Charles, Ray - I'm Old Fashioned Lyrics

I am not such a clever one
About the latest fads
I admit I was never one
Adored by local lads
Not that I ever try to be a saint
I'm the type that they classify as quaint
I'm old fashioned
I love the moonlight
I love the old fashioned things
The sound of rain
Upon a window pane
The starry song that April sings
This year's fancies
Are passing fancies
But sighing sighs holding hands
These my heart understands
I know I'm old fashioned
But I don't mind it
That's how I want to be
As long as you agree
To stay old fashioned with me

I'm old fashioned
But I don't mind it
That's how I want to be
As long as you agree
To stay old fashioned with me
Oh won't you stay old fashioned with me
Oh please stay old fashioned with me

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Charles, Ray I'm Old Fashioned Comments
  1. Fernando Conde Sangenis

    O Album é o que melhor havia na Blue Note 1957 - com John Coltrene - tenor sax, Paul Chambers - double bass, Kenny Drew - piano, Curtis Foller - trombone, Philly Joe Jones - drums e Lee Morgan - trompet. Esses caras eram fantásticos embora alguns tivessem usados drogas pesadas, mas a música os elevou na luta contra o vício. O grupo de John Contrane muitas vezes foi o mesmo de Miles Davis que era um "manda-chuva", da época. Muito bom mesmo, o essa gravação. A obra jazzista de Coltrane é gigantesca, conforme temos conhecimento da discografia. Congratulations, aqui do Brazil a todos os amante do Jazz !!!!!

  2. Kento Maehira


  3. Edo Takashi

    0:27 I went somewhere else

  4. cnniz fakenewz

    One rainy night I walked through an alley in the pouring rain in New York.I stepped into a dark doorway to try and stay dry.In the distance this song was in the air.It finally stopped raining and I walked on.

    James Tree

    Woody Allen confirms that this is true.

  5. Carl Livingstone

    If ever there was a prophet to God in modernity, it was John Coltrane. We just didn't know it at the time.

  6. Anthony Hargis

    This sextet owns this tune, geez. Soso many unique sounds (tones of their instruments) the rhythm feeling of each one. All amazing to me.

  7. Philippe Cirse

    John is more than a reflection of an era. It is a phantom asteroid who returns to set his sights on sound art. A
    decadent wave laden with paradoxes from which obscurantism and the irrational escape, hypnotic factors defying vulnerable souls in search of the absolute. This sound architecture is a short tunnel that leads to light

  8. Srđan Popović

    It`s a privilege to listen to Coltrane.It`s good to be old fashioned at the end.Modern time sucks....

  9. Victor Daniel

    Listo el pollo no vuelvo a hablar de eso.

  10. Victor Daniel

    No discutamos. NO ME HACES FALTA.

  11. dylan foley

    im old fashioned thats why im listening to coltrane im sure coltrane would find it funny in some way

  12. Sausa X

    I see John Coltrane I click call me old fashioned.


    How can you dislike this man???! Wow so many lack the intelligence of listening to good music!

  14. xthatGhomiex

    Lee Morgan is just brilliant on this whole album.

  15. Léah Théolas


  16. Stella Demattei


  17. oishi wa

    Song is😍
    New friend here👋🤝👉🔔❤
    Love wa💖

  18. kultur industrie

    i need more of this for my mental health please send tracks please!!!

  19. christopher fischer

    Damn. Coltrane’s intro to this tune brings me to tears. It’s like a voice

  20. Eitan Eitan

    What you know about that "Blue"? Pain, aged⏳ like fine wine 🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇

  21. Villads Bojesen

    I listened to this when i visited Kenny Drews grave a few days ago, in Copenhagen where i live. I had not been there before, but it was such a strong experience... The words "his music will live on" where written on the stone, and it were as if i could feel some sort of energy from the grave, i nearly cried...
    RIP Kenny, you had an enormous impact on jazz in Copenhagen

  22. siouxsielover88

    Damn, this is sooooooo good!

  23. 坂巻洋


  24. xthatGhomiex

    Lee Morgan's solo is so tasteful and sincere. I love how on that last Maj9 chord, they match vibrato. Sounds beautiful.

  25. inertia27

    This track is all about Curtis Fuller

  26. Cesareo Fernandez Roxriguez

    Saxofonista compositor y grande entre los grandes ,blues y jazz.

  27. Jamie

    Listen to them quote "My Funny Valentine" at around 3:20.

