Charli XCX - So Far Away Lyrics

Give me the poison
I love the poison
Hooked on the poison

I can’t believe all those things that you said
You broke my heart and you fucked with my head again
So I run (so long ago and so far away)
I can’t believe all those things that you said
You are the poison, I’ll drink the poison

Get out my head, get out my bed
I don’t believe those, the words that you said
Pocket of lies, crystal blue eyes
Hit the ground hard when I’m dropped from the skies
You’re coming up when I’m going down
Never in sync so we just sink and drown
Press restart and reboot my heart
But I’m not a robot so I fell apart
Before the moment that we met we were chatting on the Internet
Getting kinda close through the posts that we were looking at
I was pretty confident, you were pretty into that
I linked you to my music just to see if you’d be into it
So fuck the prologue, read the Internet blogs
"Gonna love this star and it came from the clubs."
I wasn’t looking for a fuck, I was looking for a bad boy
Bad boy, motherfucker, destroy

I can’t believe all those things that you said
You broke my heart and you fucked with my head again
So I run (so long ago and so far away)
I can’t believe all those things that you said
You are the poison, I’ll drink the poison
I want the poison, I need the poison
Give me the poison
I love the poison
Hooked on the poison

(So far away
So long ago and so far away
So far away
So long ago and so far away)

Now I know for sure that we’ve got to end this
You don’t get no last kiss
‘Cause you’re so damn crazy
And I’m so damn helpless
So don’t text my number
And don’t call my mother
I can’t see your face now
‘Cause this is over

I can’t believe all those things that you said
You broke my heart and you fucked with my head again
So I run (so long ago and so far away)
I can’t believe all those things that you said
You are the poison, I’ll drink the poison
(So long ago and so far away)

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Charli XCX So Far Away Comments
  1. Brice Nø_Name

    I was so proud of her at this period, a listened to her music and she lead my life... I was so young!!!
    This girl is a angel, she deserves all of happiness... I love this girl, and I'll always love her. Thank you really...

  2. eric eduardo

    2019, almost in 2020.... and i'm still here

  3. Austin Richards


  4. Austin Richards

    She can rap and sing get you a bitch that can do both

  5. Austin Richards

    Yass queen

  6. Waterteal

    Just discovered this song. I can’t explain how GREAT this song is!!! It’s ethereal and so unique😭

  7. Daniel

    The other alt pop girlies today wish to have what Charli had in 2013 with True Romance

  8. 煙和蠍子煙和蠍子


  9. Elizabeth Arredondo

    My favorite ♡

  10. Don Seagrave

    myspace days she is a superstar now.

  11. i miss tumblr

  12. nairobi gonzalez

    Amo esta cancion aunque las famosas son re mierda

  13. C Murphy

    Talented girl..

  14. victoria torres

    I miss this Charli

  15. Luistartup


  16. Pedro de Oliveira

    makes me feel nostalgic as fuck

  17. Andrew Wells

    👁🙏🏼tonight... 9est.. 💕.... 6 yrs ago? Ava was 1 IsabELLA (ur twin).... piper loved Ariel at this time...👁🤔🙏🏼🔥💡....💕

  18. Emilia 123

    She WAS tumblr queen

  19. 煙和蠍子煙和蠍子

    THEM LIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. and doppy

    So far away . i miss this girl

  21. Patricia Pantaleon sosa

    The best version of Charli xcx 💋

  22. Anne ?

    I'd just like to say cops are annoying to me

  23. Nathalie Álvarez

    This make me feel nostalgic

  24. Guy

    Such a classic!!!!!

  25. Haughty Gamer

    I love dis song sm!!

  26. Haughty Gamer


  27. mia x

    I hear summ!

  28. o! u812?


  29. Pedro Cardoso

    I miss her old vibe. But sometimes I think It would feel displaced nowadays.

    mia x

    I feel like whatever style she chooses is her. If she went back to this style it would be awesome and i think it fits.

  30. Ignasio Castillo

    I love this 80s synth pop feel.❤❤❤

  31. Paul Leepoy

    Lsd,cocaine,marijuana,mushrooms,extacy pills,and hash

  32. diane abi

    Cette vidéo est sortie le jour de mon bday!!

  33. Queen Eiquna

    I’m happy this song doesn’t have a million views cause it’s too perfect for just ANYONE

  34. Miya

    My angel👼🏻💖

  35. Zdzislaw Rzesiowski

    hewra jest potężna

  36. Cherry

    Ok everyone’s commenting bout “missing the old charli” but come on. She’s evolving. And I actually love this song

  37. kenny

    best song of her so far

  38. JUSLG

    this video invented tumblr

  39. Julia Anderson

    Recently rediscovered this masterpiece 💓

  40. Aleksi Lahtinen

    Win smoke temple bounce wrist shout everything ethnic injure post DNA staff slightly thing

  41. Aymeric Dury

    Never knew Charli did stuff like this i'm just BLOW AWAY ... I wanted to listen to Pop2 because i liked SOME song from sucker, but THIS ? Wow holy shit she IS very deep in fact and would love her to go back to this, i've discovered this yesterday and i'll never stop listening to this oh my god please Charli ... Give us your soul !

    Ignasio Castillo

    Aymeric Dury that was what I was thinking. I listened to number one angel and I loved it and then sucker which was good too but then true romance is a whole different level and I love the aesthetic too.

  42. shoe

    i love this??

  43. Kamil Juma

    So Svit Chsrli xcx I Love Vibio


    <3 :* !

  45. talia

    I'm so in love I had no idea that there was a video for so far away this is prob my fav charli song this and superlove and break the rules and nuclear seasons

  46. talia

    this is my fav charli song I-

  47. Paul Caldwell

    Fuckin' cool video...mmhm.

