Cat Stevens - Trouble Lyrics

Oh trouble set me free
I have seen your face
And it's too much too much for me

Oh trouble can't you see
You're eating my heart away
And there's nothing much left of me

I've drunk your wine
You have made your world mine
So won't you be fair
So won't you be fair

I don't want no more of you
So won't you be kind to me
Just let me go where
I'll have to go there

Oh trouble move away
I have seen your face
and it's too much for me today

Oh trouble can't you see
You have made me a wreck
Now won't you leave me in my misery

I've seen your eyes
and I can see death's disguise
Hangin' on me
Hangin' on me

I'm beat, I'm torn
Shattered and tossed and worn
Too shocking to see
Too shocking to see

Oh trouble move from me
I have paid my debt
Now won't you leave me in my misery

Oh trouble please be kind
I don't want no fight
And I haven't got a lot of time

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Cat Stevens Trouble Comments
  1. Still Deubell

    So beautiful.

  2. Bruna Dionísio

    Im in love with Cat Stevens

  3. Hill Amplification

    Talk about truth in a song. Here it is.....

  4. Sam Sen

    Nothing LEFT of Me

  5. J G

    Who drew that cool trash can on the album cover?

  6. Melanie

    He is one of the greatest entertainers of my time

  7. paul

    Must be harold and maude

  8. paul

    What's the name of movie

    Melissa Tyree

    Harold and Maude.

  9. Dolores

    Ich liebe es❤️

  10. Marti Grant

    Listening to this song. My birthday present to myself tonight. Saying goodbye to a sad past that I would rather forget about.

  11. Jordan Henderson the same guy???

  12. Jordan Henderson

    that's him!!!!!!!!!! omfg best version of this song!!!

  13. daflotsam

    Windshield wipers on a rain dripped Jaguar.

  14. RBNightlinger

    It was customary in the 70's for teens to see this movie in the theater as many times as you possibly could. I lost track at about 26.

  15. Melissa Tyree

    Maybe the saddest song ever written, except maybe John Lennon, jealous guy. And Bruce Springsteen's. The River.😢😭

  16. Chris Cornwall

    Unbelievable musical genius Unforgettable I listen to him in the 80s you got me through a lot of bad times thank you cat

  17. FingerSpazm

    Why do i always cry when i listen to this?

  18. Elan Nicol

    ...I've drunk your wine... You have made your world mine...So won't you be fair... So won't you be fair....

  19. ipsurvivor

    Elliott Smith did a sweet cover version of this great song...

  20. Nikohl Begonia

    This is most beautiful song ❤️ healing and growing is an undescribable feeling

  21. j b

    Enjoy! Very good music and know your music and like and share! Perfect Music! And know you!

  22. Rebecca Lynn

    I love covering this one. I love him.

    Kevin Crawford

    How do get through the entire song w/o crying.?

    Rebecca Lynn

    @Kevin Crawford I put my heart into it. I feel it! I've choked up before. The recording is perfect to me. Everything about it.

  23. ryan harris

    The man who didn’t let stardom overcome him, he always knew who he was. He promised god his life for his music, and kept his word. Not many would have. He never let anyone tell him what to do, he did what he knew was best.

    Monte Bronson

    So trouble left him alone? What do u think ??

  24. Annette

    very nice song

  25. ovalle china

    makes me cry ... I had so much trouble

  26. FellowDan Barber

    Why are white people always talking about their funerals? Its fuckin weird.

  27. Tim Ogden

    Wonderful movie, stands the test of time and still holds up to this day.

  28. Ghostlore

    Dear Grammarly: I get it, you can help me with my horrible writing. Awesome, thanks. Now fuck off.

  29. MeeMo

    I’ve had to deal with losing someone I thought could be my Maude. It hurts so much, but I have to go on and love some more until I find my perfect sunflower

  30. BubblyNella NellaMaren

    A Million little things brought me here. 😿😻

  31. Richard Hawkins

    As a 14yr old I listened to this and I thought this is about me I had a few things going on that I thought my world was over a brickwall in front of me now im 63 and I still think this is my song masterclass

  32. keith-lee castle

    Best film and soundtrack ever!

