Charlie Daniels Band, The - Ragin' Cajun Lyrics

From a town in Louisiana on the wrong side of the tracks,
came a rowdy Ragin Cajun by the name of Rupernac,
He was harder than a hickory long and thinner than a rail,
He was faster than a Copperhead and he weren't afraid of hell,
He turned 18 in the Parish courthouse facin' 10 to life,
about some altercation in a beer joint with a knife,
He said judge, I mean "Your Honor" I hope you'll understand,
but if it happened here today I think I'd do it all again,
'cause you don't get up in my face, you don't call my mama names,
you don't whistle in my kitchen, you dont pull my big dogs chain,
I don't mean no disrespect but I been stubborn, all my life

He'd been two years in prison when his cousin Jay came down,
said his sister was in trouble in some far off Northern town,
He broke out of jail that night and left a note behind,
I'll see ya'll in a week or so, till then I'm hard to find,
He found her in a tavern up in westside Buffalo,
Gave her a one way ticket home and pushed her out the door,
Said I'm lookin for the man who done my little sister harm,
he's a soul destroying punk that stuck a needle in her arm,
and some pimp back in the corner, started makin' himself small,
but he grabbed him by the collar and he pushed him to the wall,
He said you try to run away, you gone regret it, all your life,

The Cajun started laughin' when the pimp pulled out a knife,
He said I oughtta kill ya, but I'm gonna spare your life,
With one sledgehammer fist he knocked him sprawlin' on the floor,
and then he kicked him in his forked end, and he headed for the door,
He walked on down the sidewalk and hit the Southern trail,
He went back to Louisiana and he walked into the jail,
He said I had some business up above the bunkie line,
but my debts have all been settled and I've come to do my time,
and I hope I didn't cause no trouble, I wasn't tryin' to run away,
But a feller owed me somethin' and I had to make him pay,
Besides, I'm kind of proud I been a coonass all my life.

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