Cattle Decapitation - Humanure Lyrics

The human body, in its systematic nature,
Has 3 primary objectives:

1) Procreate
2) Food Intake
3) The elimination of waste

This is the human equation
One half is feces, the other mammal
The human as shit.

This is what you've become
The end result of human stupidity
Another mesh of flesh with no dignity
A solid waste with dull neuronal activity

2000 years from now
They'll discover our copralite
Learn of disease and parasite
Enough to know what made us tick
Enough to make them sick

The study of man

Micturate - here's to your health
Defecate - upon the self
Felch - the goddamn sphinct and
Gurgle - it's disgusting contents

Playing king of the hill
On a mountain of manure
On a planet called earth
Mirroring what we're worth

We are nothing but a failure
Evolution took a shit
In my heart, through these eyes
Humankind in its own shit resides.

2000 years from now
They'll examine our copralite
Gain perspective and insight
Enough to know what made us tick and
That we're made of shit

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Cattle Decapitation Humanure Comments
  1. Andy Christ

    Pffff this is nothing. You think THIS is heavy, try Alice In Chains

  2. Eric Emmeluth

    The new meaning to dead shit. Suckers for the kiddies as we lay

  3. Mert

    mid pls

  4. Elia Rivano

    Good shit man!

  5. Олександр Гончак

    Walking out of a music store with this vinyl turns some heads to say the least.

  6. Omega4z

    Imagine if someone in India wears this album cover art T-Shirt

    steve sunny

    Mob Lynched

    Andy Christ

    That's a quick way to get drowned in the Ganges

  7. Pig Destroyer

    Seen it live. Amazing

  8. angelofdeath 666

    35 vegans not liked this

    Curtis Leitch

    angelofdeath 666 do you know the lyrics? Unless you are being sarcastic, in that case. Totally agree




    The band are vegan dude.

  9. david morison

    Look at the cover and listen....

  10. Johnny Squirt

    1- scatology domine and ours (intro)
    2- pinkish humanure
    3- reduced to pastey
    4- majin bukkake tsunami
    5- cloacula: the anthropophabic copromanticks
    6- bucket of chummified
    7- applied human sacrifice
    8- the heaving earthling
    9- polips
    10- pouty lips and assholes
    11- x-men before swine (outro)

  11. DREDD 123

    i feel like i heard a breath from the singer at the beginning

  12. Trevor JC

    I think this is one of their best albums. If there was a top 3 this would be third for me. Plus the cover just fits their name

  13. Migvel Graça

    Atom Hurt Merda!!

    Cult Mechanicus

    Migvel Graça Lol bro i will never see that album the same again without picturing this as its mirror version

  14. Juan Contreras

    Excelente Show ayer en Bogota , que buena banda

  15. TheSeveredTongues

    Ah yes..the album art is clearly a tribute to the Italian humanist art movement, similar to the early 16th century works of Michelangelo. And the nerve some people have to say culture is dead. Bravo, is all I can say.

  16. Fat Molasses

    The best album ever made

  17. Tu Papi El Máster

    satanas eres tu?:v

  18. Death metal

    cattle decapitation's finest moment in my opinion

  19. Dong Dong Will Never Die

    As far as I'm concerned, this is where Cattle Decap start. Homovore is an interesting little grind album but it's fair from great, To Serve Man is a step in the right direction, but THIS album is when they started getting really good. Though this album admitedly just sounds like a more melodic death/goregrind album, it's Karma Bloody Karma when they truly nailed their unique sound and since then they've been honing it to perfection.

  20. Tee Bee

    The best album.

  21. sarajamus

    The singer needs to croon more. Thatll make this mediocre band more accessible!

  22. John Lewis

    I want a shirt with this on it

    number1 georgestraitfan

    John Lewis I have one

  23. We Are The Leaders

    I remember hearing this this in, hated it back then and the album art made me almost puke. Go 7 years later, I worship this.


    Means you didnt have clearence for it back then. Same for me in 04. I was 13/14 and just didnt have the ears yet.


    Same here, dudes. Had this album when I was prob 14 or so and just did not "get" it... it isn't my fav CD release by any means but still love it very much. I sold my copy and wound up buying it again not too long ago after getting on a huge kick with their newer material.

