Chanté Moore - Talking In My Sleep Lyrics

Well baby now that you know
Maybe I'm a little bit guilty
When he walks by I hope it don't show
When my thoughts get a little bit filthy
But I keep that door closed
Honey, even if it kills me
But I guess it don't matter now

Let's wonder what you'd do
If I had to tell you
You had to face the truth
Then silence is better
Loving you I always give you whatever
So how did you get

Baby I've been talking in my sleep
I know that you can see it on my face
But honey all the secrets that I keep
But now you know there's someone else
Wish you'd never stand and hear my sleep
But in reality I know I crossed that line
Why do my fantasies have to be goodbye, more than talking

Wish I kept my mouth shut
In the middle of the night
When I'm with 'm gonna sleep tight
Is there something missing in my life
A little looking don't touch
Is all that I'm giving
But maybe I'm too much

Baby I've been talking in my sleep
I know that you can see it on my face
But honey all the secrets that I keep
But now you know there's someone else
Wish you'd never stand and hear my sleep
But in reality I know I crossed that line
Why do my fantasies have to be goodbye, more than talking

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Chanté Moore Talking In My Sleep Comments
  1. Rob Phatt

    Amazing 😍

  2. Angel Sheppard

    Chante Moore microphone Christmas 🎅🏻

  3. David C

    She goes hard on this❤😘

  4. Diamond Life201

    Till now loved it when it came out and I'm still living and loving this❣❣❣❣ this women is so underrated and sooo, miss understood. Just like ke ke Wyatt. Butt they would rather spend money on these females with questionable talent.

  5. sassy

    beautiful song!!!!

  6. D'Renell D’Renell

    she's the true teacher at what she does you better study one of the best female singer's that's true to her Artistry

  7. Rogue Agent

    This girl and this song ... makes me believe that real r&b is not dead... great lyrics and vocals...

  8. Malik

    If she released this now it would be more played and recognized

  9. Warren Macdonald


  10. Shanda M.

    Where was I when this came out? Man! Lovely voice...great song...

  11. kei rogers

    ive always loved this song

  12. Kevin O.

    nice vid, didn't know she made this album, chking amazon.


    Loving this


    What a fabulous singer! Classic song writing too. I dig this.

  15. Derrick Crawford

    So underrated. Great voice, great song!

  16. Jamel Williams

    Team Chante' ! Gooooo! 😎

  17. Janelle White

    Love is

  18. Kite Mitchell

    She isn't play Not 1 bit on this song⭐🌟🌟🌟🌟

  19. Bert Harrington

    U r the best that ever did it u r so underrated u r on a whole different level from them I really think that u need to do ur ownthing cause u can hold your. n no matter where u go people will support u and fill any arena where u will perform especially in Baltimore me and my daughter have been to see u she is the. Little girl that gave u the picture of me and her at pier 6 and gave u a bouquet of roses at the lyric she was 6 then now shes 20andwe will still be there I love u always BERT &TAYLOR


    @Bert Harrington She has such a good voice. It's the first time (I think), I'm listening to her song. I'm putting her in my YouTube music folder. :D

  20. Kriselette Chopin

    I can't wait to see you in concert I ♥ you Chante Moore

  21. Kriselette Chopin

    I really ♥ you Chante Moore

  22. m&m m&ms

    go chante sing that song

  23. TheRoomToGrow

    I Love this.. need to get this CD.

  24. NaturalMarieMoon777

      Talented and  a beautiful women! I absolutely love your songs!

  25. Ryan J

    this is a jam


    True,the first sec.of it sound like HEAVEN!!!

  26. raseanda2011

    I need this song on the radio

  27. Harriet BMckinnon

    love this

  28. Skylar J PUBLIC Relations Agency

    first time

  29. Rynna Hobbs

    Amazing, flawless, blessed. Chante' your talent is awesome. Your performance brought me to tears. After that you pious idiots want to talk about a dress? She is also blessed with a beautiful body.You are blessed and highly favored. Don't hate!

