CES Cru - Jimmy Stewart Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Godemis:]
I make music for a living, so every day is the weekend
The blade ain’t tucked away until everybody is leaking
I’ve had it up to heaven with father fuckers critiquing
My suggestion is you stuff a cock in it, the Deevil’s speaking
Right up under the knife, I’m a villain still in the cut
Feeding on hate, I patiently wait and swill up a cup
Wavy, wondering what in the fuck is the motive for it
The Deevil said I should kill him, then Godemis said ignore it
Emo with it, I’m morbid, my ism is out of orbit
They bite off what they can chew from you, funny how you ain’t Norbit
Arsenal is assorted with plenty curses and disses
Plus we don’t discriminate, murking any mister or missus
Appetite for destruction, cause if the recipe misses
We feeding on every scrap and don’t bother to bus the dishes
This is what some wishes are made of and it’s kind of silly
They going hammer, can’t touch me, but God, I pray they can feel me

[Hook - Ubiquitous:]
It’s all fly in the friendly skies
I’m ready for whatever’s headed my way
Ends change friends change every five days
Identify snake venom enter my space
You’re givin em five minutes why wait?
Holdin your moment that’s gone
Develop your density need some back bone
Bae boy he wishin that he was back home
Charlie can’t go back, when this shit go black
I’m bringin disco back

[Verse 2 - Ubiquitous:]
Back from skid row, out of agony central
You’re grabbing at my microphone I’m snappin your wrist bone
Anatomy split throw em like Vladamir Klitchko
You’re pissed that I’m rappin fast, well I’m happy to spit slow
Cuz everything goes fast, I watch as it go past
I’m tossin these bread crumbs, You’re lost with a road map
Perusin our catalog, and shoppin for vocab
They copy the flow, I give the gift of forgiveness
I thought you should know that, but business is business
Want to know how we did it? Better get to jottin on notepads
And read you a book buddy, sharpen your brain but now
It’s smarter to play dumb, what part of the game?
Acquire target and aim (bluhh) It ain't hard to be famous
I market my anguish but now it’s startin to change us
So pardon my language, but fuck how you feel
You bitch ass motherfucker you’s a sucker for real
It ain't nothing to get you…… high


[Verse 3 - Godemis:]
You’re talking that fly shit, get ready for lift off
The rules don’t apply bitch, I’m ripping your lips off
Pussy in a dog fight, irony at it's best
It's good you a dumb fuck, see this is a crabs test
Y’all average at best, you got to start someplace
Tell me how the fuck the blood from under your tongue taste
Pursue and let one chase, lock and I scare fakes
Then bust a 180, that’s on behalf of my air brakes

[Verse 4 - Ubiquitous:]
Radio for your squad, we’re taking over the skies
Clear out the way and land now or say your sober goodbyes
Cross your heart and hope to die, make a wish to the rap lord
It’s a wonderful life, maybe you get what you ask for, that’s yours
Way they be hittin the fast forward, my slow flow
Bang thoughts hittin the dashboard, a trick of the light
Pick your dog fight Mr. mcfly, call em a chicken
And they’re quick to reply, the hands quicker than the…… eye


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CES Cru Jimmy Stewart Comments
  1. Thomas Passegger

    ubi with that hook tho!!!

  2. Some Guy From The Internet

    Nobody calls me chicken.

  3. Kaw Kaw

    Haha pulp fiction Samuel l Jackson

  4. Cora Lewis

    Ces Cru - Jimmy Sweater

  5. Firsttime God

    we need a team of like 8 rappers to do reservoir dogs

  6. Cody Noway

    ubi became garbage af lol

  7. TheLab805

    Funny thing is, godimus doesnt need to dress up to look like Samuel L Jackson

  8. Layth Fuller Sr.


  9. Tyler Jones

    This music video is awesome. Lol i just watched this movie again a few days ago. Amazing movie.

  10. Reece Robinson

    They soo dope

  11. Ash Stewart

    We need a music video. Oh I know let's just reshoot a bunch of pulp fiction scenes.

  12. Nah Mane

    That diner got shut down

  13. Chase Wellner

    That intro beat was on an MF Doom song too

  14. pizzahutlovinhulk

    Wow this is a hell of a song

  15. PowaHbe

    this is the illest " FIRE"

  16. Eleanor Roshka

    they have so much talent

  17. gk'93

    This video... this video deserves a million views!! LOL


    And the song 🔥

  18. Ryan Eckman

    Tech should have played Ving Rhames in this video, that would have been perfect. The scene where they show the back of his neck and the band-aid on it. Not him getting raped. I dont think Tech would have gone for that. Opportunity missed though.

  19. music2illusion

    When did Jesse Eisenberg start rapping??

  20. akaseven112

    we need something epic in 2016 like this without shitty trap beats

  21. Easy.

    is jimmy stewart tarantino's character?

  22. Jerimya Edwards

    Ends change, Friends change....

  23. buck baumann

    Nice wig Ubi!😂 flying the friendly skys.....

  24. Matt Kodak

    i saw action Bronson could be on this

  25. MrPsykotic

    It’s all fly in the friendly skies
    I’m ready for whatever’s headed my way
    Ends change friends change every five days
    Identify snake venom enter my space
    You’re givin em five minutes why wait?

