Chapin, Harry - If My Mary Were Here Lyrics

I would not be so stoned
If my Mary were here
I don't think I'd have phoned you
If my Mary were here
I'm a sad sack Sir Galahad
Who's sword's around his knees
With a Grail no longer holy
And a prayer that's saying - please
I would not be alone
If my Mary were here
But she took off
And Lord I'm lost.

I don't think I'd be drinking
If my Mary were here
And I know what I'd be thinking
If my Mary were here
We'd be wrapping up a blanket
Full of cheddar cheese and wine
Packing up our camper with a rendezvous in mind
And we'd picnic out in Lincoln Park
If Mary were here
But she split
So I got lit

I'm sorry that I called you
In the middle of the night
But you're the one who listens
When I need a little light
I know we haven't talked
Since I dropped you in the dirt
I know you're not my lady now
But Baby, how I hurt.

(I could whistle up an old tune
That your memory might recall
Rustle up some reminisce
'Bout the good old days and all
If I were seeking someone else
I could find a way to hide
But I'm pleading like a pauper, Babe
And it leaves no place for pride)

I would toss away my troubles
When my Mary was here
But now I'm lost inside the rubble
Cause my Mary's not here
So could I come on over
With my heart in my hands
And place it on your pillow
Like a rusty old tin can
I'm drunk and seeing double
And my Mary's not here
Once again
Be the friend
That you've been
And take me in.

Please take me in.

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Chapin, Harry If My Mary Were Here Comments
  1. Loren Meadowcroft

    The best story teller of all time and one that those of us who loved his stories misses vert much. Rest in Peace to a fellow Long Islander.

  2. Ginger Jones

    Loved him then and still today.
    His wisdom helped grow me up as a young woman in very deep and needed ways.
    Now as a older gal who lived, loved, buried my 33 year old to suicide who incidentally also loved Harry music even though he wasn't even alive for her except through my deep love of him/his indelible mark upon me.
    God, how I miss her.
    Hoping she and I can give thanks to Harry in heaven one day.
    Wouldn't that be cool if he performed for everyone there that loved him?

  3. Mary Bentley


  4. tpowers58

    Even though I never dated anyone named Mary, (that I remember), this song works for for every breakup I’ve ever had.

  5. Tropic Alien

    I'm drunk and seeing double,love this song

  6. Andrew Hibberd

    please take me in? isn't it josh?

  7. Andrew Hibberd

    who listens when you need a little light ? lets hope every childs mother lives to hear the stories the children have not yet spoken isn't it ?

  8. Andrew Hibberd

    so I got lit isn't it josh?

  9. Andrew Hibberd

    on the road to kingdom come isn't it here?if mary was here and grail around the knees isn't it josh?

  10. Sam Bradstreet

    What a loss and what a gift he had..starting to have enough time to remember, it was so real

  11. Jessica Hubbard

    shoot if mary were with me i would be more stoned :P

    Michelle Gray

    Yep, if my Makki were here I wouldn't be a fucked up mess💔🖤💍👁️🤬

  12. Troy Rossi

    I believe this song is a metaphor for wishing he had marijuana haha.

  13. kalelskywalker

    i love in the "picnic out in lincoln parl" line the music gets a little bit happier just at that moment he's talking about his plans

  14. Mojo Bone

    It's all too true; Harry was the nicest guy you could ever hope to meet, but it's also sadly true that the good die young. I'm really stoked that Harry didn't know how good he was, and I''ll never stop appreciating what he gave us.I'll cry sometimes, knowing what we lost, but I'll appreciate, cuz how can you not? And I know Harry wouldn't mind, cuz he gave us the music that music asked of him; he'd have gladly paid the price, had he known. That's the kind of guy he was.

    Shelley Wildgen

    So many still cry, and that says a lot. I hope he knew just what he captured. He'd have paid the price. Interesting , that.

  15. Man Hattan

    Possible favorite Chapin track....

  16. electronmusicjunkie

    Chapin Music was released on CD but unsure what label put it out. I was lucky to find a copy at a record store in Levittown, Pa that had it. If you want to check with them, the name is Positively Records.
    As for HC's stuff not getting played on the radio, HC himself said that they were too long. What a shame. He made way too much stuff that should of gotten airplay. Met him twice at the old Valley Forge Music Fair. Nice guy/

  17. SongsofHarry

    I'm surprised that they have harry on the radio, finally a d.j. with some taste in music! - but to answer: you're close but harry start (from what I know) in '66 with the album "Chapin Music", I don't have the album -that was before Harry Chapin was "Harry Chapin", that was the "Chapin Brothers" I believe - his first ablum under "Harry Chapin" was "Heads and Tales" in '72, Sequel was his last in '80, this album "On the Road to Kingdom Come" was made in '76

  18. Tiny Dancer

    "I'm a sad sack Sir Galahad whose sword's around his knees, with a Grail no longer holy and a prayer that's saying - please", who writes like that nowadays, I ask you?! Love this one (natch), but LOVE the version on "Legends of the Lost and Found" ten times as much *shaking fist at sky* It's become my own personal Grail.