  28. Toni Dalton

    sooo beautiful


    The very first album by Coltrane that I heard was "Blue Train"---and it knocked me for a loop. I haven't been the same since, and after all these years I still feel it---the sheer power, the expressiveness, everything that Trane conveys through that saxophone. I feel as if he's talking to me through the horn, and I still get the exhilaration and the relaxation and all the rest of it. There will never be another like him.

  29. Ponung Taki



    i like switching the input on my stereo from this to metallica enter sandman on cd, try it!

  31. kmy daichi

    old, but eternal

  32. Amelia Etienne

    Me too, Mr. Coltrane, and that seems to be my problem!

  33. kanaka Vii

    ...i like my music old fashioned
    my woman old fashioned
    my whiskey aged and i choose to stay forever young...

    ღ liliana maria ღ

    kanaka Vii Sounds like a plan.

    cnniz fakenewz

    Oh yeah.Im walk-in with ya.

  34. J L

    Time for another glass of brown liquor I think

  35. Equalizer


  36. Roberto Marocci

    IMMENSO!!! Un angelo nel mio cielo

  37. Robert Harmon

    love this every time

  38. Mike Spex

    This was the first time I heard Lee Morgan. Man .......... this song is so heavenly. The way they close the song out is so touching.

  39. Desiree Wade

    🌹🌹Beautiful very relaxing and just beautiful!

  40. Juan Bustamante

    Rex, hijo de puta; me traíste aquí. Te lo agradezco.

  41. Carolyn Williams

    INDEED!!! This reminds me of daddy. My father was strictly a JAZZ MAN. He loved Lester Young, Dinah Washington and he gave me this album in 1971. I didn't appreciate it as I do now. I have the CD now. My son sent this to me as a dedication this morning. Peace & Agape!!!💝😎💝

  42. Rell Kush

    I'm 27 and love and rather listen to this music an old soul music like Sam Cooke, David ruffin, otis Redding, tupac my favorites

  43. frank dalessandro

    i'm 80 y.o. born and raised in south philly and would spend every friday and saturday night at pep's and the showboat and got to see all the jazz greats. lucky to be from the same city that coltrane, lee morgan, philly joe jones, diz, stan getz and so many others called home. the showboat had a horseshoe shaped bar so the musicians where just an arm's length away. coltrane up close was a sight to see. you could not see his fingers move while playing giant steps he was that fast. i miss the old days.


    That must have been quite the sight to see!


    And now every saxophonist worth his or her salt has to know those changes.

  44. LaQuisha Adams

    This song seems so sad I wish I knew what he was thinking..... coupled with his picture.

  45. しかましげあき


  46. dajse spokoj


  47. Damian Pavinich

    Fuck the racial divide. It's about the music

  48. Jose alberto Diaz mejia

    Hermosa noche...escuchando buen jazz...y con un buen whisky...

  49. Parth Sood

    After sex cigarette and a nice glass of scotch! Playing this tune feels like straight from heaven ❤️

  50. Mike Schneider

    sweet valentine, summertimes .. quoting it just like that

  51. Thomas

    A jazz la la by. Done oh so right

  52. Rachel Figura

    Love 💙

  53. Jenhara MoonBlossom

    ...toujours... ❤

  54. LUCKY 472

    (-_-) Just cool !!!!!

  55. Marcio Ramos

    simplesmente mágico, thanks for sharing this with us.

  56. Robert Martinez

    That Trumpet though!

  57. Bruce Scott

    On this particular selection, Jerome Kern and Johnny Mercer's I'M OLD-FASHIONED, you'll here a nineteen year old Lee Morgan executing his ideas on this beautiful and perennial ballad. He literally took lessons from his mentor and personal friend, CLIFFORD BENJAMIN BROWN, SR. Lee was in the brass section of Dizzy Gillespie's Big Band when this classic LP was recorded on September 15th, 1957 at the Van Gelder Studios in Hackensack, New Jersey.

  58. joeboo629

    Coltrane is smoother than 100 yr old scotch.

  59. Vincenzo Sarno

    This tune reminds me somehow of my funny valentine

  60. Dwight Keller-Williams

    I love how the beginning never resolves until he finally gets to the point. It's like trying to tell someone something that might not be easy to say, but you know it's something that has to be said. The trumbone player is more straight to the point though.

