Charlie Daniels Band, The - Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye Lyrics

Sittin' on a bar stool actin' like a durn fool
That's what I'm a-doin' today
Sitting' her drinkin' tryin' to keep from thinkin'
I'm a boozin' my troubles away
Well now I couldn't make her stay, well doggone her anyway
She can't say that I didn't try.
Pour me another one, I'm finished with the other one
I'm drinkin' my baby goodbye.

Everytime we disagreed
She was always askin' me
Are you a man or a mouse?
Now that she's gone
She probably thinks I'm home
Just a mopin' around the house
She probably thinks that she's the one thing
I just couldn't get along without
Well wouldn't it surprise her I got a sympathizer
As long as these bottles hold out

Sittin' on a bar stool actin' like a durn fool
That's what I'm a-doin' today.
Sitting' her drinkin' tryin' to keep from thinkin'
I'm a boozin' my troubles away.
Well now I couldn't make her stay, well doggone her anyway
She can't say that I didn't try.
Pour me another one, I'm finished with the other one
I'm drinkin' my baby goodbye.

Every time I try to sit down and talk to her
It always ends up in a fuss.
I tried to reason with her right up to the time
She got on that Greyhound bus.
It would be better if I could forget her
'Cause she sure forgot about me.
And if takes all night I'm gonna' do it right
I'm gonna' sit here till I can't see.

Sittin' on a bar stool actin' like a durn fool
That's what I'm a-doin' today
Sitting' her drinkin' tryin' to keep from thinkin'
I'm a boozin' my troubles away
Well now I couldn't make her stay well doggone her anyway
She can't say that I didn't try
Pour me another one, I'm finished with the other one
I'm drinkin' my baby goodbye

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Charlie Daniels Band, The Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye Comments

    If ur still at the table & not dancin when this comes on 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️


    LOOOVE Charlie Daniels band

  3. amber dog1

    # faith

  4. K amar


  5. Toni House

    Watched some many of his concerts, he’s the best.

  6. Travis Nunnally

    CDB oil wil cure what ails you.

  7. Christy Rowland

    Drink them all away.

  8. Jonathon Taylor

    I'm a huge fan of Charlie Daniels and his music it's awesome. My favorite songs is the South is going to do it again and the devil went to Georgia

  9. Dwane Voetberg

    you got a be a liberal to not like this song.

  10. Christy Rowland

    I would drink alot of my baby"s Good bye.

  11. Katherine Martindale

    this is some hell raisin' music

  12. Amber lamp labarge

    love this damn song

  13. Bryan Bridges

    This guy is a legend.

  14. Michael Cargill

    Damn i needed to hear that

  15. Teresa Warren

    I love this one

  16. derek0173

    My favorite of CDB

  17. April B

    Met CD before a concert. Cool and AWESOME concert.

  18. dr1321

    that bitch....

  19. tooez90

    One of my good friends songs' that he played in his band...he passed in 2014 at 48...fucking cancer...cheers to you on

  20. Some Dude

    Thanks 100.1 wglc for introducing me to this song i cant sit still when it plays! Absolutely great!

  21. Joe Meckel

    King of the fiddle!

  22. Jake McKay


  23. JL Sagely

    CD is a good guy. Great player too.

  24. King WA

    Now that's a song. Charlie still rules.

  25. 78chevymalibu

    I have needed this since Saturday after my ex picked her stuff up from my place!

  26. Nick The Music Snob

    Singing this after heartbreak

  27. Preston Frazier

    Whos here in 2019!

  28. Jeremy Davis

    Tribute @ it's fullest

  29. nightmaronelmstreett

    I would just like to point out that I'm a real cdb fan and this is definetly not on the decade of hits album but you know what I love this song all the same

  30. Dante Gant

    Complete trash

    Founders Movement

    Who... your mom?

  31. April Sowle

    This is my song soooo myyyyyyyyyy and one thing myyyyyyy so~~~~~

  32. Summer Edge

    Who says you gotta be drinking your baby goodbye, maybe just a country woman having a drink

  33. Marc

    Man , I just saw him in Baltimore. This was his opening song. 82 years old and still kicking @$$!!

  34. tripjet999

    Nothing like a little ditty celebrating the "virtues" of the alcohol drug.

