Chaka Khan - Journey 2 The Center Of Your Heart Lyrics

I know you've been hurt before
I can see it in your eyes
And if you just shut the door
I would not be surprised

Even though I know you've heard it
These words I'm tryin' to say
I think the others only flirted
With the true meaning of always

Well you can say what you wanna
But I ain't gonna
Stop this journey to the center of your heart

I see the candle through your window
It burns there every night
The shadow leaves an innuendo
Of no one holdin' you right

Many nights I've dreamt you near me
But awakened to you gone
I know one day you'll hear me
I don't care how long


I've waited a lifetime baby
Just to know your name
We've done everything in our minds
Let's stop the game, lets stop it

Even though I know
You've heard these words I'm tryin' to say
Somehow I think these others
They only flirted with the true meaning of always

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Chaka Khan Journey 2 The Center Of Your Heart Comments
  1. Rob Anderson


  2. glamslamr

    I can not find the version with Prince doing the lead vocals, this will have to do! :)

    David Drakeford

    glamslamr found it on sound cloud, july 18, 2019


    @David Drakeford, excellent, thank you!

  3. Daina Perry

    Love her and this version nice. He was a genius period!💜😢

  4. gerald deyounge

    No one sings like Ms. CK, the journey to the center of my heart ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💐💐💖💖💖

  5. gerald deyounge

    Two of the greatest collaborator and geniuses in music and the world. Ms. CK and my man Prince were best friends. In a ever changing world of entertainment you have to be on top. These two are. Chante' singing background as well...Wowww💖💖💖💖💖💖💏💏💏💏💏💏

  6. Anthony Rhodes

    This one of the best recordings that have not recieved the publicity it deserved had it gotten that it would have been as big or bigger than i feel for you with at least 3 ir 4 reaching no.1 i am so glad they did this begore prince was taken away to make music for the universe and the rulet of the universe which is us his music lives on as he does through us yes hallelujah he will ho on and on through us forever as any who are influenced by his music and him which is the same thing .but it is the drama of all time that this didnt get the air time
    It deserved
    But it sure got it at my house till this day thank hod for prince and chaka kahn to of the
    Most brilkant musical geniuses of all time

    Steven Nieves

    Unfortunately, I believe, one of the biggest reasons this Chaka Khan album didn't get any play was because Prince produced it & released it on his label, NPG Records. Period. And it definitely was underrated & a terrific album.

  7. Breone Jamal McNill

    The COME TO MY HOUSE album was actually sold online. Thank God some store owners would eventually order this album.

  8. glamslamr

    Prince's version (lead vocals) is so beautiful! His version can be found easily online :D #Prince4ever

  9. Lisa Gross

    when Prince writes an album for Chaka Khan. Awesome

  10. Lynn Morales

    very!! very!! beautiful song.

  11. r&b-fan

    one of my favorite songs from this over looked album.  The Drama is another sleeper.


    +r&b-fan both of those songs should've been released... I played The Drama so much until I could sing it backwards.. but this one could've been a big r&b hit.. it sucks

    paul pelt

    +r&b-fan ~~& Prince

  12. Fawaz Sulaimanović

    Come 2 my house what A great album

  13. TheKoolkanadian

    AGREED! Great album. She held her own w/ Prince, but not only that, you could feel the mutual love between CK, Prince, Larry Graham and all key players on the project. It's a WHOLE LOT about promotion and "image posturing" to get a hit, despite the quality of the work an artist releases. It truly saddens me when the REAL ARTISTS who continually work on their art - already masters at it - put out new music only to be ignored by the masses.


    Somebody REALLY fell down on promoting this...because had I known when it was released, I would have HAD IT by now!!! Well, thanks for posting this...because now I can remedy THAT situation.


    In fact, I would compare the way this was handled to how Nikka Costa's first album was slept on by most of the music-buying public. That woman is so badass, Prince signed her to Paisley Park! And still, not a lot of people got 'hip' to her.

  14. darchylde612

    i remember when this album came out in 1998/99 i just knew that this would be another "i feel for you" for chaka. imagine my utter shock at the indifference from the record buying public despite the critcal acclaim. despite the lukewarm public reception, this album definitely ranks among chaka's best from funk to gospel, hip hop and ballads, "come 2 my house" has something for everyone and ranks among my own personal "desert island top 10" albums! chaka and prince, OUTSTANDING work!!!

  15. TheKoolkanadian

    Most welcome! :) ~K please share, like ...:)

  16. B Gatson

    Chaka and Prince! HEAVEN! Happy 60th Birthday Chaka. You still look and sound beautiful.

  17. TheKoolkanadian

    Ha! Thanks. I think you're my first COMMENT. Just started uploading last weekend. Thank you & you're very welcome. Yeah. CK & Prince etc did some good work on the "Come 2 My House" album. : )