Chapin, Harry - Why Do Little Girls Lyrics

Why did the little girls grow crooked
While the little boys grow tall
The boys were taught to tumble
The girls told not to fall
The girls answered the telephone
The boys answered the call
That's why little girls grew crooked
While the little boys grew tall

Why did the little girls grow crippled
While the little boys grow strong
The boys allowed to come of age
The girls just came along
The girls were told sing harmonies
The boys could all sing songs
That's why little girls grew crippled
While little boys grew strong

Why did the little girls come broken
While the little boys came whole
The little boys were set aflame
The girls told to fan the coals
The boys all told to be themselves
While the girls were told play the roles
That's why little girls came broken
While little boys came whole

Why were the little girls all frightened
To be just what they are
The boys were told to ask themselves
How high how far
The girls were told to reach the shelves
While the boys were reaching stars
That's why little girls were frightened
To be just what they are

And still they bled for us all
As the moon rode the sky
They carried our seed
When our need ran high
They fed all our children
In the night as they cried
Womankind wept
As mankind died

Why were the little girls left hurtin'
When all the boys were done
And the girls left in the moonlight
When the boys went to meet the sun
And when the girls were open
Why had the little all won?
That's why little girls were hurtin'
When the little boys were done

Why did the little girls grow crooked
While the little boys grew tall
It's maybe because the little boys
Didn't ever have to grow up at all

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Chapin, Harry Why Do Little Girls Comments
  1. Tammie Parrish Miller

    What profound lyrics here. The things this man came up with in his head were brought to life with his music. He GOT it!

  2. Queen B

    Harry Chapin did not die of a massive heart attack.  His death was the result of a vehicle crash.

  3. vincent sambrick

    roy halliday in this video recently joind harry/rip

  4. Tamika Lindsay

    This is the first and only song I ever wept to. It tapped into a part of me that I didn't even know existed. Sure, I've been heartbroken and played sad love songs to cry to. But, I wasn't even sad when I heard this. The lyrics just hit me so hard. He's among my favorite songwriters, ever!

  5. Tamika Lindsay

    This is the first and only song I ever wept to. It tapped into a part of me that I didn't even know existed. Sure, I've been heartbroken and played sad love songs to cry to. But, I wasn't even sad when I heard this. The lyrics just hit me so hard. He's among my favorite songwriters, ever!

  6. Phish N' Chimps

    The "Muscle Boy" Magazine was Marketed towards Gay Men. They were called "Beefcake Magazines".

  7. b soz

    After hearing this song for the FIRST time.....could it be that through the decades the boys don't want to let the girls try the same things that they do because they fear the girls will always do better than they can do?

    ??? what would have been in the USA if the girls had had the same chances/choices/rights as the boys?

  8. Dennis Hoskins

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  9. Dennis Hoskins

    To All Harry Fans you REALLY need to go to, at the top of the page click on "RADIO" then scroll down the left side and click on "WINDOWS MEDIA" as soon as you do that a link will pop up at the bottom of your screen, CLICK ON IT, and ENJOY, Harry 24/7....Harry Chapin Radio Station...

    Tiny Dancer

    Nice one, thank you!

    mary power

    Why did the little girls grow crooked

  10. Jetset906

    Highly underrated song by Harry Chapin.

    Ross Lindgren

    A friend of mine used this song for a dissertation on gender studies. It helped immensely that her parents raised her to be a Chapin fan.

  11. mistrooth

    q temazo!

  12. Andrew Hibberd

    isn't it ?

    Tiny Dancer

    Isn't it what? Sorry, I'm confused.

    Andrew Hibberd

    isn't it?

    Andrew Hibberd

    come on big john? isn't it?

  13. Dennis Hoskins

    TO ALL Harry Chapin fans....Today is 7/23/16 and a petition is circulating to get "Harry Chapin Inducted into, "THE SONGWRITERS HALL OF FAME" out of 7500, ALREADY 5223 GREAT PEOPLE have signed .. Please go sign up, just type,  Or just click on the BLUE AREA. to get you to the page, to sign in to help us get him in ...Thanks, Oh, and if we get more than what we need, then Harry.... Keep The Change.

  14. Dennis Hoskins

    7/16/16 willl be the 35th Anniversary of Harry's death, which was 7/16/81....