  35. Mark Armstrong

    So 344 queers voted thumbs down.

  36. Taylor Dammann

    I think i had 2 many.*falls to the floor*

  37. Daniel Haynes

    American hero u are.....only thing to ever happen in Payson Az....That's what im ah do n todaeyyy happy Memorial Day to yall

  38. Daniel Haynes

    Thank you for your performance in Payson Az . At the salute to the veterans 😉🤘🤙👌

  39. Robert Schreiber


    Billy Turner

    I know what u mean I use to have jukebox speakers on my oldstreiro. I know the neighbors out after 10 minute
    I had the hold neighborhood rocking

    Robert Schreiber

    @Billy Turner LOVE IT!

    Some Dude

    Thats what i waa thinking


    I agree

  40. tfs4499

    The good stuff!!!

  41. Travis Nunnally

    I love his music even though he is a hypocritical piece of shit.

    Founders Movement

    Found the liberal fgt

    Travis Nunnally

    @Founders Movement is that your Christian name? Cwd

    Travis Nunnally

    @Founders Movement all you had to do was look over your shoulders

  42. Dylan Gilbertson

    Sitting on a the 12 oclock news blues

  43. Joyce Wood

    Hell yes

  44. jeffrey taylor

    Charlie,Daniels for president, Hank Jr. for V.P WORKS FOR ME !

  45. Alexis Green-Hernandez

    I love this song.

  46. jeffrey young

    Love CDB. Have seen him in concert 5 times. never get enough. Took my 14 yo daughter to see him about 10 years ago and got to meet him, genuine nice guy. My daughter is still a fan 10 years later.

  47. Camden Carroll

    What was going through these peoples minds when they hit that fuckin thumbs down?

  48. Rebecca Holt

    First time hearing this Awesome song !!Charlie Daniels Band is great to dance to !!

  49. chester thompson

    Keep playing that fiddle Charlie, Colton.

    chester thompson


  50. joe who

    Bud light please!

  51. Mike Witcombe


  52. Jackson Burns

    Ain't no g in drinkin'

  53. Rickey Engle


  54. johnny buckles

    this old southern country music never gets old, was listening to CDB back in 86 when I was a teenager

  55. Mikey Mcozzy

    I already drank my baby goodbye, didn't have to dwell on it either

  56. Renee Bufford

    I think this song

  57. love hurts badly

    Bring that bottle

  58. jeps dog

    Uncle Charlie plays it like it is and has been for a long time

  59. Johnnie Campbell

    this is what I call 200 proof country music!

  60. Nathan Mysza

    I saw this live......

    About 20 years ago now.

    Berlin, OH.

  61. Billy Magnus

    Sat across a table from this wonderful man twice! It was on his bus in Marietta, Ga. He is an amazing man, and one of my favorite musicians. He's so genuine and down to earth. I asked him if he would sign a picture for my momma and daddy. He asked their names, and told me to thank them for being fans. Love you Charlie!

  62. Rick Baldwin

    When I was in Iraq in 2009 the Charlie Daniels Band came and he opened his show with this song, he performed for an hour and a half and stayed for a extra 3 hours to sign autographs and pose for pictures for every soldier that wanted one. He is a true American.

    Nick The Music Snob

    Thanks for your service

    Dan Cooper

    That makes me proud😁😁😁

    Harold Eivins

    I have been THANK YOU brother! God bless . home u. are home safe. stand tall & fight the passed

    Justin Couffer

    I saw CDB at Navy bootcamp Sep, 11,2003. Great show and a nice break from training

    Danny -boy

    Thank you for your service. Sometimes words don’t feel like enough to express my gratitude. Thank you.

  63. j baumun

    Who ever wrote this is one Hell u va poet

  64. Ted Nugent

    Back when Charlie was Charlie. Come back to the dark side Charlie.😀

    Mike Perkins

    LMAO 😂. He's never been dark.

  65. eyoung2289

    You have to be total dumbazz to thumbs down this classic great


    You didn't think that out of 7 billion people there wouldn't be at least 295 dumbazzes, did you?

    Mike Perkins

    I wouldn't dare. Full blast 3times !


    414morons with taste in their ashes...

    niki rorvik

    Who dosen't love CDB!!

