Charles Bradley - Lonely As You Are Lyrics

You think you've been lonely, but loneliness is mine
As lonely as you are it ain't bad as mine
You think you've been suffering, but suffering is mine
As lonely as you are it ain't bad as mine
So lonely
Lonely as hell

Lucifer coming to me trying to make me turn myself loose
But I tell you God, you're my heart and soul
No one can chain me
If it call for me to die
I'm so lonely
Lonely as hell

You think that you're lonely, but loneliness is mine
As lonely as you are it ain't bad as mine
You think you've been suffering, but suffering is mine
As lonely as you are it ain't bad as mine
So lonely
Lonely as hell

You think you don't know me loneliness, but I know you well
Mamma, wherever you at in heaven
Please, hold a space for me
I'm walking this planet Mamma like you taught me to do
I'm walking, trying to find you, Mamma
One day, when God says well done
Please, be at the gate waiting for me
With your Momma, Grandma, Rowena Green, J.W. Welch and so many more

You think you've been lonely, but loneliness is mine
As lonely as you are it ain't bad as mine
No, no, no, no, no, no baby

I love you and this is from Charles Bradley
Hope this one day gets out to the world

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Charles Bradley Lonely As You Are Comments
  1. Janet M M

    Makes my heart hurt. Say hi to my momma

  2. Sean Muldoon

    Rest in peace, pal. You got me through a many of breakups. Thank you eternally for tossing me the ladder when I fell too deep in the hole.

  3. Jorge Pereira

    Why the life is a shit, why she take Charles? why dont take Maluma or Badbunny, we need more good music, music for our spirit and souls... i always cry when i hear his voice :'(

  4. TimmyTTv

    😭damn everyone of his songs you can feel this man pain

  5. poison.berry

    it's so wonderful !

  6. BC Motion

    I miss you man, thanks for everything!

  7. Jonathan B

    Killing me Charles. What a send off. Swansong.

  8. Seattle Montalvo

    My heart my soul

  9. John Leaf

    lonliness is MINE

  10. Fusion

    Poor charles bradly I know what it feels like to lonely 😔

    Edit: wow thanks for the like

  11. Frank Lopez

    Somethings not right about these newer songs his voice spunds different .too high pitch. And the music doesnt sound like his band it just sounds fake like it was put together really quick with no thought. His band should have been in charge of these songs. Somone is just trying to make a quick buck off Charles Bradley recordings. REST IN PEACE CHARLES BRADLEY.

  12. Elijah' Mathews

    That 1 person who disliked this song should be ashamed.

  13. Arassuil

    who the hell downvoted charles bradley???

  14. Edson Petry


  15. Warren Thompson

    I can't get through it without crying yet. It's beautiful, and I find some happiness that people here thing so too. I love his music, and I'm thankful that he could share it with us, however late in his life that happened.

  16. Joe D'Ambrosio


  17. Hairy Mo

    How can someone so simply and succinctly encapsulate the human experience in a single song? I'm so stunned at the incredible beauty of this bittersweet gem of a song.

  18. Tawsif Elahi Chowdhury

    All of his songs are gems.

  19. aziz Alqahtani

    so beautiful and heartbreaking it really gives me goosebumps I never heard a song that made me feel so many different emotions

  20. Carrie Vasquez

    Thank you Charles

  21. Brian Earner

    Never a hopeless momment, have witnessed real tribulation, ain't pretty, but there smiles are bigger than hours, what's that say?

  22. whiskey johnson

    I hate that I discovered his music after he passed...what soul!!

  23. Marie Johnson

    This is one of the most raw and gorgeous prayers I have ever heard...incredibly beautiful. RIP Mr. Bradley.

  24. zZtReXx

    When he starts talking about his mother i lost it

  25. Dirk Kerkhove

    Brillant Song ! A cry from the Heart.. Love it ! Let us send it around the world....

  26. Jz2CoolDude

    Wow Charles! My heart is broken brother... thank you Sir!

  27. NathFilms

    Come back Charles 💜

  28. Not Adolf Hitler

    Anyone else think that they overproduced his vocals? They aren’t as raw as his other vocal performances. Kind of disappointing.

  29. Fernando Ventura

    suddenly...i was crying

  30. M MK

    Breath taking, felt his pain. RIP Mr. Bradley

  31. Judas Iscariot


  32. Maria Perez Alonso

    Beautiful voice!! ♡♡♡☆☆☆

  33. James Morris

    This is beautiful

  34. Rik Defraeye

    Door merg en been, ijselijk mooi, hiervoor is muziek uitgevonden, en hoop dat mijn mama ook op mij wacht boven of gelijk waar

  35. Augusto Pires

    o melhor dos melhores!!!! RIP

  36. CLARK I.S


  37. Alan B

    Rip, happy you got the recognition you deserved.

  38. Los Hermanos Mágicos

    See you in heaven, grandmaster!

  39. Laeh Ehteb

    Bradley had the keys humankind heart <3 forever be missed! forever admired!

  40. Nick Bethel

    So beautiful...sat hear with a tear in my eye blessed to every of heard our Charles in peace brother x

  41. Alex Rubic

    Damn, Uncle Charles....

  42. wwefuk

    Rip legend

  43. Santiago Meza

    My God this man was unique, all the love for him

  44. Kyle Tucker

    Charles Bradley is a national treasure, his voice translates his pain perfectly, and it's a shame how little music he was able to produce. But then again, maybe it's his lifelong struggles that shaped his music. RIP

  45. SNO420 M

    Rest in paradise Charles

  46. D ARemo

    the screaming eagle of soul <3

  47. N Rodrigues

    What a loss for music, Mr. Bradley.... Forever in our hearts and listening to these beautiful songs with heartful appreciation...

  48. bootsy

    Damn that's lonely. I hope my mother is waiting for me too.... and many others, Charles Bradly included. Got to meet him and get a couple hugs from him through the years and watching him perform..... Simply the Best

  49. Michael Derisse

    I love this man

  50. João Paulo Domingues

    Love u Charles. Hope to meet you one day <3

    Ben Coster

    I got some bad news for you..


    Came across this from the Rolling Stone's article. His hook/refrain is bitter and full of regret. But damn if his lyrics aren't on point about being lonely. He succinctly summarizes what my experience of loneliness has been and is. Yet, I can't help but chuckle a bit when he warbles the refrain but it's so flawed it's perfect.

  52. Robson Valichieri

    Looking into the eyes of Death, he decided to sing... Miss you forever, Charles!!!

  53. Alecia Norman

    I can't stop listening to this. So heartbreakingly beautiful.

  54. Lisa brandriff


  55. Tiago Sanches

    Amazing ❤️

  56. Jonattan david Mendoza

    Listening to this while my mom final days suffering terminal liver cancer... 😔

    Charles ! Say my momma when she gets in heaven that I listen to your music and can you sing "changes" to her ? Thank you 😢



    Hang in there my brother. You're lucky to have had such a great mom!

    Jonattan david Mendoza

    @bootsy thank you !
    Likewise I pretty sure your mom was a good mom ! Let's keep it up. They will be guiding our steps and wait for us in heaven.


    @Jonattan david Mendoza for sure!

    Alan B

    Jonattan david Mendoza Lost my mother 5 years ago at 56 years old after an illness, Hope she has a peaceful passing man.

    Laurent Labiano

    My mom died for less than a year from lung cancer, i understand so well what you feel and this incredibly beautiful song... Hang on.

  57. Kevin cGeary

    Heavy hitter

  58. Lorenzo Ciani

    Charles will never die <3