Cattle Decapitation - A Living, Breathing Piece Of Defecating Meat Lyrics

Death on two legs and onward!

The gestation has now mutated into what looks like a human
It displays intellect and understands reproduction

We should have stopped it before it got this far

That writhing reject, that web-footed bastard child
That spawn of animated lard, that curdled wad of embarrassment
Dripping mucus and leaving a trail...

Released upon the populace this "thing" shall breed, emit its seed
a monstrous mold of cells resembling jellied meat assembly

A living, breathing piece of defecating meat
Two-legged massacre expressing glands in heat
Draining the bleed

Putrid will be its offspring
Filtered through genetic anomaly

A throbbing, misshapen slug of a "human being"
Mucus crusts on your pink skin, shined by sebaceous sebum
Fucking ugly and disgusting
The missing link between feces and humanity

"When I try to speak through my spurthole
I simply choke on the mucus" like...
"When I try to examine my asshole in the mirror
for polyps or whatever you call it, I erupt"

We are living, we are breathing, we are pieces of defecating meat.

A living, breathing piece of defecating meat
Descending on the earth contaminated seeds
Ripe with disease

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Cattle Decapitation A Living, Breathing Piece Of Defecating Meat Comments
  1. Joseph Howard


  2. Ashy Slashy

    That snare🤘🏻

  3. I dont wanna use my name

    First band I was ever scared of lol

  4. Conrad Nickelson

    You, a normie: A person

    Travis Ryan, an intellectual: A living, breathing piece of defecating meat

  5. White Blogger Black Specs

    Yep I'm going vegan now lol

  6. Shmoezer 666

    My chihuahua heard this and bit off her tail.

  7. Cory Petty

    This makes me at piece

  8. Misirable cat thats trapped in a jar

    2:06 yeesh talk about break downs

  9. DullVivid

    this is very relaxing

  10. Noctumus

    Love the intro! Oh wait ...

  11. Laurel Sharp

    Do NOT play this with 100% audio. You have been for warned...

    Bearded Berzerker

    Only way to play this song 🤘

  12. depresseddude12

    The drums on this song are beyond this planet

  13. Ed H

    yes Ingrid E Newkirk one of my best friends i used to talk to him all the time

  14. Sam the Angel Fox

    0:47 - 0:59 I didn't know Dick Dastardly sang in this band

  15. Misheard rock and metal Lyrics

    I love the song tittle

  16. Quiethunter01

    Can somebody explain the story behind the artwork?

    Jyessi Terriaynt

    Quiethunter01 the idea is all of humanity rapidly de evolving, it’s a fantasy based concept

  17. Brittany g

    I miss this shit!!

  18. Brittany g

    It hurts so bad!

  19. Brittany g

    I miss you!! I love u!!

  20. Mashuu Shirō マシュー 四郎

    I beat my living breathing piece of ejaculating meat to that chorus everyday

  21. krazykings1


  22. testicle strangler

    I’ve listened to a lot of fucking metal (gore grind, pornogrind, noisegrind, grindcore) but cattle decapitation is still the heaviest music I’ve ever listened to

  23. John Hale


  24. Sean Lewis

    "When I try to examine my asshole in the mirror
    for polyps or whatever you call it, I erupt"

  25. Zog Ogre

  26. Miss Azul Music

    Not a good video for a kick ass track!

  27. Max Matthews


  28. VIVISEKTOR -Official-

    "The Orphanizer"

  29. F.T.

    I can't be the only one who has "Cowboys from hell" feeling listening to this...

  30. Eclipso ٌ

    People are impressed about the chorus, meanwhile I’m here admiring the filthy vocals at 1:28, they should really make a full song with these vocals.

  31. GotNoClassBaybee

    Aka yur mum **dabs**

  32. Knochensplitter

    Gene Hoglan> Smoked

  33. Trevor JC

    Anthropocene extinction and Monolith of inhumanity are, in my opinion, the best albums Cattle Decaptiation have ever made

    Deth Meddl

    These 2 albums went straight to my all time favourite list. definately two of the best death metal albums i know.

    Dominus Prime

    both in my all time top 10

    Ben Dooley

    Just you wait my sweet summer child, death atlas is upon us.

  34. Noriaki Kakyoin

    I laughed my fucking ass off when I saw this song's title

  35. Ammeo

    Cattle Decap is next level shit where even some of the biggest names in music cant reach.

