it again and again.

  17. D'Afrique Rousseau

    Nope. Sorry, kid. Your voice has no depth. Nice try though😕 Look up Jovan Perez's cover. His voice is golden. Smooth as silk, gentle, but firm, and has depth. Jovan sounds better than Bryson.

    Chunkyspunky Puth

    D'Afrique Rousseau So this may sound extremely biased, but this is based off facts. Charlie has perfect pitch, and knows exactly how to sing. His voice is perfect and doesn’t need auto tune. No one asked for you opinion on Charlie’s cover, and if you have hate to spread towards this amazing artist, go ahead. And last time I checked, I know I have a great taste in music. Also, he has wrote multiple hits so...

    Baked Potato

    Chunkyspunky Puth True facts, I think he was just here to advertise Jovan’s channel 😒

    Ayesha Siddika

    @D'Afrique Rousseau ABAL😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Stella Iman

    I'm sorry but why are you even here then? If you dislike Charlie so much, why bother to listen to his songs/covers and post long hate comments. Stop spreading hate, if you like Jovan Perez soo much, go tell him instead of posting hate comments about Charlie. Everyone has their own choices in music, they should keep on listening to music _they_ like rather than giving hate and reforming other people. Everyone is awesome just like s/he is, if someone doesn't like a specific person, they shouldn't waste their time saying hateful comments. Life's too short for giving others hate, go enjoy music you like.

    Also, I don't think your comment will reach Charlie, I think you " _accidently_ " posted it on the wrong channel . Lol.

    Hrishik Kaul

    bro sorry but your comment didnt make sense at all

  18. cosas creativas fáciles y más

    Charlie puth forever

  19. Cp Family



    Cp Family
    Thank you so much for your love to the channel!

  20. Princess

    my hubby is the best 💕

  21. Doiy

    This is the demo or the full?

  22. Vinay Gaikwad

    Superb dude !! Nailed it !! It's burning here !! 🔥🔥🔥

  23. papiya singha roy

    He is always best.

  24. Meu kimchi apimentado

    Love it! Thanks for the lyrics <3


    Thank you! :D

  25. Mohammed Saleh

    Is this the full song ??

  26. Shubham sukum

    Awesome as always 😉😉

  27. Margherita Roberti

    OMG ❤️

  28. Stella Iman

    I subbed to you because you are fast at these things. Keep up the good work.


    Stepla Iman
    Thank You So Much For Your Support!

  29. Nirnitha R

    I didn't know I needed this..

  30. Chris Ryan

    Just no words to say anything 🔥🔥❤️❤️

  31. Hrishik Kaul

    just perfect!!

  32. Areen Mehta

    Your videos are


    Thank you. It means a lot to us

  33. Shruti Dark Gupta

    His voice is too soft for this song.


    Have you heard the original? Wtf are you talking about 😂 dont be that guy who's the only person being negative

  34. Kaitlyn McLaughlin

    his music helps me sleep a lot and this song is just so beautiful omfg

  35. uwu

    Wow Charlie does the best covers

    Christal M

    MochiMochi it’s not a cover idt


    Christal’s Life yh it’s a cover of could’ve been by ‘H.E.R’

    afsana Hossain

    @Christal M yes its a cover

  36. Lyrics4U

    Hello everyone! Thank you so much for your support and im really glad that we got 1000 subscribers (actually 1.1k Subscribers) I never thought that we could get this far...once again Thank You, please keep supporting...Enjoy! And have a great day!

    Emily And Molly

    Lyrics4U is this is new song?

    Areen Mehta


    Chris Araiza

    Damn this is Dope! I love this... my favorite song and he went there and covered it. Love.

  37. Saketh Kumar

    U are soo fast


    Thanks! :)