Cattle Decapitation - Forced Gender Reassignment Lyrics

Fear breeds contempt in the hear of a man
One has to question this common trait -
Why do we hate what we don't understand?
Forced into a body and damned with intelligence
Shoved into a soul, wired with circuitry you cannot control

A tradition so ancient that evolution will circumvent
Hell-bent on ideals instilled since birth
A price on life - the fleshes worth

Somewhere in this organism's development
A separate path taken - possible defect awakened
Some feel it was simply a choice and use morality
To strengthen their voice

For this rather Christian indoctrination
We have such sights to show you
The gimp shall get to know you motherfucking biblically
It's bound in human leather
Desensitized, its sanity weathered
To the wall your arms and legs are tethered
Say hello to your new gender

First we start with your private parts
Snip cremaster -your testes fall apart
Pain makes you faint as I slit your taint
While you're unconscious I just wait....

...Now you're awake, just in time as I make this incision
The next step in your sex revision
A slice up the shaft and around the corona
Unsheathed penile muscle exposing the urethra

Welcome to forced gender dysphoria
How does it feel to be a woman now and not a man?

"Unnatural and unclean!
Lord, please forgive them as this is not what they mean
Are you there and are you listening?
Why would you even let this happen to me!"

Shut up and take it
Just accept your new life
Look at it this way... you'll make a dashing wife

As for your new husband...
We had to perform a hysterectomy
BUT, we managed to save your penis...
...and stapled it to her pubis

In order to elude tissue rejection
For 7 days she must avoid erections
Since we grafted glands to make a clitoris
These operations are always hit or miss

An evolution of the self-destructing human parasite
A revolution - an advancement of human technology
A dissection - of the birth-given sexual organs
A solution - to the world's overpopulation

Now for the fun part - I introduce this:
My new Cradle of Judas -
Perineal puncturing device also juices the fruit of the human
As force is applied, grinding and winding intestines and
Inside around it like a drill bit - turns anatomy into a visceral
Swill grating, excavating and making its way through the
Body like a bore - finding its way out the
Mouth announcing the gore

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Cattle Decapitation Forced Gender Reassignment Comments
  1. r o s e

    transphobes aren't allowed to listen to this :)

  2. DellorOverNinja ComeAtMeForHavingOpinions

    How Do I Watch The Video

    Daniel curci

    Google it, most sites have banned it though

  3. Milan

    Too bad integrist religious people generally don't listen to extreme metal cause this isn't even shocking. It actually brings good points

  4. Violet Sillie

    Bio teacher: your biology project is due in a week.

    Me: plays this song w/video

  5. Pete MacDonald

    The worst thing about the lyrics is the green fucking text.

  6. I can see

    Moral of the story: Mutilating your genitals because you think you are the opposite sex is the most degenerate thing you could do to yourself.

  7. John The King Robinson

    I like the brutal part.

  8. Nik Rowland

    Wow this is worth having a YouTube account

  9. Kayla's hope YT

    I'm scared now.... It was creepy anyway

  10. Anthon

    I love that transition at 0:29. Get it, 'transition', LUL XDDDDDDD

  11. Mimi Delphina

    Fully force-feminize fascists for fantastically fabulous freedoms:)


    yeah thats litteraly what theyre saying, so ahead of their time its impressive. In afterthought its a cool vid to link when someone gets offended at the "force feminize nazis" shit

  12. meatdoll

    cattle decapitation really said trans rights huh

  13. Curtis Hazen

    Enjoy hell, folks.

  14. Pidon Deyle

    00:06 eeewwwww fish and chips

  15. snufle xxx

    As an actual trans guy this is how it feels

    Element 115

    Ftm gang

  16. C17

    This song teaches you to care or try and have compassion for those people who were mutilated or had their genitals removed or changed by force which is very different then willing trying to change your biological make up. Not everyone is the same and some people were forced to change their biological make up against their will. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord.

  17. patricia balihood

    I think its deep

  18. Wmbpounder

    I’m kinda hungry.

  19. Shawn Klick

    This is the reason The Divine Creator sent fire on sodom and gamora and flooded the earth in the days of noah
    This is truly a sodomites song hail satan sodomized for the ritual for there is no were to run.
    Open the gates to the manifestation and grant me the powers of darkness oh infernal majesty

    nips comeoff

    I'm a goofy goober yeah

    GG Allin

    I thought bible bashers were extinct?