  36. albino ferret

    Went vegetarian because of them

  37. Derek Stewart

    Travis Ryan washes his mouth with hellwash to get those hellish demonic gutturals and abnormal frys !

  38. Ammeo

    Cattle Decapitation is at a the next level of music where many cant reach.

  39. กุมุท พิกุลทอง

    แม่งโคตรเดือด by.emo

  40. Dakota Hope

    This makes me feel so much better.

  41. David Scandura

    does anyone else listen to this while pooping

  42. A Shrunken Man

    When you play it at 2x it sounds like Origin lol

  43. Abandoned Mountain

    such a kvlt and hypersnrfy song and lyrics one of my favoritezz in all historiezz 😍💙😈😍💙😈😍💙😈

  44. flannel and iron

    I'm not here for the music I'm here to read the comments

  45. Hakim Al Asad

    wtf is this, the name BAND AND SONG NAME WTF

  46. Adolf Nacionalsocialista

    no recuero haber conocido este tipo de musica cuando fui niño. pero suena muy bien.

  47. Deviance

    This song/album will be ageless!

  48. Pedro Afonso

    Fucking shit, these guys are genius composers.

  49. SoundCzech

    Man could I have song that's like the entire choir my god it's beautiful

  50. Levisek Burn

    The chors are soo beasty. Fuck yes,
    i´ve never heared before.

  51. Rove

    Gotta be a Death Metal masterpiece

  52. GoatLord Death

    To grind or not to grind?

  53. lakshman ramnath

    32nd second \m/

  54. Chad Kroeger

    I always thought korn and slipknot were heavy but I started listening to them and korn and slipknot seemed light

  55. Keily De Leon

    i lov dis

  56. Doug Steele Guitarist

    So a friend has let me borrow this CD Sunday (Today's Tuesday), and it scared that shit out of me on the way home, ha ha. I don't think I've ever heard anyone kill drums like this. Anyways, this song came on and I love the chorus.

  57. Crypted Demise or Vaulted Death

    if they make a full clean song with there clean they can become really really famous that shit is badass

    Ninten The Metalhead

    Crypted Demise But then everyone will complain about them "selling out"

    Crypted Demise or Vaulted Death

    +Ninten The Metalhead (Teehee) ehh who cares man thats why theres youtube!

  58. Tristen

    You can use alot of the lyrics as excellent insults. Thanks Travis!

  59. bigjoeangel

    Well this living breathing piece of defecating meat has just eaten a delicious other piece of dead non breathing non defecating meat with some english mustard and french fries. YUM YUM YUM! The planet's fucked, you're all dead, burn it all. Have a nice day!

  60. ClassicalDeathMetal

    this song kicks my entire ass

  61. Gaylynn Rashott

    what the fuck? old school death metal , anti meAt rock.,... no thanks dude. plenty of ppl doing the same act, and better, for anyone to book on to such a weird niche..,😎 " hey,bro, what jams do u dig?" homo_"oh, only gluten free, meat friendly hardcore wank metal for me"....


    Gaylynn Rashott

  62. Enrique SzmalBrawl

    Powerful!, a motherfucker song !, perfect to wake up and go to the road ...

  63. Professor Posthumous

    The first 6 seconds of this song is very beautiful.


    Just listen the rest of the song... Its veeery powerfull too..

    Professor Posthumous

    Oh i have..i listen to this album daily in my car.

  64. Ger Meh

    666 ijos de su ptah madre x'ddd


    Ger Meh Nel pastel, pinche wey

  65. Harp300

    The speed of this song is 294 beats per minute

    Cuntcrusher TF2

    Pretty average


    hey guys, check out my cover of this song and let me know what you think. ill be uploading new vocal covers every week!

  67. The Broken Puppet

    Vegans that are brutal as fuck

    Chad Kroeger

    The Broken Puppet none of them are vegan the drummer I believe is vegetarian

    Synth Streaks

    It seems that only Travis and Josh are vegan

    Original lineup was full vegetarian but it's now just Travis and Josh

    A. K.

    "The band originally consisted of all vegetarians, but Josh Elmore and Travis Ryan are the only vegetarians of the band now."

  68. Mike Hunt

    I rep the band shirt with the name of this on the back always have retards staring at me confused. They fail to realize it defines every single person.

  69. Kathie Haggerty

    serial killa catatonic Despair

  70. Kathie Haggerty

    as the name Bates I continued to consune

  71. Kathie Haggerty

    this is a statement USPS "CHOP SHOP?" ED H!!

