Chamillionaire - The Call Lyrics

[phone rings]

[Chamillionaire - talking, thunderstorm heard in background]
C'mon...pick up man...
[phone rings again] Pssh...know you there, man...
[phone rings one last time, before phone picks up as Jay-Z's "Renegades" plays]

Wassup man, it's Chamillionaire...
Chamillionaire!...Yeah, me...
I know we ain't spoke in a lil' bit...
Know I been too busy for you, but uh... I got a problem..
They say "Mo Money, Mo Problems" but, I ain't know it was gon be like this
I mean...I got people tryna sue me
I got groupies on me that never even met me plottin on me and tryna do me
And plus, I got a whole bunch of new friends
and people who never even knew me try to act like they knew me
I thought that this was gonna be the life, it's like you tryna fool me..
[thunderclaps, phone hangs up as dial tone is heard]

Aw, you serious?...
Guess I deserve that...
I'll call you back later...

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Chamillionaire The Call Comments
  1. BWA 1985

    2019 🔥

  2. Albert Magno

    Rasaq killed it

  3. Wear Montgomery

    #bigtuck hadssome carchanging? Whats¿

    Wear Montgomery

  4. Dillon Made pm


  5. Amir The Don


  6. Mark Garza

    This track will NEVER get PLAYED OUT!!!

    Victoria Sanders

    Mark Garza

  7. Micah kal-el

    miss these throw back days

  8. Waylan Keith

    Damn these dude spit straight fire.. 5 people just don't know.

  9. Mike Stone

    damn this shit goes hard

  10. Frank Smith II

    1 best songs ever, 50 and Cham killed it

    Victoria Sanders

    Frank Smith

  11. Johnnie Badd


  12. Swim O'Brien

    The Golden Age.........

  13. Kevin Wagner

    pass the word and make sure they all pass away

  14. Viol3entJay


  15. Flight Productions

    50/50 went the fuck off on this!!!!

  16. Joseph Panian


  17. Juan Enriquez

    man hold up chamillie needs to get tha whole ccc together mann cuz when there together there is no other!enough said

  18. Tookode1

    @bigmo70976 i looovveee the screwed up version...but cant find it on here :-(

  19. T81591

    man i miss koopavelli

  20. Sanderspine

    Where did you get this song from?

  21. Mace Viera

    peep my shit

  22. Omnipharious

    damn cham is just ...... super- rapper.

  23. Omnipharious

    damn-- this is some good sh*t.
    cham should release a mainstream cd with a story like this.

  24. Cadeem Burks

    Can u send me tha song?

  25. Cadeem Burks

    Man can u send me tha song?

  26. Ltsiv07

    WOW I Am SOOOOO making a video for this song

  27. eazyb23

    what beat is this off?

    Victoria Sanders


  28. Cadeem Burks

    Shut The fuck up: Its an important call

  29. Cadeem Burks

    The Army.......

  30. only527kid

    this song is fuckin hard

    Victoria Sanders