  20. hnorrstrom

    Actually this was really good. I'm more into oldschool early 90's death. What is the genre of this?

    Kaguya Shinomiya

    Progressive Goregrind

    Henrik Norrstrom

    @Kaguya Shinomiya thanks a lot!

    The Red Comet

    Huh? Progressive? Goregrind? Cattle havent been Goregrind in well over a decade. Theyre pretty much a Brutal Death Metal band now with some Tech elements thrown into it. They even throw some Black Metal touches here and there.


    @Henrik Norrstrom Technical Death-Grind, would more fit their genre. Not that you're going to find anyone like them, they're pretty unique in the sea of shitty death, shitty grind, and shitty tech metal. They're definitely the top of the game in all three genres.

  21. yung_dagg3r_D!ck669

    THese people should be imprisoned like this actualy made my dick hurt

  22. Phreaqz

    Am I the only one who wouldn’t know the words without this video?

    John The King Robinson


  23. Gunslinger

    I've never fucking heard of this band before and I came here because I wanted to know what "Forced Gender Reassignment" means
    I'm surprisingly pleased

  24. E Stromberg

    1:22-1:36 reminds me of 'these are a few of my favourite things' and I can't stop laughing

  25. Shrimp Nuggets Jr.

    I watched the music video.... I had to stop that was gross ew

  26. Michael Cadena

    Bad work

  27. Kren Wregget

    I'm pretty sure this is how right wing fundamentalists see the left.

    max van dijk

    It's actually kinda pro trans

    John The King Robinson

    Metal AF?

  28. Barry B. Benson

    Where the fuck have I ended up

    nips comeoff

    I'm a goofy goober yeah

  29. Kenneth dela Torre

    A solution to the world's over population. that makes me laugh.

  30. DeathSeen Coldera

    Welcome to forced gender dysphoria
    How does it feel to be a woman now and not a man?

  31. Kratnoff

    What made you think green was a good font color to go against this greenish/yellow album cover

    Daniel curci

    My favourite colour and there really wasn't a colour that went well over that cover

  32. Bodenlose Dosenhose

    Never heard such a masculine song about transphobia and it's great. Saw them live and they played this. Only on Youtube did I find out what kind of expressions his face can make when singing.

  33. max

    Who else thinks kidz bop should do a cover of this

  34. Mt. Zod

    Unrelenting battering

  35. Hunter Miller

    Beeeeer! Fish 'n chips!

  36. Catherine Lee

    Just as bad as Cannibal Corpse, lol!! Interesting song...

    Jyessi Terriaynt

    Catherine Lee they have more of a point to make the cannibal corpse

    Catherine Lee

    @Jyessi Terriaynt True.

  37. Sir. Vladmir Jerkov

    This is fucking stupid! That’s why i hate this pussy Grindcore shit! All core genres are gay as fuck

    GG Allin

    This is deathgrind, not grindcore.
    And you've got a Mayhem icon. You can go sit your ass down, son.

    Lilith Morningstar

    @GG Allin come back to life already. We should colab n shit. Cause I already have fucked up lyrics

  38. Zach

    This song is kinda sweet and yet so brutal XD

  39. Let the rabbits wear glasses!



  40. Nina Hansen

    Why do I find myself returning to this band again and again!?

  41. TheFlyingDutchman

    Never thought Cookie Monster got a degree in med school and sung in a grindcore band.

  42. ᚱ ᚮ ᛒ ᚧ ᚾ ᛤ ᛂ ᚣ ᛎ ᛂ ᚱ

    Well, it got us all talking didnt it...

  43. Torin Murphy

    This is something many people don't understand. You get 2 physical genders and 2 mental genders. So when someone feels as if they should be the opposite gender it is because they have a male mind/female mind inside a body of the opposite gender.


    Well i'd say there's two standards, male brain and female brain in terms of the sexually dimorphic areas of the brain, but it is not so simple. Trans people are actually shown to be closer to the opposite of their sex or inbetween, so theoretically there could be people who do not female wholly male or female, but more androgynous. Also, sex is not just about chromosomes, sex includes gonads, primary and secondary sex characteristics, hormones and then chromosomes also. Not only can people people intersex in chromosome, many other sex features can be affected as well despite typical chromosome pattern. Of course male or female is typical, but it seems to be the case that others fall outside of that standard even looking back in history and to other cultures

