Cassidy - If You Love Me Lyrics

How you want love and don't give it back, all they want is V.I.P. and where the liquor at?
And when you got a good heart, yeah they walk on it, but I got a tec with a mean cough on it
I don't wanna hear the lame excuses, left my guard down now I'm throwing up my deuces
Fore' you have a nigga stressed smoking looses, 100s I ain't for the dumb shit
Cause love is a selfish emotion, so I only give it up in doses
If you give too much then they won't need ya, it's funny how they catch amnesia
Remember when they monkey asses broke? Niggas get money then they ass get low
Quiet as a mouse motherfuckers tip toe, thanks for the love, I'm a let a clip go

Get on your Blackberry tell em I'm legendary, hot in the street, Staten Island take the ferry to see me
Brooklyn, Queens made it easy, they love when I be talking greasy
Gun cocking who watching, hammer on my waist, hoodie on the black stocking
Yonkers and the Bronx get it popping, Sheek is knocking
Hood rats rush to Best Buy, school kids download me, their money too light but they try
Burgundy gauze, Trump building one of these floors, any party I could leave with any one of these whores
Black Benz white inside looking like smores, when I'm sweating that Patron always come out my pores
Louie scullies chain over long john shirts, Vivo Cleko feet up homey the works
Women love me I guess that's just one of the perks, black gloves good aim I don't care if it jerks. Love me!

Turn my vocals up, make sure the world hear me, New York you know what's up, these niggas hurl near me
I'm the sickest when my wrist flickers, I inflict vicious venomous bites I write boa constrictuous
Grown man, you boys is Bar Mitzvah-less, product of the project so every bar's mischievous
I'm carnivorous you chili con carne in my mom's kitchen, the Loch Ness monster has gone fishing
I'm con pimping but my subconscious is constantly conflicting I'm off and on the Cesar Milan mission
So tell your dog chill or find him with his arms missing, tail in his mouth when I'm biting after his bark listen
Make the right not the wrong decision, stay in your lane don't turn a joy ride into a car collision
I'll park the Rover on the shoulder like my arm extension, I'm the best, but ya'll mention who ya'll want to mention

I ain't a hater, but I ain't got no love for my enemies. I love rap music but not the music industry
You just a nigga that pretend to be a real nigga, and I'm really the nigga that you pretend to be
Absolut said Cass, "I need a ONE SIX". I told him when I'm done with this dumb bitch, I'm a come spit
I run shit I ain't playing no games, I'm the hustler and ya'll nothing but no names
You know me I sold tree and cocaine and you thirsty just like a tree when it don't rain
I'm a gangsta but I ain't in no gang, I'm not a Crip or Blood, I'm a thug with no brain
Cause I lost my mind, my rhymes is propane, kerosene and gasoline my flow flames
I'm doing me you do you, don't do the same, cause I'm a thoroughbred you a lame
My money long like Dhalsim arms... YOGA FLAME... people saying Hip Hop dead, then YOU to blame

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