  33. Златан Ахмедович

    Probably the best song ever written about Mankind's common problem '' Trouble" 😄

  34. Jason Owen

    McAfee sent me

  35. Tina Shafer

    Thank you for uploading this!!!! I love this tune!!

  36. GronkMusic

    A deep, deep guy

  37. Mark Bravo

    It's just not the same without the. XKE

  38. Robett Picotte

    Harold and Maude Great Movie. I had a 20 plus affair with perfect 10 who years ago got into hard Drugs. Now after many non violent felonies and headed to prison soon, I let go. I think of him when I hear this song. A Beautiful person inside and out. I did not let go time and time again. Now my heart and mind won't let me take the trouble any longer.

  39. Златан Ахмедович

    It's must be the best song written about "Trouble" ever...

  40. Volkswagenman3

    I found this through Widespread Panic.

  41. David Senger

    Awesome movie Malcolm McCall look alike from clockwork Orange excuse spelling ok

  42. Nicholas Sanchez

    The way cat's voice changes and the dynamics of the instruments rise is just perfect, alongside beautiful lyrics and music. Great song

  43. James Probst

    Trouble, been feeling it deep. I won't blame no one but me. Isn't knowing it all grand. What you don't know, won't kill you. I wish i had my ignorance back. Bliss.

  44. Audrey Layne

    reminds of a diff time & place!!! <3 <3

  45. Brian Bell

    I'm 28 now, my teacher showed us this film on an off day in 11th grade. It's been a great life lesson through tough times. Thank you Mr. Ford.

  46. moonlitme

    This song still brings tears to my eyes....45 years after first hearing it.

  47. Dopesick

    Seriously, I can’t even front, the comment below me says it all........beautiful movie, beautiful quote....

  48. La Barbara

    Precious Eddie Vedder brought me here :))))) I cant stop to listen it for about a year. Love love love love love love

  49. Just Melissa

    When my son was a baby this was one of my go to songs to sing him...I woke up missing him something terribly today and needed to hear this before I go to sleep tonight... I miss you baby... he's only an hour away staying with friends while my husband goes through cancer treatments but, it sure feels like a million miles.

  50. Kelly Johnson

    Trouble. has NEVER BEEN kind to me.
    Just more and more,and now the weight of it all is crushing me..
    But I guess I will just get up tomorrow and take another fucking load and just pile it on top of the rest of the TROUBLE PILE . I DO LOVE CAT STEVEN'S ,ALWAYS HAVE ALWAYS WILL .

  51. Avocadolove

    This songs helps me cry and release my soft side,

  52. sofia denison

    Harold and Maude baby 💞

  53. Richard Parkin

    Wonderful Cat Stevens. Then he found Islam. Guess what? They took all his money. He tried a comeback but his Muslim ideals didn’t help. Cat, FFS why?

  54. Hollie Meyer

    I've just run this 5 times. I remember this song when it came out. Have the album, remember Harold and Maude. But I never really thought about the lyrics all these years. I knew it was a sad song, but tonight, while I'm listening, I am connecting with the sadness and madness in my head as I deteriorate year by year. I pray daily for inner peace and for the 'trouble' to go away and leave me alone. Now the song and I are the same.

  55. Lo Peezy


  56. Google Reviewer

    Didn't he write this when he was dying of TB? He lived, but was really close to dying. I think he wrote this song on what he thought was his death bed. I could be wrong.

  57. Bridget House

    As my dad would say, good tune, good tune..

  58. Haelin West

    Made me cry when I first heard of it.

  59. MrTeamTactical

    In 1969, suffering from a collapsed lung and TB, Cat Stevens was told he had only had a few weeks to live. He wrote some of his greatest songs including ‘Trouble’ stuck in a spartan hospital in Sussex. Riddled with pain and a sense of injustice, it ends abruptly and bleakly: ‘I don’t want no fight/And I haven’t got a lot of time.’ Stevens actually survived, lived through a near-drowning a few years later and eventually found peace in religion. But that doesn’t make ‘Trouble’ any less troubling.

  60. Gary Weaver

    This songs about depression.

  61. Andrew Turner

    I think he wrote the words and sang the song but something beyond cat stevens gave this to us. It just used the gift of a great man to touch everyone that hears it. I have sang this song more than i know and every time it drings tears to the eyes of all. love you Cat can't wait to see what you do next. peace and love alwase.