  44. Rein Anthony

    Good song but the music video was too brutal for me I couldn't finish it LOL

  45. creativemusicalbeing

    I'm hearing "Ohhh fish and chips" in the beginning 😂

    Daniel curci

    I can't un hear that now 😂 cheers for that

  46. ShadowX the gamer

    this is 1 Pornogrind that even God likes & thank you for saving my penis...
    I'm still queer

  47. X Studios

    "Why do we hate what we don't understand?"... That is how people with mental issues will try to convince You that there is some deeper meaning in their words that average person cannot understand. Please take Your medicine and get a shower will Ya? Have a nice day xP


    What's your point here, exactly?
    This particular line doesn't try to convince you of some deeper meaning, it's just fact. You either hate transgenderism because you don't understand how it actually works, or you DO understand it and still hate it, in which case, you're not right in the head.


    "Pain makes you faint as I slit your taint" sounds delightful

  49. dallas drifter

    176 people like baby metal...

  50. Janie Riddle

    I should know..My shyt was cut off...Now i'm a dam female..Thanks..Fukwads!

  51. Janie Riddle

    A child is a child..Let them make up their minds..Don't let the dam doctors do this to them.

  52. AngelofDeth

    I just fell off a bus and started listening to Evanescence. Came home and broke my fucking neck to this song. This shit really is heavy.

  53. Connor Henning

    Lmao I’m out ✌️

  54. slow mofo

    The end was so i heavy i fought tears

  55. onnoori lee

    these days you wouldn't need to force some people to change their gender, they'll happily volunteer.


    And your point is?

  56. unlockable gameplay

    Farewell double bass drum

  57. Justin Williams

    I'm deffinetly not hating but... WTF I heard this song couldn't understand shit so I look up the lyrics and this is a little brutal but I felt the line "shoved into a soul, wired with circuitry you cannot control" on another level. But the rest is a bit absurd. (But still meaningful in some way to someone I guess)


    Travis is trying to express what gender dysphoria feels like, that lines sums it up. He mixes political statements with classic death metal lyrics which typically involve over the top cartoonish gore, sadism and brutality.

  58. setting of

    I love this song not of the gore part but show that nations brain wash humans with relegion and with human rights as the right to chose a new genger it also shows how human are stupid to marry a trans just to show they are accepting everything thats the first metal song that say both christians and human rights are used for brainwashing

  59. Captain Kangaroo

    As a Transman I can confirm: This is what it feels like.

    Masked Pimp

    No shit , normal people know it's not a choice if you're a real transgender person
    I think the only reason hate on transgenders is because of the people that do it to stand out or be "different" .


    Stop watching Jordan Peterson. Transtrending is a myth @Masked Pimp

    Masked Pimp

    @Donkerz no it's not , its a real thing and lots of people have admitted to it

    Fortnites Shit

    And that's why you should get help

    Barry B. Benson

    As long as you dont make me call you the gender you aren't

  60. Moonflakes

    I don't enjoy this song now that I am aware of the meaning behind it.


    Were you expecting someone to react to this? You could've just shrugged it off and move on to the next song, after all!

  61. Deez Nutz

    Did john bobbit write this

  62. Deez Nutz

    Best comment goes these nutz

  63. Deez Nutz

    How can you make out what the fuck they are saying you must have written these lyrics

  64. Deez Nutz

    Anti mk song is what i get from this or anti disney

  65. Trevor JC

    Travis is a beast omg

  66. The Skullarmi

    I think it’s about people who are trans for attention and realise it’s kinda *NOT FUN*

    The surgery


    No its about giving bigots a forced gender reassignment. No one is trans for attention thats a myth perpetuated by alt right propaganada. Gender incongruence medically speaking ranges in severity, effects and form like many other neurological conditions.


    @Donkerz There ARE some people who are trans for attention. I can't help but feel sorry for them when they go through the whole process, as transition surgery and hormone treatment can give you Gender Dysphoria if you didn't have it previously.


    No one does it for attention lol thats so infantilising @Araya


    @Donkerz Believe me mate, I've seen a few that do.
    I'm not saying ALL trans people, far from that, but there are a few.

  67. x Psychedelic v

    Cringey as fuck. The song name, band name, lyrics, and vocals.


    How, exactly?
    As far as I can see, this is deathgrind done right, and the message is pretty cool too. /shrug

  68. Romario Desrosier

    I can feel the Evil inside me...

  69. YarpYarp

    What do I do with the used tissue after the song is over.. ?

