Celldweller - Blood From The Stone Lyrics

This isn't really what it seems
We're feeling different things
I see the edge beneath the dreams
To which an ending clings

I never promised it would last
I never thought it would
And now that so much time has passed
The memories aren't good

I am the blood from the stone

And now you know why I said
I am the blood from the stone
And now you can see left to me
I will end up alone

This isn't really what it seems
We're Feeling different things
I see the edge beneath the dreams
To which an ending clings

I never promised it would last
I never thought it would
And now that so much time has passed
The memories aren't good

And now you know why I said
I am the blood from the stone
And now you can see left to me
I will end up alone

And now you can take
What I break
And turn it to gold

I am the blood from the stone

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Celldweller Blood From The Stone Comments
  1. El Remolino

    This reminds me of linkin park's numb

  2. darkskyx Music Promos

    I love that acoustic intro and the rest of the song. This is amazing for just a demo

  3. Gaz J

    0:55 = O.O

  4. YellowLobster

    One stone disliked

  5. FelipeVitAran

    fuck that dislike. This is awesome.

  6. XenoAntrop

    my 547 vs 1...

  7. 석동준

    우치하 오비토 보고 여기로 날아 왔습니다.

  8. Johnico

    We want this as official release!

  9. MagicTrix

    It really sucks that this is only a demo. This would make a great full length song.


    i mean it has the length of a full lenght song


    Not a full length Celldweller song :)

  10. Rosem 7435

    I see the edge beneath the dreams


    To which an ending clings.

  11. ClumsyPlant

    even a rough draft sounds amazing

  12. Elosis

    <3 @elosisofficial Dyde Elosis :) soundcloud.com/elosis <3

    Chyna Pope

    get that self advertising shit outta here

  13. NiCE!AMVs!

    F*cking B-A-utiful

  14. Lese39

    0 dislikes *0*
    why all the songs that starts with piano have to be so fu*ing epic?!

    EGOmega Yolo


  15. Patricio Hondagneu Roig

    I couldn't agree more

  16. Paul Sims

    Then it's a good thing you can type ;)

  17. Alexandra Kovacs


  18. DropTheFPS

    Simply awesome.



  20. FenderJunkie100

    Klayton is quite smarter than most music producers out there, far more talented than most musicians out there, has a great voice and has a clear and original vision. This is how music genres are made. Period.

  21. Minimoog Voyager

    All I can understand from the chorus is, "Now you know why I said I am the blood from the stone."

  22. Dan Berrow

    this "demo" is still better produced than half the shit out there now........... just saying

    Evgeniy Manakov

    Read my minds bro ), but even so he stay my favorite singer from 2004 and will forever and all thx his album 2003 year

  23. Patricio Hondagneu Roig

    Con los auris puestos no se te nota

  24. BloodyKandi

    aaand I'm in love

  25. Holyghan ­

    Muy bueno este tema, como el resto de los nuevos que saco, no los instrumentales, no los puedo dejar de escuchar :3

  26. Jordan Mullins

    theres a way to be beautiful and powerful vocal wise..ask maynard james keenan..granted klaytons voice is great there are times it seems like he could have put more emotion into it

  27. Minimoog Voyager

    It's sadly not going to be completed. He stopped working on it in 2005, I believe.

  28. Megan Johnson

    Omfg. I love this song. And it's just a demo for now? Jesus, I wonder how beautiful it will sound when it's completed. You got me excited for this one, Klayton.

  29. Adam B

    Thank you Klayton for another awesome piece of art.

  30. JustGingy95

    ^omg this made me laugh so hard XD

  31. Hindsight

    Thanks, I think people took my meaning of cleaning up the audio and somehow construed that into "turn it into a pop song"

    Though everyone on youtube seems to be looking for an argument and try to create one.

  32. Juppie902


  33. roberto cordova

    Omg he has done it again

  34. Kristjan Kroonimägi

    His music only get better and better!!

  35. Andlát Andometi

    Love thissss
    And all the other stuff

  36. Alpha Dalpha

    The voicw killed me...

  37. Alpha Dalpha

    Klayton have Guitar Skill!!!;)

  38. Zesprit15

    Clearly a demo, but a damn good one.

  39. SuperLAFWorld

    To be fair, it is a Demo song for a reason. Regardless, even his demos and unfinished works are pretty well done.