  26. Reddy

    Identify snake venom
    Enter my spaceship

  27. Steven Sailo

    ENGLISH MADAFAQUA DO U SPEAK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Fenrir

    Pulp Fiction, sweet.

  29. DragonNomak

    Brett: He... he's black...
    Jules: Go on...
    Brett: He's bald
    Jules: Does he look like a bitch?
    Brett: What?
    Jules: [Shoots Brett in the shoulder] DOES HE LOOK LIKE A BITCH?
    Brett: No!
    Jules: Then why you try to fuck him like a bitch?
    Brett: I didn't...
    Jules: Yes you did. Yes you did! You tried to fuck him. And Marcellus Wallace don't like to be fucked by anybody except Mrs. Wallace.

  30. Xavier Lujan

    I love their music videos

  31. Barbara, The Beast - Topic


  32. Cozy2626

    OMFG I love Ces Cru! I'm not a big rap fan, because most rap sucks these days. Even when it was pretty good I never really got into it. But these guys are fucking amazing!

  33. TycraneVG

    Run the Jewels + CES Cru collab pls.

    Ashton thornton

    Hallelujah. That's indie rap Mecca.

    Batty Koda

    that would be to I'll.I've been wanting to see a flatbush zombies ces cr u collab

    Arthur Morgan

    @Sean Moore Same

    Cursin Daily

    +TycraneVG They need to collab on an entire album.

  34. Cheyenne Foster

    Can you guys do a boondocks saints theme video please!!

  35. Carl Carl

    Too bad Ubi will get shot on the shiter the next day.

  36. thunderstruckv2

    Wanna hear something awesome, my older brother is dating the girl who plays Mia Wallace in this video. She's pretty cool.

  37. Greg Sam

    If you haven't heard of AQUALEO you should check them out. They break down barriers and make you think. They've done some music with strange and they are a duo if you can't handle being open minded don't listen to them.

    Props to CES CRU though!

  38. htenrique17

    Strange music, tech n9ne and Ces Cru are the reason I am a musician and Artist.

  39. Armoredcody

    Since Eminem has become soft, Im so glad that Strange is Strong and Growing.

    johnathan royal

    Eminem used to be my world til i discovered this shit...now im sick of eminem to the point i could puke,and now a strange starship is sending planet marshall a supernuke...this ahits the bomb.... Boom!

  40. Andrea

    ces cru sounds so old school...i like it

  41. Anthony Conley

    not only lyrical geniuses but you had to keep climbing and turn a Quentin Tarantino movie into a bad ass music video.....can you also cure cancer and go super saiyan!!!!

  42. corny

    Lol Ubi without a beard looks kinda like Zach Braff (the guy from scrubs)

    Dakota Doctor

    I didn't even fuckin recognize him

  43. Jim James

    "It's a Wonderful Life" (1946) staring JimmyStewart 

  44. Gitars25

    this is too great :3

  45. Big Boss

    i can barely recognize Ubi, and Godemis look exactly like samuel L. jackson

  46. Jerimya Edwards

    Thanks to Ces Cru and Strange for bringing the realest and illest.

  47. Sombie

    Damn this video had me wanting to watch Pulp Fiction again shiettt

  48. Shane Costa

    You're talking that fly shit / Get ready for lift off / The rules don't apply bitch / I'm ripping your lips off

    These 2 just don't stop killing tracks.

  49. DinoMuncher

    Finally, CES Cru getting good video production for once

  50. Reginald C.

    This is probably like the funniest most epic video I have seen in a long time. On top of that the song is super sweet.

  51. Minimalist Moto Life

    I wonder how many kids don't get the video.


    I've never seen Pulp Fiction, but I knew straight away that this clip is paying it homage

    Calvin Turner

    I've already seen the whole movie

    Thor Emblem

    I'm 14, and I've seen pulp fiction, but even before I saw it, I knew what it was

    Robert Simon

    I know this is an old comment but probably the same amount as how many had to look up what a chakra was, lol!

  52. Jeff Brown

    Ubi looks so weird without his beard... kinda like Andy Samberg.

  53. Demetri J

    CES Cru>Run the Jewels


    apples and oranges.

    lion hinges

    Without the producing of EL-P, so..nah

  54. jesusthedwad

    The one that says Bad mother fucker.

  55. JarvisDavisTV


  56. Jonathan Whitcomb

    Excuse me 2:27

  57. Jonathan Whitcomb

    I'm sorry but at 2:28 does anyone else notice the weird curly hair on that chick's chest? Anyway dope ass song and vid keep it ces

  58. Shade Night

    Loved the real movie even though I was only like 13 when I watched it I also really loved kill bill was like 10 but I've rewatched it to understand more

  59. Lorenz

    oh? ... good music in 2014 ... how is it possible

  60. markita carr

    Lol Matt u go boy.....

  61. GodHatesUsA7X

    I love Ces but im just not really diggin this album =/

  62. PowaHbe

    YO!!!!!!!! CES CRU is straight UP !!!! This joint just blew me awaway,YO!!!!! Nice, Real-BX TALK !