  30. Fee Booable

    Yeah I agree needs a video.

  31. MusicBlue22

    Love this song, this needs a music video pronto

  32. 1182candie

    Love this woman since I was a little girl even as she gets older get voice only improves

  33. TheClassyOne

    Man..4 every Lady who attends a strip club from time to time...perfect anthem. I've been an admirer since Jr. High..saw her perform Loves Taken Over on Showtime At The Apollo and my sisters and I bugged our Mom to get the album..we were at Tower Records the next day. Love her voice!

  34. Andria H

    My favorite on the album.

  35. Leigh Yo

    Amazing! Voice!

  36. E. L.

    Welcome back Chante Moore! Beautiful songstress!!

  37. Mark Minez

    love it !!!!

  38. Jennifer Dudley

    ❤❤❤❤ it !!! Ready for da album!!

  39. dre C

    downloaded my copy today!

  40. Evette

    I love this song

  41. missmdavis14

    Why isn't this song promoted on the radio more? SMH!

  42. OOfania

    wow love this

  43. dre C

    This song is a banger !!!!!!!

  44. Jay Smith

    I love how she can harmonize those whistle notes! Chante has so much vocal control.

  45. Tashera Taylor

    3 this song!!

  46. Simply.Sublime

    Great song! && This video is really nice, very creative :-)

  47. SuperKingwow

    Loving it chante

  48. 1984babee

    when your w/em for almost a decade (and those of u soldiers whove lasted longer)....CHUH.....sigh ... grown people ting)

  49. qlove728

    Love this song you go girl

  50. msthingstodo

    Yes! Put it on my playlist!

  51. Vanessa R

    Bring R&B back!! Love her voice!

  52. Mark Minez

    yes love it !!!

  53. Anthony Pacheco

    hey I saw what you wrote about viooz and you was so sure that they shut the sight down..I hope that's not true-I saw some great movies on there...well decicded to write this short scribe and I went to your site-Im feeling the music-nice!!! Your friend-Apache...

  54. pineapple_coconut3768

    it almost sounds like syleena i'm dreaming and I like it

  55. Gary SHUMLAI

    That song is to real,it should already be on the radio!

  56. Wendy Shipp

    Wow beautiful. This song will burn down the charts!!!!!!!!!! She needs r

  57. Likedbymany

    Why wont they promote this song? This would atleast be a top 10 r&b hit

  58. Shun Jackson

    hi, if you have some time, i wrote a play and put on Chante Moore thou shalt not, read it and tell me what you think if you dont mind, peace

  59. Carline Volcy

    hot hot hot

  60. Damien Nova

    She is sangin y'all!

  61. Samantha Nelson

    Just beautiful , her and the song , everything she makes is amazing

  62. A Melendez

    Simply beautiful

  63. LaCountress Springs

    absolutely love this!!!!!!!

  64. Tito Baloyi

    Love Chante!!

  65. sweetpeepauline

    Go Chante!

  66. FoodLover101 Paradise


  67. kendolldamon

    Chante should be a much bigger star...she is sooooo talented and beautiful

  68. DistinctiveMusicTV - Plus

    Ok, their is R&B Divers, video or no video

  69. DistinctiveMusicTV - Plus

    I hope their is money to make a video, because I want to see you

  70. cpressley57

    She still sounds good. And still looks good as hell.

  71. StarBoy Jones TV

    One of the premiere female vocalists of our time. She always could SANG!!!!!

  72. contessica meriweather

    Sounds good

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    We Love This single, and it will be played on our radio station: Urban Hitz Radio!

  74. Lewis Hung

    my goodness !!!!!! beautiful voice

  75. Ratchet Kitchen

    AMAZINGGGGGGG!!!! That whistle register

  76. MS MS

    R'n'B didn't die!!!!!!! <3

  77. MS MS

    LOVE IT!!!!!

  78. Terrance Johnson

    Love the new single,,,"Sexy as HELL."

  79. Rhett George