  24. gautier kenway

    pink floyd have changed :/

  25. larissa Alves


  26. Parasmunt

    I could look at all the metal album covers in existence but i couldn't look at some actual real life slaughterhouse pictures and images - esp from Asia - because that stuff is fucking sick.


    It's because the slaughterhouse pictures are real, while the covers you know are fake

    Vegan choices are an easy way to reduce suffering

    And that's why I became vegan. It's the only way to opt out from supporting that shit. We don't need to exploit and hurt animals to be happy and healthy, and Cattle Decapitation, Arch Enemy, Black Sabbath, Lamb of God, Carcass, Devin Townsend, Rob Zombie, Kreator, Napalm Death, Gorgoroth, Mayhem, Voivod, Bolt Thrower, Sepultura etc. prove that giving up meat and other animal products is metal as fuck.

  27. AxCx EU

    i can't be the only one who thinks the album name is really clever


    AxCx EU there's an interview where he says something along the lines of, 'this name has to be taken' and eventually he remembers that it's a title to a solo in a Carcass song.

  28. jaguarpawz

    dude kids and no good parents = this.

  29. Biggerberger

    This album introduced me to death metal. Bought it when I was in the 5th grade back in 05.
    Used to carry it around everywhere in my CD player haha my mother did not approve of this

    Goat Among Men



    Олександр Гончак

    5th grade? Goddamn!

  30. LazyLasagna

    also I fucking dare someone to try to decode ANYTHING this guy says. it sounds like my burps under massive bass boosts

    James Allen

    Nutella and Bread it's not that hard. Ever listened to pornogrind? Now THOSE are indecipherable

  31. LazyLasagna

    only good part of this video was like the first minute of the album lol

    Vegan choices are an easy way to reduce suffering

    That and the subsequent 46.

  32. Tigran Sarkisyan

    thats a realy grotesque image for an album maybe even the band that made the music abd the album cover are realy grotesque themselves in making this hideous music

    Hunter Sherman

    This may not be the genre for you, it really only gets worse from here. The key difference is that Cattle is trying to send a message... try reading some lyrics to some Cannibal Corpse songs, for a fairly common example, that is the point in which is becomes senselessly disturbed for the sake of mainstream. Not dissing on them, but it's the truth in the end.


    I mean the music they right is about the horrors of the meat industry. They're grostesque on purpose. But I wouldnt call them grotesque people just because of an image and sound. I dont think human nature is that black and white

    Maria Munoz

    Tigran Sarkisyan maybe you're just a pussy.

    Clint Franklin

    You should watch the forced gender reassignment vid


    It's death grind. What exactly did you expect?

  33. Robz Workz

    BETSEY!!! Who did you eat this time?

    AxCx EU

    Robz Workz Oh Betsy's, you're going to get us in trouble some day you ol' goofy gal

    Robz Workz

    AxCx EU 😆

  34. joey kilgour

    Lmao when the A and W commercial comes on before the video....

  35. scam situation


  36. Stefan R

    why would someone look this up and thumbs-down it?


    They are a living breathing piece of defecating meats.

    Trevor JC

    @the_anticancer you are the best kind of person


    How do you know they looked it up? It might have been a random recommendation.

  37. Jailson Mendes

    o som é fudido, mas o vocal achei meio cágado

  38. Ctxx24

    Am I the only one that thinks this band is fucking garbage. It's just violent for the sake of being violent. There fucking ridiculous.


    In terms of showing respect to the most unique and top quality artists, yeah there's at least consistency about who are the greats, like any other genre as most agree on the quality of Suffocation, Immolation, Incantation, Dismember, Morbid Angel, Demilich, Entombed, Cryptopsy, Gorguts, Death etc. I don't think anybody has to like them, but that's where personal preference comes in, almost no bands have albums as consistent and with production as good as Effigy of the Forgotten or Pierced From Within, Effigy is in my eyes one of the only perfect metal albums as every song has no weak moments as it constantly introduces some new idea in every song, has a sound that defined the heaviest end of the genre, and there isn't any predictable songwriting on those early records. Again if you're bored that's on you, and as far as change I think you should listen closer as they made gradual shifts as any band, by their third album Pierced they began to slow the music down overall even if they still have fast-paced moments, only by the mid-2000's did they have a sound that seemed to become formulaic, but in their first 3 albums + ep (1998's despise the sun) they wrote 3 of death metal's most potent albums that bands still look to for inspiration to this day and they became virtually the most copied band in the genre next to Cannibal Corpse. Again, their sound on the modern albums without listening close sounds too safe and unbecoming of how unique they used to be, and their old sound can be too hard to appreciate for anyone who likes clean guitar tones and think the Frank Mullen sounds too guttural and ridiculous, but pay attention and albums like Effigy become extremely rewarding with guitar counterpoint melodies that are still some of the most impressive in all of metal, and drumming that has to be some of the most energetic and impactful I've ever heard on a record. I used to not get the band either but they've become one of the greatest bands i've ever heard, and I listen to literal fuck tons of music. If you read this whole thing I'm sorry, but I don't like to argue without providing some context, so again feel free to disagree but they deserve respect.

