CES Cru - Rubble Lyrics

Whatever happened to the emcee
Times done changed for the emcee
And if he rap, I know he gotta be buzzed
If you don't know somebody who rap
You know somebody who does
It's prob'ly one of your cousins or dude up the block
Dropped a couple of albums or moved up a notch
Swallow it up or I don't slack on writing commence
To eating motherfuckers like Attack on Titan it's real
I see you headed for your doom, interscope and
These lesser niggas searching for the moon in the ocean
My third eye's open, inner vision in 3D
It's killer city, Missouri murdering 'em on GP
So fuck 'em all with a condom and I'm a nympho
This ain't no conversation, no common knowledge no info
I'm going in and it don't
Matter who get offended, this shit is premeditated
So if I said it, I meant it


I dropped in just to say what up
Hip hop chuckled to itself and it created us
Laugh now but y'all dogs better rabie up
Cause on a real, ball hogs never made us much
My group precipitates skill, shade by the deal
Fools forget to play still chasing dollar bills
I'm feeling great fail if you cruising it's a race
You hit the brakes bail if you knew what it would take
To make sales, no run up on the state sales
My face pale, made a come up on some hate mail
It's all subtle boy, I hope you enjoy the rebuttal
Where with the trouble I just shrug when I point to the rubble
My coin stack, prepare the appointed task
They avoided the facts, I'm disappointed but back buoyant
I let him know that that soiling is rap poison
Comma for selling Belladonna I'll tell him Ill be out


Bring it right back
There's more and I'm a need a night cap
Emcees be bugging me I need a fly trap
I'm fly as fuck, I look at you and see a piece of white trash
That got you heated, my bad
If I can beat him scrapping, I'm a stab him, leave a white gash
They leak and he gon need a dry rag
An ice pack, an eye patch, a life raft
I drown him in a pool of blood
I'm truly underground, I write my rhymes inside of my shaft
Frame by frame I stutter the game, it's like I seen a time lapse
And every lake is just as bad, I can't look past the traffic jam
Test the rappers they won't ever pass the class exam
Blazing like I lit a match and had a can of gas in hand
You make me mad on stage, I'll backhand a bitch like afro man
Snap a wrench in half and discipline you like a kid again
We stomping basic bitches need some titties and an ass implant
Cold blooded like I'm trapped beneath an avalanche
Keep bragging 'bout your record deal, I'll jack you 'fore you catch a fan


You can't be the best emcee if someone else is writing your raps

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CES Cru Rubble Comments
  1. Emmy JR

    That Attack on Titan reference though 💯

  2. Jameshill 8520

    That attack on titan reference tho

  3. BlackIce4777

    Thank you Kato

  4. Drew Sherman

    “Blazin like I lit a match and add a can of gas in hand, make me mad on stage, I back hand a bitch like Afro man”

  5. Rich Puerto

    Tech gives these guys no EXPOSURE wish shady records could have signed them

    Mattew James

    Lol that's what this songs about how shady did them all raw

    Anthony Favela

    Are you stupid.

  6. Beamer White


  7. King2ThaPin

    Rittz is the rap GOD


    King2ThaPin correction he’s white jesus

  8. Shane Howdeshell

    Realist question. What happened to the MC?? strange never stop!!! You can't be the best MC if someone else is writing your raps. 21 savage gay! Aaahhhh!!!!! Really miss hip-hop! Underground for life! Real music doesn't touch radio waves! 1 Love!

  9. Anfernee Heath

    Maaaan this shits too lit! Had this stuck in my head hella over the past few days!

    "Cold blooded like I'm trapped beneath an avalanche, keep bragging about your record deal I'll jack you for your cash advance bitch!"

  10. Sake ThaBrawler

    JayJay been doin his thang for a couple years now. Props

  11. Adam Quinton

    This is fuckin badass

  12. todomon2324

    Godemis's verse in this is one of the best rap verses ever

    Matt Naypauer

    wouldnt go thatfar lmao

  13. Daddy Didnt

    "Swallow an upper, I don't slack on writin. Commence to eatin motherfuckers like Attack On Titan, it's real!" 👌


    Its scary how accurate that is to the show

    James Mulligan

    bro that attack on titan line was sick as fuck

    Sanity Is Radical

    That blew my damn mind.

    Dime Baggins

    This plus ubi's verse In meditation "I was working on my earth fire water and air to keep my soul centered, now I'm pen and bone bendin" avatar anyone? Cestoku

  14. TreeTalkers

    Yo if you like ces cru you should check out some shit inspired by years of listening to ces we would appreciate the listen https://m.soundcloud.com/treetalkers/the-matrix

  15. DevynGuevara

    Godemis' flow is just insanely smooth

    Craig T

    DevynGuevara definitely my favourite rapper. So much musicality put into his raps

  16. Korey Hansford

    Rittz killz everything yo! 🔥🔥🔥

  17. Demetrius Lykes

    Rittz destroyed this

  18. Demetrius Lykes

    Strange music is the best hip-hop label in the game now. Nothing but talent down the list and the artist aren't one hit album wonders either

    Luke Polich

    Demetrius Lykes Listen to "Panda" RiP/NiK MiX

  19. Filip Hedlén

    whats up with the dislikes?!

  20. Shaine Begay

    Here for Rittz 🔥💯

    Daddy Didnt

    Shaine Begay well I hoped you stayed for CES

  21. BrewWuKlustah 679

    This is the Shizzy!!!
    holyy shitt im fuking done!!!

    So fuck 'em all with a condom and I'm a nympho
    This ain't no conversation, no common knowledge no info
    I'm going in and it don't
    Matter who get offended, this shit is premeditated
    So if I said it, I meant it

    plus rittz fucking killin shit as always not to mention kato on the track,Bitch!
    Strange Phuckin Music ^S^.

  22. Opachki

    props to kato for producing this, i love his beats

  23. Devin Healy

    are they actually dissing someone on this track? I think I'm a bit behind in the Strange news but this song definitely sounds like it's directed at someone specifically.


    going at >insert fake MC name here< take your pick there are a lot of targets but this is just to fake wannabe MCs in general no specific person

    Murph The Kenzo

    Devin Healy the talking in between sounds like its about the drake an Quentin miller stuff

    Burke Sellers

    Devin Healy to me, it sounds like they were just talking about "mainstream" rappers in general, how no one writes their own bars anymore. I don't think it was directed at one person or group

    Anfernee Heath

    I agree with Burke Sellers. First time I heard this, seen it as them pointing out the mainstream rappers.

    Twig Green

    Devin Healy i could see it directed at drake the worst offender of ghost writters

  24. Jamey D

    Kato on the track. Damn

  25. Jack Meoff

    This shitttt is sickkkkk as fuckkkkkk.

  26. Bryan Quam

    Rittz kills this

    Jack Meoff

    Bryan Quam Agreed.


    That isn't news



  27. Cole Miho

    7th comment!


    Cole Miho aint nobody carre

  28. scott keeping

    Where's the rest homie

    scott keeping

    U put the track out before release in Calgary it showed up early and it was one of the only songs u put out then I listened to the whole.... So u teased me by waving a song before release it was a joke