  72. Kathie Haggerty

    this is a star


    Qué romántico...


    Chorus is fucking amazing

  75. Mikael Tuominen

    1000th comment:) need a cookie

  76. Braden Peterson

    This song, along with the artwork kinda, reminds me of 'I have no mouth and I must scream'.
    Especially of the fleshly blob thing that Ted gets turned into.

    Pyramid Head

    The Plague of AM - Archspire listen to that if you are looking for an I have no mouth and I must scream reference.

  77. Chase Broussard

    Favorite song ever.

  78. James O'brien

    This band is so horrible its comical.

    James O'brien

    Im ok with this


    what is "Bad" about this Band? their musical skill is absolutely impeccable and innovative. just because you dont like it doesn't mean its Bad music

  79. Chung Boul

    These guys really make me want to go vegetarian lol

    V&J FOREVER 666

    cycopl u gonna piss off a vegan if they see this lmao

    Dakota Hope

    Good! Being vegetarian and vegan is kick ass


    U should man I’ve been doing it for so long and relieves a lot of my anxiety about humanity and our role as the dominant species.


    If anyone is worried about missing meat, after a week or two you get used to it, and if you keep going for a year and try meat again.,.it just feels wrong, the texture is unholy lmao.

    Cultic Horse

    No just anti human

  80. Sam Kennedy

    there needs to be a band that is pure the chorus of this song but every song throughout.

    Eduardo Melo

    it would ger boring real quick

  81. theMelvinShow

    if all deathgrind would be that melodic, holy shit I'd listen to nothing else anymore

    Cody Schlomer

    Get their new album "The Anthropocene Extinction." It's even more melodic than Monolith.


    @Cody Schlomer thanks for the tip, but I already know that shit by heart at this point x)

  82. Toby Rogers

    a living breathing piece of defecating meat~
    two legged massacre expressing glans in heat~
    draining the beat

    that part gives me life 😍

    Heavy Metal Pepi

    *Exposing glands of heat
    * Draining the bleed

  83. newblife


    trent sayers

    Then you would have no customers :(

    Scarlett Rose

    +trent sayers logic haha

  84. TwixtheWizard

    you calling me meat Travis?

    Cade Whitmore

    A living breathing piece of defecating met to be exact

  85. trash account

    fucking sick love this band

  86. ASkinnyWhiteGuy


    They're called hemorrhoids, Travis.

    kevin willems

    tehfaceguy How would one examine that in the mirror

    ronny reagan

    ASkinnyWhiteGuy shit up your back, asshat


    @kevin willems a speculum of course!

    White Blogger Black Specs

    Saul Goodman would know about anal polyps

    Joe Ervin

    Polyps "or whatever you call it"

  87. Michael Leal

    I bet if cattle decapitation had a snap chat it'd be disgusting. but I'd watch it everyday.

  88. Chuloloc

    Awesome. Some of the most brutal music and super intelligence lyrics all the death metal genre and only Decap can d it. Hails.

  89. AnimeTECH1

    I identify as Living breathing piece of defecating meat kin and i find this offensive

    Golden Big B

    hahahahahaha te mamaste we

    Donald Duck

    @Isaac Holloway OUHHHHHHHHHH

    White Blogger Black Specs

    @MrBeaux your death grindcore privilege is showing lol

  90. GEO000

    this is good

  91. Oscar Chavez

    This is weak shit.
    Go listen to some real Death metal like Sleeping with sirens!!!

    Stolen Record666

    Nah nah real death metal is maroon 5. Cannibal corpse ripped them off.



    Oscar Chavez

    I think One direction is the best black metal band in the whole universe!!
    Fuck the poser bands like slayer and metallica.

  92. Drink the cyanide

    Good stuff, I'll have to look into them.

  93. Ellen Boutilier

    Awesome. This makes me want to punch someone in the neck>>>>...

  94. Jason konstantinou

    those high voices are killing !loving them

  95. Jason konstantinou

    like white chapel awsome !!!

  96. Atte Peltomäki

    I was listening this and tried to sing along but accidentally threw up.


    i started screaming out blood

    jaime salcido

    Bro tried to do that to. Almost spewed😂


    kvlt, but hey, atleast you tried

    Daniel Rose

    Weirdly enough my butthole burst into toxic diarrhea! Butt knew all the words!

  97. Patrick Kelly

    Damn shame they didn't do a video to this tune. So catchy; so accessible.