    spengbab squorponts

    "For the sake of being violent". Right......

    Aaron Cox

    Cattle actually sounds better, especially their newest album. I listened to infecting the crypt, which you mentioned somewhere in the comments, and compared to cattle's new music, suffocation is the most boring, bland style of metal I have ever heard. It literally sounds like every other band I have ever heard. Cattle is unique in their message, and now their sound over the last few albums. You have absolutely no taste in music, judging by the fact that you like gore over content.


    Based on literally NO argument, everything you said had zero description or point, you're making a claim with nothing to explain why.

    Derek Gibbs

    Easily entertained. Go listen to something a little more your fucking style than. True decap fans understand exactly what it is. A warning against what we are creating, one of the only bands in the genre with a message so profound. You just stick to Katy Perry and other assorted bands that are just shit for the sake of being shit.

  39. Wonder Guy

    Opening riff of Applied Human Defragmentation sounds like Shortest Straw by Metallica.

    Sam Deck

    C Guy I’ve always thought that! Glad someone else agrees!

  40. zek jager


  41. 420gorrilaglue4 Tommy

    yea harvest floor is one of the best albums they made kinda reminds me of white chapel intro from there old somatic defilment

  42. 420gorrilaglue4 Tommy

    wave board 111 i know what your saying man i knew it the old stuff is better than

  43. 420gorrilaglue4 Tommy

    and its all raw in the old albums better?

  44. 420gorrilaglue4 Tommy

    the singing kinda sucks in the new stuff ?


    the singing didnt really go down that much tho but just the musical complexity dropped to like fucking pop music levels, everything until harvest floor is epic

    Anthony Cardott

    @waveboard111 let's hear the both of you top their new stuff, geniuses!!

    Raymond Laspina

    I gotta admit the "singing" that he uses is honestly strange, but I love it. I totally understand why people would dislike it tho.

  45. 420gorrilaglue4 Tommy

    who thinks the new cattle is better than the old stuff comment on my page

    morgue dismemberment

    420gorrilaglue4 Tommy I think all cattle is good

    420gorrilaglue4 Tommy

    Yea everyone has there own taste in this band i noticed some people say the new singing in there new album is really good but then i talked to some people and they say the singing sucks the old stuff is better but yea like i said its wat you perfer

    420gorrilaglue4 Tommy

    @Wintermoon Bathory why did you write die

    420gorrilaglue4 Tommy

    Slaughter the cows!!!!!!!

  46. Francielle Freitas

    Toca Raul, carai! ahsuahssah

  47. Paul Snider

    Thanks to the positive role model of Cattle Decapitation, not only do I abstain from animal products, I will no longer consume anything that casts a shadow. I currently weigh in at 63 lbs. and I've never felt better. Cellophane is the main staple of my diet these days.


    Paul Snider that and glass. Lots of glass in my diet.


    I like gaagh. You know, that Klingon dish consisting of a bowl of live snakeworms. Mm-mm good!


    Your a fucking idiot, do not mock divinity. Why dont you abstain from breathing , save us from your smalll intellect. May the bull gore your ass small minded troglidyte. guard the animals kill the human parasites!

    Woo Hoo

    Won't cellophane cast a shadow if you crinkle it into a ball and hold it up to light?

    Kurt Kish

    I am a breatharian. Beat that.
    Air is my only food.

  48. Pyagrl*16

    Unlike other bands in this genre, I can actually hear a key signature in some of Cattle Decapitation's tracks.


