Charlie Daniels Band, The - In America Lyrics

Well the eagle's been flyin' slow
And the flag's been flyin' low
And a lot of people sayin' that America's fixin' to fall
Well speakin' just for me
And some people from Tennessee
We've got a thing or two to tell you all
This lady may have stumbled
But she ain't never fell
And if the Russians don't believe that
They can all go straight to hell
We're gonna put her feet back
On the path of righteousness and then
God bless America again

And you never did think
That it ever would happen again (In America, did you?)
You never did think
That we'd ever get together again
(We damn sure fooled you)
Yeah, we're walkin' real proud
And we're talkin' real loud again (In America)
You never did think
That it ever would happen again

From The Sound up in Long Island
Out to San Francisco Bay
And everything that's in between them is our own
And we may have done a little bit
Of fightin' amongst ourselves
But you outside people best leave us alone
'Cause we'll all stick together
And you can take that to the bank
That's the cowboys and the hippies
And the rebels and the yanks
You just go and lay your hand
On a Pittsburgh Steelers' fan
And I think you're gonna finally understand

And you never did think
That it ever would happen again (In America, did you?)
You never did think
That we'd ever get together again
(We damn sure fooled you)
Yeah, we're walkin' real proud
And we're talkin' real loud again (In America)
You never did think
That it ever would happen again


And you never did think
That it ever would happen again (In America, did you?)
You never did think
That we'd ever get together again
(We damn sure fooled you)
Yeah, we're walkin' real proud
And we're talkin' real loud again (In America)
You never did think
That it ever would happen again

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Charlie Daniels Band, The In America Comments
  1. George Hahn

    119 America haters

  2. Florida Boy

    Those Iranians better be glad they didn't accidentally kill someone shooting off those bottle rockets. If they got any sense at all, they missed on purpose

  3. texknight67

    After hearing Charlie's comments to Iran, had to hear this.

  4. Lemmy Cash

    If the Democrats don't believe that they can all go straight to hell

  5. Random Person online

    I'm gonna play this in the years following the takeover from China and I'm gonna smile knowing they south is finally dead.

  6. Luis Bravo

    Viva Mexico

  7. Christopher Casadonte

    This is a lot more country than the pop shit playing today.

  8. Christopher Casadonte

    This needs to get back to the airwaves. If I ever ran for office this would be my campaign song...

  9. Jack Stitt

    Song seems even more valid than when it was written! Loves me some Charlie Daniels band!

  10. Amy O O

    Remembering all our veterans today 11-11. This country is nothing without you.

  11. brianwesley28

    Lay your hands on a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and you'll find that Americans will fight for petty reasons, but won't stand up to the bankers, corporations, etc..

    Robert DiCenzo

    Your argument makes no sense. "Laying your hands on a Steelers fan" is an act of violence, and Americans have a right to and will defend themselves against acts of violence. And Americans don't "stand up" to the bankers and corporations because most of us have no problem with others being successful in a free market, as long as they leave us well enough alone. Nice try, though, lib. Nice try. But America is the best country ever to grace the Good Lord's Earth and always will be. God Bless America!


    @Robert DiCenzo Americans are allowing their country to become a Third World cesspool while the elite loot it and white genocide occurs. They're tough, though, when it comes to sporting rivalries. Bread and circuses to control the masses.

    “Films, football, beer, and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult…."

    - George Orwell

    Most Steelers fans have no clue what '1984' is, or who George Orwell is, but they may know who won the Super Bowl in 1984, while realizing on a conscious level that society has gone to shit since that time, if prompted to, but not on their own without prompting to contemplate it.

    Robert DiCenzo

    @brianwesley28 Third world cesspool? White genocide? Look, I'm not going to insult you, because generally I like to engage in civil discourse with those whom I disagree with. But if you think America is a third world country with a genocide going on, you clearly have no grasp on facts or reality. Therefore any further conversation with you is pointless. I hope you get the help you need, sir.

  12. Lloyd Dailey

    whoever don't like America , we aren't forcing you to stay !

  13. Kyle Shiflet

    I don't like Trump but I love my country and my home state of Texas and I support our troops and veterans

  14. crabtrap

    Trump! 2020

  15. Donald Garrison

    F**k all you commie bastards "TRUMP" 2020 God Bless AMERICA!!

  16. browneyeddevil 15

    God Bless Donald Trump again!!!!🇺🇸😁

  17. Frosty Ghost

    Freedom haters, this is for you.

  18. Sergio Rivera

    The Charlie Daniels Band
    "In America"
    #11, 1980.

  19. Michael Baker

    I AM Pittsburgh Steelers fan... suck it you left wing bitches.. trump will win 2020

  20. aowi7280

    We all need a little more patriotism.