  48. slim shady

    blingee aesthetic

  49. Neesey

    Honestly will never be over this song

  50. Alice

    I love the little rap rhyme thing she does in her songs sometimes,it's cute❤(get out of my head get out of my bed)

  51. Luce Reyski

    this is the trippiest thing i've ever seen

  52. Gab Coelho

    I'm about to drop a video cover for this. If you guys could go on my channel that would be amazing!! <3

  53. Gab Coelho


  54. ซาง สูง


  55. Jason Albi

    At the end of tha video is she wearing a hospital gown like she's in a mental ward?

  56. Emily Manzano

    Two years since I've seen this video for the first time and I still wish more ppl have seen this

  57. Doll Funke

    Replay the worst and best events of Th1rteen R3asons Why? Till the end when they drive off, and listen to this song I say it gives you ecstasy

  58. Róbert Bendík

    3:13 fuck ....this video is so fucking sick :D

  59. kendrick mays

    Charli XCX is a tropical flower that ''shines'' on a cloudy day.

  60. Matchbox Genie

    I listened to number 1 angel tbh it was crap I want this charli back :((

  61. Coco Pops

    As an 18 year old guy, i have find Charli XCXs music so different, but i fucking love it.....  i started checking her old albums true romance.... holy shit its fire.... Its kind of a funny genre and it sounds like the music im trying to make (chek my channel btw made a new song its lit!!) but i love her, SHES NOT LIKE like some shit popstar that allll soud the same

  62. Matchbox Genie

    this song is so 90's UGH i love charli's style

  63. kendrick mays

    My Lord, my Queen Bee - ouch! A large mass - field of sunflowers for you. May I slave in your fields and tend your crops so that I may indulge in your sweet honeycomb. Warm heart emotion to you, and for you, my beautiful Goddess - Charli XCX.

  64. Dangelo Lynch

    Who ever did that is a loser

  65. brandon

    i love one of the best songs from the TR era 😍😍

  66. MaryJane Ramos

    When I was in the prime time of teen years barely moving on from a hopeless heartbreak, the 2 women I had- to look up to were charli and lana del rey. 2 people who I will forever cling on to just because they moved in life with me as a person individually. Luv u angel ✨💘✨

  67. klownu

    I've yet tried magic mushrooms, or inhaled Charli XCX fartsx.

  68. steinar123

    You can't go wrong when your song is based on samples from two Todd Rundgren songs.

  69. Caio Alcântara

    stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love herr, even this song being kinda sad, i still loveee, strong beat

    srry for ma bad english

  70. nascha hoof

    you just know shes naughty

  71. katelyn anne


  72. kohai ♡

    this song is one of my favorites from the album its so good i love old charli tbh

  73. thrasher xam

    tumblr queen.

  74. kendrick mays

    I see the makeup on the beautiful facial features of the beautiful Charli XCX, 3:04 thru 3:14. From Charli XCX inspired the saying, if not proverb, or figure of speech... There is no such as an unbeautiful clown, her face is sunshine, and smilesx.

  75. Hannah

    This song is stunning, its been a while since i've listened to old charli

  76. klownu

    Charli XCX - So Far Away (Princess video remix) is much so epic, also You're The One (Odd future's The Internet ft. Mike G Remix).

  77. kendrick mays

    In my next life when I marry my significant person who will look like my majesty Charli XCX, I will ask her the purpose of face painting, and why conceal from nature the beauty every exotic flower desire's.

  78. F-able

    I used to love this so much.

  79. kendrick mays

    Charli XCX, is beautiful.

  80. Krystal Cartier

    M Y A E S T H E T I C

  81. MiMi Hill

    I need more like thisss

  82. penyou

    A E S T H E T I C S

    Ariel Reevus


  83. Rosa Lara

    not to be mean but this video is weird but I love her music thoe

    Sam Rivera

    Rosa Lara it's an acquired taste

    Lilith Sahl

    lol you must be new here

  84. Alain Renato

    this video is genius! 😍

  85. Vicky Rose

    "I'm not a robot" oops, those jewels sound familiar😂💎💍

    Lilith Sahl

    you really reaching aren't you?

  86. claire

    I don't wanna be that person, but like damn, I miss this Charli. I liked Sucker, but then went back and listened to her old mixtapes like Heartbreaks and Earthquakes, and my all time favourite, Super Ultra, and was just blown away. This is true creativity and beauty, like you could get high on this music video alone. I'd love it if Charli went back and experimented again, because I think she's too talented to be putting out typical bubblegum pop. If you've heard her speak in a few interviews about songs from Sucker and her collaboration with Icona Pop ("I Love It"), she sounds so goddamn bored and unimpressed with herself. If she's happy with Sucker, then great, but damn, I miss her old sound.

    Dallas Perry

    LJ I used to have all of the unreleased songs when true romance came out and later but I lost them all :-( like heartbreak high and angry all the time

    Minimalist Vlogger

    idk why but i cant seem to get into this. i appreciate it for what it is but it isnt my favorite. ive enjoyed a lot of pop2 and angel number 1 tho

    Dibil Idiot

    awful album

  87. brandon


    Ignasio Castillo

    brandon it was found in my backyard, I though it was a meteor when it hit my backyard.

  88. Day Day


  89. Javier Ignacio Márquez Alvarado

    tumblr everywhere

  90. Aleksandra Palka

    my favourite

  91. Joseph Sin

    She looks 10x better without makeup

    Kelly Sokolowski

    she looks good either way

    Joseph Sin

    I'm seriously attracted to her more without make up

    Ross Hurley

    Yeah man it's cool we get it.

    Joseph Sin

    @Ross Hurley Stfu

    Tsion Ford

    no one asked