  61. FranLesPaul

    I love him but he's so flat


    Ever hear of the alternate fingerings he uses? He can be sharp, or flat, or spot-on with the pitch. It depends on what he wants to convey through the music.


    can we hear some of your great music?

  62. Clever Ferreira Fotografia

    Um dos maiores gênios da música!

  63. Gringo

    John Coltrane and Lee Morgan is like two great Renaissance artists painting a masterpiece together, no less sublime. I'd like to have heard more than one album by these two.

  64. Edna Fernandes


  65. TheDrFunkenstein

    Paul Chambers bass line is amazing. It's so hard to keep in tune like that especially on a ballad and his fat ass tone was second to none. and it just suits the whole track so whole. Every soloist he suits exactly what they need.

  66. The Epoxy Experts

    Old fashion and timeless

  67. Kevin Arnold

    If we actually care about healing the racial/class divide in this country maybe we make all public school grades 1-8 study American music, jazz, blues, folk, country, bluegrass? By the time they're in high school they've heard Mingus, Coltrane, Guthrie, Hank, et al. Fear of the unknown should be melting away by then?

    Erik Frost

    Kevin Arnold best idea on how to better the American education system I’ve seen yet

    michael morphites

    It’s great to see that the lead character in The Wonder Years has grown up a man of excellent taste and wisdom.

  68. lyndacast

    Purée c'est insupportable!

    Philippe Cirse

    Essayez Magma, c'est le même esprit mais en plus énergique !!

  69. Ujjwal Gupta


  70. A Happy Lil' Fella


  71. Christian RIVAUD


  72. felix felix

    I N C R E I B L E

  73. Ueberkombo

    All those lo-fi songs

  74. Angelo Lina Vollaro

    Very ;*

  75. Elmi Kloosterhuis

    there is no comfort in the truth

  76. Music Mode: ON

    Perfect ending to a day! <3

  77. Manuel Vasquez

    So this is the guy who Nipsey referenced.....nice

  78. Nese Williams

    This at 4am ❤️

  79. Josh D

    just amazing. have this feeling to sing ,.,.,..

    Josh D

    its a form of language and emotion. the sound can portrait a stronger emotion then words ever can. in my opinion

  80. Pedro José

    Me too. I am old fashioned. I remember when I was young and my friend's brother use too look for old vinil LP of jazz to buy. I tought he was freak. A day I visited my friend and his brother was playng sax. It was so amasing for me. So I realized, if this guy can blow this sax in this way, what can do the musicians that he loves. So I was invited to jazz and up to now I love jazz. My apologies for my poor English, it is not my native language.

    Freewheeling Frere

    !estas disculpado! apologies my poor castellano.

    Benoit Pellet

    Pedro José, believe me, we get the meaning of what you say. This music is universal and speaks every language.

    Tony Horitz

    Tu ingles esta bien! Me gusto tu cuento.

  81. Swimming with Sharks

    Sadness is not always a negative emotion, can be very liberating for any artistic endeavor.

    Neytiri Chanté

    Most great artists have created their best works from sadness. <3

  82. Eugenio Pinto


  83. carol randazzo

    Beauty and the spirit/soul and the heart are 3 things Trane integrated, joined and pursued in his music. It creates a peaceful place for the mind to rest. Thank you God for John Coltrane.

  84. tayba khanom

    Nice music!

  85. Gene Trujillo

    That trombone tone!

  86. polskapianist

    do we have this great composers and musciscians?today?

    Freewheeling Frere

    maybe not, but we had riedel with dzem and iva bittova [czech] and there is always good music somewhere

  87. Chris Whitfield

    The reason I love the train

  88. Mark Music

    when you come home in sunday morning after wild drunk party last night (which was coloured with bebop), sit in your chair, smoke last few cigarettes. finish your last beer, your girlfriend passed out on a bed... I feel so sad sometimes that I live in this century

  89. Carlito El Gooner

    Lee Morgan's solo is just sublime.

  90. Ester Willis


  91. dbwoysinthahood

    My favorite song. 😁

  92. Iris V. Mancillas L


  93. Sheila Barron

    YES Old Fashion is Fine For Me Thank you John 🖤

  94. Игорь Землянин

    I'm glad to see positive comments)

  95. By Myself

    Being Old Fashion Is Just Fine Thank you 💙

  96. Peter Dare

    I agree. Nothing more to add because the music says it all

  97. astav

    Damn! I'm old fashioned!