  15. Tom Payne

    My Grand daughter posted this on FB, so here I am this moment.. Looks like we did a DAMN GOOOD JOB bringing her up on good music.

    Tammie Parrish Miller

    Tom Payne You most certainly did and how proud you should be! This is awesome! Good for her to have had you to introduce her to the important music that was so inspiring! God bless!

    Andrew Burford

    You certainly did!

  16. Tom Payne

    An ardent Chapin fan, i have all his music.  Glad to see/hear this one again, it is a bit obscure in play list, not sure I saw or heard Harry perform it on my videos. We did get to see him once, an awesome show, it was a rain date, he said he was going to "sing my ass off"  for missing the play date, and he did for 3 hours. Oddly, like JFK and Challenger, I know the place and moment I heard of his death

    Tiny Dancer

    Same here. I was too early for JFK ( by about six months), so Lennon was the first "celebrity" death I remember well. And then we lost Harry just a few months later and I was devastated. Never got to see him live, so I'm very jealous of your 3-hour concert, wow! Lucky. I went with this one (and "Bummer", so far) because they were more obscure. Just wanted to share some personal faves.

  17. Fred Hodgins

    Another great Harry Chapin song. Some great stills, good job. Love the one at 1:07. It is on Tom, Steve, Harry and their Dad.

    Tiny Dancer

    +Fred Hodgins It sure is, thank you for noticing and glad you liked it :-)

  18. fran lynch

    i was so lucky to have seen him in the worcester memorial audiorium. we were in the balcony, he called all of us in the cheap seats down to the front. i sat on the stage! very cool guy!

    Tiny Dancer

    +fran lynch You lucky girl! What a great memory to have. Seeing him live was on my bucket list. Alas, he left us too soon. Now the only concert I have left on that list is Kate Bush and I have a feeling that will never be fulfilled. Thank you for sharing an awesome Harry memory!

    Yeshai Dlin

    He passed before I was even born, but he was such a genius that even many of us millennials appreciate how great he was. I'm so jealous that you saw him live. I would give anything to be able to have seen him play in person.

  19. quitwastinmytime

    Wow. Potent song. I haven't heard this one before, I really do have to go take the time to find and listen to every Harry Chapin song. He truly deserved his Presidential Medal of Freedom. Screw Bill Crosby for demeaning that honor.

    Tiny Dancer

    @quitwastinmytime I humbly suggest you start your Harry journey on my playlist ( A couple of full concerts, plus covers and tributes, but mostly good old Harry. All songs listed in alphabetical order to keep them straight. Just cleaned it up right now just for you :-)

  20. Pill Box

    so sad he died so young. lucky we got to know him

  21. Mark Collins and the Architects

    Do you miss Harry Chapin, John Prine and Cat Stevens?  Come out and see "Mark Collins and the Architects" Saturday, February 21, 2015 at 8pm at the Rock House, 1150 Central Ave, Wilmette, IL 60091 · (North of Chicago) (847) 256-7625.  Combining both covers and original stories with a hint of Austin-country flavor.  Also trying to continue the styles of Hayes Carll, Justin Townes Earle, and Jason Isbell.   If you want to support the continued efforts to keep an acoustic, story telling style in Chicago ... feel free to e-mail [email protected]

  22. stillerfan69

    thank you Dancer

  23. DeAnn Thomas

    I acquiesce. Wikipedia states the facts much differently than when the first news articles came out. I do appreciate this particular video to the song. Thanks so much for publishing!

  24. Tiny Dancer

    I get passionate when it comes to Harry, Aaron, sorry if I came across as combative. I've been down this road before and it just gets my back up. Peace! :-)

  25. Aaron Brave

    I didn't want to argue he is my favorite musician, I believe you . I read his biography witch didn't talk much about his death so I'm happy to take your word for it

  26. Tiny Dancer

    Also, ask the people gathered in Eisenhower Park (East Meadow, New York) if he was going to a meeting. They were there for that evening's concert.

    I don't want this celebration of Harry's music and life turned into a morbid fight about how exactly he died. What information is available is confusing, I'll admit, but it is a fact he had a cardiac arrest either before, during, or after the car accident, that's what killed him, and I'll stand by that.

