Charlie Puth - Betty Boop Lyrics

Alright gentleman
I want you to repeat after me
Just how I do it

Ra da da...
Your turn!
La da da...
Very good!
La da da...
Go ahead now!
La da da...
Good golly!
La da da...
Bring it around now!
La da da...
Ladies !
La da da...
Good golly!

La da da...

Ladies and gentlemen
May I present to you
Mr Charlie Puth on keys!
Aw yeah!

Bring the beat back!

Let me see your Betty Boop
When the beat drops

Alright ladies and gentlemen
That was very good
We're going to do the whole thing one more time
Follow my steps 2,3,4 and

Da da da...
What'd I say?
Da da da...
Very good!
La da da...
La da da...
Good golly!
La da da...
Bring it around now!
Ra da da...
La da da...
Good golly!
La da da...
Aw yeah!
Let's bring it on home!

Aw yeah!

Bring the beat back!

Let me see your Betty Boop
When the beat drops

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Charlie Puth Betty Boop Comments
  1. Gabriele Genota

    The beat: *drops*
    Me (in disgust): *Good golly*

  2. Genesis Gomez Rodriguez

    Y yo sola hablando Español

  3. Federal Bureau of Investigation

    It sound really like remix just like the dude from the remix said

  4. Неважно Кто

    *I think that beat is fitting, like, perfect.*


    uhh no.


    Are you okay? Do you need medical attention? Is this a cry for help?

  5. joonzjamz

    one word: TIK TOK

  6. Creepy Pasta Nyan

    This Music from:
    Good golly :3

  7. donniedaxx

    i deadass love the beat drop tho is it just me?

    thanos5015 !

    Same! It sounds awesome, and to me, it fits!

  8. VHollo

    I just don't think there's anything wrong with the drop.

  9. EmDieLess

    Yea the beat was out of the songs and ruins the electro swingy punch it has

  10. Carrot and Peas


  11. Sofia Belen Calderon Rojas

    Si amas a "betty boop" te agrego en mi lizta de los mejores😄😄 : )

    Leer más

  12. SeireiART

    1:12 H E T

  13. マーブル マーブル


  14. Úrsula df xD

    Me gusto mucho 😊👌
    Alguien que hable español?
    Me siento sola jajaja todos hablan inglés😔😂

    Úrsula df xD

    Por fin alguien 😋
    Soy feliz jajaja

    Barbi VM

    Jajaja ya somos dos 😉

    Victor Marcio

    Sou brasileiro mais tbm e dificim acha um BR AQUI PUTA Q PARIU

    Barbi VM

    Pues te das un cerrón chavo a ti también casi ni te entiendo

    Victor Marcio

    @Barbi VM eu entendi a sorte e q espanhol e parecido com a nossa língua

  15. Army Forever

    Wow me encanto la cancion la sigo escuchando 2020

  16. Nik Geniuses

    Am a big fan of electro swing, so the beat drop was nice for me

  17. Nicolai Hauberg Hansen

    Also the video doesn't make sense. Betty Boob isn't a Disney character. She's from Fleischer studios. And Felix the cat has Nothing to do with either of them.

  18. Gavin Schumaker

    Omg it's so cool!!!!!!!!!😁

  19. StrangerGaming

    I really like this song until the beat drops tho

  20. lucila detomas

    Like si vienes de tik tok xdxd xq los comentarios en ingles !!!!!????????!??

  21. Kyrisa Trevors

    I love this beat ❤❤❤

  22. Ayo Mation Kendils

    This song is rly gud for bendy and cup head

  23. James Wu

    I personally like the abruptness of the beat drop; it doesn't have the same tone as the rest of the track, but that's what makes it so daring. This juxtaposition was definitely original and gives the track its unique spice.

  24. Chezka

    Why are ya'll fighting like, damn.

  25. Ali's Alien

    The best ❤️

  26. امیر محمد آزادی

    his name is bettys boobs😂😂

  27. Senpai's Waifu

    To be honest the beat drop isn't bad in itself but in no way fitting to this type of song.