  21. Christopher Green

    This song had a brief reprise after 9/11!

  22. 85Funkadelic

    I used to love this song cuz it made me feel unity with my fellow Americans but I'm starting to believe you're a bunch of traitors.
    You certainly support trators from our past history. I guess it only follows that you would support trators in the modern day.


    Wow,ur taken in by the socialist/commie narrative.
    Stop man. If u don't like America,traditional America, then keep hating. Check yourself.

  23. Mom Rock

    Lets go Pittsburgh

  24. Dick Scrubbins

    Charlie Daniels... nuff said

  25. Inglorious Bastard《《希望》》


  26. Derrick Wilson

    For Colin Kaepernick and all of the other flag hating Commies

    joe hiller

    They can leave nobody will miss em

  27. L 3

    No body in America is working together rn. They need to my generation (I was born in 2001) is ruining this country because they refuse to work together to better the world everyone wants to fuck over the side they don’t like. We need my generation to grow up and work together keep America great. God bless America

  28. Deanne North

    Love you Charlie !!!!

  29. the Preacher

    Repent for the time of jesus christ God return is near amen God bless America woop woop

  30. Knidrew

    To the folks who think Donald Trump doesn't represent America: This comment's for you. Oh, and this song kicks ass.

  31. cowboysteel

    Well we damn sure fooled ya.... AMERICA

  32. Andy Solomon

    Yes this Trump win we makes America great again Obama did no a dam thing so I can say Trump wins so fuck Obama . Build the fucking wall


    maybe not Trump , yet, "TRUMPISM"

  34. Mark Wright

    Charlie Daniels for President, forever

  35. Margaret Mercier

    Tell it Charlie!!

  36. HTX original

    You outside people best leave us alone

  37. Gumball Watterson

    Hell ya MERCA

  38. American Spy [1940s]


  39. Rhonda Dickson

    This is how I feel right now. Thank you Donald Trump! Best thing to happen to this country in a very long time or maybe ever.


    TGFPT = Thank God For President Trump -----


    @Andy Solomon

    Unlike YOU I'm a Conservative.

    Funny how you Trumpanzees think that anyone who doesn't worship your god-king.... that filthy lying corrupt treasonous Anti-American left-wing pig #Trump.... is a Hillary supporter.

    You mindless zombie #Trump cultists seem to forget your god-king #Trump was a major Hillary supporter for decades!

    Trump is one of the largest single contributors to the corrupt Clinton Foundation.

    Ivanka and Chelsea Clinton are very close friends and running buddies!

    Now go grab your Trumpy Bear and run to your safe space and have a good cry!

    Dari Cupp

    @garyp4205 yes he is

    Mom Rock

    garyp4205 r/woosh

    Mom Rock

    Dari Cupp no he’s not

  41. Cj West

    I Love the Song America by CHARLIE Daniels.My opinion Trump needs to get his.Pussy Ass Up there and Fight himself instead of these Sweet Men and Women That Have Families and a Heart TOO.... What a Dumbass Trump is A Idiot and a Pussy PEACE ✋ CJ 🐍➕🐼


    Hahahahahahaha ................ Idiot !

  42. Silver Fox

    well we damn sure did

  43. David Chassaing

    This is now true since President Trump and not Duchbag Obama.


    @Mark Wright

    I lived during the time democrats ran Texas. The rest of the country boomed while they ran companies out of the state with their socialist bullshit..... and of course their terror unit, the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan ran wild.

    I saw first hand what democrats, direct spawns of Satan, were capable of.

    Texans haven't allowed a democrat to hold statewide office in 25 years. Now Texas is booming, thriving, while most of the country is in trouble.

    That filthy lying corrupt treasonous Anti-American left-wing pig #Trump is a LIFELONG DEMOCRAT.... a liberal... And with that, I rest my case.

    BTW... all of those "talking heads" on the flat screen tend to worship that filthy pig #Trump.

    Go learn history.

    Your democrat party.... Racism and Hate since 1828!


    @garyp4205 --- Once you get your head out of your ass , know this. I too was once a Democrat. It was a Family Tradition. Like President Trump, I realized the Democrats of today are NOT the Democrats I grew up with and changed Party's.
    For someone who " thinks " he knows Trump doesn't know shit about him. He has turned this country around on a Dime compared to what it was under Barry.
    Go to : MAGAPILL.COM and see what he has accomplished for this country.
    The comments will say Accomplished in 2 years but it has all taken place in about 20 months.

    Andy Solomon

    We will rise together bulid the wall

    Andy Solomon

    Trump can't do anything because of pussy ass mother fucker in Congress is stop get your fact straight

  44. jb ohio

    God bless America again!