  63. ed c

    Why does ubi mic always sound like it's blown?

  64. dammit dan

    I don't like the beat. At all. I found it obnoxious. That being said, Ces Cru is the dopest.

  65. chris botelho

    fuckin incredible

  66. Diet Bargs

    They should make a music video of Inglorious Bastards or even Resivour dogs

  67. Michael O'Neal

    Is that a gto in the back ground

  68. Apocalypse king syko

    I love strange music. Glad to see the label I loved for many years is being appreciated by many others

  69. Gen Speaking

    This is awesome!

  70. No 0ne

    I haven't liked the new Ces tracks as much as I expected but this bangs and I love the video.

  71. LiquidDIO

    Haha, in that wig, Ubi looks like Billy from Game Chasers.

  72. tim wasteman

    best rap duo

  73. HumanBeing NotBeingHuman

    music video of the year!

  74. oo0ReaXioN0oo

    Dope beat! Perhaps it's cuz I'm a 90's cat who's into boombap, but imo these dudes sound the best on these typa beats!

  75. The Abstract Lover

    Pulp fiction, one of the best movies...ever.

  76. Zemara Waru-Keelan

    ALWAYS A FAN! lmfao

  77. TeeJay Small

    So i'm guessing nobody wanted to stick a watch up their ass or film a rape scene? 
    Lmao this is the greatest music video i've ever seen. 

    Strange Music Inc

    ^S^  It was fun as fuck to shoot, too...Thank you for watching. 

  78. j plat

    raw shit fuckin had to get out the crowd at the concert cuz I was a little bitch scared I was gonna fail a piss test for probation lol

  79. Tripp Nasty

    love it.

  80. UPhoRia Inc

    Pulp fiction for real dawg

  81. Connor Lundgren

    i love the pulp fiction video. lol godemis plays that role so well hah yes. this is greatness

  82. Yung Gwap

    Love the pulp fiction theme classic

  83. Jason Doan

    ces cru is what rap music needed it's like a breathe of fresh air to hear them

  84. leo molinar

    Keep it Strange

  85. Joesdf Joesdfg

    Woah the costume/make up is so bad it made it hard for me to listen to the music...

  86. Real Talk Gaming

    Just a question.  What does this song mean?

    Don't give me a bull shit canned "it homage to Pulp Fiction" answer.


  87. behinderteleberwurst

    This is the greatest music video in the history of music videos. How the fuck is everyone on Strange Music sick as fuck? How is this label not huge?


    @Joel Easton I didn't know it was the 20th anniversary, that actually puts reason behind the video. they might not even had thought about the fact Bone Thugs had just did one.

    And your right, who does something first doesn't ever really matter.

    But that's like Christian Bale playing Batman, then them hiring Ben Affleck.

    just saying lol


    @Joel Easton(for the record, and I'm almost embarrassed to admit this.... I like Ces Cru's video more. But Determination, imo, is a better song for sure)


    it's all love 


    I didn't even know about the Bone Thugs video, thanks for bringing that up.
    I just watched it and the only similarity I can see is that the whole thing takes place in a diner and the wallet appears.
    Sorry, but that can't really compete with what these Strange people created here.

    Regardless of them not having Token White Boy, this video blows that one out of the water.


    @behinderteleberwurst lol your really right tho.

    I mean, they did have the couple that was going to rob the diner, and all that.

    but I agree. this video by strange music just dominated the Pulp Fiction theme.

    I just thought determination was one of Bone's best new song's they've made. it's good, sounds good, nice message behind it.

    now.... if only they had gotten strange music to produce their music video. lol

    Jason Pennington

    @behinderteleberwurst because america is full of followers not leaders. These guys are pioneers, trend setters, and truly creative artists. If you can't play it on the radio.....its too much for the public to take in. They won't dumb their lyrics down, and only people who can respect that can appreciate this music. I know, its ass backward..but to be honest, these guys would prefer the respect as an underground legacy vs a 50 million dollar 10 year contract anyday. #CesCru all mother fuckin day ^S^

  88. Andrew Larsen

    I stopped liking rap for the degeneracy it bags but I still love ces cru. You guys keep it real as fuck. 

  89. mrlukester54321

    Wish these guys could do a show in the UK. Been a fan for over a year now and it would be great to see them live! 

  90. Nick Pierce

    this is fuking dope! godemis killz it! and ubi does too!!! dope beat!


    Had to come back and rewatch this,because GOD DAME THEY GOT SKILL AND GO THROUGH IT REAL SHIT !!

  92. ColoSon

    Good track but nodoby should touch a masterpiece like pulp fiction. So you get my dislike for the video.

    Tyler Jones

    ColoSon. I would normally feel the same. But no, they did amazing with this video and did a good homage to the movie. They did the movie justice with this video.

  93. Special K Hole

    Hand me the bad motha fucker!

  94. nobodyfresh89

    Strange Fiction.

  95. domeplsffs

    Nope, sad ripp-off. *thumbsdown

  96. Mad Flow



    #Sosas!!!!! Good eatin

  98. MulattoBeast