Chaka Khan - Come 2 My House Lyrics

I've got this feelin' inside
And it won't go away
It'll take time for it to subside
And oh by the way

Come to my house
Where we can play
Like I'm your flower
We'll hide and seek
Then we will find
Love's highest power

Could you stop by for some really good beer
Or a glass of wine
There's no threat, there's no danger here
If you forego go the time

A look in your eyes
And you remind
Me of my daddy
I can't say why
I decided tonight
Yes, you can have me

Love will surrender
Oh, when the heart cries out don't leave me standin' here
Not here
Not now

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Chaka Khan Come 2 My House Comments
  1. SistaMary Clarence

    My second favorite album of hers mainly bc of Prince ..I actually just finished the chapter of her book talking about the making of this album ..had to come revisit the album

  2. By Planet Design

    Lover of this one!!!

  3. Brian M

    Trump is your play toy Chaka Khan! But trump does not drink beer. Mr President meet Chaka Khan. MAGA. Prince and I are not symbols.

  4. Lenny Conner

    👁 wuv this song!!!!!

  5. rain73ful

    Great song.

  6. Ronald Elston


  7. Jovan Hubbard

    Sound like a headboard hitting up against the wall

  8. MARI H

    I never heard this before


    MARI H isn't it great ?

    Victor Velez

    This whole album was beyond brilliant.

  9. Roger San Gabriel

    Wow her voice these new female vocalist have nothing on her.

    Jeri Mccombs

    she is the Gold are right .!!!!THE TOP.her first.then Amy then Anita And so But on that .Come to my House..meowww wa fire

  10. G. Crawford

    🎶 Yessssssss... The album "Come 2 My House" is a beautiful reflection of her music roots way back to the group "Rufus". I love the genius collaborative vocals of Chaka & Prince together, a gem. Funk meets Pop = pure uncut music to the soul. #Stillthejoint... 💜

    A Singer's life...

    Jeri Mccombs

    Here I am again..Chaka...I look for what I can feel.5 mos clean .Chaka knows..ppl need to feel .Oxy high fake...Chaka Reallllllll high..

  11. MrDuffmann22

    this got chaka back to her funk roots, and prince guided her there

  12. jean-Jacques speed

    what else ?? nothing better than this track : comme 2 my house is simply a masterpiece, I would say : the best or nothing. thank you very much godess Chaka ❤️💕it was really the good life , your beautiful music shaking our lives ...

  13. Tomika Rochell

    Da Shyt!

  14. Isaiah Tolbert

    Didn't know Palmer had a right in this song very interesting since Chaka has collaborated with both artists before

  15. sperrotta91

    Album in general is unfairly ignored. It's not a classic but it's mostly very good, occasionally great jazz/funk-inflected r&b.


    It is one of my favorite Chaka Khan albums. i love it !!

    jean-Jacques speed

    FarmYardFlavours me too ! lot's of memories...


    I was actually very surprised that i was the only one who uploaded this track, maybe more by now, but i just couldn't believe no one posted it. Ignored. I love Chaka Khan


    @FarmYardFlavours​ This track maybe (remains unknown, unfortunately), but not the whole certainly would've deserved to be a single, because it's definitely one of Chaka's best songs for this period...

    Marvin Bradford

    sperrotta91 it was a classic in my book

  16. Dr. Jé

    Get into that " Illuminati" reference lol yazzzzz artist were so oblivious back then

  17. Eileen Pizarro

    Ain't no one can touch Prince. RIP Beautiful One.

  18. Darrell Stout

    The only thing that is getting me through is not only there is a ton of tracks in the vault but there is also a legacy of LP's and performances that I still haven't seen. PRN will be forever missed....R.I.P Prince and thank you for the legacy that you've left us here


    +Darrell Stout Been listening to the kcrw #prince radio program, full of trax i have never heard before. Going on right now ...

    Darrell Stout

    I'll have to listen another time.  Thank you though.  I'm spent from today

  19. norma williams

    how many has left and went on the other side it must be good R.I.P.🌷🌷🎶

  20. Leela Charley

    Rest well prince :(

  21. Veronica Morgan

    R.I.P. Prince......

  22. Mechell Brown

    R.i.p Prince

    Mechell Brown

    It feels like a bad dream and all I want to do is wake up.

  23. sperrotta91

    Cool joint.

  24. JFTrueMusician

    I soooooo love this groove. This is a masterpiece.

  25. Rodney Tate

    Come on over and play.  Nice jam!