Cat Stevens - Midday (Avoid City After Dark) Lyrics

I like to take a walk out in the midday
Checking life out in the park
I like to take a walk out in the midday
Ah, but I avoid the city after dark

Oh, I love to see the children playing in the rain
Splashing boots and kicking mud

Oh, I love to see the kids playing in the rain
Ah, but I avoid the city after dark

I love to feel the ocean blowing in my face
Wave as the old boats depart
I love to feel the wind blowing in my face
But avoid the city after dark

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Cat Stevens Midday (Avoid City After Dark) Comments
  1. Gro Olsen

    Lovely song. Is this London Park

  2. Simon Edgbaston

    We should work for a better society& be kind to all ❤

  3. Fayaz Kadir

    Beautiful song Mr Yousef.

  4. Analia Kendrick

    I Love This SONG...❤

  5. tsuki yuki


  6. miguel teixido

    I like the song and good video with elegance.Cat Stevens/Yusuf.and Love of God.

  7. Paul Kwiatkowski

    What year was it when you were doing the 666 sign over your eye

  8. Asistencia al Recurso Humano (individual)

    amigable, muy generoso con todos

  9. Judy Brown


  10. solange loe-sack-sioe

    Love this song. Beautiful music, beautiful voice and beautiful words!! ❤️thank you!!

  11. Khalaf Khalfan


  12. Gilbert Gross

    And in the end God wins.

  13. feedwinnie



    I like to take a walk out in the midday
    Checking life out in the park
    I like to take a walk in the midday
    But avoid city after dark

    O I love to see the children playing in the rain
    Splashing boots and kicking mud
    I love to see the kids playing in the rain
    But avoid city after dark

    I love to feel the ocean blowing in my face
    Wave as the old boats depart
    I love to feel the wind blowing in my face
    But avoid city after dark


    I thank God for all I’ve got
    Mind, body and heart
    I thank God for all I’ve got
    And pray to keep me from the dark

  15. Chris Corbin

    Yusuf should drop the /Cat Stevens from his new music and concerts. He walked away. Most fans going to his concerts when he was told he could went to see and hear Cat, not Yusuf. He hasn't performed on, now, 4 years. The voice does give out, but he is also a Sheikh (look up what that means).

  16. Robert M

    Yusuf come back to Orthodoxy. Islam is not the way.

  17. Amany Ahmed


  18. Vicki Kaswen

    WE once were lost...but NOW WE're found. Thank GOD

  19. sam TV

    it's great wonderful

  20. Irshad vp

    It's beautiful 😍😍😍

  21. Anthony Demitre

    Tottenham Court Road, Fouberts Place 1960, where at 1-year old I stuck a fork in the electrical socket and Zap, my memories go back to that electric shock at 1 and onward until this day, Thanks to Mexicano's apartment we were renting lol, Great song Yusuf

  22. bartalinigibb

    Meu Mestre!! Interminável artista da música universal.

  23. maddcatter Yusuf er reddmoppet

    To look forward and ask wat can I do wat will you do to walk by a blind ma to step on a tomatto

  24. maddcatter Yusuf er reddmoppet

    To me a time of women to come and as always it has Ben warned so from a man to whoever wants to walk in light any fish prove it ackt on it read on it don't wonder about things you think don't hesitate

  25. maddcatter Yusuf er reddmoppet

    Looking for new .yes I am out of my comfort zone I still make sense of sense in my mind well off to one we as a society have consumed ourselvs in to something other than wat has Ben going under the feet of upright man

  26. maddcatter Yusuf er reddmoppet

    A man of music and the love of my childhood of applying words of all kinds NDA wat can I say

  27. maddcatter Yusuf er reddmoppet

    Wat am I doing ... Ideology Gustave..Alicante .I'm not worthy I want to say ther is loveing proof in testimonials

  28. Lolo Donovan

    brilliant words!
    showing us that a lot of youth are living in the dark and going astray and more importantly there should be a guiding people like Yusuf Islam to lead them to the right path which definitely ends up in the blissful light

  29. Anne Gwinner

    thankful ...

  30. Sandra Kral

    From Light to Dark , dark to light , this song conjures a vision of a peaceful world among the danger and confusion of life and I hear a message to avoid the darkness. Every song Yusuf writes tells us a story.

    Sami El Ouariachi

    Sandra Kral
    You are so right : every song tells a story. Thanks

  31. Chani Elkin

    I'm so happy to see this!  My mom owned a tape (cassette tape.  I know, right?) of your music and I grew up listening to your music.  I still listen to your music and classic songs of yours, even coming up with a kid's story based on 'Moonshadow' .  I love your music and I'm so happy to see you're still making music.  The song is great - slightly different, but still very much 'Cat Stevens' style.  Great job! <3  #BigFan

  32. Mohamed Hassan

    Cool video.

    The video upload seems messed up. There are black bars on top and bottom and image quality is not good. Please re-upload better quality.