    @Encyclopedia I give it a B+ for its creative and somewhat believable use of the found footage subgenre. :-)

  49. Evil D

    This is probably the best album title ever since the invention of music.


    Kinda says it all, don't it? Humanure.

  50. powersurge100

    what's your beef bro?

    Philip Messina

    powersurge100 😋

  51. tournication

    this seems to be my neighbour's fav. album😉he's blasting it every day👍👹👏👺👅👿on max vol.🐃🐂🐄🐮the guy is 65😈😀😆

    Madison Black

    I want neighbours like this :D But no, I'm that one instead :D Good that our neighbours live so far away from us that they don't hear it... :D

    Erratic Drummer

    Stop with the gay emojis

  52. CHRIS 2Nice06300

    its fucking amazing musik

  53. Bob Arends

    Just saw a goddamn meat commercial before a 'cattle decapitation' vid. fucked up! :(

    Jochem Kuhnen

    +Bob Arends Ever heard of Adblock? :)

    Bob Arends

    Nope! Will look into it. Thanks Jochem. :)

    AxCx EU

    Bob Arends that's hilarious xD

  54. bonure

    Da FUCK is this balony

    cyber tune

    +гคﻮเภﻮς๏ฬฬคŦŦlєz beef

    AxCx EU

    bonure badum tssss 😂

    Luke Fernández

    bonure Your English is shit.

  55. eduard

    Brutal album. i live on a farm with cows. but that picture.... damn now i don't want to see a cow again.

    AxCx EU

    eduardje3 sell them to the slaughter, that way you wont see them ever again :p

    Waki's Den

    @AxCx EU Exactly the philosoph of CD

  56. Isaac Orvid

    0:00 Scatology Domine
    1:02 Humanure
    4:07 Reduced to Paste
    8:21 Bukkake Tsunami
    12:54 Cloacula: The Anthropophabic Copromantik
    16:00 Chummified
    19:43 Applied Human Defragmentation
    25:02 The Earthling
    28:30 Polyps
    32:54 Lips and Assholes
    37:52 Men Before Swine

    Stolen Record666

    @Jesse Watson Nothing I wrote "whats it like to be a slipnut fan" like it was the lyrics to heretic anthem. "if you're 555 im 666, whats it like to be a heretic?"

    Stolen Record666

    @Jesse Watson Like slipknot is one of my all time favorite bands in general lol

    Isaac Orvid

    @Good Vibrations It sure sounded like you were mocking them, but alright. I like Slipknot a lot too, they're one of the bands that got me into metal

    Stolen Record666

    James Frink I apologize if I came out as mocking slipknot and pantera was an introductory band for metal for me as well

    Isaac Orvid

    @Good Vibrations This has got to be the most civil discussion that's ever happened in a YouTube metal song comment section

  57. Benjamin Perez

    The album cover makes me want to eat bacon.


    @Benjamin Perez did you know that bacon comes from pigs? now you know!

    Benjamin Perez

    Really I thought it came from Uranus cause its so delicious.


    +Benjamin Perez Took me a whole minute to get it

  58. mark grate album good Jansen

    Lips qnd asdo is not from the humen cen you

  59. Myca McDyka

    the second and album-titled song is the best that the record has to offer. the whole thing overall is awesome.

  60. leandro worlf


  61. Logik426

    I like that Intro and artwork are allusion to Pink Floyd

    rindfleischetikettierungsüb z

    @Logik426 Yeah, I think its pretty cool too.


    +Logik426 and Scatology Domine , it's an allusion to Astronomy Domine , a song of Pink Floyd ;)

    Nick Johnson

    tmillet381 Yes that would be the intro to the album


    Yup. Dope album to reference for a dope album


    I guess the beginning of the album title too (despite the H of humanure). Agreed, that's pretty cool!

  62. andrew vincent

    Cattle farmers everywhere went out and bought this album!


    @andrew vincent It's against cattle farming though.

    andrew vincent

    I was being sarcastic.


    @andrew vincent :P My bad then.

  63. shango02005

    This is the first I've ever heard of this band. Fucking love this! 

    Alright Kidder

    yeah bro , other album is insane too!

    andrew vincent

    @Alright Kidder you mean, other albumS!


    @andrew vincent and the new song that's out now. fucking badassssssssss

    Y U L

    @f1123581321345589144 the whole album is gonna be badass