  62. andan04

    The first time any person listens -- I mean truly listens -- to this song, he or she will fall still and silent. As a young man of nearly 45 years ago sings the depth of his pain, you'll realize he's singing your pain, too. "Trouble" comes from a dark place but one which I believe nearly every one of us has visited and sometimes dwelled. It is a beautiful song, then, of universal misery.

  63. Antonio Contreras

    John Frusciante was really inspired by Yusuf voice tone, there is no doubt.

  64. measl

    *My all time favorite movie. I have several copies on several media. Timeless and brilliant.*

  65. Marcia Corbin

    I am proud of the music our generation contributed to the world. Thinking, feeling, grooving, love or war, it will never stop being a huge part of our lives...bravo Cat

  66. Noe Berengena

    An incredibly beautiful song. Poetry and musicianship in the five-star column. Cat Stevens had so many fantastic songs on consecutive albums. Now I know this one... finally.

  67. Gary Howard

    Hey cat next time you are ready to die let me know maybe we can come up with something equal kinda doubt it but maybe. 😎

  68. Gary Howard

    In the throws of death like Mozart? 😎

  69. Gary Howard

    When cat was still a cat...😎

  70. Guy Budziak

    Just clicked on a clip of Lindsey Buckingham performing "Trouble". Same title, different songs. Lindsey Buckingham brought me here. THIS is "Trouble", the other is not.

  71. nick wright

    One of my favourite Cat songs. I remember buying the vinyl back in 1972. Thanks for sharing. Please check out the song " Don't forget to breathe ". Thanks.

  72. Mirna Gómez

    Pasan los años y sigo escuchandote...sintiendo la música en cada parte de mi ser, igual que hace veinte años....

  73. William Nelson

    my dad would play this as a kid

    William Nelson

    ahh I've seen your face and it's too much for me

  74. Troy Stone

    This song is my life

  75. Saint Ann

    Powerful stuff. 😢

  76. Sharmin nahar lucky

    I lv harold!!!

  77. Rubiyn Karfunckel

    :( : ( :(

  78. Paul South

    One actor said of director Hal Hartly that "he looked like he couldn't tie his own shoelaces, yet he could convince producers to give him millions to fund his crazy ideas." More importantly, however, the guy was clearly a genius.

  79. Gilbert Pilz

    Probably my favorite vocalist of all time. His transitions from falsetto to chest voice are seamless. His phrasing has so much nuance and his full-on voice ("I have seen your eyes") has a rasp that sends chills up my neck.

  80. Gary Howard

    Elizabeth Hartman brought me here and left. 😭

  81. Abdou Abdou

    So deep

  82. Sara Kjeldsen

    Harold and Maude ❤️

  83. Mandie Grimolfson

    Best song .....hands down my Favorite artist in the whole of my life.....

    juan kerr

    Mandie,I have loved this man for many many years,but if you get time Please listen to Amos Lee,Ease Back,best wishes from Scotland.

  84. Karine JR.

    Many thanks for this caring, very kind of you !!!

  85. jkeasy

    Rockin in 2018 ( frm ELLIOTT SMITH)

  86. sofia denison

    What a great song an Evan better movie 💕thought me a valuable lesson

  87. Alan Hunt

    How can 120 people give this a thumbs down-great movie and a great song

  88. David Carpenter

    Listening to Cat Stevens' work from the early 70s, you can really hear that he was troubled, searching more deeply than most. His ultimate embrace of Islam was unfortunate. I remember when it happened. At the time I knew so little about Mohammad, it almost sounded appealing. Now after a lifetime of study of history and religion, I can see how despicable he was to have capitulated to this noxious cult/ideology. It was tragic.

    Struggle Forever

    David Carpenter Christianity aint filled with dove love either. And athiest too

  89. Traci Hill

    ' people who are this ,but allow themselves to be treated as that '

  90. Monique W

    The best album of Cat Stevens

  91. Isabel Neves

    My rescue.



  93. The System

    Relate so much to this song.. Harold and maude <3

  94. shinjinobrave

    Harold and Maude is only a good movie if you understand Maude is a horrible villain and Harold must learn to do without her and what she represents.

  95. Eddie McMaster

    good movie but i think she could have taught him without the sex

  96. Spock

    soulful ballad. very moving!