  70. Владимир Королёв

    Lgbt is a sicness. You must open your eyes

    GG Allin

    No it's not. There's NOTHING that makes LGBT itself a sickness, they can contribute to society just like you (hopefully) do. There's nothing sick about having a sexual orientation other than straight, in fact, sexual orientation itself is such an uninteresting trait it's like just 2 words - you don't get affected in a bad or good way if you're LGBT for the same reasons you don't get affected in a bad or good way if you're straight. It's just...there.

  71. Dylan Landry

    Insturmentals ad the way the song is written is great but enough with this faggot appreciation shit as its not the worst thing at all to happen to anybody the pitiful lyrics themselves make this song less brutal


    Travis hates bigots, i'm sure he would love to do this to you because this song is about giving chuds a forced gender reassignment.


    First off, you're being unnecessarily rude with those slurs. I personally don't care, but someone else might.
    This song is dedicated to people like you, who politicize LGBT people's very own lives.
    The LGBT rights movement is the worst thing to happen to anybody? What about war? Hunger? Sickness? Oh but a man likes a man, that's not right! That's the worst!

  72. Benjamin Borchardt

    Sleepaway Camp Theme Song

  73. Saintly Grim

    2:10 is the best part

  74. Daniel Richwalski

    it's 'in the HEART of a man' not 'in the hear of a man'

  75. a boy from NEU

    i got a doctor's license and a phd in medicine studies after listening to this song

  76. Brodie Davison

    I have the video

  77. Tommy The Train

    2:14 fuck ya travis

  78. DIO

    Motherfucking biblically.

  79. dani osuna

    Thank you for showing a reality, I haven't ever heard before a band talking about this topic and how society refuses it.

  80. Goobey

    this makes my pee pee hurt

  81. Zyklon B still and know god

    That slam at the end makes me cum everytime

  82. Metal 4Life

    Bruce Jenner listened to this and decided to become Kaitlyn.

  83. bread eater

    look here fuckers. this song is not to insult every christian on earth. it's to say that it's wrong to hate people who are LGBT

  84. Kalvin Calvert

    That was rather entertaining

  85. Mikey Mullen

    Think youre hardcore? Look up the video for this song. Make sure youre in the bathroom though, dont wanna vomit on the carpet. :)

  86. Josué BlackMetal

    Brs aqui

  87. Jackson Langford

    god damn lol. this is crazy. I grew a vagina after listening to this

  88. Ethan Araujo

    I can’t believe I used to dislike this song, I fucking love it now.

  89. Jairrean Bolan

    Deathcore and Deathgrind

  90. i just got really stoned

    man i love me some nice christian music all for the familys

  91. Peter07Pal

    Reminds me of game of thrones.

  92. Mikayla Cryofrost

    Q @ 2:00
    A: it's wonderful

  93. Omari Thompson

    Love it, but the green text is hard to read against the yellow background.

  94. Braden J.

    Fuckin yeah!!!

  95. Devil Driver

    This is how Bruce Jenner should have had a sex change, but on live tv for millions to see.

  96. Ammeo

    I can listen to this song for hours.

  97. F338L3 1NC4RN4T10N

    Hello Biology

  98. Jairrean Bolan

    Deathcore and Metalcore Deathgrind death Metal

    Mr. Stevenson

    just deathgrind

  99. MaharlikaAWA

    We should give animals forced gender reassignment surgeries. In fact I think it is good for the animals such as dogs to choose which gender they want to be. Oh wait they don't do that. Only humans are crazy like that.

  100. MaharlikaAWA

    There are only 2 genders. Male or female. No other. You are born one or the other. End of discussion. Also eating meat is healthy and good to do. Also, Donald Trump is a great president.


    Ayy, the truth right there.

    GG Allin

    To be frank, being trans means you're just switching genders, so you're still male/female depending on the switch.

    Eating meat is the reason why you can afford to sit without your own knees being so weak you fall down. It's also the reason why you can be fertile, as fertility requires cholesterol. It also saves money in the long run because a vegan diet is more expensive due to the amount of veggies required to keep up to protein levels in comparison with a normal meat meal, which is a few times larger. HOWEVER, a full meat diet is just as dangerous as a full vegan diet, especially in long term. Every single normal human being on the face of the earth eats meat, veggies, fruits as well as dairy, not just only meat or only veggies.

    As for the orange manifestation of autism? He's a pussy and a weak leader. If you don't believe me then just look at how the East somehow manages to catch up to the level of the West, something that wasn't possibly before.