  28. yellow da bot

    99% of the comments:the beat does not fit

    Me:this is pure Mickey torture

  29. Mary Cabrera

    Lol i liked this tho everytime i hear this on tiktok

  30. Conqueror Ezreal

    That drop is pretty frickin insane. But it doesn't really fit the song as well as the 18 MILLION views vid did.

  31. Isabella pipitah

    Sharli put

  32. JiGar 27

    0:10 soy el único que escucha: "como ejeso" xdd

    Yazumi Castro

    No we xD

    Barbi VM

    Primer comentario en español después de un chingo🤣

    JiGar 27

    Ya era hora xd

  33. Sacramento Castro

    Am I the only one who is actually fine with the drop and doesn't mind being there?





  35. ღAesthetic Ratitoღ


  36. Paola Garcia

    ?Español alguien?

  37. Hi sonic

    I like the beat drop in the orinagle

  38. First name Last name

    Why did you have to bring Felix the Cat in this 😓

  39. gammy gaming

    Mickey mouse so fucking sexy

  40. Yukine The sound of Snow

    Creo que me acabo de enamorar de esto xd.

  41. Nayeli la furra


  42. infinitybunny

    i like the bass drop uwu

  43. Tumblr Nothing

    Like si hablas español y si conociste la canción por tik tok

  44. Jasmine McAvoy

    I had to hear the original and good God...

  45. Richard’s Testicle Head

    It’s a bit jarring to think you’re listening to electro swing and get hit with the trap beat. I still kind of like the song.

  46. cardboard box

    i am here only bc i love old cartoons and this music fits them(exept the drop of course)

  47. Thatanimeboytwentyseven _

    People are retarded this beat is fucking hard af

  48. Smuby

    Ah yes enslaved cringe

  49. iiSøy Milk

    Felix the cat. Me and my brother watched it every time

  50. melyssa fogasso

    Quem veio pelo tik tok?

    Elisa Galamba

    Eu claro 🤫🤫🤫🤗

    Hikaru Dreemurr

    Eu não

  51. I don't care that I'm alone

    my Nana put this on and was dancing at a very... loud volume, so when the beat dropped the whole house shook and I heard my Bubba scream "EARTHQUAKE!" I don't think I've ever laughed that hard in my life!!

  52. Finn Murray

    Screen recording be like


    Beat drop is so loud that it made my hairline go back all the way to Russia and I live in the USA

  54. Nash


    Joseph Buck

    IM NOT THE ONLY ONE?!?!?!?!

    Stykkz LoL

    because charlie puth was going for a big room track but he failed and made everything else similar to electro swing

    Stykkz LoL

    @KK this song was made back in 2014

  55. Jack Crenshaw

    I'm I the only one who loves the drop. Other people say it doesn't fit, but I think it fits perfectly

  56. Corgi Dragon

    I was sad when I found out that everyone hated the drop. I think it's great and that it makes the song sound kinda like you're flipping through a radio (even though a radio wouldn't have that kind of music) Of course it's your opinion and I can't really change it but I guess I just had to throw mine out there.

    Also, I'm gonna be that person who just says "who else thinks of Hazbin hotel?"

    Have a good day/night

  57. Fernando Mendoza oconnor

    Alguien español?

  58. 0bowtie0 owo

    Yeah the beat drops e r r I b l e

  59. Kenny

    OMGGG... I want to hear the old version again

  60. Ryzer Fighter

    Snoxh merch musik😂

  61. maher 99 hercki

    Te juro ke me a gasistaರ_ರ

  62. CTG_AverageJoe

    I can't help but laugh when hearing the drop from how out of place it is. Still a good drop just not in the right song.

  63. Jimmy TehFreak

    Only reason this isnt bombed with downvotes is because noone can hate on felix the cat.