    Denny Evans

    Funny. Good line about the dumb asses. Thanks. I needed a chuckle

  66. Erika Hoffman

    Luke Bryan isn't bad. new country is different than old country. old is better I will agree on that

  67. Joe Groves III

    I'm 15 and this song always reminds me and my mom of our aunt that passed and CDB always knows what he's doing!!!

  68. Emily Reyna

    This kind of sounds like highway by josh ward is it just me

  69. Whit Perry

    Can't get better than that

  70. Nicole Striker

    Real country music

    Ted Nugent

    With an "O" and everythang!!!!

  71. Dustin Lee Benefield

    I'mma sit here til I can't see!!

  72. Mike Rollins

    you can't drink love away look at Keith Whitley..oh yeah and by the way Lorrie he loves you

  73. John Baggerman

    Still a badass song, fuck yea!!!

  74. James Garner

    So who said he's a weirdo ? Who are you?

  75. Wikkid Insane

    Back when country music was the shit

  76. Breanna Neville

    great song I love it

  77. Vicki Moore

    Just saw Charlie this past saturday night at the KSHE 95 Pig Roast 2018 IN St.Louis,Mo He still has it man!! We had a blast! Still going strong at 82 yrs old!! YeeHaw!!

  78. guinns playlist Guinn

    You 197 people are stupid to dislike this

  79. Sherrie Goetting

    Bad ass

  80. James w. Scarber

    I pity those four children you mindless idiot....your probably a liberal...I loathe people like are making the rest of us Ill...............

  81. mike cubes

    this is country

    JL Sagely

    Yes. Observant.

  82. Ruby Wolf

    i dont blame the thumbs down ppl they are just tune death and not southern


    yankees like him too ma'am . don't put all the rotten ppl up here. y'all have ur share of moron's in the south too

    Ruby Wolf

    i ment no disrespect and i know there is a fair share of people who are morons from ths outh * throws rock at brother * i just ment that most city folks don't enjoy or respect this kinda music and i sencryly apoligies for not wording it correctly

  83. Denise Hedden

    Good ole country

  84. Daniel Munoz

    This song is on my spring break party list

  85. mspocahontas

    Nobody fiddles like Charlie

    Tawny Whyte

    HE TOOK 15 MINUTES BREAK CAMEBAK OUTRICK IT LIKE HE like he didnt taken an break

    Melissa Keota

    he is the best makes that fiddle talk

    Brian R

    Doug kershaw can.


    I bet those strings are smoking by the end of this song.

  86. Wildangel 440

    Now that is what I call real music not like todays music.

    Sofia Lyons

    Michael Ruppert i grew up on this too lol except my dad and i would be swing dancing in our living room to this stuff ! loved it and we still do it

    Michael Ruppert

    @Sofia Lyons My dad been gone 8yrs now. I lost my best friend and favorite log hauling partner. But I will always have the memories.

    Challenge Accepted

    @Michael Ruppert I cut wood with my dad as a kid. 50 years later still love it.

    Jackie Lange

    The truth

  87. Greg Davis

    helluva good song

  88. Austin Bryson

    Whoever dislikes can go straight to hell with them Russians

    michael standrews

    Austin Bryson no I'd say whoever doesn't like this song can go up to Canada with the pansy asses

    Landen YT

    Austin Bryson and then he can battle the devil in a fiddle battle over the golden fiddle and their souls 😂😂

    Tim R

    dam commies

  89. Renee Bufford

    I love this song

  90. Karen Hohn

    chronic... chronicle off my country ass love all these songs.w.b.b.sick

  91. K V D

    Hell yea

  92. Renee Bufford

    I love this song

  93. Terrell Tiller

    I love me some Charlie Daniels

  94. Mitchel Kistler

    The Charlie Daniel's band is a good band and i love to sing and dance to that kind of music

  95. Renee Bufford

    I love this song

  96. Renee Bufford

    I love this song

  97. Austin Bryson

    124 people are either deaf or stupid

  98. Gail Suss

    Just as good as the Dead's music

  99. cherokeegrl

    Pour me another one I'm finished with the other one

    Mike Perkins

    Absolutely 👍💯❤️ !

    April Sowle

    Meh agreed

    April Sowle

    Meh agreed 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎸🎙🎙🎙goodddddd 💖💖💖

    April Sowle