Chapman, Tracy - Goodbye Lyrics

For you
It's all in a day
One day in a life
It's all in the one word
The one word is goodbye

For me
It's all in what you say
Though you've tried to be kind
It's all in the words
From the lips that once touched mine with a sigh

For you
It's all in your face
The laugh and worry lines
It's all in the one word
You hope will make you young again

It's all in the play
Someone speaks the line
It's all in the one word
That stops and steals the time

For me
It's all in a day
It's the part in life
When it's all in the words
To fate and circumstance resigned

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Chapman, Tracy Goodbye Comments
  1. M S

    At the end of 2019 it still is so comforting. a cup of coffee, a pleasant breeze in California, and this song. Ahhhhh

  2. Luca Luca

    Tracy Chapman..simple and powerful

  3. vivid Reverie

    There's a lesson to be learned from every tear

  4. Violeta Rose

    Acabo de despertar y en mi sueño me obligué a recordar un nombre: Godby Chapman. Cuando lo busque me apareció está bonita canción, creo que ahora será mi artista favorita :')

  5. Similar al Sol


  6. David Crispin

    William Bennett, oboe. RIP.

  7. Paulbyron Desfosses

    5;08pm 1/29/2018 Montgomery Alabama

  8. Angela Hodges

    There's a beginning and there's an ending. Hello is the beginning and ''Goodbye'' is the ending.

  9. Jay Rich

    she so pure and honest

  10. ShyeNYC

    :*-( beautiful!