  64. Jade Rom Lucero

    Why am I playing this when halloween ended 😂😂😂

  65. Dance


  66. TNT Family

    Wait what did the beat drop sound like in the original

    i luv pancakes 0w0

    we don't speak about that

  67. LaraNuKe 145

    the guys singing sounds like Alastor a bit

    Tailcoat Games

    That’s what every transatlantic scent sounded like

    Carrot and Peas



    Holy crap

    Wolf Wolf 28

    Oh shit he does

    Olek Lolek

    LaraNuKe 145 oh yea xdd

  68. Christopher Hansen

    Drop is nasty, love this song

  69. S T R E S S

    The drop would actually sound good, if it wasn’t that much of an electro swing.


    The drop is no where near electro swing

  70. I Draw

    The beat drop does not fit the song I saw this video of a remixed version it was so much better

    Romeo Trevino

    Its call led techno swing for a reason

  71. I hate my life and it hates me back

    It's like the music equivalent of seeing a victorian house with glass block windows.

  72. Jack

    Welche Musik richtung?

  73. •Copyto •


  74. SLV2400


    Romeo Trevino

    Sadly no, benn trying or find it but can't.

  75. Dj Gravity

    With What software dit u make it??

  76. Dj Gravity

    I like tis

  77. daniel garza

    Good song, But I don't like that genre change at the drop

  78. Cityscapes

    The beat isn't even that bad?? Its not the best but it totally doesn't sound that bad.

  79. Danny Duque

    Drop is Fire
    animation adds to the effect :D

  80. the milkman explains Peter explaining the joke

    People can't just keep saying "it's so out of place!" Without any evidence. Now I'm going to tell you WHY it doesn't fit, and not just by saying dubstep and swing don't mix together because anyone with even a hint of musical knowledge know pretty much anything works together if executed properly however this was not. The electro swing style is made up of alot of old time-y sounds a bit like an orchestra, it feels full of life and more human like becuase of the little imperfections and misplayed notes here and there, making it more authentic. The drop was quite the opposite of this, simplistic and modern with a melody that did not fit the rest of the song at all.

    Little kitty Kiki animate

    the milkman explains Peter explaining the joke calm down your hands

    arcadia melife

    im gonna go ahead and say it.


    Alex Crisan

    ok boomer

    the milkman explains Peter explaining the joke

    @Alex Crisan _right back at ya buckaroo_


    Será que sou o único BR aqui;-;

  82. Kiwi Productions

    lmao I remember listening to this on loop while building a minecraft mansion on factions for 4 million dollars

  83. New Baka

    Bendy: 3

    New Baka

    @DomesticatedBendy eu so lembrei do bendy

    Romeo Trevino

    @New Baka it isn't bendy, cringe.

  84. my name is a mystery

    Beat drop was good, but bad for the song.

  85. fresher than febreze

    I don't think the drop is that bad...

  86. Chiharu nightcore's

    Idk why everyone hates the original beat o loved it

    Cherry Multifandom

    Alot hate it because the beat seems put of place for this song. I don't personally hate nor like it, but it does seems a bit off

  87. *Insert inetersting name here* pls

    Ok that beat just- *sigh* what

  88. Anonym 234

    Hallo bin von Snoxh da wer noch?

  89. Nathan Slonaker

    I don’t get why people don’t like the drop... the out of place drop sounds really good imo

    Corgi Dragon

    I 100% agree. I was so sad when I found out everyone hated it but I thought it made the song unique

    Richard’s Testicle Head

    I think it’s a bit generic but it’s not bad

    Alex Guerrero

    dude i agreee

  90. Myro Addicar

    the drop is not nearly as bad as some ppl are making it out to be but it was kinda out of place

  91. Dennis Sanc


  92. memester

    80% of the comments: 2019?

    Bruh, this video was MADE in 2019


    @Nick Desert the original was 2018, this is the republished version, wich is made in 2019

    Marijuana Boots

    Maybe you should replace MADE to Uploaded xD

    Gabi Chlup Lps

    @Nick Desert maybe it was private he is right

    Frandy pro

    0% of the coments 2020?

    Gabi Chlup Lps

    @Frandy pro 1% cuz they start to write this

  93. *Crin Thea

    Aand i clearly wont sleep well tonight