    Now, please explore his music, not his death!

  27. Tiny Dancer

    I stand by my brief version of events. I still have newspaper clippings from that day and have read everything else available online concerning Harry's life and death.

    Nutshell version: his official cause of death was cardiac arrest either before or after the crash. Which may have caused him to swerve, which put him in the path of the Supermarkets General truck, which led to the rear-ending and the fire, etc. He did NOT die from the car fire. The truck driver and a passenger got Harry out.

  28. Aaron Brave

    This persons bio of Harry is incorrect, Harry was rear ended causing a gas explosion while heading to a meeting

  29. Tiny Dancer

    From your videos, it looks like you're more of a Gilbert O'Sullivan fan, but I subbed anyway 'cause I'm nice like that ;-)

  30. 100tonee

    I am a HC fan so have subscribed. If you would like to do the same to my channel that would be nice. My latest video includes "tangled up puppet" which is a favourite of mine.

  31. Mike Jackson

    I remember celebrating my 21st birthday when I was told he died. We played his music all night long. Will miss you Harry.

  32. Tiny Dancer

    :-) What a lovely memory for the two of you to share.

  33. Benny Whitley

    Harry will LIVE forever through his lyrics, his music transcends all ages. Harry reaching the potential that we only can dream, thank you God for gracing use with Harry, even for a short while. Why do all the Gifted leave use so soon. Harry's song never get old . He warms the Heart. Thanks for Posting ..

  34. Tiny Dancer

    @maidenmetal1 Bless all the hippy parents! Sounds like a lesson learned and passed on, though, so bless you and your kids, too :-)

  35. Gabrielle Cesar-McBride

    Thank you so much for posting this my best friends hippy parents used to play it for us in high school and now that I have a son and daughter of my own I will play it for them, as I teach them BOTH to reach for the stars...

  36. Tiny Dancer

    @dmreichman100 Forgive the delay, been offline a while. I'm sure they probably met, but, alas, that's not Jim Croce in the pic, it's Gordon Lightfoot, the Canadian guitar god :-) An outstanding songwriter, too. Points for the Elton and Billy ref, I heartily agree. I hope the song and pics are still inspiring!

  37. diamar

    OMG!! At 4:43 there is a pic of all four reasons I ever learned to play guitar and write songs; Jim Croce, James Taylor, Harry Chapin and John Denver, all in the same pic. Unbelieveable. The Dream Team of singer / songwriters (albeit not including the piano players, Billy Joel & Elton John). But OMG...Thank you so very much. I am truly moved.

  38. Tiny Dancer

    @MrStrman You're welcome! :-) And thank *you*, so glad people are enjoying this obscure Harry tune.

  39. Tiny Dancer

    @donjohn8 Thanks! I was quite pleased with the image I found for the "Why did the little girls come broken" line (1:20), dead chuffed, I was :-) And the Crooked House (3:40) near the end.

  40. Tiny Dancer

    @schroeycat Don't you love when the universe seems to unfold in just the right way? You and Corey were simply meant to be there :-)

  41. Tiny Dancer

    @schroeycat Well worth the extra posts, great stuff, you lucky stiff! Love how the "young" girls stood out from the crowd of old fogies ;-) Missed the chance to catch the same show here in Toronto a few years back. Seems I'm always just missing Harry even after all these years. Thanks for sharing such a cool tale!

  42. Tiny Dancer

    @rockabyerebel Thanks for the input, rebel, I really do appreciate it.

  43. Tiny Dancer

    @schroeycat Thanks, I try! So glad you didn't tell me about Corey on Saturday, hon, I'd probably still be sniffling :-) That's just marvelous. Quite the bittersweet day for you indeed. Silly question, but has she heard "Corey's Coming" by now? I still can't sing-along without crying like a baby ... and she said, my name is Corey ... kills me every time. Blessings from Canada to you both!

  44. rockabyerebel

    ok there has been some discussion on how harry chapin died he is the story straight from his wife sandy to me. harry was sitting in traffic on the long island expressway when an 18 wheeler rear ended him at 80 mph. his car burst into flames. it is estimated that he lived for approximately 30mins in the burning car while emt's tried to free him. it was the one time in his life he was not at fault he was a terrible driver.