  33. Madeline Goodall

    I have watched this video many times in the past,I just love it. Then it disappeared, but I am so glad it's back thank you, I love the song Midday

  34. Julia

    I'd love to see you at "Kasematten in Graz" or at Pol and Rock .. or anywhere else. You're and your music (need to be mentioned seperately) are very inspiring.

  35. Carol S

    Sorry, not liking this. Loved all your music for so long. Don't understand why to make cities look so pitifall after dark. Is there a reason I Don't know. There is all sorts of crime during the beautiful days too.

    Alla Alhaj

    Carol St. Pierre, it’s a metaphor I guess.

  36. Joyce Hoffmann

    I am going to get this cd!! I have to. An Other Cup is hard to obtain in the US

    Ian Mcgrath

    Hi Joyce i think you can get it on Amazon,also have a listen to the Roadsinger concert live 2010 on Youtube its in HD great sound Awesome concert,best wishes from Scotland.

  37. Mohamed Boulmers

    Thank you!

  38. karim K

    For the truth about Islam search this video: Rescuing Ex-Muslims: Leaving Islam

    Hamza The Brick creator

    karim K we’re here to listen to music and not debate about religion

  39. A Person

    So is he just making new videos for old songs, or were these made years ago, and just not uploaded? (I’m not complaining, I’m just being curious about my favorite artist.)

    Michael Vielhaber

    The latter. Old videos.

  40. karim K

    Mr. Cat Stevens, I am so offended and so sad to see how you defend Islam. The picture that you are trying to portray as Islam is totally misleading. As someone who grow up and lived under Islamic state of Iran and suffered from this vicious ideology I am so offended by your defense and misrepresentation of Islam. It is not only me. You can ask many many women and men who lived Muslim countries and didn't have you luxury of freedom and choice and had to suffer and their live has been destroyed because of Islam. Gays who have been killed. Apostates who got killed. Boys and girls who have been killed because they loved each others. It is not political and it did not happened only after Iran revolution. It has been like this for 1400 years in Islam world. I am sorry to see you are this ignorant about Islam.


    Here we go...

    Keep The Faith

    as a Muslim in Turkey, we have all the freedom about everything here . Islam is not a religion against peoples freedom, the way people are thinking is wrong there in Iran, not the religion itself. Islam is against all the pressure in humans choices. That's what we learn about Islam in Turkey and that's how we live it. I'm so sorry you are that ignorant about Islam. Also you have no rights to judge someone from their religions, that's racist.

    Sandra Kral

    Dear Karim , Here in the United States many unspeakable acts have been done in the name of Christianity throughout our history, but I cannot say all Christians or their ideals are cruel or dangerous, just like all Islamic followers are not dangerous. I am so sorry for your suffering. Many use religion to justify there cruel and inhuman deeds. I have heard Yusuf speak out against the radical branches of Islam. If you know his heart , you will know his gentleness.

    Anibal Miranda

    Fuck Off you and your fucking "am so offended" shit. Get a life

    Madeline Goodall

    @Sandra Kral Very well put Sandra, I could not have put it better myself

  41. Sandra Kral

    Beautiful video and song
    I love that it is only a click away now on his own special channel. The loving gesture Yusuf makes at the end of the video warms my heart.

    Dira Kamaliyah

    Sandra Kral here you again

    Fayaz Kadir

    I love cat Stevens. Here is Cat Stevens at 9 minute mark, watch it about a minute from there. Cat Stevens is among the few singers who didnt sing obscene songs and is a good role model and trust worthy guy. Listen from him

    There is a lot of disinformation out there to catch the common man

  42. Carolyn Ambrose

    A lovely song.

  43. Star Dust

    You were my most favourite artist 40 years back. Amazingly you still are.

  44. Manuel Joga

    When come you to Spain?...
    Is very close... 2 hours from London...
    You loves Spain...
    Come soon please

    Sami El Ouariachi

    Manuel Joga
    Cat Stevens esta viviendo en Dubai. Gracias

    Manuel Joga

    Tiene casa en Londres también.... Pasa temporadas en Dubai por el sol pero él nació en Londres de padre griego y madre sueca y tiene casa en Londres... Nunca dejó de tenerla.. Está muy cerca de España... Gracias por tu comentario

  45. Silas Lang

    Peace to all .

  46. Ella Southportfair

    I always avoid the city when I can at anytime.. a great song from Cats/Yusuf album from 2006 "an other cup". What awesome songs he's made since his comeback

  47. Bahar Yıldız

    its georges❤❤

  48. Kris Cammaer

    Thank you. I love the recent uploads.

  49. Mufidulloh Official

    Thankyouu Sir Yusuf, this is amazing song 💗🙏😊

  50. Joyce Hoffmann

    I love the diversity of your music. This has the Latin flavor, probably from your time in Brazil. Nothing ever sounds redundant.

  51. you gaa

    سلام الله عليك .