  40. Lily

    This.. your songs are so perfect and breathtaking.

  41. MrThat0neperson

    This comment would be nothing without your profile picture. Thank you for your contribution to my day.

  42. RJ M

    You never know, maybe I've missed a good one :)

  43. Hindsight

    Again you are presuming too much, He only needs to clean up the voice in a few short parts. Not edit the entire song. My biggest pet peave with music is when the artist makes the singing unintelligible forcing you to look up the lyrics to understand a single vowel of what they are saying.

  44. Sarp

    In the end, it's really just a question of taste; completely subjective. Luckily for me though, Klayton seems to be (mostly, at least) on "my" side.

    I was about to suggest some songs for you, but I really couldn't find that many which would seem to suit you. I also suppose you've listened to most of his songs anyway, so I guess I was about to make a fool out of myself.. lol.

  45. RJ M

    Yes, and as DemonAMVs said, his voice does tend to fade away slightly. I wouldn't say that's an even balance of voice instrumentals and electronics, when the voice is being drowned out. Making his voice a bigger part of his music would not be a bad thing (hopefully). I wouldn't call myself a fan, but I've always wished for more vocal tracks rather than these two minute instrumentals. Of course Klayton's die hard fans will hate me for saying so.

  46. Sarp

    But we both know that Klayton's, Celldweller's style is the middlepoint between having focus on voice, instrumentals, and electronic devices. Having about an equal amount of the three is what makes up Celldweller for me.

    I just made a poem. Wow.

  47. Sarp

    Giving vocals dominance is a step towards mainstream; just as bright and happy themes, and horrid lyrics about partying are.

    Considering that Klayton's genre isn't mainstream as it is, it wouldn't never become *real* mainstream (guess I'll have to apologize for the earlier statements), but it will be a step towards it.

    And no, of course music which isn't based on the instrumental isn't automatically considered mainstream, or vice versa.

  48. RJ M

    So every single piece of music which isn't music-central is mainstream? Vocals add to the music for me. To me, listening to a soundtrack is meaningless and it just fades into the background. Add lyrics, however, and it stands out and gives it impact. The difference between mainstream and this is that both the music AND the vocals are good here, rather than just one, or often none at all.

  49. Sarp

    Focusing on voice makes it mainstream

  50. RJ M

    How can you be a "pop idiot" when his music isn't pop? Doesn't matter what he does - whether he focuses on vocals or music, it will always be better than mainstream.

  51. Sarp

    Haha, no worries. I'm more flattered over the fact that someone actually recognize me

  52. Sarp

    Assuming you're talking about 1:16 etc.

    He lowered the high frequencies, the treble, and doing this makes the vocals a bit more daft - which also makes it less dominant. By adding the treble and upping the volume/lowering the instrumentals, his voice would become far to dominant, and it's sound like some kind of pop-version of what used to resemble Celldweller. Dead by April did this, and holy shit it's terrible compared to what THEY used to be, at least.

  53. Hindsight

    Wtf are you on about? I meant clear up the vocals because they sound raspy and make it a bit louder because I cannot hear a word he is saying. Has nothing to do with pop or dominance. You just took my comment and twisted it so much the reply does not even make sense in context.

  54. seelefantman

    I need this album ... need it! Really ... neeeeeeeeeeeeed

  55. Vrize Tikure

    I couldn't agree more. I love his voice from that song and this, this song has very little distortions with his voice.

  56. Hiesto

    Hi Sarphog, nice to see you somewhere but your vids (sorry if I offended you)

  57. Sarp

    I couldn't disagree more. I hope Klayton NEVER make his voice dominant in his songs. Don't get me wrong, his voice is the most beautiful there is, but it's the great combination of his voice and amazing instrumental work which makes Celldweller. I don't ever want him to become your average voice-based pop idiot.

  58. Hindsight

    Vocals need to be cleaned up a bit and more distinct. They tend to fade into the music and not stand out.

  59. Mio Tenacious

    wtf is this avatar dude?

  60. Mace the Omnilution

    0:54 This gets real

  61. Rocktony

    Your brother and dad's movie sucked.

  62. AvengedLinkinPark

    this song reminds me of under my feet, what happened with that?. I would to hear a Klayton revision :-)

  63. Rsandee

    And last to get laid.