  45. Tiny Dancer

    @milesofsmiles182 First up, a pox on YouTube 'cause I didn't get any notice about this message, so sorry for the delay! My own nutshell interpretation: feminism before it was hip :-) Why are girls expected to play roles and not reach too far, but the boys allowed to dream as big as they want? Girls grow up to be women that give us all life, take care of everyone else, including the boys, but men (in general) can still act like little boys. Can't speak for Harry, but that's my take.

  46. Tiny Dancer

    @dnoonan1000 I was 17 myself and well remember the news reports. How lucky for you to have seen him in concert and to meet him! Bet you have great memories. One of my few real regrets in life, never had the chance to do either. His songs still keep me going, though. Long live Harry!

  47. dnoonan1000

    I was a teenager when he died and I actually remember the reports that it was believed a heart attack was the cause of the accident. I have not researched this, but I do remember the sad day very well. I had seen him in concert not long before his passing and even got to meet him. Have a photo somewhere.....

  48. Manuel Blanco

    I do not believe there was alcohol involved in the accident. He was rear ended. He was a great singer with a heart of gold. Thank you Harry

  49. Tiny Dancer

    @RaveHunter01 I was offline when this was posted, apologies for the delay. I've done a lot of reading on Harry's life and death and, while reports do vary, the overwhelming factoid I read involved a possible heart attack which led to the erratic driving which led to being rear-ended by the tractor trailer. No mention of alcohol. I can only go by what I've read. As a relative, maybe you know something the public doesn't. Sorry for any confusion, just trying to share some great music.

  50. Benny Whitley

    The great harry chapin , love this song, he paints a beautiful picture with his lyrics

  51. drmorq

    @RaveHunter01 he had a heart attack and hit a steel truck.

  52. Nancy A.

    The world would be a better place if more people had a heart like Harry's. He was taken much too soon. So many songs never written and we are the poorer for it.

  53. Daniel Jones

    good job!

  54. BobRDeTamble

    God I miss Harry..! :(

  55. fanboy4224

    I grew up listening to Harry Chapin, both my parents loved him and it sort of grew on me too. You did a wonderful job on the stills and a great video.

  56. Tiny Dancer

    You really are a nice guy, niceguy9418, thanks! :-) I'm encouraged by the reception this has received and will definitely be doing more. Thanks so much!

  57. Niceguy Eddie

    Wonderful job! This is one of my favorite Chapin songs! And it's one that no one really knows, so I'm very impressed to find it! Good job on the stills!

  58. Tiny Dancer

    Glad you got a chance to hear it, hon, 'cause I just noticed the fantastic "Bummer" and the account from which it was posted have disappeared from YT :-( Maybe I'll tackle it, what do you think, too controversial?

  59. Tiny Dancer

    Something tells me you probably got through to more students than you think :-) Thanks, hon!

  60. Tiny Dancer

    Thank *you*, my dear!

  61. StroutsInk

    Such a good song, Thank you for subscribing. (:

  62. Tiny Dancer

    Obviously that lecturer was a heathen :-) Good on ya for incorporating just the kind of thinking Harry endorsed, sounds a bit like "Flowers Are Red" in action there. Thanks so much for your kind words, I really appreciate it!

  63. Tiny Dancer

    That's what I was hoping for, to be able to share some of Harry's gems (IMHO, of course). Have you heard "Bummer" yet? As the kids say, check it out, wowee. Now there's an obscure Chapin song for people sick of feel-good tunes! :-) Not a chance I was going to make a slide-show out of it, wouldn't know where to start, so thank goddess the audio's here.

  64. Tiny Dancer

    Not your usual type of music, hon, but I figured the era was at least applicable :-) Thank you!

  65. Tiny Dancer

    Oh yeah, took me a *lot* longer than I thought. Got the idea three days ago and just dove right it. So glad you approve, my dear, thanks so much, I consider that as close as I'm going to get to an official stamp of approval!

  66. Tiny Dancer

    Thanks, hon, really appreciate that! Stepped out of my comfort zone for this project, that's for sure. The song wasn't a hit, no, just an album track I've always loved, Harry's version of a feminist anthem :-) Glad you liked it!

  67. Art Starling

    Im lovin it.......amazing compilation of shots.....a very nice have taken days......Cheers!!!!!